Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

Watch Lady Gaga goes from the roof to the stage in one of the most acrobatic & incredible Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime show performances of all time.

Set list:
God Bless America
This Land is Your Land
Poker Face

Born this Way
Just Dance
Million Reasons
Bad Romance

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100+ comentarios:

You may like Lady Gaga's music or not, but you need to admit she is one hell of a performer herself.
Daviq Hakim
Daviq Hakim:
She jumped off the roof
She did all the acrobats
She danced hard
She played the keytar
She played the piano
She shouted out her mom and dad
She served looks
All while giving LIVE VOCALS!!!
What an absolute legend
Vhee Swanque
Vhee Swanque:
I saw her documentary film and the behind the scenes of the making of her half time show really showed how she is very professional with her craft and at tge same time being so grateful to the people from her dancers to the director, and all the staff... a very humble super star
Never Hard
Never Hard:
You may like Lady Gaga's music or not, but you need to admit she is one hell of a performer herself.
Ramírez Valiente Jorge Alejandro
Ramírez Valiente Jorge Alejandro:
Still the best SB halftime show after all these years
Still can't believe she has no guest performers literally carried her breathing from start to end. *speechless*
Patrick Elliott
Patrick Elliott:
This is still the best half time show to date.
All of her songs are literal HITSSS
excuse me but...
excuse me but...:
Not a fan but Gaga will definitely be known as one of the greatest performers in music history
Britbill Fernandez
Britbill Fernandez:
I loved her so much! She's so nice and kind to all people and most of all Godfearing ! Salute to you gaga!
Maria Luginsland
Maria Luginsland:
I can't believe people used to hate her. She's simply amazing.
Chrisma Joyce
Chrisma Joyce:
Still the best Halftime Show ever!
Gaming Celebrity
Gaming Celebrity:
It’s been 5 years later and this is still the best Super Bowl halftime show I’ve seen ever since. Lady Gaga nailed everything including the ending.
12:12 “I don’t want to be French!”
Jesse Stortini
Jesse Stortini:
One of the best Bowl performances. This year was garbage and cheap.
i don’t care what anyone says about her, she puts 110% into everything she does and doesn’t give up.

absolute legend.
Shoddy Pockets
Shoddy Pockets:
Modern legend x
Mary-Jo Cosgrove
Mary-Jo Cosgrove:
I have watched your performance soooo many times. My Jack loved you so much. A right wing 6 foot chainsaw sculptor. When this came up all I could think of was him and how much I want just end my life to be with him. But I kept listening and I’m still here. Yes I’m getting please don’t. Thank you.
Juan Diego
Juan Diego:
Omg queen Ily Gaga, hermosa 😍
Janice Young
Janice Young:
Aa adit
Aa adit:
Happy Pride 🏳‍🌈 everyone
Marcos Felipe
Marcos Felipe:
I love Gaga My Queen
Françine Bérubé
Françine Bérubé:
Je l'aime beaucoup c'est ma chanteuse préférée j'aimerais beaucoup avoir ce show
Mónica Rey Romero
Mónica Rey Romero:
Impresionante en solo medio tiempo y tan fantástico todo !!👏👏👏
Maciej Grzegorz Oprządek
Maciej Grzegorz Oprządek:
love her or hate her, she is one of the most talented artists of decade.
Akosi Mj
Akosi Mj:
WOW!! For all the years.. guys, it has no DISLIKE!! Great performance indeed.
Khadija Khalid
Khadija Khalid:
This is lit, but I want taylor swift 😩 😫, n in carpool karaoke too
Pineapple Kombucha
Pineapple Kombucha:
I loved the latest Superbowl performance but Lady Gaga's still is the best. And I'm not well versed in pop songs at all.
Heather Beck
Heather Beck:
I love you tube
Riordan Pett
Riordan Pett:
She did this with no major technological visuals, no guest performers, no break for 13 minutes, no lip-syncing (as always). Easily the best Super Bowl Halftime Show, female one at least
*Queen of Pop.*
The best superbowl ever
Sabrina Mereu
Sabrina Mereu:
Bravissima e bellissima 😍
Team Extreme sports
Team Extreme sports:
Fun fact: Logan Paul and KSI where both at this super bowl
She is a natural born performer. Was never a Gaga fan, but I've lately gained an appreciation for her talent. She's wonderful.
Andre G
Andre G:
Probably the only time where so many gays and straights were in the same are together 😅
Noah Reeb
Noah Reeb:
An unbelievable game and an unbelievable halftime show!!😃😃😍
So, you wanna be a multi-millionaire performer right? O.K......MATCH THAT.✨
JEFFREY abellana
JEFFREY abellana:
i always wondered where the hell she landed after she catches the ball
Arlene Contreras
Arlene Contreras:
In 13 minutes Lady Gaga made me feel like I experienced a full concert. Absolutely entertained and impressed by her talent. I give her props for pulling it off.
Bielman Molina
Bielman Molina:
00:12 = God Bless América
01:25 = Poker Face
02:55 = Born This Way
04:36 = Telephone
06:04 = Just Dance
07:44 = Million Reasons
09:56 = Bad Romance
ボネ 香藤
ボネ 香藤:
I am a Japanese. She is a special artist for me, who suffered from the great earthquake and tsunami a few years ago. She came to Japan and gave her a performance when everyone was having a hard time. I still cry when I listen to some of her songs, and I feel a lot of gratitude. I love her. That's because she's an artist who snuggled up to me when I was having a hard time. I always wish her happiness, as she did.
Abby Glass
Abby Glass:
Arguably the best halftime performance in history. I re-watch this every year and it still gives me chills. Someone give me a time machine and put me there. What a legend.
Johnny Yang
Johnny Yang:
Who's here after the 2022 Halftime show? This is still one of the BEST Halftime show!
Samuel A.
Samuel A.:
She did the whole show LIVE, while she was dancing for her life, that choreography was like pure cardio.

This is impressive.
The woman singing live.
Dancing. Wardrobe changes. Playing instruments. Doing acrobats.
I'm not her fan but this is definitely the best Superbowl Half Time performance.
Maria Navarro
Maria Navarro:
when she said “hey mom, hey dad” it melted my heart
Country Wolves •17•
Country Wolves •17•:
Gaga single handedly rocked her show and made history to this day the BEST EVER by far .
Still the greatest half time show in recent memory
So much vocal control and breath support and the stamina in this woman!
Respect man, respect
Juicy Cherry
Juicy Cherry:
Gaga did the whole show live,while she was dancing for her life,that choreography was like pure cardio.
Clement Lee
Clement Lee:
I’ve seen the rest and this is absolutely the best half time show. GAGA took the whole stage herself for 15 full mins none stop jumping and dancing while still showing her beautiful voice. Now that’s a star performance.
Aigul Sagandykova
Aigul Sagandykova:
You just have to admit it... this is one of the best Superbowl performances. Love you Gaga. She did everything live
I came here after watching 2022 Superbowl
Annamaria Lagattolla
Annamaria Lagattolla:
Solo, in heels and rhinestones and chronic pain. We should all walk through life like her. You're a legend gaga
Anyone else come here right after finishing the Netflix Documentary?
Kathy D
Kathy D:
Incredible performance by Gaga! From This Land, aeronautical stunts, costumes, her voice, all the performances, to literally jumping onto the field to end—-what a superstar! I love her more for not having guests. Gaga understood the challenge and honor, and owned the moment. Now I want to see her in concert!☮️❤️
Shannon Kendrick
Shannon Kendrick:
My first time ever seeing this. Wow! I don't think there's EVER been a Halftime Performance like it. And the VOCALS on top of everything else she pulled off? Gotta give it to her. This one might be the BEST EVER—pure unadulterated talent!
Walter Londrie
Walter Londrie:
This has been the most entertaining half-time show, ever! The crowd was amazing and Gaga's energy: exhilarating! This is what music is about: dancing, feeling great and loving life! No one can top this! ❤️
Total Fitness - Alex Rosas
Total Fitness - Alex Rosas:
Lady Gaga is the diva of pop culture, diversity and peace. Bob Dylan won a Nobel, why can't she at some point?
Luke Faulkner
Luke Faulkner:
I was wondering why Maroon 5 got so many dislikes... then I saw this. Lady Gaga is in a league of her own.
Elizrebezilma Dommdo
Elizrebezilma Dommdo:
Lady Gaga spoiled us. The halftime show performances for 2020, 2021, and 2022 were all entertaining to watch (the ones for 2018 and 2019 weren't that great imo), and all of the singers/rappers who performed for halftime in those years are talented and did a fantastic job, but this show set the bar ridiculously high in my opinion. Her performance is one of my favorites. It makes me even more happy that she performed this in my city too.
Tom Gebarowski
Tom Gebarowski:
Gotta give Lady Gaga credit, she is a charismatic performer, who always puts on a memorable show!!! Loved the intro medley of God Bless America/This Land is Your Land/etc. Great job!!!
Mabel Castillo
Mabel Castillo:
Esta mujer me encanta es una ESTRELLA en todo lo que hace, este Show a sido el mejor que he visto… demasiado talento junto, tiene una potente voz, compositora, bailarina, actriz… wowww una Reyna 😍😍
Geaux Tigers
Geaux Tigers:
There have been a bunch of great halftime shows, but no one will ever beat this one.
kvg :3
kvg :3:
*Lady Gaga is one of the best singers to have ever walked on Earth*
Her stamina is the most impressive I've seen in any of the current pop stars. Like most singers get breathy after just walking around or doing a little dance move, but Gaga literally jumped off the stadium, danced her ass off for 10 mins straight and also played two instruments without taking a single break👏👏👏
Juliana Brice
Juliana Brice:
She is an outstanding performer. This is my favorite halftime show.
Lady gaga has one of the most stable voices while dancing that hard that i've ever heard
Novy Lestari
Novy Lestari:
After watching Half Time SB 2022..
No one can reach this high bar...
❤ @ladygaga
She can barely catch her breath during the piano part and she’s still nailing it.
YoBYoung 04
YoBYoung 04:
She's one of the few singers who sounds good live
No Mud, No Lotus
No Mud, No Lotus:
Coming back again every year to watch and it gives me chills and pride, Italian Girl pride! Nothing will touch this performance ever.
Maegan Porter
Maegan Porter:
She really outdid herself with this performance. One of the best Halftime shows in history, she killed it hard-core 👏👌❤ her voice live throughout that show was amazing in itself.
Charlie Q
Charlie Q:
Lady Gaga doesn’t need any halftime show guest, halftime show guests need Lady Gaga..
After 4 years, Gaga's haft time show is just unbelievable. She did all of that without any guest, I mean, she doesn't need any guests. 🤭 She's the freakin' Queen!
Adam Benton
Adam Benton:
Y’all I don’t even like Gaga, BUT there’s no denying this performance was legendary. I have a serious respect for her now. Her vocals are on point. And she seems to be one of the FEW artists who sing live and sing during performances. So many artists these days just dance and say a few words over a track every now and then. This was wonderful!
Antonio Ortiz
Antonio Ortiz:
Un año más donde el show de medio tiempo de Lady Gaga sigue siendo el mejor hasta la fecha.
Just here on my annual visit after every super bowl. Last night was EPIC, but Gaga is still queen 👑
Mark Hobbs
Mark Hobbs:
The best super bowl performance of all time!!!! No other performers has ever came close👍👋
What an amazing unbelievable Show. This will never been beaten by any half time Show ever. 12 minutes of power, live singing, dancing, light show and everything you need for a perfect performance. Legendary
Jenny A
Jenny A:
She had drones, jumped off a roof, audience participation, costume changes, ALL while singing LIVE. You can't beat Mother Monster!
Amina Mina
Amina Mina:
Can't stop watching this!!! Lady Gaga is JUST amazing!
Benji Tower
Benji Tower:
Lady Gaga...definitely a true artist
Jinny Seo
Jinny Seo:
She is still the number one performer and her songs are loved yet
I hope we can see this kind of show a lot
I love Lady Gaga so much and this performance was epic. Her energy is unmatched. So powerful. Can we have Lady Gaga to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show once again? She is so good.
Camila Romano
Camila Romano:
This performance left me open-mouthed. Her energy, her voice, she has not comparison. She is unique. I love her so much
I watch this every now and then. Each time it still amazes me. For me, this is one of the best halftime shows ever.. Lady Gaga gave one hell of a performance. I like alot of her music, most of her songs do have meaning. I've always thought that she looks crazy here and there, but I guess that's her style... Nobody can ever take the fact away that she is one hell of a performer, an absolute Legend!!! 💜💗💙
Ryan Eyster
Ryan Eyster:
5 years and still one of the best Halftime shows i've seen in recent years - Putting the emphasis on the definition of Quality over Quantity - Gaga slays
Cade C.
Cade C.:
LG is simply the greatest of all time. It’s not up for debate.
Paul Kim
Paul Kim:
She is one of the top performers thats for sure. Been to her concert and her energy is amazing. Not many men can handle that kind of charisma.
Alexis K
Alexis K:
*I LOVE when she says hi to her parents. What a beautiful thing.*
pasquale nigro
pasquale nigro:
I am 53 year old construction worker that is a little monster still to this day. Paws up Gaga!!!!!!!! Took my daughter to see her the last time she was in our city and it was the best concert I was ever at to date in my life!!!!!
No puedo creer que hayan pasado 5 años desde esta presentación. Lady Gaga siempre demostrando calidad en cada show que hace ❤️❤️❤️
Lisa Corrigan
Lisa Corrigan:
This gives me chills every time I watch it, Lady GaGa is an amazing artist, she out did herself here at Super Bowl 51 halftime show.
Ridho Maihendra
Ridho Maihendra:
Dang! She did full 13 minutes by herself. I have to admit this performance is top noch
I just realized Gaga did that without any other artists help
This is my favorite Halftime Show! So much talent. 😍
Adam Haris
Adam Haris:
I saw nothing but Charismatic and Legendary Performance! Her voice and performance so good 😍
without a doubt, one of the best halftime shows is LADY GAGA's.
Manuelito Torres
Manuelito Torres:
Watched this again after LVI Halftime show featuring amazing Hip hop. Lady Gaga's Halftime still one of the best.
I love Gaga to death but can we talk about HER BACKUP DANCERS??!? They were so amazing and genuinely looked like they were having the time of their lives. Their energy MADE this performance.