Lakers vs Nuggets HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 4

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In today’s game the Lakers beat the Nuggets in a thrilling game 114-108.

The Western Conference Playoff Finals is now 3-1

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100+ comentarios:

Jeff Ngandu
Jeff Ngandu:
As a Laker fan, Jamal Murray has my whole sincere respect ✊🏾
arjuu 23
arjuu 23:
Murray has really made a name for himself in playoffs.
Nature King
Nature King:
Murray has real become an elite player putting in all kinds of shots even when falling to the ground👏👏actually had me clapping at that fake dunk reverse English off the glass
This playoffs in the bubble its so special, just imagine if whole what happening
out before Covid-19
Kurt Chio
Kurt Chio:
The Finals will be “ Los Santos vs Vice City”
Jack Lauzz
Jack Lauzz:
Not a nuggets fan, but what they had did in playoff had earned all my respect
Filippo Gamberini
Filippo Gamberini:
3:1 , now the Lakers are screwed
3:1 so the series now started
Cashalo Sample
Cashalo Sample:
Did you notice how many follow up shots (dunk) Howard did?.. I give the credit to Howard this game if you agree with me?
Jocemar Junior
Jocemar Junior:
Mais uma vez as zebrinhas ajudando assim fica impossível perder né!
Leo De Nardus
Leo De Nardus:
Lakers: *Take a 3-1 lead*
Nuggets: So you have chosen... Death
Russell Westbrook yelling at women and children
Russell Westbrook yelling at women and children:
Nuggets vs refs
Farras Nabil
Farras Nabil:
murray be like, playoffs mode : ON
Envi- wAr
Envi- wAr:
Refs are cooking it on the last quarters.😏
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa:
Everytime Jamal touches the ball, my heart starts pounding 😂
Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel Hidalgo:
Well, that's a fast upload.
Mykyta Bezverkhyi
Mykyta Bezverkhyi:
3:1 is almost guaranteed win for Denver, the series is over
chu sometwo
chu sometwo:
3:1 again
Andrea Lettich
Andrea Lettich:
2:49 murray turn in MJ skill..
Banzon Angel Rey
Banzon Angel Rey:
Playoff Rondo!
xinjie zhang
xinjie zhang:
That 4th quarter 6:44 Davis ankle foul, nuggets getting called for many unfair calls, instead, some fouls that should be called lakers were missed
I love D. Howard being focus, it makes LAL feel totally unstoppable
Frank Herman
Frank Herman:
6:41 Now, that's foul on Jamal! Even C Webber said it on the air...
Gick Djoud
Gick Djoud:
The referees saved LeBum's ass ! The NBA is definitely rigged !
Nor Priest
Nor Priest:
When the Nuggets is 1-3 down.....

George Miles
George Miles:
George miles made it out da snow g
George Miles
George Miles:
G miles loves the game and my 10 year old bro!
George Miles
George Miles:
Bryll Par
Bryll Par:
JR Smith Chillin' like imma get another ring, thank you Lebron! HAHAHAHA
giannhs pantazhs
giannhs pantazhs:
the crows did their work again,nice calls
George Miles
George Miles:
Fggos bro players for loughbourers second team! Hopefully he can do the same with his beautiful shooting mechanics
mathieu salasca
mathieu salasca:
2:48 George Eddy dirait "c'est Jordanesque !!!"
George Miles
George Miles:
FGGOISBACK with a bang
Many soft call.........
George Miles
George Miles:
George miles looks like Alex Caruso
George Miles
George Miles:
Nick miles < George miles
Whitey O'Banion
Whitey O'Banion:
Mike Malone: "I'm going to have to go through the proper channels like they did to get some more free throws."
George Miles
George Miles:
Fggo prime time tv
Enzo Night
Enzo Night:
2:49 INSAAAANE!! 🔥🔥
chunky ragu
chunky ragu:
Murray is so dsmn good cant believe I don't hear about him more often
Adam Silver was on fire!
George Miles
George Miles:
Last time I was this early George had asthma!
Antoine McCalla
Antoine McCalla:
that Jamal Murray layup has to be one of the best layups i have ever seen
Vladan Cole
Vladan Cole:
6:41 omg I can't believe that they did not call that a foul for Murray
George Miles
George Miles:
George miles leaves blood sweet and tears for his school team!
Sir Kay
Sir Kay:
Ok, If the Nuggets can come back from this the second time, they're going down as the baddest asses in NBA history for sure. They're already a trouble as we all can see.
Deni Erlangga
Deni Erlangga:
Nuggets : 1 : 3
Nuggets : omae wa MOU SHINDEIRU !
George Miles
George Miles:
breaking news George miles comes out as a BALLER
George Miles
George Miles:
Stinky George for the da 3
Mr. Money
Mr. Money:
Murray once again was clean smooth on the court. Nothing but respect.
George Miles
George Miles:
George miles is a big to,e athlete sponsored by Slazenger and kookaburra sports
Murray perfect tthis game
George Miles
George Miles:
Fggo is in the 4th round with his DAD (nick miles)
No traveling?
Why can he take the ball, jump, and then land on one foot again without shooting?
Da Fuk
Da Fuk:
Omg reefs, I don't understand how it can be possible
Trini Haze
Trini Haze:
Yo Murray's degree of difficulty on some of these layups is insane!
George Miles
George Miles:
Fggo is a loving soul but a dirty player
@2:59 reminds me of someone else, but I am not gonna say it... cuz it would take it personal and drop a 60.
Rain Rain
Rain Rain:
2:48 JM turns MJ vs LAL
2:55 jordan hangtime reverse layup murray version
Moscardelli Fever
Moscardelli Fever:
6:43 clear foul on murray
Johnna Rodrigo
Johnna Rodrigo:
Wala ng come back mga tropa si lebron lng naka gawa nun walang come back come back back nlng sunod season
Benjamin Gines
Benjamin Gines:
Kostas: "Would you like to try my ring on Giannis?😂
warn karn
warn karn:
Playoff Lebron seems expired
3:1,wait a minute …
George Miles
George Miles:
George miles aka yung Austrian white boy
Thomas Simon
Thomas Simon:
5:39 drunk referees
Darek Markiewicz
Darek Markiewicz:
Series 3:1 Nuggets be like: "we got them right where we want them"
Sports News
Sports News:
When I say hurry, you say Murray!!!
Stinky Pete
Stinky Pete:
3:10 vintage dwight
2:58 a Jordan signature move right there
burky xD
burky xD:
Series has started now
Sinan Ünal
Sinan Ünal:
it's still too early to talk about it, cuz we all know what denver can do in the playoffs, but it's so sad to see Murray cant go further. he could be the Finals MVP if they could able to win the title.
Ramiz Komandant
Ramiz Komandant:
Dwight old school player, enjoy watching him!
George Miles
George Miles:
George is harddd!

(Over nick)
Mugi No
Mugi No:
3-1 So it begins 🔥
Tre Jaay
Tre Jaay:
Bring old DH back. 💪🏾
random guy
random guy:
If the nuggets comeback from this they are legends 😂😂😂👌 3 Time comeback from a 3-1 lead
Noel Lazona
Noel Lazona:
This is the 3rd time the Nuggets were behind 1-3 in the playoffs. Lets see if they could still climb back and win this series. If they do, hands off to them 👍🏻
WeiYu Laio
WeiYu Laio:
2:46 WOW...
reffs annihilated Jokic again with fouls trouble ,what a shame ... I just want a fair fight!
George Miles
George Miles:
George and nick love playing together and tacking it to the hole in 1v1s
Thanos Apostolou
Thanos Apostolou:
How many uncalled fouls on Murray? Something tells me that if he was lebron or harden with all these contacts he would have 10 extra free throws.
2:48what a shot😱
Sports News
Sports News:
When I say hurry, you say Murray!!!
Murray feelin like some mvp type of way.
Güngör not nice
Güngör not nice:
Refs vs Nuggets
Renren Mandi
Renren Mandi:
MVP for Davis..
He made Lakers to win now..

I'm a nuggets fan
dz k
dz k:
3-1 Its Nuggets time lol
are mine
are mine:

ace lloren
ace lloren:
Murray went on MJ's layup💪
Герман Боровиков
Герман Боровиков:
From a darkened mind
From a darkened mind:
Murray is really good on this playoffs!!!! This team is so underrated!!!!!!
George Miles
George Miles:
George miles has verbally committed to barking abbey basketball 3rd team! What an adventure
Wen Hao
Wen Hao:
Finally, refs in action, nuggets in danger.
mike bambur
mike bambur:
Best players on Lakers team were referees.Murray was fouled 5 times in last 4 minutes and James never called one foul.
Nash Plaggaa
Nash Plaggaa:
Go lakers 🔥🔥 put them nuggets to sleep nw
6:42 that looks like a block to me, but James shows up with 0 blocks on the stats sheet. Not sure what happened there.
Stephen R.
Stephen R.: