Large protests over George Floyd's death move to MPD's Third Precinct

Demonstrators angered by the death of George Floyd blocked off several city streets in the Powderhorn neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon before marching to the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct, where officers in riot gear deployed tear gas and sent crowds scrambling in the rain.

The protest began in the early afternoon near 38th Street and Chicago Ave in South Minneapolis, fewer than 24 hours after bystander video showed a police officer holding his knee on top of Floyd’s head at the same intersection. He later died, leading to the firing of four officers on Tuesday. The case caught the attention of the FBI and prompted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to call for “justice” in a tweet.

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100+ comentarios:

Ranger Houston
Ranger Houston:
*“If the law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so” - Thomas Jefferson*
Mr Community
Mr Community:
This extremely heartbreaking! Murdered while people are begging for his life to be spared! Humanity what's wrong with us?!!!!!
Royalty Raul
Royalty Raul:
Just fired? They all need to be jailed for life plus a 100 years
He didn’t die later he died under the knee of that cop. This was murder in public
....this is murder, they don’t just deserve to get fired they need to go to prison it’s MURDER..
You get fired for sleeping on the job or for being rude to a customer, NOT for MURDER.
What is going on here?!
abimbola adedeji
abimbola adedeji:
Imagine the family even watching this video 10yrs after.
That pain will never stop being afresh. 😭
Jayalath arachchige Janith mirco
Jayalath arachchige Janith mirco:
It's not "goerge Floyd's death" it's "George Floyd's murder"
Andre G
Andre G:
He died on the scene. You can see how limp his head was when the paramedics picked him up!
The fact that those officers haven't been arrested yet tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about the American justice system.
"We all bleed red" I felt that 😞😔😖😫😩😭
Bridgette- Ann
Bridgette- Ann:
He did not later die they killed him there and kept standing on his dead body
This is devastating, my heart goes out to his family :( those officers are pure evil!!
Reporter says "Floyd later died" false he actually died rite there at the scene
Sylvester Musyimi
Sylvester Musyimi:
He didn't die later. He was already dead by the time the ambulance came in
"Eu Não Consigo Respirar..." 🇧🇷
"No puedo respirar..."
"I Can't Breath..."
This words broke my heart.
paul b
paul b:
When will police finally be held accountable for the actions like every other american
Andrew Zelada
Andrew Zelada:
R.I.P George Floyd
Larry Thao
Larry Thao:
This is why we record the police.
micheal harris
micheal harris:
WE ALL seen that brothers lifeless body get rolled on to that gurney!!!! He died RIGHT THERE ON THAT SCENE!!! In the street like an animal!!! Disgusting!!!!!! And Appalling!!!
They got fired! They just got fired for taking a life!
Amarie Harris
Amarie Harris:
I love that the public came out for this man..
Leah Wanjema
Leah Wanjema:
Breaks my heart that the a man can be killed so heartlessly and defend themselves with arrest resistance....
Veronica Foster
Veronica Foster:
The cops need to be tried for murder. Not just fired. That poor guy was killed in cold blood. RIP.
Thet rather attack citizens than convict a murderer. Says more about our justice system than ever
Capt Crunch
Capt Crunch:
“We the people” forcefully demand that all public servants be held accountable and NO longer entitled to “QUALIFIED IMMUNITY”!!!
iDont Care
iDont Care:
After many of us saw "out of the shadows" y'all better don't lie at us! "He died in front of our eyes and not in Hospital.
Total Public Exposure T.V. Channel
Total Public Exposure T.V. Channel:
The officers need to be charged for murder no one is above the law
william gilmour
william gilmour:
Those officers deserve prison time. It’s great to see people protesting of all race’s.
His eyes were bulging and teeth hanging out, he was long gone before they "rescued" him.
No need for the police to throw tear gas when they were being peaceful.
If these officers don't get charged, America needs to take this in her own hands.
Eye for an eye.
Amen, Ma’am, we are all in this together!! These policies need to change! Immunity for police needs to change! No person deserves what this man, George Floyd, or any other in this day and age of America!! He died right there and was pronounced at the hospital! Shameful!!
Jeric Tamayo
Jeric Tamayo:
I hope and pray that the cop kneeing George suffers from Covid-19 to feel how it's like not to be able to breathe properly. And I hope and pray his immune isn't strong enough to fight it off.
Minneapolis Mayor: "Being Black in America shouldn't have to be a death sentence."
Jay Love
Jay Love:
He did not later died!!! He was murdered right there at the scene😡
Armando G
Armando G:
This protest should continue. Dont stop keep protesting my fellow Americans never give up! Viva la revolution!
Marion Edmondson
Marion Edmondson:
Heart breaking to watch! Prayers for his Family.
Peggy Patton
Peggy Patton:
This is so sad my heart gos out to his family these cops got to stop putting there hands on people for no reason there is other ways to handle things Lord father God give his family strength through this.🙏
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F Kennedy.
Those cops getting fired isn't enough, all they would do is go on early retirement fully paid for not to mentioned getting fired from one place does not stop those cops from applying for a police job in another city.
I’ve watched many videos from when he was taken out of his car to when he was taken away on a gurney, but none with how he ended up on the ground. That part is missing. This is so terrible, I can’t believe the cop hasn’t been arrested yet.
Look how calm the offcie looks, he was not fearing for his life. He even had his hands inside his pockets to direct ever ounce of weight to be applied to the the neck and yes it makes a difference where the weight is applied.
Imagine killing someone and only getting fired
Sarah G
Sarah G:
This is an event that justifies anger, not a football playler kneeling.
Gohan Goytia
Gohan Goytia:
I love how every race goes against the polices, I still have hope on humanity. And I hope that Mr.Floyd is having a better life
Boo’G Girl
Boo’G Girl:
I am watching this it is just moving me this almost brings tears to my eyes to see people out there fed up fighting back! Man this a different type of game changing revolution it’s sad but true this what it’s gone take to get justice!!
“Later died”He died on scene wtf!!!!!
Uriah Yahu
Uriah Yahu:
The police caused this.
The whole damn police department should be sued...
Jeanie Acker
Jeanie Acker:
I believe that the officer should lose his job and obviously go to jail. But there is a difference between a riot and a protest
PowerOf One
PowerOf One:
“Putting a knee against neck” sounds different than “kneeling on his neck” and
“Dying later” sounds different than “Died while the officer unprofessionally subdued him”
You are reporters so reports he news!
FYI: 8 minutes of a tortured murder. Kneeing on his neck, He repeatedly said he COULD NOT BREATHE.... Those cops need jail time and lots of it.
This breaks my heart, it is difficult not to be angry. I pray for George's family and friends and the people who had to witness such a horrible crime. I also pray for the guy who killed this man. I pray that this replays in his mind everyday, until he feels like he cant breathe as george could not. I pray not out of hatred, but so this man could realize the pain he caused with his hatred, and learn from it. He, or the other cop do not deserve to be called a police officer, and not all cops are like this! Police officers are human beings as well. They have families at home, and are caring, kind people too. Do not blame a whole group over a couple of bad apples, that goes for every situation. My grandfather who passed away was an amazing police officer who protected the people in his community and his family. Our problem is we allow one damaged person to ruin the image of others. You can't make a difference by promoting the same hate. You make a difference by showing others what it's like to love, and be at peace. God says to forgive and you don't need to believe in him to understand why it is important. Forgiving others is not for them, but for ourselves, to find peace within our heart. I understand this is hard to do, especially in a situation like this. But we can't make a difference if our hearts are filled with hatred and anger too.
Priscilla Liu
Priscilla Liu:
George Floyd passed away on the spot and they manhandled him while loading his body onto the gurney. He was restrained and helpless while he pleaded for his life. This was a crime against a person of color. If his voice doesn't haunt those officers, are they even human? My heart is broken. May you rest easy, my friend.
Jolliebearfor Christ
Jolliebearfor Christ:
Jolliebearfor Christ
Jolliebearfor Christ:
Tim M
Tim M:
We pray for George Floyd🙏 Greatings from Germany 😞
my cats name
my cats name:
“Putting a knee against neck” sounds different than “kneeling on his neck” and
“Dying later” sounds different than “Died while the officer subdued him”
You are reporters so reports he news!
Tabby C
Tabby C:
Did y’all see the “good cops” watching this happen?
Peter Grimshaw
Peter Grimshaw:
Lifeless man face down on concrete with knee in his throat being told by murdering cop to get in the patrol car as a coverup.
When you show equal and opposite force the policy enforcers gives you, that’s when you will see Justice.
Justin Mopavich
Justin Mopavich:
I've never seen a cop with so much disregard for human life. It makes me sick I hope he gets the death penalty. One of the few times I'm glad they messed up the police station well deserved an More
richard darmstadt
richard darmstadt:
Reporter: Why did you use tear gas?
Police: No answer.
Enough said
How can you do that to another human being and call yourself a human being?
American Patriot
American Patriot:
Imagine laying there helplessly and no one being able to come to your aid pleading for your life. We need to stand together to make change against this corrupt system.
For at least a few hours, the cops inside the precinct could feel what we feel, when no one can help us.
Uno Tev
Uno Tev:
They murdered this man in broad daylight where is the dignity RIP to George 🙏🏽
superstar move
superstar move:
We're all human what happen to justice put them in jail for what they did
Fake Woke
Fake Woke:
It’s time that we all rebel against law enforcement, over decades of them controlling how we live, we need to show them what “land of the free” really means ✊🏾
Louie Quinn
Louie Quinn:
Fired? Fired who cares fired? Will be charged with first degree murder and held accountable???
The police officers should be in jail, this is wrong and they had no right to kill that man. My prayers go to his family and friends

Fly high George 🕊
Every minute these four cops are not behind bars is special treatment.
This is murder.
Riding DownUnder
Riding DownUnder:
He died right there under the policeman's knee. Witness by the whole world on TV. What really annoyed me is, while the coper had his knee on Mr George Floyds neck blocking off his airways, he had his hands in his pockets and had a smurk on his face staring at the camera for about 9 minutes. What was he waiting for. George wasn't resisting arrest. R.I.P. George you will never be forgotten.
Real Brooklyn
Real Brooklyn:
The situation "has become volatile?'', this situation became volatile when George Floyd stopped breathing
Audrey Gatties
Audrey Gatties:
What is happening to our country 😞
Singa Long
Singa Long:
2:45 this woman gave a statement I hope everybody heard.
Ten Music Page
Ten Music Page:
It’s sad that these officers thought that putting a knee to a helpless man and cutting off his circulation was okay infront of every one with no type of urgency of guilt smh
Carlos De Nully
Carlos De Nully:
Sad really I mean I feel the pain I was punched brutally by Jersey City police while I was handcuffed & no justice for me because there was no evidence regardless of my face being black & blue & the cops hands being bruised. I cry every night when I think about it.
Romeo Fernandez
Romeo Fernandez:
The man was subdued his hands cuffed behind his back...and they killed him
S Justice
S Justice:
The paramedics were derelict in their duty as well.. I was one in the Army. Not even a basic assessment of airway breathing and circulation. Pathetic and negligent
ٌRasheed el Akhlaqsiz
ٌRasheed el Akhlaqsiz:
This is so painful to watch. I am sad to see this.
Sweet tooth Marie'
Sweet tooth Marie':
On all levels...
Rest in peace George in peace! 🙏
Gafar Maryam
Gafar Maryam:
May God bless all the protesters
Mr.Hitmarker PUNKSHUTTA:
When are they getting arrested . If not this ish Will last forever. They always get away with it
I always try to respect good cops because I know it’s a dangerous career... but this made me sick to my stomach.
Saleh Othman
Saleh Othman:
"Fired" is NOT ENOUGH!! THOSE thugs must face JUSTICE and JAILED!!!
Prophecy & Revelations
Prophecy & Revelations:
I'm both saddened and sick to my stomach at what I saw. They murdered him after he pleaded for his life. If a person says they can't breath, u HELP THEM!
Your Name
Your Name:
"No justice, no peace!"
those cops killed george on the street like he was nothing
B Jaimes
B Jaimes:
And the people rise up for Justice ✊
B. J.
B. J.:
When l first saw this it made me shake and l became physically ill. I couldn't even sleep at all. I am still in shock! The officer is prejudice! You can't possibly put your knee on a individual's neck and not know that you are applying to much pressure. He should be sent to prison for LIFE! Without parole! His estate should be sued by his FAMILY and the police department should be sued also etc...My Prayers go out to the Floyd FAMILY!
One of d major problems is the media. Why would u b lieing again.
Michael Gale
Michael Gale:
THIS is 100% murder by a cop .He needs to go to prison for the murder of this man .
Incredibly distressing to watch, can't imagine what his loved ones are going through.
Mo' BrownBlues
Mo' BrownBlues:
"Praise the lord, praise the mayor and praise the chief of police, that's all I gotta say" PERIODT
Kiwi made
Kiwi made:
Go hard my brothers and sisters i wish i was there to join yous but im from new zealand. Justice for george floyd,
vlad q
vlad q:
Insane!!! Those cops deserve everything they’re getting!!
And the cycle continues. As long as we react with rallying, praying, anger, Crump shows up, the family gets paid etc. etc. the killings and cycle continues...until we come with a different response.