Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life

I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie

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Kylie: Which car should i take?

Me: Which seat should i sit on on the bus?
Kylie Jenners closet is bigger than my apartment
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get this baddie to 1k subscribers before 2021:
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Nicole Lorenzo
Nicole Lorenzo:
Kylie: “which car should I take?”
Me: “should I take bus 810 or 815🤔”

get this baddie to 1k subscribers before 2021
get this baddie to 1k subscribers before 2021:
“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀
brooklyn may
brooklyn may:
This video just called me poor in 57 languages, 49 fonts, and 36 different accents
i love how she actually takes care for stormi instead of hiring hundreads of nannys like other celebs
Zoe Pollicino
Zoe Pollicino:
kylie: “now i have to chose A purse” also kylie “imma take this guy today” like what i want to be able to pick like that but no i’m poor
Liv Barnett
Liv Barnett:
kendall is still so gorgeous without makeup omg
Can I get 50k subs with videos ?
Can I get 50k subs with videos ?:
“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀
Eléonore Huez
Eléonore Huez:
Kylie: chooses a car to match her outfit

Me: both of my socks don’t even match
K Cool
K Cool:
Kylie: which purse should I use today

Me: what mental health issue should take over my life today
Elizabeth Escobar
Elizabeth Escobar:
idk why people are hating on kylie, she is like the kindest person and she is the best mom to stormi, one day stormi will notice what kind of caring , loving family she has.
Mila Boskovic VII2
Mila Boskovic VII2:
She has more people helping her with make up and hair, than i have friends.
Birva Dholakiya
Birva Dholakiya:
There are two types of girls :
Kylie : Fully dressed up with perfect make up, nice hair, perfect outfit
Kendall : fully dressed down, with zero make up, messy hair and wearing a casual tee and some pants...
I feel like I watched the most expensive video in my entire life-time.
kylie is such a cutie, like her personality ROCKS
simp for harry
simp for harry:
Yall when kylie said "harry" who was she talking about.. was kendall on the phone with harry styles
erica green
erica green:
Actual title : Kylie Jenner being rich for 20 minutes straight
Dior Dolly
Dior Dolly:
Kylie: Which car should I choose today!
Me: Should I get the bus with the creepy men or...walk
Aylis GarciaWalker
Aylis GarciaWalker:
*when a 2 year old has more clothes in her wardrobe than you've ever had in your entire life*
Lisa Naude
Lisa Naude:
Kylie: I love you love you *crys a bit*
Her brain: women up kylie
Kylie: it’s your f*cking birthday!!!!!
There's 94k comments, if you find mine, your amazing 😘❤
스물 여덟소피아 라게
스물 여덟소피아 라게:
“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀
Officially Briana B
Officially Briana B:
Kylie: Your on my vloggggg
Kris: hi blog
Kylie : ITS VLOG!
Kris: hey glog
Kylie: MOMMMYYYYY😂😂😂😂😂
Lmaooo I think that’s hilarious
Elleni Nigussie
Elleni Nigussie:
Who's watching this in quarantine

Tnx for all the like guys
halaevalu kata
halaevalu kata:
everybody: vlog

Kylie's mom: glog
subscribe me if love you dogs
subscribe me if love you dogs:
Everyone: thinking how rich is Kylie
Me : 1:07 observing cracks on Kylie's phone screen🙄
Erin Olson
Erin Olson:
Is no one going to talk about the fact that while Kendall was on FaceTime Kylie goes to the person “hi harry” 👀
Isabella Perez
Isabella Perez:
Ariel walks in

Steve0 ‽
Steve0 ‽:
Kylie: which car should I take?
Me: which toilet paper brand is the cheapest?
djeynaba ndiaye
djeynaba ndiaye:
Stormi’s Diaper is More Expensive than my House.
Nicole Soucy
Nicole Soucy:
Kylie: has a fiting room
Me: bearlly has a closet
Dior Dolly
Dior Dolly:
sorry I have to do this
Kylie: hands stormi her probs expensive handbag
Me: not lending my brother my one glitter gel pen
mashiho fancy
mashiho fancy:
imagine being stormi. THE POWERFUL BABY WHO DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW RICH THEY ARE HAHA. love this family
Dercia Richardson
Dercia Richardson:
Who’s watching this during quarantine 2020?
Inayah Alam
Inayah Alam:
her saying harry:

me: wait what
also me: ohh righttttt
Sayali Pradhan
Sayali Pradhan:
Destinee Negron
Destinee Negron:
I love the fact that she has a place for Stormi to be while she’s at work. Like that’s just amazing how she maintains her work life and mom life. I love this and I’m taking notes cause wow
Hooded Creepr
Hooded Creepr:
*just stands awkwardly in the elevator, confused what to do*
Other guy: oh let me push that button for you.
Kylie: oh that’s so nice of you. I jUsT eXpEctEd YoU To.
Tri Vo
Tri Vo:
Kylie: "which car should I take"
me: *cries on the bus*
Coco Coco
Coco Coco:
Kylie: get a house to match her phone

Me:My phone broke
Jade Lougin
Jade Lougin:
I bet some people don’t even know that they are driving past Kylie Jenner
shayla brown
shayla brown:
when you realize this WHOLE family can call you poor just by sowing their closets
Arina Kurbatov
Arina Kurbatov:
The good thing about having a billionaire friend is that they will literally give u a house for ur b day😂🤣
imagine waking up everyday and getting to choose what car to take
Kate Findley
Kate Findley:
Alternate title: A day in the life you'll never have
Keira Graham
Keira Graham:
Kylie has the most relaxing voice ever! Like if you agree
Vasiliki Kalomp
Vasiliki Kalomp:
Stormi was like 11 months old and she was talking better than a 3 yo
Amelia Gobolos
Amelia Gobolos:
Kylie has more purses than clothes that my entire family has
Kristina Dmukhina
Kristina Dmukhina:
Kylie: now i have to choose my car...
Vrinda Garg
Vrinda Garg:
did someone notice that her phone screen is broken?
yes its normal anyone can have a broken phone screen, even the rich ones
It's The Loia's
It's The Loia's:
9nly one person who likes Luis will one day be a billionaire!! “GOOD LUCK”
Yanis P
Yanis P:
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, give him your life he can change everything.
Sophie Pritchard
Sophie Pritchard:
Is anyone going to talk about how many bags are in her closet!!!
sanne hoek
sanne hoek:
this called me poor in 30 different languages
Alfredo Driz
Alfredo Driz:
When kylie said "hi harry"
Sanya k
Sanya k:
Kylie: "I want to wear some pink because my whole office is black and pink"
Me: Blackpink in your areaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
I literally just noticed Nikita was in the outro... wut-
Stephanie Jeranji
Stephanie Jeranji:
12:00 that was the elevator meme HAHA !!!!!!
10 mil subs with no videos challenge
10 mil subs with no videos challenge:
Kylie: what car should I take?

Me: are these socks clean or nah?
Lexi Pierce
Lexi Pierce:
"she got a body like an hourglass"

Jazzy Aviles
Jazzy Aviles:
Kylie: What car should I choose?

Me: What am I going to have for lunch?
Yael Levinson
Yael Levinson:
When she said: “hi Harry.” Did she mean Harry Styles??????
Imagine being Kylie's kid:


Free stuff sometimes

U have a lot of fans

U have the best west aunts and uncles

And last but not least

Your rich
Her daughter has more clothes than me and all my siblings together
Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose:
Kylie: I'm gonna go pick up heather
Me: WhIsH I wErE hEaThEr
no one else is surprised that kylie had her phone screen broken she is a millionaire
Emma Pricolo
Emma Pricolo:
11:54 i felt a little UNCOMFORTABLE haha
Alisson Olivera
Alisson Olivera:
Is it just me or does anyone else think if in a million years i ever met Kylie her breath would smell like ✨Heaven✨
Aaron C
Aaron C:
I love how Stormi has her own room at the office so she can be with you while you’re working! So cute!
Kendall always slays❤️ even when she doesn’t try
ari hazel
ari hazel:
I thought Kylie was going to wake up stormi like “RiSe AnD sHiNe”
-Stella Angue-
-Stella Angue-:
I love how her mum tries to say ’vlog’ but keeps saying “glog“ XD
Maria Valencia
Maria Valencia:
I hope everyone how like this will be happy and have a beautiful family and comment if you love life
I cant even imagine how fun Stormis life would be
Shravya Nelson
Shravya Nelson:
Kylie: What car out of my 4 should i choose today?
Me: Hmm what shirt out of my 4 should i choose today?
100 subscribers before COVID-19 ends
100 subscribers before COVID-19 ends:
*What I expected from this video:* Kylie bathing in cash, having breakfast in the Taj Mahal, Kylie ignoring Stormi etc

*What I learnt from this video:* Kylie having a makeup obsession, Kylie being stuck with a guard in an elevator while wearing a robe, Kylie singing a whole lot etc
Claire Crandall
Claire Crandall:
*when you realize kylie's phone is cracked*
14:12 *Travis Scott
t r i x i e
t r i x i e:
imagine u needing to CHOOSE A CAR to go out, like-
imagine being kylies daughter. Im jealous
Kindly help me get to 10k subscribers
Kindly help me get to 10k subscribers:
Kylie really doesn’t need ads💀
michelle rojas
michelle rojas:
5:48 kylie just said "HI HARRY" does she mean Harry Styles?!
Darpan Kaur
Darpan Kaur:
kylie : starts the car " me : wait she doesn't have a DRIVER !!!
Naj G
Naj G:
Kylie: Should i take my rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Range

Me: car bus or bicycle
Jennalyn Reponte
Jennalyn Reponte:
i love the part when kendall and kylie holding hands!!
Birva Dholakiya
Birva Dholakiya:
5:48 what did she just say!!?? "HI HARRY"
I just hope there are other Harrys who are friends with Kendall😂😂😂
Username Taken
Username Taken:

Kris Jenner: gLoG
li rt
li rt:
when kendall said to kylie' I really don't know what are we doing today'. I feel that😅
Leslie Gallegeos
Leslie Gallegeos:
Kylie : picks what car to take
Me: picks which person should I sit next to in the bus
Some Tee hee tea
Some Tee hee tea:
Kylie: “were so bright”

Also Kylie: ”wait Kendall ur wearing grey”
grisly glow
grisly glow:
Her fitting room is like a fancy clothes store damn she cute
The Pastels!
The Pastels!:
Kylie: I have many meetings I'm so busy ( having a barbie closet)
Me: ok I just do my homework and I'm done for the day. I'm so bored.
Spread Kindness
Spread Kindness:
No one asked but,
I loved all the outfits she wore in this video.
Olivia R
Olivia R:
".....this is awkward"
she is a normal human omfg what
Erin Kim
Erin Kim:
Kendall and Kylie are the best sisters ever
gaming 4life
gaming 4life:
Kendal Jenner looks so tired in the morning at the start of the video
18:35 if see Kylie’s dress, one of her strap broke off, so in the next scene you can see her top became strapless, smarty got the straps off.
Faiz Warsi
Faiz Warsi:
I never thought of dating kardashians 😭 I just wanted to be their brother 😭