Kylie Jenner Shows RARE PDA With Travis Scott in Pregnancy Vlog

Kylie Jenner shared a sweet vlog on Monday, documenting her pregnancy journey with boyfriend, Travis Scott. The couple welcomed their second child, a son, back in February.

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Shay Shay Mann
Shay Shay Mann:
This is cute and all, but I’m OVERWHELMED with sadness about those lives lost from Astroworld!! Why aren’t we hearing about those victims and the status for justice??
I can't say that I'm a Kardashian / Jenner fan, however, I did enjoy this video. & the whole part at the end.. everything she said... Good for Kylie! & it's *awesome* she's realizing & accepting all of that at a young age!♥♥
Isabella mcneish
Isabella mcneish:
Stormi making me cry 😥😥😭such a kind soul
so happy for them
Merry Jane
Merry Jane:
Kylie is a wonderful mother! Stormi is so intelligent!! Lil' cutie patootie!💓
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D.:
This was such a beautiful video. Stormi is getting so big 🥹💜
Maria Maria
Maria Maria:
Happy for them
vivian jones
vivian jones:
Happy for you and your family!! 😎💙💛
Kathleen Weinberg
Kathleen Weinberg:
Kylie congratulations wish you lots of luck and happiness with your precious babies
Monique Bish
Monique Bish:
I'm glad they put a Lil space between kids good timing good age for their daughter good for them
Maria Zuko
Maria Zuko:
I love how she talks about postpartum with a pink face after she just got out of the tanning machine in back of her. We should all be that depressed
Deidra Williams
Deidra Williams:
Kylie you have such a beautiful family stormy is so so so pretty I love you guys I wish you nothing but happiness and blessings for you and Travis and stormy and wolf 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️💯
Selena Sanchez
Selena Sanchez:
Oh my gosh I wish she would leave her face alone. She is already beautiful 😔
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
No one cares the only thing we are waiting on for justice to be serve for all astroworld victims that life were taken by travis they maybe gone but, we will never forget 🙏🏽❤.
Charlotte Stevens
Charlotte Stevens:
I kinda have a love/hate relationship with the KarJenners. I don't agree with everything they do, but at the same time, I enjoy watching them. I will say, Kylie seems like a really good mom ❤️
Flu Go Away
Flu Go Away:
So basically we’re just going to act like Astroworld fiasco never happened?
Rema Lewis
Rema Lewis:
So cute
CelesteStation51 Smith
CelesteStation51 Smith:
Now they’re changing Wolfe’s name because they felt it was for him🤦🏻‍♀️
Monique Bish
Monique Bish:
Her lil artwork wasn't bad at all u go lil artist u go!
Times New Roman
Times New Roman:
Isn’t Travis Scott a murderer?
Amazing Travis doesn't look stressed out at all he looks very happy. He must think the Astroworld thing is just going to go away.cant stand him.
Nainesh Modi
Nainesh Modi:
Little Zone tv
Little Zone tv:
Nice Vlog👌👌
Andrew Nation
Andrew Nation:
Super incredible moment in history 👏 she's got some love to give 100% amazing kid moments, what an incredibly distinctive role she has
Not onlyv to represent great mothers but to be a Star as well. Wow!
*It's okey not to be okey !!!* 😓😌❤
Luvorn Lucas
Luvorn Lucas:
Love you guys
David Weaver
David Weaver:
When she was saying she had postpartum depression,she looked Weird ..little make up ,but her fae looks distorted as if too much work has already been done.
M. Cat
M. Cat:
Oh god, they reproduced again.

Is Travis off the hook now for causing chaos and killing some of his fans?
Vibe with Zae
Vibe with Zae:
Travis be working hard in the months of May-June!
Niqqa be on point with em February babies lol
🌼Marie Pereira🌼
🌼Marie Pereira🌼:
Oh God😫
Destiny Pazdernik
Destiny Pazdernik:
handsome little man 💙🍀
* a myth or maybe real*
Woman who have boys tend
to really get post badly?
due to the big hormone change
SiDa Mo
SiDa Mo:
Happy all for girl kids
(Subbed as well)
meh mayelle
meh mayelle:
astroworld astroworld. the workers in their factories. their racism. the stealing these women did from other people in the past. the horrible business practices.
Maria Zuko
Maria Zuko:
He has to stay close, with all his lawsuits with his murderous concert, he’s going to run out of money and he’s going to need hers. Oink oink
Joli Mixx
Joli Mixx:
Nathan trevino
Nathan trevino:
A day after stormi birthday
Anna Nelson
Anna Nelson:
So we are pretending that everything that happend at his concert didn't happen sorry but no this irritates me to no end where is the justice!!!
Daniel Larson
Daniel Larson:
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones:
I'm shock he don't date black females what's that about Travis Scott 🙄
Beth Bounds
Beth Bounds:
Denise Booker
Denise Booker:
Absence they love that word absence with having black babies
They find a friend (Justine sky) to meet a guy then dump the friend and start dating their guy. Lol
Lux Hollow
Lux Hollow:
Why is this so glorious?? Like wow! there are so many people breeding. Kids get born, people Copulate. No big deal.
Lux Hollow
Lux Hollow:
Yikes. I flick boogers on these people
James Robert
James Robert:
Catherine Malizia
Catherine Malizia:
Omg ugh
Denise Booker
Denise Booker:
She makes sure she plump of them lips
Jessy Havron
Jessy Havron:
Remember Astroworld concert or just sweep it under the rug.
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones:
😒 so every body having babies again like how many kids this family trying too make ain't they over 40 the only two right now would be Kylie n Kendell
Nathan trevino
Nathan trevino:
How dose a 4 year old know her birthday
Datryk Chmurski
Datryk Chmurski:
God bless..chees.
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim:
Remember God loves you♥️.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
If you trust in Jesus Christ and repent, you will be saved🙏🙏.
He is coming back soon😊🤗..
Denise Booker
Denise Booker:
What's up with this people having all these dam babies not good for young women please go sit down and look out for the people who died
Phoenix 75
Phoenix 75:
Sorry, but didn’t she get dumped?
Denise Kinzle
Denise Kinzle:
I have no interest in these fools anymore
Datryk Chmurski
Datryk Chmurski:
Kiss.kylle.and doughtger.
Maybe NOW he'll *FINALLY* put a ring on it & make it official *official*
Tiger T
Tiger T:
Datryk Chmurski
Datryk Chmurski:
Chees fur Scott.
A A:
Nobody cares. They think everyone will forget about Astroworld by posting their new kid.
I'm Your Papi
I'm Your Papi:
The youngest sister is the smartest. Kourtney, kim, and khole can learn from kylie by sticking by your baby daddy.
Cali Kush
Cali Kush:
KARYTTAH - Rock Band
KARYTTAH - Rock Band:
😏 Maybe We're The 1st Spiritist* Pop-Metal Or Rock Band In This World
But Don't Pay Much Attention To Our Neanderthal English, HaHa ❤️ HaHa
Spiritist is who professes Spiritism, the Gospel continuation
It has began with the books by Allan Kardec and continued in the books by Francisco C. Xavier, the greatest and more important medium/prophet of spirits of the last centuries
Rosa Morris
Rosa Morris:
Travis is hugging Drake's baby