Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

For the mogul and new mom, Kylie Jenner, “the more makeup the better.” Kylie details her extensive beauty routine from inside her Calabasas bathroom. Starting with just a base of moisturizer and chapstick, Kylie shows how she does her lip liner (with her eyes closed!) brows and much more in this comprehensive makeup tutorial.

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Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Itsabe 1210
Itsabe 1210:
If quarantine is making u watch vogue or any other satisfying videos leave a like
Mabel Elizebsth
Mabel Elizebsth:
She's is soo cute when she talks.. It's like she's in a frickin' ASMR
even if she got plastic surgery, that doesn’t mean people should hate on her 🤷🏻‍♀️
her voice sounds so calming she could teach a yoga class😂
I don’t know why, but I find her voice so relaxing.
Like an ASMR.
Eda Tantekin
Eda Tantekin:
You know you've succeeded in life when you have a couch in your bathroom
Zarlia Graham
Zarlia Graham:
“Hey guys its Kylie, if anyone doesn’t know” Sis everyone knows you😭
im so bored
im so bored:
She even has a better couch in her bathroom than the couch in my living room...
Kylie: I have some meetings so I’m not tryin to do anything too cRaZy

Also Kylie: ok so I’m gonna do something a little cRaZy

Me: *confution*
The fact that yall care what she does to her body, or if she has plastic surgery.. Its her choice not yours.
Lillian Samms
Lillian Samms:
this is great and everything, but I'm gonna need kylies skincare routine first
Javiera Ramirez
Javiera Ramirez:
i like her a lot, the fact that she had surgery doesn't change anything
Kaveri Mishra
Kaveri Mishra:
She is too sweet ppl should not judge her just because she had a plastic surgery
Rosemarie Pasigna
Rosemarie Pasigna:
Kylie is sweet and a good mother to Stormy ❤️ people hating her , just because she get plastic surgery. I mean nothing is wrong with that. It's her life and it's her choice. Kylie Jenner also support her fans ❤️ remember that she has feelings too.
gabbi grace
gabbi grace:
Kylie: I feel like a cakey forehead gives away that your wearing makeup

Her glittery orange eyeshadow:👁️👄👁️
Her bathroom has a couch...
sister sandra silent soc
sister sandra silent soc:
THIS WAS 2 YEARS AGO?? time is a fabrication of human kind and we're not real wtf
Javeria Asif
Javeria Asif:
Kylie: “ Hey guys it’s Kylie for those who don’t know”
Me: Well played girl👏🏽
kylie: im not gonna do a crazy eye look today.

her eye: 🔆🔆🌟🎨🥳🦄🦄🌈🌈🌈🔥🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈
Helen Tran
Helen Tran:
while I don't think people should hate on her for getting plastic surgery, I do think she needs to be called out for saying that her body is natural when it's not. It gives girls an unrealistic idea of how their bodies should look when they can't look like kylie without surgery. There's already a wave of teen suicide because of these unrealistic images that girls think they need to live up to.
Alexandrina Tataru
Alexandrina Tataru:
You know this is old when she is talking about Jordyn
stream walls
stream walls:
alternative title: Kylie Jenner doing asmr for 10 minutes straight
9:03, there's a person just sitting in her bathtub 😂😂

(It's in her mirror)
"hey guys, it's kylie for anyone who doesn't know..."

*no one doesn't know*
When your insecurities makes u be a millionaire
Yelena Vergara Aguirre
Yelena Vergara Aguirre:
I want to be rich
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda:
I don’t care how much surgery Kylie got, she is gorgeous 😍 i love her so much 💖💖💖
Emma. Gilliver
Emma. Gilliver:
"Hi my name is Kyle for anyone who doesn't know" 0:01 😂
I liked how she opened up about her lip insecurity and the feeling of finally finding something she loved
Mariame Kharbouch
Mariame Kharbouch:
Kylie: Hey guys it’s Kylie if anyone dosent know

Me: 💀🔫
Nadymilla Almeida
Nadymilla Almeida:
I feel like ppl judge her too much
Ozlem Koc
Ozlem Koc:
I love the way she says the "s" sound. That ASMR <3
Carolina Stoke
Carolina Stoke:
She seems like such a sweet person💕 I love how she talks about finding what she loves and identifies with! Keep on going Kylie!
Im Rxzal
Im Rxzal:
I gotta say... I didn’t know kylie was 23 this year.. I thought she was older than that.😨
Aliza Shamara
Aliza Shamara:
Kylie : *Hey guys its Kylie for anyone who doesn’t know*
Me : Uhm...yea yea 😐😒
Her bathroom is bigger than my town like wtf?
She looks kinda like her younger self when she has no makeup on.
han nah
han nah:
I just search this video instead of other ASMRs. Her voice is so calming..
Zelhaj Uddin
Zelhaj Uddin:
No one is talking about the tutorial she gave..I tried it on my face and it came out so good...definitely not like hers..but it was good enough.
Everytime Kylie talks it feels like she is in her school and can't talk during the class because of the strict teacher so she just whispers....
Chris Klemens
Chris Klemens:
Loved how she warmed up through the vid. She’s got a good vibe
No offence but but how will kardashians and Jenners decompose after their death?
“Hey guys it’s Kylie FoR aNyOnE tHaT dOeSnT kNoW”
food is life but BTS is lifer
food is life but BTS is lifer:
I swear her bathroom is bigger than our living room.
Joker Jenner
Joker Jenner:
Other celebs: “Oh, it’s 2.45 mins, guess our make up tutorial should be over, thank you, guys, for watching” Kylie: “It’s the third minute of the tutorial and now we’ve finished one eye”
Ma’Kayla Corder
Ma’Kayla Corder:
It sucks how she had to leave her best friend over something jordyn didn’t do
Alexis Davidson
Alexis Davidson:
Is no one noticing how she said "access" instead of "excess" 🤣
Erisa Lila
Erisa Lila:
Thank god she learned to do her eyebrows herself, cuz Jordan...
jodie lee
jodie lee:

me: *war flashbacks*
Ja Ms
Ja Ms:
“Hey guys I am kylie for anyone who doesn’t know”

Imogen Starkins
Imogen Starkins:
She didn’t turn to makeup she turned to plastic surgery 😭😭
Wisdom Tvowolf
Wisdom Tvowolf:
Just an average chick who was lucky to born in a famous family. She is just like everyone, so guys u better love urself than that random girl
Maura Dean
Maura Dean:
This is random but I fell like she sounds the same as she did when she was little 😂
The Real Nazrin
The Real Nazrin:
OMG doin lip liner with closed eyes. I can’t even do with opened eyes
Naomi Diaz
Naomi Diaz:
She’s breathtakingly gorgeous
Sss Sss
Sss Sss:
Omg she’s really pretty with and without makeup. Like at the start of the video when she had nothing on she looked flawless.
Luciana Teixeira
Luciana Teixeira:
It’s Kylie for anyone who doesn’t know...
I had a laugh there!
Althea sotto
Althea sotto:
Is it just me or she looks like a human cat with those lips
This video just called me poor in 10 different languages
Violet Pitt
Violet Pitt:
Her voice is so soothing like seriously...i could hear her talk all day long
Alinka Vanilopa77
Alinka Vanilopa77:
I like how she starts off: "Hey, its Kylie, for anyone that doesn't know". SERIOUSLY, if there are people that don't know anything about her watching this video....... howwwwwwwww?
Mackenzie Moreno
Mackenzie Moreno:
She said “let’s talk quietly” 5 secs later “let’s yell” jkkk I love her videos 😂😂💖💖😳🥺
Allison Ulloa
Allison Ulloa:
Is it just me or is her voice just really calming?
Did you notice when she was being vulnerable talking about her insecurity with her lips and then she changed the topic and went "SO.." I feel bad for her, for how much hate she's getting. At the end of the day, she's a girl with insecurities like all of us who luckily had money to fix her insecurity, admit it you would've done it if you had the money.
Michelle Kajubi
Michelle Kajubi:
Kylie: I will be doing a simple eye

Us: She must be going out to model
Roses Are Red
Roses Are Red:
Omg, she's like a makeup artist
stacy campbell
stacy campbell:
When you look like her, you never think that her personality is like this.
Khadija Muneeb
Khadija Muneeb:
her: nothing too crazy
also her: I’m gonna do something crazy
Atalanta Archangel
Atalanta Archangel:
"i have meetings so i'm not trying to be too crazy."
30 seconds later:
"I'm gonna do something kinda crazy."
Lily Backshall
Lily Backshall:
The couch in her bathroom is nicer than tho one in my living room imaoooo
SK Cheese
SK Cheese:
It's funny how all the sisters except Kendall have 10min tutorials, yet kendall is finished in 2 min
Kala Pinu
Kala Pinu:
Hey everyone, it's Kylie, for anyone who doesn't know. 😂
i don’t know how people do this everyday. i slap on some concealer on my eye bags, mascara, highlighter if i can be bothered and i’m out the door.
dab howlter
dab howlter:
why is her bathroom the size of my whole house loool
9:03 there's a person sitting on her bathroom (in the mirror) 🤭😂😂
Jungkooks Taeddy Bear
Jungkooks Taeddy Bear:
"I test out most of my stuff on Jordyn"

was i the only person that noticed that there was a person in her bathtub 😂
localbaddie x
localbaddie x:
She def made her products for herself.💀
Kristin Grace
Kristin Grace:
gurl, you DONT NEED MAKEUP!!!
Zeynep is me
Zeynep is me:
She’s just being pretty with make up and aesthetic’s 🤷🏻‍♀️
barbara elias
barbara elias:
i love how she has a good side and she NEVER shows the other one
&Ēstrêllå lifê&
&Ēstrêllå lifê&:
Soy la única que habla español y no entiende un pepino lo que dice pero igual lo ve😂😅
hermione granger
hermione granger:
i just realized her lips aren’t that big when it doesn’t have any lipstick on.
stacy campbell
stacy campbell:
I was pretty much judging her, until I watched this video. She’s just so normal. 😘😅🥺
Aairah Rizvi
Aairah Rizvi:
9:03 there’s a person in the bathtub.

it’s in her highlighter mirror
i luv how kylie without makeup still has the features of when she was young 💖
kylie is my fav kardashian she seems very nice and talks about her insecurities and shes really funny on tik tok i dont understand why ppl hate her
she talks like her parents are in the other room listening lmao
Pooja - 160
Pooja - 160:
I'll know that I m rich when I'll have a bathroom like her (freaking big bathroom) nd a couch in it.
Sumanta Chakraborty
Sumanta Chakraborty:
Here:20 mins maximum
In real life while going out: 2 hrs
Bji *
Bji *:
Wow she actually doesn’t look as different as I thought without her make up
I love how honest she is about her life, I love her personality 🤍
Rosa Park
Rosa Park:
10:20 is anyone else getting really enjoyed by that one strand of hair sitting on her shoulder
Kathy Pungu
Kathy Pungu:
She's Always doing makeup and when i see her without makeup it doesn't look the same😱😱
simrn bhatti
simrn bhatti: it feels like we can throw a party in her bathroom 😂
By Gabi
By Gabi:
when she smiles my day is happier
Cute Pumpkin
Cute Pumpkin:
Why is she always talking like she’s in a library?
Arijana Musai
Arijana Musai:
did anyone else notice that when kylie shows her highlighter the mirror reflects a person In the bathtub lol