Kylie jenner Reacts To 'WAP' Music Video Backlash

Kylie Jenner dissed over cameo in Cardi B and Megan The Stallion WAP music video and she reacts. Plus, Kendall Jenner is getting roasted on TikTok at the moment. #KendallJenner #WAP #KylieJenner

Kim Kardashian was spotted getting off a private jet when landing back in Los Angeles on July 28 after visiting her husband Kanye West and having a tearful conversation with him in a car.

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Written & Edited By Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack

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Name a place worse than the airport down below
Quarentino Brown
Quarentino Brown:
Spoiler alert: there's is no clip of Kylie talking in this video
The hostess looks how I expected Britney Spears to look when older.
Vince Anthony Jumao-as
Vince Anthony Jumao-as:
Kylie's role on the wap video is like my role at a group project
Thing is.... Kylie Jenner literally just walked, let her walk in peace damn 😂
At the end of the day... this is Cardi’s video not Normani’s nor Kylie’s. Cardi should not have to explain why she gave different roles to different people in her own video. If Normani didn’t have a problem with it nor, reached out to Cardi about the situation, then why are you all pressed. What’s done is done. You can’t petition to get someone, that the artist personally chose, taken out of their own video. When you make your own song and create a video, then you can dictate YOUR OWN not someone who y’all claim to “idolize” and “support.”
Wyanna Burke
Wyanna Burke:
At this point, any anger towards her reeks of jealousy and insecurity. Let’s focus on more important matters please.
Kory Nichols
Kory Nichols:
You can’t lie, she slayed her cameo
Apparently I have to explain why I said she “slayed” her cameo. SHE LOOKS SO GOOD!!! She did what the directors told her to do. That’s what I meant.
Riri Pari
Riri Pari:
They literally started a petition? Come on now. Do y'all really have that much time on yall hands to rage over one chick appearing in a music video that you'd start a petition to get her removed from it? That's just sad. There are plenty more serious problems that deserve attention, but these Kardashians and Jenners really stay in all yall minds.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
When I saw the WAP music video and i saw Kylie my first reaction was "this chick better not start rapping bro!" 😂😂
senni bgon
senni bgon:
okay you guys didn’t actually show any proof of Kylie “reacting” to all of this backlash.... smh. Click bait much😒
Hannah Weaver
Hannah Weaver:
Regarding Kylie:
Why’s it a big deal? She’s famous whether she deserves it or not.
Regarding Kendall:
Kendall has always been a diva. She wants to be not associated with her family with basically means she wants to be “too good” for them.
For a minute I thought Kylie would’ve said “RISE AND SHINE” when she opened the door🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daisy likes strawberrys
Daisy likes strawberrys:
I love Kylie, I love Cardi. I love everybody. You just gotta focus on the love and ignore the hate. Don't focus on who hates you or who thinks your ugly. Focus on those who think you are perfect and love you. And remember there are always gonna be flaws. Cuz everyone sees differently. Some think big ears look ugly or whatever. I think they are adorable and I love it. Some might love big lips. But some love small lips. Same with dogs. Most people would rather have a small dog then a big dog. And some would rather have a big. Everyone sees differently so don't take hate in a hurtful love cuz other people see that as beauty
She deadass just walked through a door. I really dont care for Kardashian-Jenner clan, but making a petition to remove Kylie from the MV among all the things going on in the world is ridiculous 🤦🏾‍♀️
A family whose entire career is based on a "leaked sex tape"
What else do u think they'll support other than nudity..vulgarity and objectification.
For them these things are literally empowering!

It's sickening how people even support them
Gogh Phucough
Gogh Phucough:
I would be PISSED if I heard my daughters listening to that song.... it doesn’t set an example of how a young lady should act. Despite what Hollywood wants everyone to think, being a whore is not okay.
The way I see it, it's Cardi and Megan's music video and they wanted Kylie in it. Her cameo was pointless, yeah, but people getting pissed and signing petitions to get her removed from it seems petty af. How bored are y'all? Lol
I don't know why Kylie is hate this much,
I didn't mind at all her being in it
Imagine if people cared as much about government surveillance as much as they did about Kylie being in a music video
I don’t get why people are so mad like if that was a random person walking down the hall yall wouldn’t get mad, Cardi put her in the vid bc they’re close
James Ventresco
James Ventresco:
Kylie Jenner: walks down a hallway then sits in a chair The Internet: What is this
Kirby Griffiths
Kirby Griffiths:
Today’s breaking news Kendall Jenner doesn’t like being talked to at the airport lmao
Joe McAdoo
Joe McAdoo:
Are you kidding! Her part regardless of how small it was, was the best part of the video.
Lea Siliva
Lea Siliva:
okay you guys didn’t actually show any proof of Kylie “reacting” to all of this backlash.... smh. Click bait much😒
Ash Ley
Ash Ley:
Kylie looked good on W.A.P. and if they asked her to be apart of the video, then what kind of fans would people be to want mess up musicians video?

Obviously they have good blood to put her in the video so why are people making a big deal out of nothing?

It's crazy.
People are starving in Yemen and people dying all over the world and this is what Americans choose to focus on.
I don’t think it’s fair for someone to judge people in that situation. I know I get aggravated in airports. Traveling in a crowded airport like LAX is like playing frogger sometimes. Kendall Jenner suffers from bad anxiety. She’s probably just trying to get from point A to point B without breaking down.
Nkem Ikekpeazu
Nkem Ikekpeazu:
Spoiler: the lady is just rambling and there’s no video of Kylie Jenner talking
Aaliyar Sylvan
Aaliyar Sylvan:
lol now that there’s a petition for everything even something as stupid as this no wonder why most get ignored by the government.
Ron Tron
Ron Tron:
This is brutal honesty! I never cared to know anything about Kylie Jenner and I felt like I lost my identity after viewing this 🥴🤒🥵 But I enjoyed this in a bizarre way🌞☺️😎
The ugly Being
The ugly Being:
Leave Kylie alone! She seems like a sweet person
I mean Kendall is known for being introverted and not the most talkative person, when you’ve just got out of 20 or 16 hour flight, of course you’d be tired, and just genuinely irritated.
Ol' Jim Eagle
Ol' Jim Eagle:
Just because you own a makeup company dosnt mean you HAVE TO WEAR ALL THE MAKEUP AT THE SAME TIME!!
I swear, this chick breathes and everyone has a problem with how she inhaled 🙄
No name
No name:
Before you waste 2:35 minutes of your time, there’s no clip of Kylie talking or reacting to it. It’s only Cardi b saying that she put Kylie because she was nice to her kids. Thank me by disliking the video.
Inshi Vinci
Inshi Vinci:
ALERT!: This is CLICKBAIT!! There's no such video of Kylie reacting to the negative comments.
Hayley Brown
Hayley Brown:
I wish my biggest concern was backlash on me being in a music video. First world problems...
Angel M
Angel M:
Ignore it Kylie, whoever is mad about you being in the video are just jealous, YOU LOOK DAMN AMAZING, BUT IM NOT MAD ABOUT IT, !!!
Dieketseng Moloi
Dieketseng Moloi:
I’m not a Kylie fan but come on people let the girl live.😅😅
Christine Mutoni
Christine Mutoni:
What did Kendall really do? She didn't talk and minded her own business 😂 petty issues... She doesn't have to if she's not feeling it
Rebecca Bukuru
Rebecca Bukuru:
i really don’t understand why she got backlash just for being in a video and by the she look so cute in that outfit.
Isaac Zais
Isaac Zais:
I couldn't watch this whole video, but if she said anything negative about Kylie I might respect her a little
Quashi Kaplock
Quashi Kaplock:
Kylie Jenna could literally cough in a video and earn more money than I ever will in my entire life.
Lynnette Dixon
Lynnette Dixon:
As for Kylie featured in the WAP video,
She was asked & she
“showed up & showed out” 😍👌🏽
Looked beautiful in the Cheetah print👌🏽
🗣PERIOD !!!!😍👌🏽
Oan ppls always got negative 💩 to say when they have no control ova decisions being made by the featured Celebrity Artists 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄. Bye haters. Hi Kylie 😍😁😂👍🏽❤️
Kylie must be smiling at these petitions these pathetic people have
Coded Carlos
Coded Carlos:
I really dont get why ppl have problems with her being in a damn music video she just appeared that all it shouldnt be this problematic
Even though people saying let her live and etc- y’all can’t sit here and not question why we had to watch her walk down the hall and open a door? 😂
Blondie N
Blondie N:
Why hate on Kylie she did great just like the

other girls showed in the 2seconds clip stop hating ignorant people
Juan Benavente
Juan Benavente:
People complain about anything. Literally, I think Kylie looked great on the music video. Plus it’s not like she asked to be in it. They wanted her there. You know how many artists have probably asked her to be in a music video? A shit ton. Yet she never did it. Until now. In a all female rap video. I think it’s iconic.
Kortney Heimerman
Kortney Heimerman:
Wow. Great reaction from Kylie.
how are yall going to be mad at kylie all she did was walk down a hallway and opened a door 💀💀
Stefano Gomez
Stefano Gomez:
“kim, there are people dying”
De’Queen Marilyn
De’Queen Marilyn:
Kylie reduced her class by even showing up to be in the video let alone be in it !!!🤣😂🤣
Cher Moore
Cher Moore:
i actually liked kylie s appearance in the wap video she looked great 👍😊
All of them looked really happy so I really don’t see the problem✨❤️
Kylie’s role on wap is like the use of traffic lights in GTA
Tea with Tegan
Tea with Tegan:
Misleading, she didn’t react to the WAP video 🤦‍♀️
Million Subs No videos
Million Subs No videos:
Imagine getting hated on for opening a door
K C:
I honestly think people took this to far, she really walked threw an door and people went off on her it’s not that deep, but whatever, and the only reason she was in the video was because her and Cardi are super close, anyone could have gotten that part but she gave it to one of her good friends, calm down people it’s one video😂
Back Bitting
Back Bitting:
Imagine the world criticizing you for opening up a door. Thats reality today. Im not a kylir fan but this is a bit much. She doesnt say or do anything.
Yall really need to chill out Kylie hasn’t done anything wrong, I personally don’t agree with some things she does but that besides the point. If anyone gets the chance to be in an MV for someone as big as Cardi B they are obviously not gonna say no. Like signing a petition to get her out of it is going waaay to far.
Kylie look so good and classy in that video.. No ones removing anything that looks amazing. I doubt it.
I don't get the anger she did look good so live with it or don't!!🤦🏽‍♀️
BWR Rock
BWR Rock:
When people start acting like your not even there and that your the average person passing bye. The arrogance would stop.
Connie Doan
Connie Doan:
Just when you think that the Kardashian's/Jenner's cant get more skanky , they always come through.
Gday Osandu
Gday Osandu:
The fact that Kylie bothers ya'll that much just for being in a music video and literally just walking through a door to then ya'll making a petition to get her removed from the video is laughable smh ya'll really ain't got nothing better to do huh?😂
I'm mostly just concerned with her foundation vs. her real skin color. Girl, you need a new MUA!
How am I going to explain this to my grandchildren one day...
Annie paint!
Annie paint!:
I gotta admit...Kylie was fire in that video tho♥️♥️
A Fat Cat
A Fat Cat:
The cameo just seems so pointless. It’s just a “oh look who it is we all knew she was gonna be in it anyways”. Who cares 😒
Crystal Beth Seize The Day!
Crystal Beth Seize The Day!:
This looks like it was filmed in a hotel room and the host looks like she didn’t sleep last night. High high standards for ‘Hollywood Life’ huh
But if cardi says she's not gonna take her out.
What are you gonna do force her?
How many lines you want in the video?
Kylie: N/A
Kim Keogh
Kim Keogh:
I Was A Little Bit Shocked When I Firts Watched WAP When Kylies Part Came Up Because Megan Got Shot At Kylies Party And Kylie Didnt Even Wish Her A Get Well When Beyonce Literally Sent Megan A Bouquet Of Flowers
bruuh there’s actually a petition😂😂😂 ffs this is beyond stupid
I don't get the backlash with Kylie in the music video. She's a model. She's meant to show off and become a spectacle.
A. Shep
A. Shep:
Imagine being in a pandrmic and this actually matters in some peoples minds... smh
Frst Nme
Frst Nme:
You know celebrities don't owe you anything just because you're a fan right? If they stopped to talk to every fan then they'd never get anything done. Just sayin'
Romina Kardashian
Romina Kardashian:
wow there are so many dislikes! that pretty much speaks for itself....
it's mari
it's mari:
Some of the people who signed the Kylie petition were quick to sign that petition but not petitions for things that ACTUALLY MATTER like George Floyd petitions,and etc😒😒🙄🙄!
Wait a actual backlash? Over a cameo in a music video?????/ HOW BORED ARE WE? 😂🤣😂
Jakki M
Jakki M:
Kylie was great in the video. She added some class to it whereas it was a little trashy/ skanky.
S. Marcey
S. Marcey:
Music artists have been putting their talent less friends into their videos for decades. This is a time honored tradition.
Ashlee Sanchez
Ashlee Sanchez:
Definitely not giving Kendall any excuse to be rude or anything but I think a lot of people forgot or just don’t care that she has extreme anxiety thats almost paralyzing to her while she flys. She has to because of her type of work but to be fair not only does she have such an extreme case of anxiety when it comes to flying when you’re in an anxiety attack and you have a bunch of people chasing you, trying to take pictures of you or with you. It makes that shit worse!
Now even without the anxiety when you have all those people following you and taking unwanted photos and asking you a bunch of questions you’re not gonna want to have a convo with anyone. You’re just gonna want to go as fast as you can to where you need to be! & also lets be honest people are way to damn sensitive now a days and anything can be taking the wrong way when you don’t expect something to go the way you want it too! That being said we also don’t know how their interactions went 🤷🏼‍♀️. We don’t know if this airline person was rude, or had an attitude or whatever the case was.
Now if she really is like that and is just doing it because she is who she is hopefully then knowing it she will change her attitude toward people. That’s even if she is rude!
Gigi X
Gigi X:
People are dying, children are being kept in cages and black people want to make a petition to remove a white women from a music video? Absolutely revolting and so entitled makes my skin crawl🤢
lexi creamer
lexi creamer:
so am i the only one who loved seeing kylie in the video, or...?
I hate when someone (barely) meets a celebrity and tells the world what they’re like based on their experience. Like Kendall. She has bad anxiety. She’s even talked about it on their show. Maybe she was just trying to get thru another flight with racked nerves. I would like to ask the airport worker to be rated based on one day in her life. Celebs are human too. Jus’ sayin’...
Wtf when I saw Kylie I got so excited 😂 I was like *gasp* KYLIEEEE!! OMIGAWD
Chris atc
Chris atc:
I feel sorry for anyone in society that actually cares about the kardashians, get a life and concentrate on yourself not what others are doing
this channel just proves to me that we shouldnt let millennials on the internet
B jrz Martinez
B jrz Martinez:
Omg leave Kylie alone!! She was asked to be in the video 😤
Momo 1992
Momo 1992:
Lol she took walking down a hallway seriously?! That’s aiming high there 😂
Ashley Clack
Ashley Clack:
Can’t imagine being married to her and listening to that voice every day !! I’d prey to die in my sleep .
I don’t care for Kylie too much, but geez. People go so hard at hating her online. She’s a person. Cardi obviously wanted her in the video. Although she didn’t do anything and her entire cameo was a little strange... I thought she looked really good. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
rose eze
rose eze:
We really could have done without her.
Maria Do Couto
Maria Do Couto:
She looks hot there is always going to be haters sad but true 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ash P
Ash P:
Honesty Kylie looked good in the video
It’s just her walking into a room no big deal. Kylie can blink and automatically anyone can treat like aliens invading the earth or something
Lex O3
Lex O3:
Bro... she’s literally just walking through a door lol.