Kylie Jenner: Christmas Cookies With Stormi

Stormi and I are making cookies for Santa to leave out on Christmas Eve. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

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savy weatherford
savy weatherford:
I don’t understand why people say she is a bad mom. She loves Stormi more than anything
I love how kylie always asks "do you want to do this?" and not just order stormi to do stuff, she really validates her child's opinions and lets stormi say "no"
Kylie is so loving for Stormi. And people say she’s a bad mom she’s a perfect mom.
I can't believe she's carrying stormi while doing the cookies.And I love how kylie calls her storm.
She is so obedient she asked her mommy before putting her finger in the flour... So adorable!!! 💖💖🥰
Melanie Morales
Melanie Morales:
I want a series of Kylie and Stormi doing things
Kylie is such a great mother! I love how she includes Stormi in everything. Also can we just appreciate how Stormi asked Kylie if she can dip her finger into the flour. Most kids don't do that, especially at this young age!
I love how she didn’t get mad at stormi when she spilled the vanilla and just Nicky said to clean up the mess 😇😊
Chrysler alfred badar
Chrysler alfred badar:
Actually this is my first time watching Kylie Jenner, and I'm starting to love her HAHAHA
Chaitanya Kanagal
Chaitanya Kanagal:
The fact that she's polite and cute- but also like a regular kid playing with flour and eating sprinkles just proves that Kylie is a good mom.
Kylie is not the type of mom who talks gibberish to her baby, she actullay has a conversation with her child and she bonds with her alot. Kylie is an amazing mom!
Shatakshi Srivastava
Shatakshi Srivastava:
Stormi was so well behaved even though she was just 1yo, she didn't disturbed while the whole baking at all bcs I have seen kids messing around instead. Kylie is such a nice mother who can give her time after working for hours.
Hanona Fz
Hanona Fz:
this made me wanna be a mom even more <3
shes such a warm hearted mom, she cares for stormy and stormy is so understanding for her age!
Kylie seems like such a fun mum 😭
Kay_kay __
Kay_kay __:
The connection she has with daughter is so precious.
Edit: thanks for so many likes 💕
Eunice Lawe
Eunice Lawe:
Kylie is such a good mum. Stormi looks so cute in that hairstyle. I've literally fallen in love with Stormi
Kylie is a very confident and smart mom one day stormi will feel proud on her ❤
I love how she is so little and already has fan pages 😩 she’s ADORABLE tho. 🥰🥰
Rachel 1234
Rachel 1234:
She’s a great mom and stormi is adorable
Gray bunny
Gray bunny:
Who agrees that Stormi is absolutely ADORABLE!!!
misbah riaz
misbah riaz:
Such an adorable mommy-daughter duo😍😍
Love their bonding 🔥
She’s so kind and patient to stormi🥰it’s so cute to see them bake! She’s such a good mom and stormi looks so happy!! This is adorable 💕
I really enjoy watching Kylie and the way she parents. Alot of praise and very calm. She explains everything and let's her choose giving her options. Its lovely to see 🥺💗
arfah pahron
arfah pahron:
kylie is such a good mom.
she's so sweet! ❤️❤️
Delaney Maser
Delaney Maser:
Say what you want but Kylie is a good mom
Chioma Obi
Chioma Obi:
Stormy is like the cutest baby I have ever seen!! And yes, show would make a great baker one day!!💗🤗
Inosencia Peter
Inosencia Peter:
I love how Kylie is a good mother for stormy
I love Kylie so much she’s such a good mom to Stormi you guys both inspire me so much <3
Stormy is sooo shy☺️. That’s what make her really cute 🥰. And I’m absolutely sure that Kylie is a perfect mom💗!
people say Kylie Jenner is a bad mom yet stormi is one years old and can talk and understand human communication.. clearly she is doing something right
You can see the love her for Stormi.
Stormi is so cute.
I love how when stormi almost break the vanilla bottle she was just so nice about it and like laugh about it and I proves that she is the best mom and I don’t know why people say she isn’t a good mum she loves stormi more thank anything
Kyra Pendo
Kyra Pendo:
Stormi is the cutest kid ever to be honest💕💕💕😊
I love when stormi accidentally spills the vanilla and instead of Kylie saying “ let’s clean your mess “ she said “ gotta clean up OUR mess “
Not all moms would say that or do such a thing like that , just one example of how a good mom she is
Kalaria Mattison
Kalaria Mattison:
People give this girl so much hate but dont look at the bright side of her being a good mom
The face Stormi made when Kylie tickled her was absolutely adorable!
Kylies actually a good mom I don’t know why people have to bring her down.
Late Night Gossip
Late Night Gossip:
3:17 melted my whole heart 🥺💕
Eleven El
Eleven El:
Kyle is a amazing mother ever since she had stormi. Stormi has change her life.
Kylie is such a good mommy, stormy is being raised really well. And she’s so cute 🥺
Tiffany TC
Tiffany TC:
Kylie is really a great mother. People who say is she is bad mom really need to be more oberservant to her.
Shifa nazim
Shifa nazim:
Stormi's smile made my day ☺
Love you stormi
Lohori Ray
Lohori Ray:
I love how she lets her do it and she is such a good girl she does it just the way she is told🥰😍
Mary Tenório
Mary Tenório:
Kylie, Travis and Stormi are a great family
The fact that stormi asked Kylie for permission before dipping her finger in the flour blows my mind
Denislava Petkova
Denislava Petkova:
The thing i love most is that how she talks to Stormi to make her learn more words and gives her attention❤️
Ur mom
Ur mom:
I love the way stormi is so honest that she eaten the candy
I admire the way kylie treats her baby.
Ur such a amazing mom I’m so proud of you Kylie keep up ur hard working self !!! Please never change anything about you ever ur perfect the way u are
Nyanna Ross
Nyanna Ross:
I love when stormi knocked over the thing and she wasn't angry. She let stormi clean up her mess. I don't care what people say about Kylie; that was good parenting.
💜Oni's World💜
💜Oni's World💜:
Kylie is just the best mom I've ever seen and she loves her daughter as much as stormy loves her
Drew Fidelia
Drew Fidelia:
I love her interaction with Stormi in this video. She encourage Stormi to try
Tomie kawakami
Tomie kawakami:
I love Kylie cause she's an amazing mom!
Stormi is so adorable 🥺🙌🏼
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ:
I think having Stormi made her a better person. She was destined to be a mother.
Theresa T
Theresa T:
Aww Stormi is the cutest little angel in the world💖
i love how she actually LETS stormi eat treats, and all that stuff! Its amazing how shes not ruining stormis childhood
chidera ejingiri
chidera ejingiri:
The fist bump melted my heart you can tell stormi isn't ginna be raised as a brat the fact that she can say thank you and no thank you at such a young age is amazing and like seeing she already know how to take responsibility for the mess she made she literally said look mom I'm cleaning after she spilt the vinalla good job Kylie
Lakshmi P
Lakshmi P:
Kylie is a best mom
Stormi is a best daughter❤️
kiandra simmons
kiandra simmons:
Stormi is such a smart girl and she has great manners. Kylie is doing amazing.
life vlogs
life vlogs:
When stormi spread the vanilla on floor, she didn't say her anything instead she said "oh my goodness" That's how we should develop a positive attitude to our children and teach them to handle and speak everything with kindness.
Dilhani Prasadi
Dilhani Prasadi:
Stormi is such a creative grl & Kylie is always give her attention to stormi in each and every little thing 🥺❤️ Its loveable to see them both 😍💖🥺
this never gets old <3 love u kylie
Victoria Zoe Lugo Torres
Victoria Zoe Lugo Torres:
i love how kylie is being the best mom to stormi. She is so cute oml😭❤️
Jhopes Hope
Jhopes Hope:
She is such an adorable mom and has such an adorable baby
Inayah Bakez
Inayah Bakez:
The love she has for stormi 🙂
Sofía Irizar Fernández
Sofía Irizar Fernández:
swaggy lexi!
swaggy lexi!:
stormi is actually very well behaved,very smart, and a sweet, very cute little girl!
Caitlin Foscolos
Caitlin Foscolos:
u can tell how happy Stormi makes Kylie <3
I love how stormi said "I'm cleaning"and Kylie is so humble to stormi
i really appreciate kylie for this. she loves her daughter
Brenda Álvarez
Brenda Álvarez:
Stormy es una ternurita!! ☺️
Byanka Veronez Ferreira
Byanka Veronez Ferreira:
meta de vida: ser uma mãe como a Kylie
No one should hate her, she’s a good mom.
I love how she's chill when stormi spilled the vanilla essence
She is a good Mom and will always be .

sienna and millies vlogs
sienna and millies vlogs:
i love how when stormi spilled the vanilla, kylie is just like “oh no!” and doesn’t yell at her
chic fun
chic fun:
Stormi and Kylie are so cute together!😊
Just because Kylie is rich doesn’t mean she doesn’t raise stormi or neglects her. Honestly Kylie is a wonderful mother and you can tell by the way stormi acts.
Caidence Moran
Caidence Moran:
I absolutely adore stormi and she is soo cute kylie is such a great mum
Lyddia Rios
Lyddia Rios:
I love how Kylie does't get mad at Stormi when she made that mess.
Champ Editz
Champ Editz:
Stormi is so cute and kylie is an amazing mom
Syeda Amtus salam
Syeda Amtus salam:
Kylie and Stormi's interaction is so cute🥺
Sarah AW
Sarah AW:
i literally have no interest on kylie; she's okay and she's a billionaire, i didn't hate nor like her either, that's it. but then i noticed how she takes care of stormi. she asks permission to sprinkle some decorations on stormi's cookie, she interacts with stormi, she always says thank you, she praises stormi for doing a good job, (which helps with child's confidence) and she does not get mad when she spilled the vanilla extract– she made stormi cleaned it. she's a good parent, she's a good mom towards her daughter.

you earned my respect, kylie. good luck!
Kylie is an amazing mom, she also loves spoiling stormi which shows her love for stormi
Nupur Mali
Nupur Mali:
I like that Kylie let's stormi do her thing ...not stopping her from making any mess ...she just let her play with the flour🥰
bunniee  🐰
bunniee 🐰:
She a amazing mom she doesn't get mad when she spills it she is such a good mom
Ash B
Ash B:
i love how kylie is letting stormi be a kid and get messy. she isnt making sure shes clean and presentable for image sake.
Lydia Jay
Lydia Jay:
kylie, honestly, is a good mum. like she doesn't scold stormi for accidentally tipping the bottle but instead made her clean it without hesitation.. like what a role model yall.

Amani Sepetu
Amani Sepetu:
So cute I was panicking that she might fall but Kylie knows what she’s doing
I think it's adorable to watch the both showing their cookies before putting in the pan ,after giving the shape 😊😊 and it's such a rare and adorable moment to watch kylie showing her christmas tree cookies to us and her little stormi ❤❤❤,that's how Mom behaves when she is young ☺☺☺ because including kylie and all the daughters Kris Jenner is always there for them .
Stormi is the sweetest kid and Kylie is an amazing mom. They’re so adorable together :)
Lhamo Yanglha Jhorkhang
Lhamo Yanglha Jhorkhang:
At such a young age mother you’re amazing 🤩 stormi is adorable and she has great manners and she always says mommy or mom and it’s so cute and she try’s to help I’m amazed at stormi
Kylie is such a good mom, y’all can’t criticize her on that. PERIOD.
chandima senevi
chandima senevi:
My mom is the best. But definitely the second place goes to kylie. Stormi is lucky to have a loving mother . She is not spoiled . Kylie is a great mom. ❤️
Stormi is really amazing. She attracted me with her kindness to her mom KYLIE i loveeee youuuuuu Stormi my baby 😘
This vid makes me love Kylie. She is such a really sweet, good mommy with that little pretty princess.
Lucie and Lottie’s horses
Lucie and Lottie’s horses:
Considering how busy kylie is she seems to be a really caring and loving mother
Let’s admit Kylie does seem like a genuinely good mother