Lady Gaga - Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Lady Gaga took to the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl stage for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, performing some of her biggest hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons off of her new album, Joanne.

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Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley:
Tara Fitz
Tara Fitz:
Gaga fan or not.... you can’t deny this was one of the best halftime shows ever. Her talent is absurd
Aris Swan
Aris Swan:
Can we just talk about how she jumps off the top of a STADIUM without hesitation?!?!?
Pav Lina
Pav Lina:
No playback, no autothune, just talent, Gaga rules ❤️
Her saying Hi dad! Hi mom! caught me so off guard. She looked so pure and happy. My heart warms for her.
Aarron Alexander
Aarron Alexander:
Don’t worry. You’re not the only one listening to this masterpiece in 2021
Кто от Димы Ричмана туда
Mysteria Kiito
Mysteria Kiito:
I heard that she included victims of sexual assault in her dance crew. Well done. That's a great way to give them their power and self confidence back. That's one of the reasons I've become a fan. I used to be a judgey stick in the mud until I learned more about her as a person. She may be weird but she's a good person. And that made me feel better about myself being weird because I do things to help people and animals. I hated myself so much but have learned to love myself a little because of Lady Gaga.
Mermaid Queen
Mermaid Queen:
She is an ICON. Very few artists could do that much singing (without lip syncing, actually singing) dancing, running etc for almost FOURTEEN MINUTES STRAIGHT. This is still one of the best halftime shows I've seen EVER and I'm in my 30s.
Jasper Verdeflor
Jasper Verdeflor:
I just want to say that Lady Gaga is one of the best performer in the history.
Alice Maltais
Alice Maltais:
Kinda rude that there’s a football game in the middle of her concert
TR Goohileshea
TR Goohileshea:
People brutally criticized her for being "fat" because of this performance. I mean, really. Not having washboard abs does not make one fat, and she is an incredible artist as well as an absolutely beautiful woman. I remember it was quite brutal. Shame on those many, probably massively overweight people behind a keyboard making fun of a beautiful, talented, athletic woman. Do what she did and then talk! This performance was epic and she is one of the few amazing artists in music today.
Koboljan mecke
Koboljan mecke:
All performances after her have been quite bad in comparison to her. She set the bar to another whole new level. Nobody will ever be as good as she was
The Arsonist
The Arsonist:
I appreciate this so much more just knowing she isn't lip syncing. This woman is a true star.
Jerwin Dapitan
Jerwin Dapitan:
I just realized that the reason people went wild when she sang "I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas please" is because she's literally in Houston, Texas LMAO
JuanDa Stories
JuanDa Stories:
Four years ago 🥰
Austin Chen
Austin Chen:
1:09 When that spider at the corner of the ceiling in your room decides to descend and dangle in front of you
Sam Newman
Sam Newman:
The fact she did the whole show solo, and all the songs were household hits, shows how talented and successful she is.
Glynn Henderson
Glynn Henderson:
Madonna: "I'm the Queen of Pop"
Gaga: "Hold my Beer"
Shelby McPhearson
Shelby McPhearson:
Remember when this ICONIC SHOW happened and then the next day the whole internet was calling Gaga fat and picking apart her body? like bitch where? She looked AMAZING 🔥 and preformed AMAZING. She is a living legend, our grandkids will be talking about her and she'll forever be one of the most iconic, original, rule breaking ARTIST. OF 👏 ALL 👏 TIME 👏
abby sanders
abby sanders:
3 years later, In 2020, stuck in quarantine, and I still believe lady Gaga is one of the most iconic singers
the fact that she didn't include any song from ARTPOP breaks my heart
Luisa Arzola
Luisa Arzola:
Does anyone else get goosebumps whenever poker face starts 😩😩😩
Rhoz Anne Bayani
Rhoz Anne Bayani:
She's an artist of a decade, I'm literally crying. I love you Lady
Louver Perez
Louver Perez:
Imagine putting Lady Gaga and Beyonce together on the halftime. I will go crazy for sure.
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez:
Kinda rude that they had a football game in the middle of a Lady Gaga concert
Steven Gomez
Steven Gomez:
I love that she's out of breath in million reasons. It makes it much more impactful.
Michael Wood
Michael Wood:
I remember when Just Dance first came out and she was performing at this club I always attended. Just a normal club, nothing big or crazy. She was JUST hitting the radio and nobody really knew her yet. And then to see her here just a few years later WHAT!?!? She's PHENOMENAL!
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez:
Scholars will study this masterpiece for centuries to come.
Potato French
Potato French:
“Don’t be a drag just be a queen”,exactly what she did here. She is our queen we don’t deserve!!!
Kelly Wilde
Kelly Wilde:
I'm 78. I 'm glad I lived long enough to witness that.
Shelly Y
Shelly Y:
she is so incredible that she can sing songs so stable while she is dancing,rushing and jumping
Shane Apple
Shane Apple:
This half-time show is what actually made me a fan of hers.
LoQi Istoris
LoQi Istoris:
A singer, dancer, performer, stunt expert, nationalist, philantrophist.

Ramiro Gutiérrez
Ramiro Gutiérrez:
I'm not a little monster but I think this was one of the best half time permformances ever made .

She sang the complete show , that's what a singer has to do .
Max Vorobiov
Max Vorobiov:
Haters make jokes about Gaga stomach, because they can't find any flaws in her performance. She is the Queen of that night!
Ridila Alam
Ridila Alam:
Can we all just talk about how good she sounds without autotune
astrid blue
astrid blue:
Sin duda el mejor super bowl
nun ya
nun ya:
This one and Michael Jackson's are the most iconic and you can't tell me otherwise.
I’ve seen this a zillion times, it never gets old. Best halftime show ever, this lady is fiercely talented & fearless!
What makes me admire this halftime more is that she did not have other artists aling with her, just her and her team singlehandedly showcasing talent
Pedro Etchevers Larraburu
Pedro Etchevers Larraburu:
Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before
Catastrophe Canny the Swiftie
Catastrophe Canny the Swiftie:
Her vocals are insanely good!!!
Oliver Nguyen
Oliver Nguyen:
Please do not argue with me, just don't. She jumped from the roof, to the tower, to the floor, up in the tower, down in audiences and WITHOUT using any prerecorded audio. The best Super bowl performance ever
Rudy Baran
Rudy Baran:
The old Gaga died when she jumped out of stadion,
Now we have a new Gaga, even better, even more iconic.
Tuan Le
Tuan Le:
The queen ever. Jesus, a true artist!
•Kenma’s Cat Headset•
•Kenma’s Cat Headset•:
The way she said hi mom hi dad 🥺 and hugged an audience member
I have never seen anyone else that can do better than that at super bowl
Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado:
Ella Meixner
Ella Meixner:
the way that she sang Million Reasons hit a different way. She's just so amazing.
Eliot Brochard
Eliot Brochard:
This is the f*cking best superbowl ever
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher:
The absolute best half time show ever. I can’t stop watching it over and over! You killed it Lady Gaga!!!! Total fan now and forever!
Eye Conn'ed Thi's Ick.
People always compare her to Madonna. But Gaga is obviously more of a modern day Freddie Mercury as far as artistry.
İmagine being her parents and watching her pulling up this amazing show... Only kid I like to have
One of the greatest performances in history.
Infinity Bless
Infinity Bless:
Love when these singers sing about God (the Lord), amen 🙏 It’s because of God they are blessed with this gift and it’s amazing to see those that honor him by singing about him. God Bless us all 🥰😇
Shine Juliette
Shine Juliette:
This is the best halftime ever exist
Sumit Mandal
Sumit Mandal:
Remember when Gaga said "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life" in the straightest conservative event everrrrrrr
Merlina Mauger
Merlina Mauger:
The hissing knee comprehensively spark because cobweb consecutively paint among a near step. garrulous, squeamish kitty
I was crying, singing, dancing, screaming, jumping because of this masterpiece. Gaga, you owe my respect. Step on me!
Instinct Brodie
Instinct Brodie:
The best halftime show for me
The only performer at the superbowl that could give MJ a run for his money lol
This is how a superbowl performance SHOULD be. Thank you, Lady Gaga.
Annie Ludgero
Annie Ludgero:
Euu amoooo!!! Melhor de todas
Amizade às cegas
Amizade às cegas:
TÃO FANTÁSTICA ESSA MULHER! Sou little monster desde que nasci!
Bintang Adhiya
Bintang Adhiya:
God given talent plus hardwork of a warrior = Lady Gaga
Cyan Creations
Cyan Creations:
I’ve watched this 3 times today what-
Chris Agama
Chris Agama:
1. Sang on the roof of the stadium
2. Drones
3. Did acrobatics
4. She sang and danced live
5. Disco Stick
6. Collaborated with her fans
7. Coreography
8. Played instruments
9. Used lots of lights & fireworks
10. "Hey dad, hi mom"
11. Different clothings
12. Doesn't need other artist
13. The ending was epic 👏

The best Halftime 🏈🏆💖✨👌
Why is it that when women get their own halftime shows, it’s always amazing, but when men do it, it sucks?
Jaya Chii
Jaya Chii:
Lady Gaga: dancing while singing
My asthmatic ass be like 👁️👄👁️

Now that's an excellent performance 🔥
Scott Cook
Scott Cook:
Let's be honest people only bought tickets to see Gaga.
Shamiya Harley
Shamiya Harley:
Baphomet Hasmed
Baphomet Hasmed:
If beyonce showed up during telephone I would've died
Jose Jv
Jose Jv:
I want to learn how to get a breath control like her, she is so perfect. The best ever

could you guys tell me what exercise should I do?
McKenzie Dudgeon
McKenzie Dudgeon:
This is to me, the best halftime show ever! Lady Gaga is one of the best music artists of all time and of my favorite artists! She had so much energy and danced her ass off ❤️🥰 and she has such a beautiful voice and has such cool and amazing outfits 💕.
naya bello
naya bello:
Andreas Viken
Andreas Viken:
People called me weird for being a Lady Gaga fan in 2009. But my teenage self knew I had come upon someone really awesome.
Liz L
Liz L:
She didn't lipsink a damn word and sang with no breathe left and still didn't miss a note ... 👏🏼
Pete ch
Pete ch:
The only way to beat her performance is to pee during the show. She is a Legend!
Lady Gaga, one of the most amazing artist to ever exist, her uniqueness made her stand out. She’s literally born to be a star.

i’m quite excited to see BTS perform here. 💜
One of the best halftime shows ever.
Julieta Branco
Julieta Branco:
I dont think she's recognized enough for the immense artistry she weaves every time she opens her heart and shares her vision with us...
Watching this after the horrible 2019 half time show...
Luisa Jorrin
Luisa Jorrin:
When Gaga performs you dance, it's that simple
one of the best artists and performers of this decade
Jocelyn Gomez
Jocelyn Gomez:
I can’t stop watching this
Lttle Monster
Lttle Monster:
Most iconic halftime show ever
beefycheesysaucylazagna :3
beefycheesysaucylazagna :3:
-breathing techniques
-no lipsync
-solo performance
-keeps the audience alive
And ofcourse, "no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life" on a straight sport event. Add all those up, you get a perfect performance that will be remembered for decades or maybe even centuries
Thomas George
Thomas George:
I love Lady Gaga. Her song a hundred million reasons makes me cry everytime I hear it. It was one of my husband's favorite songs, and I just lost him in January of this year. He turned me on to her and I will always thank him for that. Lady Gaga you are a true and pure talent. Thank you
Tube Specific
Tube Specific:
This is a grand master piece of artistry. How did they do the illusion in the sky behind when she starts off with this land is your land? Was that actually a ton of light up drones? This one is brilliant!
Berna Azarcon
Berna Azarcon:
Shes so talented..amazing!!
Am D
Am D:
She's so freaking talented shes my probably my fav Artist/pop star from this generation.
John Ray Valerio
John Ray Valerio:
Her breathing technique is a goddamn masterpiece of her. A full straight singing and dancing.
I don’t know how many time i have watched this performance ever newest satisfied and never old ♥️♥️more than legends love you gaga always proud to be your fan😻😻
Best of Music
Best of Music:
Im not into this kind of music in general but this was amazing, i would love to be there. Amazing performance and show, im speechless.
I'd be so upset if anything happened to Gaga
Peter Candelario
Peter Candelario:
The best halftime show in super bowl EVER..
Has anyone any idea, how *impossibly hard* it is to still sing like this (or sing at all) while moving that much, changing, dancing etc? Hell this is incredible