Lakers Celebrate Their 2020 NBA Championship | Final Moments Of Game 6

Relive the final moments of the Lakers' Game 6 victory over the Miami Heat.

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sleep less
sleep less:
Dwight with that season-ending three point shot for him lol
Lorenzo Gael Hernandez
Lorenzo Gael Hernandez:
LOL Kostas Won a Championship before Giannis. Mama, There goes that man
xOSx Clan
xOSx Clan:
Are we not going to talk about that 3 Howard made ????
Alvin Anis
Alvin Anis:
Underrated moment was Dwight hitting a deep 3 lol
Ceasar Banez
Ceasar Banez:
"JR Smith already shirtless" LOLLL
Greg Ritenour
Greg Ritenour:
Hell yea. The Lakers needed this win this year after losing Kobe Bryant.
this is for “BLACK MAMBA” Kobe
Kobe Bryant in 2009:
- Beats Houston In the 2nd round
- Faced The Nuggets In WCF And Won
- Won his 4th Ring In Orlando
LeBron James in 2020:
- Beats Houston In The 2nd Round
- Faces Nuggets In The WCF..
- Trying To Win His 4th Ring In Orlando🤯
No surprise I've been commenting this for 3 months
TheGoat 24
TheGoat 24:
Don't blame the Lakers for an "easy run" its not their fault that the clippers are a cursed ref reliant franchise who choked a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets and the Brick freak choked in the second round to a 5th seed and only shows up in the regular season
It doesn’t feel the same without the pure energy of the fans 😪
Austin Reed
Austin Reed:
LeBron wins his 4th ring, and the Lakers win their 17th banner.
Danny Kingz
Danny Kingz:
Go get a haircut Butler, you deserve it lol
Jarenn Swaggy808
Jarenn Swaggy808:
Dwight Howard deserves a BANG for that Deep 3. 😂
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo:
The people trying to belittle this achievement have never been an athlete and wouldn’t be saying this if any other team won
Mystique Portal
Mystique Portal:
2:08 only Haslem is the only Heat I saw approach LeBron
Solitude Wonderland of Rie
Solitude Wonderland of Rie:
Rondo and LeBron hugging is a surreal moment. I wonder how Paul Pierce react to that. 😂😭✌️
Jr smith in the huddle jumping like he did something 😂
Hemang Doshi
Hemang Doshi:
Imagine if Tyler herro went Tmac mode and dropped 16 points in 1 minute
I feel sorry for the heat they fought as hard as they can. Damn highly respect for this team.
JP Rico
JP Rico:
This was something special, where’s Miami at 😂😂😂😂
I genuinely did not care who won, i was just happy there was a Finals that didn't have the Warriors.
1k Subs With 1 Video Challenge
1k Subs With 1 Video Challenge:
Dwight Howard has more rings than the entire clippers organization.
David M
David M:
They did lebron dirty showing the top of his head that many times Lol
Lòs Padrè
Lòs Padrè:
LeBrons story is downright amazing. Coming into the league at 18 and having the responsibility of being "the guy" for a struggling franchise and all the hype in the world is incredible to think about. The fact that hes still the best in the world in year 17 and seemingly gets better is unlike any career we've ever seen, paired with all his amazing accomplishments. all I can say
Poor danny green
Got death threats towards him and his girl for missing the 3 just to blow out the heat next game 😂😂😂
Drake-AMV- Channel
Drake-AMV- Channel:
Dwight was a savage on that one 😂😂
Unfocused Senior
Unfocused Senior:
Oops! There was an NBA finals?? I missed that one. 🤭
Plot twist: it is actually all a dream and Lebron is actually still in Miami
Ahmad Akbari
Ahmad Akbari:
List of people who took an L with LeBron’s 4th title:

-Charles ‘jelly donut’ Barkley saying blazers were going to sweep them

-Paul Pierce aka ‘The False’ for multiple bullshit takes on LeBron

-Skip ‘averaged 1.4 points in high school’ Bayless making a living off LeBron’s name

-80% of NBA analysts and media saying the clippers would win it all and Kawhi’s the best player and then watching them choke to an amateur porn star and that former fat kid from Charlie and the chocolate factory

-THE 3-1 CHOKE GANG aka the Flippers Including:

-Kawhi ‘Load management’ Leonard making a new balance advert saying LA is his town then scoring 2 points in the second half of a game 7

-Pandemic / Playoff Paul George...enough said

-Patrick ‘chihuahua / all bark but no bite’ Beverley – Cancun on 3 lol

-MontrezL ‘The L is not silent’ Harrell’ making racial comments about Luka

-Lou ‘sweet chicken wings’ Williams

-Marcus ‘dirty player’ Morris

-THE PREVIOUS 3-1 CHOKE GANG aka the Warriors including:

-Steph ‘no finals MVP’ Curry

-Kevin ‘can talk to snakes / burner account’ Durant

-Klay ‘got his feelings hurt / looks like Squidwards house’ Thompson

-Draymond ‘triple single / Donkey’ Green

-Kyrie ‘flat earth / locker room cancer’ Irving thinking he can lead a team then running to KD

-Henry ‘wife beater’ Rivera

-all the people over the years with no IQ who said stupid shit like: LEbRoN iS wAsHed, hE cAn’t dO iT iN tHe wEst, blazers are the best 8th seed, Rockets are a different animal, Nuggets are no joke, Heat are tough then flip it when he beats them to EaZiEst pAth tO a riNg, bUbBle cHamPioNsHip doN’t cOuNt

and multiple other bullshit things we’ve all heard from salty haters over the years
Ray Archangel94
Ray Archangel94:
Waiters celebrate his Championship last week.
Sharen Ganay
Sharen Ganay:
Kobe Bryant Legacy a Championship dedicated to him
I didn't even know the Championships was even occurring, lmfao. nice lakers
Naman Rathee
Naman Rathee:
Lowkey everyone forgot Dwight deep 3 pointer.
Draymond Greens Kick
Draymond Greens Kick:
What if.... Just What if.... LeBron is just now entering his prime, but we only realize this years later. Shiiiit, It’s like this guy was created in a lab😂 Elite skill, size, IQ plus Elite Endurance.
William Gatchalian
William Gatchalian:
the relationship and respect of this team is unbelievable,congrats Lakers
Patrick Glaser
Patrick Glaser:
JR being shirtless before even the game was over has me dying 😂 god I miss him in Cleveland
whoami dotcom
whoami dotcom:
Wow, they must be letting out some serious fireworks in LA tonight!
Paul D2016
Paul D2016:
LeBron's hair plug guy did a great job. No joke it looks like a different head from years ago he hid under head bands. It looks so real God bless him
Sam Nuku
Sam Nuku:
Heat stand proud! Ya'll accomplished something NO ONE thought you'd do! Helluva team
Sup Re-up
Sup Re-up:
Giannis lil brother really got a ring b4 him😭😭😭
G H:
you know its over when dwight hitting 3s from the logo
Kaliq Charlez
Kaliq Charlez:
This makes me happy, Congratulations Los Angles Lakers🥳🥳
When you realize Dion Waiters has more rings than Allen Iverson
Brittany Guinn
Brittany Guinn:
Go Lakers I was way off topic OF COURSE LEBRON WINS 😍😍😜
Omega Chaser
Omega Chaser:
1:22 proof that they wear these masks just to virtue signal.
Edited to add more time.
Nick Barrett
Nick Barrett:
Haslem is such a good guy man, such a lover of the game, hats off to him
Arthur Joseph
Arthur Joseph:
Inside the Bubble: Celebrating Lakers championship.

Outside the Bubble: We are now commencing the annual Purge.
Drake Dylan Paul Lim
Drake Dylan Paul Lim:
damn look at all the people crying in the comments 😂😂😂
"JR Smith already shirtless"
Vien Insigne
Vien Insigne:
Itay Ben ezra
Itay Ben ezra:
dont forgate me bron,im back
jUst a raNdom sTranger
jUst a raNdom sTranger:
Kostas to giannis: brother look at this..this is how a 💍 looks like!
Glorious Entertainment
Glorious Entertainment:
He didn't even say anything about dwight 's third 3 this season. Pretty sure he's 100 percent from 3.
Almanac jR
Almanac jR:
2:03 LeBron and Haslem hugging i miss you bro congratulations you did it again ❤👏
01:41 AD on his Pelicans flashback
mario adiputra
mario adiputra:
“and JR Smith already shirtless” 💀
Tre Bor
Tre Bor:
0:57 Howard’s best career shot ever LOL
cool kid
cool kid:
I feel like the Rondo-Lebron hug was the best part of the celebration to me
Team Fanatic
Team Fanatic:
lebron helped them so much tbh. and dwight howard got the luck of lakers on that 3
Joe Hendrix
Joe Hendrix:
It felt like the NBA went thru a huge time jump lol,the vibes dont even feel like it was the NBA finals
Im sure kobe would be so proud up there💛💜
Brichanise Terrell
Brichanise Terrell:
Romans 10:9
New International Version
If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
Dexter Recto
Dexter Recto:
"JR Smith already shirtless!" HAHAHHHAHHAHHA lmao
California_Girl 3507
California_Girl 3507:
From dub nation to laker nation congratulations lakers!!!! Y'all fought hard played hard and Y'all definitely deserve it and lebron deserves mvp. Enjoy this win and celebrate loud enough for kobe and gigi to hear you
Pepsi Ninja
Pepsi Ninja:
This youtube video was the only basketball game I watched in the last two years. I'm good for another two.
ISO Mugga
ISO Mugga:
The dislikes are heat fans
Scott A. Hibbler
Scott A. Hibbler:
A fantastic ending to a season that was almost not...
KB is undoubtedly smiling in Heaven!
Paparazzi LuchaLibre
Paparazzi LuchaLibre:
jr Smith went from out of the NBA to a champion
885.0 ELopez
885.0 ELopez:
Great now LBJ just needs 18 more years to get a couple more rings 🤣😂💀💀
The Goats
The Goats:
0:54 Look at Dwight 😂😂😂
Yiran Guo
Yiran Guo:
JR is like “thank goodness I didn’t miss this time”
Kryptex Legendz
Kryptex Legendz:
look at my man henny god jr.smith though 😂
Senna Emilski
Senna Emilski:
Jr smith already shirtless.... lol
Kobe Bryant in 2009: 100%!
Gilbert Sandoval
Gilbert Sandoval:
Rondo and AD Need to stay together there chemistry is on another level
Don’t Vote! If you need encouragement to vote, you probably shouldn’t be voting.
Lyks MyLove
Lyks MyLove:
So happy for my lakers we've waited 10yrs for this moment😭
Genesis One
Genesis One:
Lakers wouldn't have won without Kuzma's 2 points.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
This was something special, where’s Miami at 😂😂😂😂
Agra Daffa Putra
Agra Daffa Putra:
"all the travel"
alida flus
alida flus:
This was something special, where’s Miami at 😂😂😂😂
Really. I stopped watching NBA👍
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan:
Just imagine the crowd reaction if covid wasn’t a thing
❤❤❤❤❤❤"Que Dios te bendiga ati y a toda tu familia"
Vogel finally got his ring against the heat 😂😂
Blue Flag
Blue Flag:
What? It's over? Who knew there was even a championship, no one watched.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown:
This is for Kobe! When Dwight took that 3, I imagine in his head he was like "KOBE!" Mamba and his daughter shouldve been there for this. 2020 is a POS...
HG Hanah Grace Sportswear
HG Hanah Grace Sportswear:
nice howard he got 3s for ending of 2019-20 season...congrats dwight howard you starting a shooter now...
Sushi Dayz
Sushi Dayz:
That moments, I feel i'm being part 😂✨✨ congratulations..👊
Can't wait for the Warriors to beat the Lakers until James retires. Muhahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!
Jazmin Griswould
Jazmin Griswould:
1:47 my entire life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
My favorite team made it let's gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!,😭😭❤️
Rkane Gaming
Rkane Gaming:
Lebron hugging JR and showing love to Rondo which he had beef before shows his character, no grudge, great team leader.
Aydan Aydan 2
Aydan Aydan 2:
Let’s go I can’t believe it never thought I’d see another one congratulations Laker also rip Kobe this is all for you
Aaron paul Bonzo
Aaron paul Bonzo:
Oak The Goat
Oak The Goat:
Lebron look like he was congratulating AD on smashing that one girl he thought he couldn't 😂😂😂
Edward Simpson
Edward Simpson:
Kobe was by there side the whole season
Antony Willis
Antony Willis:
keep steam rolling over every team la lakers my all time favourite team ever since i saw kobe play them 3s pointers in playoffs winning them championship trophys r.i.p keep up the magnifficent work lakers
“Dwight Howard knocks down a 3 pointer” 😂
K.D.K 601
K.D.K 601:
I’m so glad AD got a ring 💯💯💯💯 and despite losing I gotta tip my hat to Jimmy Butler that man was a dog the whole season 💪🏿💯