Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!

Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

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Dang Matt Smith
Dang Matt Smith:
Hope my kid will be as cute and well spoken as stormi!
Brianna Carte
Brianna Carte:
Awee, you can just tell that Kylie gives stormi so much love because Kylie probably called her beautiful all the time and stormi reflects that by saying it back
Santiago So Vella
Santiago So Vella:
I’m so glad Kylie is teaching stormi confidence at a young age ,
Notice how she said « your so beautiful’’
Meaning Kylie must honestly call her that everyday , which Is a good thing for her not to be insecure later on in her life
And I haven’t seen any hate comments but for those who are still hating on Kylie, just a reminder that she don’t care cause she can literally buy your life , meaning stormi as well ;)
Yeaija Choudhury
Yeaija Choudhury:
After makeup Kyi should write a book " How to raise a kind kid. "
Baked Alaska • Edits
Baked Alaska • Edits:
Stormi: “Your so beautiful”
Kylie: “YOUR so beautiful”
Me: Your BOTH so beautiful…
Isabella Silva
Isabella Silva:
even the people who don’t like kylie can’t say she’s a bad mom. stormi acting better than most 15 year olds
Anae Bourcier
Anae Bourcier:
Stormi is so well mannered:
“Thank you Mommy”
“Your welcome”
“Thank you!”
“You got this Mommy”
“I love you Mommy”
S K:
How the hell did Kylie, a billionaire, do such a good job of not spoiling stormi?! 🥺 you can def tell she’s a good mom
Jp G
Jp G:
Stormi’s acting more loving than most boyfriends out there:
“I love you”
“You’re so beautiful”
She’s a total sweetheart 💖🙏
Kylie:say bye to that camera
Stormi:bye that camera
This video makes went want a daughter so bad now. Stormi seems like a little angel.
Adrien Lørenzo
Adrien Lørenzo:
Stormi is the most well mannered kid for her age❤😭
Jessica Roy
Jessica Roy:
Fun fact: no one is watching it for baking purpose. Most of the viewers are for the cutest thing ever STORMI 💚
Yo local girl deku
Yo local girl deku:
I’m obsessed with Kylie and stormi they are like the best mom and daughter they have a great bond she’s a great mom ❤️
Maheen fatima
Maheen fatima:
"Don't worry Mommy's gonna save the day "
This sentence makes my heart melt
Kamushona King
Kamushona King:
Kylie should get a award for being the best mom evry dam year
I love how she doesn’t act spoiled and Kylie doesn’t just ignore her kid and makes videos with Stormi unlike other YouTubers
Kylie said "say bye to that camera" ans stormi was like "bye that camera"😭how cute
Stormi covering up her candy eating with her compliments for kylie 😂
Quen Parantar
Quen Parantar:
Imagine your child saying randomly "youre so beautiful" and "i love you so much"... My heart would explode 😭
Pamela Centeio
Pamela Centeio:
When she said “You got this mommy” I literally cried! 3:02
Nawwar Tarmizi
Nawwar Tarmizi:
3:57 once kris said that stormi had a lucky life bc kylie her mom..i believed her
Shana Sheff
Shana Sheff:
she’s so polite and adorable
horndogforzarry asf
horndogforzarry asf:
Even if kylie has nannies, the way she treats stormi is jyst amazing
At her age I was such a mess, I’m impressed how polite and calmed down she is. Great parenting Kylie.
I normally don’t watch them, I watch Minecraft but she is such a good mum, props to her for being so good
khloe loud
khloe loud:
Kylie and Stormi’s Relationship Is so adorable. And there both polite
When you mix travis Scot and Kylie Jenner you get an angel 🥺
chic fun
chic fun:
Kylie Jenner was obviously soo happy and loved when stormi said "you're so BEAUTIFUL"
samlikeslemons [i quit yt]
samlikeslemons [i quit yt]:
Stormi doesn't seem like she was forced to do this. She looks like she actually was happy and wanted to do this. Way better then all the family channels I've seen
Gladys Rangel
Gladys Rangel:
when Stormi says "u si beautiful"
and Kylie says "YOURE so beautiful. you're so smart" ❤😭
DN Love Eat and Cook
DN Love Eat and Cook:
Your daughter Make me laughing 😂. She’s clever
BilliexEilish Fan
BilliexEilish Fan:
Imagine Kylie being your mom😭😭
A Girl's Journal
A Girl's Journal:
I love how Stormi calls Kylie “Mommy “ so sweet
Bidisha Talukdar
Bidisha Talukdar:
The fact is nobody is actually here to learn how to make cupcakes
Kiara Padukone
Kiara Padukone:
Kylie visibly struggling to hold Stormi in one place-
literally the cutest
Vera Carlson
Vera Carlson:
2:37 was my favorite part " thank you mommy" <333
•𑁍ࠜᴄʜᴀɴsᴏғɪᴀ ᴏᴇᴜʀɴɢ𑁍ࠜ•
•𑁍ࠜᴄʜᴀɴsᴏғɪᴀ ᴏᴇᴜʀɴɢ𑁍ࠜ•:
"you got this mommy" sweetest thing I heard it my life.
blobby fish
blobby fish:
I love how’s she like “Thank you mommy!” “I’m gonna try eating it mommy” and “whoa” like that warms my heartttt😭😭
I love how they’re matching
Haneefa Khan
Haneefa Khan:
3:52 “I love you so much!🥺❤️” that was the cutest part ever
H 002
H 002:
When the parents are treating each others right in front of their kids ,sharing love and taking care of each others, loving and being there for their children that's what you got . A well mannered and polite ,loving sweet kid .God bless them .
At the end when storm was like kind of copying Kylie in a good way 🥰🥰😊was so cute!
Ember Royale
Ember Royale:
When she said "thank you mommy" IT WAS SO CUTE
Even though Stormi gets what she wants she is still using her manners and she is very sweet and has a good vocabulary:D
Lexia Levi
Lexia Levi:
Kylie is the only person I’ve ever seen in my entire life eating a cupcake with a fork 💀💀💀
Loktongbam Reena
Loktongbam Reena:
Yall saying that Kylie is not a good mom, ever thought why stromi is so polite and kind?? Its becuz of her parents yall stop hating on Kylie✋🙄
My brain at first: cringe cupcakes with storm 😂
toca soft2
toca soft2:
Storm happy: me automatically happy too
Alexis Brooke
Alexis Brooke:
This is so adorable🥺
Nidhi Bisht
Nidhi Bisht:
Ppl say kylie is a rude and a mean perosn .....tell me how she raised her child so good then 😏😌
"bye that camera" stormi is everything😭
3:58 that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 😩💛💛✨🥺
This girl is meant to be a mom. So patient, and takes the time to explain everything so calmly to her.
Indah Ramadhanty
Indah Ramadhanty:
i love the part when she saya, "Don't worry mommy's gonna save the daayy"
Cece Pozos
Cece Pozos:
She's such a sweetheart, thankyou for sharing 💕
Ishita Singh
Ishita Singh:
Literally nobody-
Indian parents comparing their children to stormi
susan cham
susan cham:
"You've got this Mommy" 😍
Stormi is the only child ever to give me baby fever. I want twelve of her.
Kylie is doing very well with the positive affirmations towards stormi, such a good trait of hers during motherhood.
Khamraj Ramkissoon
Khamraj Ramkissoon:
They have the cutest mother daughter relationship ever. Stormi is soo cute and well behaved.🤗🤗
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack:
I can't belive Kylies 23 years old and has a kid woow😂
Stormi speaks very well seems very smart and I love how you March outfits !!!
Aanchal Sawhney
Aanchal Sawhney:
Honestly, stormi is the cutest, most well spoken, most caring kid of her age, Kylie is definitely a great mom!
take me home.
take me home.:
Stormi is such a sweetheart, I’m crying 💚
Sheza Shahul
Sheza Shahul:
4:03 i am about to cry stormi is just adorable and it’s great teaching her self confidence at such a young age!
Leslie Haro
Leslie Haro:
Kylie is such a good mother and stormi is such a good child I want my child to be like stormi
Grace Hmar
Grace Hmar:
3:58 is the cutest
Lowkey Valerie
Lowkey Valerie:
and they said Kylie is a bad mom, but look at Stormi’s manners
paradise hz
paradise hz:
I swear Stormi is the best kid I've ever seen in my life... she's so polite and cute
Mary O'Farrell
Mary O'Farrell:
People think the Kardashian's are brats, look at stormis attitude. She said that her mom is so beautiful and she loves her mom so much, she says please and thank you!! 😊😭😃😁💖✨🌈🍪
Stormi's cuteness melted me down 🍭🍬🍦🍧
Astrid Perez
Astrid Perez:
Stormi is so well behaved, and she acts like a 5 year old smart kid
Stephanie Dodey
Stephanie Dodey:
Her voice is clear and she’s so nice to her “mommy” you can tell Kylie is a great mom omg
Omg stormi is so frikingly cute😭💗i can't with her💁
Myr Na
Myr Na:
If i eat the candy decorations while making cupcakes my mum is literally gonna shout at me
Abhirami Subhash
Abhirami Subhash:
Kylie was born to be a MOM
Jessica Dadson
Jessica Dadson:
Well at least we know who the future Mary Berry is 😭😂🎂
ivana vvv
ivana vvv:
my favorite thing in the whole world is when toddlers/babies give compliments. Because that usually means that they get told that lots and it shows warmth.
Zainab Chaudhry
Zainab Chaudhry:
Kylie: Say bye to that camera Stormi
Stormi: Bye that camera
Me: dieing of laughter!
Qween Naya
Qween Naya:
Stormy is literally so cute
3:58 i swear she melt my heart 😩❤️
Melissa Othman
Melissa Othman:
Stormi is so polite and well behaved love how Kylie brought up her daughter....❤️❤️❤️❤️
Even if u don’t like Kylie u have got to admit she’s a great mom
Agile Life-Coach CEO
Agile Life-Coach CEO:
That's one smart child!!! Stormi speaks wonderful. Great parenting Klye.
Danna Paez
Danna Paez:
omg :') Stormi is SO CUTEEE
Beautifully Syndie made mention in her clog about this collection in her makeup video.
Ishanika Taye
Ishanika Taye:
The comment section is so overwhelming😭❤
Latesha Renee
Latesha Renee:
You can tell this isn't for show, this kid is genuinely happy healthy smart and polite
Y/n Hwang
Y/n Hwang:
I love how stormi just eats the whole time during these xD
Layan Grande
Layan Grande:
Awww this is so CUTEEE
Ali Gamez
Ali Gamez:
Say what you want about Kylie, but she's a damn good mother, and she adores that little girl. Respect for that.
Aikam Panech
Aikam Panech:
I started crying when stormi said your so beautiful 😭😭
Santoshi Goud
Santoshi Goud:
She is just like her mom 😂 honestly I love her so much 😘❤️
Keisha Nadia Monica
Keisha Nadia Monica:
Kylie : "Say bye to that camera👋🏻"
Stormi : " Bye that camera👋🏻"
Oluseyi Olaose
Oluseyi Olaose:
she’s so well spoken🥺🥺🥺
Falak Naz
Falak Naz:
kylie and travis are amazing parents.
stormi is the most adorable and polite little human being ever!!🥺