Labor Day Extended Trailer #1 (2013) - Josh Brolin Movie HD

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Labor Day Extended Trailer #1 (2013) - Josh Brolin Movie HD

Depressed single mom Adele and her son Henry offer a wounded, fearsome man a ride. As police search town for the escaped convict, the mother and son gradually learn his true story as their options become increasingly limited.

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100+ comentarios:

N D:
I love how Kate Winslet never judges her characters. She always makes them whole and real, like she doesn't put a label on them. 
Chelsea Davis
Chelsea Davis:
This film was amazing! 5/5! A must see! You actually feel for the characters (especially the Mom). The acting was outstanding.
Amanda Fiske
Amanda Fiske:
This was filmed two streets over from where I live and my best friend and I spent like two weeks creeping on the set and ended up meeting Josh. Beautiful movie.
Greedy-Grove Tx
Greedy-Grove Tx:
I love this movie. Thought it was a bit unrealistic cuz what are the odds of that really happening but still a really good movie. I love how it never actually emphasized or even mentioned them having sex. It was pure emotional love. 10/10
I don't typically enjoy the slow developing movies. But, this movie was deep and it truly touched my heart. At some point, I wanted to walk out because I knew that the only happy ending I could hope for was impossible. For me a truly great movie is one where I can't guess the ending and the ending to labor day was so unexpected. As one critic put it, this movie is more appropriate for Valentine's day.
Ellie Tea
Ellie Tea:
Don't listen to anyone who's putting this movie down because I'm pretty sure they haven't seen it. It's really great. A little sad but not as much as you'd think. I'm really glad I spent the money to see it. Thinking about seeing it again soon. 
Lily Bond
Lily Bond:
Escaped convict Josh Brolin could show up at my house anytime. 😂 I love this movie. It’s one of those movies that I will watch over again periodically.
Matthew Jay Evans
Matthew Jay Evans:
I saw this in the theater opening weekend. It is a briliant film. Absolutely wonderful. Wished they made more like it.
If this movie makes me feel the way the book did, I don't think I'll ever be the same. Seriously though, there is soooo much more to the story than anyone thinks just by watching the trailer, A MUST SEE
This movie has so much emotion. I absolutely loved it! 
Genevieve Vu
Genevieve Vu:
one of the most incredible movies i've seen
Iffy n
Iffy n:
Cried a lot throughout, some times due to sadness and sympathy, others with happiness. Defiantly recommend this movie, it was beautiful! Though the happy ending did leave me in tears!
I'm not gonna lie this movie is sad as hell and is great! ❤️🔥. It's not like any other movie I've seen it's depressing but that's alright because I would've rate it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Every Kate winslet movie is fantastic! And she is one of my favourite actresses 💖😘🌺. My whole family and friends saw this movie and agreed! 😊💛
Pauline GG
Pauline GG:
This movie is absolutely beautiful and Kate Winslet is amazing, as always. 💘
Jazzy Jazz
Jazzy Jazz:
Really good movie the emotions from mom to son was raw... Cried a bit in the end sooo cute!
Karina Alaniz
Karina Alaniz:
this movie is amazing, made me cry. rated it 5/5 its on netflix
Gabriela Janeide
Gabriela Janeide:
Super recomendo.
Filme cativante e emocionante.
This movie is so beautiful, the 3 characters are so genuine , authentic & connected to each other okay ☺️
Jazzy Jazz
Jazzy Jazz:
Really good movie the emotions from mom to son was raw... Cried a bit in the end sooo cute!
N D:
Can't wait to see this movie!!! I love Kate Winslet. I don't think the trailer gives away the whole movie. You know these two people are going to fall in love but you don't know what's going to happen around them. There's more suspense than you think. 
Regina Dillard
Regina Dillard:
I want to see this movie! I've come to enjoy Josh Brolin as an actor.
"I came to save you Adele." Best line in the movie.
Fatima Al Burkany
Fatima Al Burkany:
I bet most of you think this movie is boring... Well it is a little quiet and sad but it was worth watching. It's one of my best romantic tearful movie. So, Don't knock it before you watch it.
Ana Capetillo
Ana Capetillo:
Absolutely loved this film.
Christina Catalano
Christina Catalano:
Easily my top 5 favorite. Ironically, it’s the second of those 5 that I played as background noise (other being Arrival) to end up so taken by the paced and natural emotion in narrative, beautiful musical score, and overwhelming fullness at the film’s conclusion. Rotten tomatoes needs to be canned (ha), please give this one a chance if you’re feeling up for a quiet movie day. Cheers.
Paula Musique
Paula Musique:
"Justice can be tremendously unjust" :( - Great movie! It made me cry...
I love this movie. It's so weird and original and pretty ❤️
I saw Labor Day on Saturday and I LOVED it! I am going again tomorrow night to watch it! No film has ever moved me as much as Labor Day. Men will hate this film purely because Frank aka Josh Brolin's character will make them feel inadequate!!!
Mike Hamada
Mike Hamada:
A beautiful movie and it's actually quite underrated, most of you who are here like me must've already seen the movie before the trailer. If you haven't then it's worth it trust me.
Ayaz Ahmed
Ayaz Ahmed:
A brilliant movie every thing is so damn good this movie deserves a very good response it's beautiful
Elaini Young
Elaini Young:
Just got done watching this movie. It was sweet and also tearful. Wouldn't make my top 5 favorite romance films, but still lovely just that same. 
That's the town I spent my entire childhood, and living there for 32 years! I think most of the towns people were ecstatic when these two movies were shot there. Hollywood picked a great place to film!
Bayzar Weysi
Bayzar Weysi:
best way to kick off my 2015, to start it with this amazing movie!!! i lovedd itttt so much!! 
Crezna Jade
Crezna Jade:
tear jerking movie! 5/5 ❤️
Mette LV
Mette LV:
I really need to watch this. I love both Josh and Kate, they are so extremely talented.
Anna Phelan
Anna Phelan:
Ugh I need to watch this movie its looks so fantastic! 
I am so excited for this movie. Josh Brolin is soooooooo awesome.
Jad Jadou
Jad Jadou:
2013 and still this kind of wonderful movies are producted : it really gives hope in life.
So- I watched this movie on Netflix last night and loved it. It was really good. Came on here to check out the trailer - I can't believe a trailer would give that much away! There's no need to watch the movie if you're going to watch this!
Jessica J. Box
Jessica J. Box:
omg! I just watched this Movie! I love it soooo Much! It made me cry! :')
way 9823
way 9823:
Wow, what a movie, Kate was just amazing.
Paula Musique
Paula Musique:
♥ ♡ Wow! Amazing movie! It was totally different from what I was expecting...
I love Kate Winslet natural beautiful beauty! ♥ ♡

It was showing on TV, I had not watched any trailer or read anything about it, and I missed the first few minutes; so I thought it would be a different story. It surprised me...
It's looking really good, aside Kate Winslet is thought one of my favorite actors, perhaps that makes my preconceptions a bit biased and prejudice, But at least the movies she participates in, never fails, that's for sure! I'm certain this will be one of the better movies to be seen in the theatre's this year..

And to all of you who feels this to rather similarize a give-away than a trailer : Shouldn't mind for the story's unveiling concision; it shows their love but that's already expected in any movie either way - focus on the rest events surrounding, or the unhesitated potential which further bode for a movie worthy of our cognition and sacrificed time, otherwisely for the abysmal a prefered term; "waste of breath", instead. Looks like a movie to be given 7 out of 10 (in apprehension of modern quality movies).
This movie was really good in my opinion! Very sweet and kind of sad.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg:
One of my favourites of the films I saw at TIFF - definitely worth a watch
I would take Josh Brolin home any day and keep em forever!!!!
Larissa Hoskins
Larissa Hoskins:
I was sobbing by the end of this trailer!  I still want to see this movie though!
Angel Views
Angel Views:
Read this book years ago and today only would make a good Lifetime movie 😂😂 and here we are
Yep. Josh Brolin is one of my favourite actors ever.
a VERY cool movie. A must watch!
JC Cabral
JC Cabral:
Loved this movie.
I loved this movie!!!
Tom Thompson
Tom Thompson:
Kate is awesome...she was really at her best in this time of her career after Titanic. She was like an earth quake...she let loose a big one and then the tremors followed afterward...this was one of them!
Chloe D
Chloe D:
I didn’t realize this movie lasted only five days until the end. I was shocked. The story development is complex and slow at the same time. It’s incredible
Ahhh can't wait! This was filmed in my town! And a friends in the movie as an extra and they rented his old car too!
G L O R Y:
This movie was amazing! The little girl was annoying though
aaurelio69 Espinosa
aaurelio69 Espinosa:
I love this movie !!!!
Is just great
My Self
My Self:
I just watched this with my husband today and we both really liked it.Good Movie.
I don't normally watch Hollywood produced anything , but someone told me to watch this movie, and I thought it was most exceptional . The characters had depth, there were no sex scenes, which I think would've ruined it, so I was glad I watched it, because it was a very good movie.
carl glaeser
carl glaeser:
this movie is amazing.
Elisa Sandoval
Elisa Sandoval:
Wow we should all be so lucky the ending absolutely no words just tears. X
oh man, I love it when the acting is soo goood!! Big like for this movie!!
Cheyenne Joy
Cheyenne Joy:
Amazing film!
N P:
I don’t think Kate Winslet has the last infinity stone Thanos
Aras Limaj
Aras Limaj:
Loved it just wow
Bless Brazy
Bless Brazy:
Awesome Movie 👏👏 Gets a "A++" 👌
raul serrano
raul serrano:
Great movie I give it a 10 the critics don't know what they're talking about
Supreet Chavan
Supreet Chavan:
Thanos finally gets some love and not a Fight
Magnus Gumma
Magnus Gumma:
I loved the movie. Very moving end. <3
perro amaro
perro amaro:
tienes que ver esta pelicula tiene unmensaje demasiado especial 100% buenisima
Jennifer Tremillo
Jennifer Tremillo:
Bestest love movie ever! :')
Dee Nguyen
Dee Nguyen:
How good the movie is how you perceived it. I really love this movie. 
Dalena glovee
Dalena glovee:
looks pretty damn good!
Meiying Smith
Meiying Smith:
I'm seeing this today looks like a really good movie
It was a little bit contrived. Not bad. Didn't bring me to tears. A lot of plot holes. But not bad. It was entertaining enough. Plus the acting was decent. I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10. :)
Raven Wood
Raven Wood:
totally good! tear jerker!!!
Kate Winslet is amazing! Can't wait!
slow, but quite watchable

Brolin's a real looker with short hair and without beard! So glad he was cast in this movie.
Bruce Roberts
Bruce Roberts:
Adele looks kind of different here...happy that there were not rampant sex scenes that would have ruined it for me...not every movie has to have sex scenes.
Md84 Link
Md84 Link:
Did I just cried after watching the whole movie ???
just finished rewatching dude i cried so much. but can anyone explain what henry wrote in the letter to his father? did he want frank to get caught?
Dana Wills
Dana Wills:
I so want to see this!
Cory Ogilvie
Cory Ogilvie:
This looks really good!
Almin Jabandzic
Almin Jabandzic:
Amazing movie. :)
Ali H. Moksin
Ali H. Moksin:
Josh Brolin will win an oscar sooner or later. Quality actor. For once, not a film from Nick Sparks.
I really wanna watch this movie!!!!
seen this movie yesterday.. its a little sad but its honestly a good movie (:
Love it
Jojo Pupra
Jojo Pupra:
I feel depressed and cried, beautiful movie, but in real life ? I don't think so ..
Kota Highlights
Kota Highlights:
It was Toby all along? Didn't expect that. And also JK Simmons
J Comandante
J Comandante:
I just watch this last night. Beautiful 😔
AnnaLee Daughter of YHWH
AnnaLee Daughter of YHWH:
Awesome movie. Good acting
Edg Palace
Edg Palace:
i like tacos
i like tacos:
I saw this on TV and read the description thinking it would be some sort of escape/killer survival home invasion movie so I just recorded it since Josh Brolin.

Boy was I pleasantly wrong and surprised.
Cassi F
Cassi F:
This movie is great!
Milca B
Milca B:
I hate romantic movies but this was awesome. So shocked when he says he could get out of the prison. Really good movie. Totally recommend anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.
This is the first time watching the trailer and all i have to say is WHAT?? This seems like such a creepy, weird situation to be in and yet everyone is saying how amazing this movie is! I'm so confused lol
Joseph Ben-Obasa
Joseph Ben-Obasa:
Another Jason Reitman movie? I'm interested
Nurnisya Balqis
Nurnisya Balqis:
Josh in here really hits me hard tho😭 Frank is too charming idk😭❤
Leigh_ann 🦉
Leigh_ann 🦉: the peach pie making made me feel embarrassing like the clay making in Ghost but other then that this looks great!!!