Last Dance with Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen

The actors showed off their super dance skills in Ellen's fun new game!

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Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars:
I *need* a dance battle between Chris and Sebastian
Elizabeth’s laugh is so adorable lol. She seems like she would be such a sweet person to be friends with
Valen .S.
Valen .S.:
Elizabeth Olsen is the only person i know who say "oh nooo" to a perreo of chris evans
Rice Donut
Rice Donut:
*Vision sees this video*

Captain America: Civil War II
Tojo Taco
Tojo Taco:
Is no one gonna acknowledge the fact that Chris Evans absolutely KILLED IT?
Greta Vuolle
Greta Vuolle:
Vision: “
We dont trade girlfriends captain”
Assa Darlingtoni
Assa Darlingtoni:
Thanos: I don't even know who you are
Scarlet Witch: You will! *Starts twerking*
Rachel Wilson
Rachel Wilson:
fun fact elizabeth olsen and chris evans created dancing
0:42 Chris: I gotta warm-up
0:44 Elizabeth looks at Chris: Oh ya me too
Caden D
Caden D:
1:03 When Wanda steals Visions' dead body for WandaVision
Chris Evens plays a very serious character in the MCU but is the exact opposite in real life
Sqad Animates
Sqad Animates:
Wanda celebrating after a long day of successfully mind washing an entire community: 1:04 , 1:13 , 1:42
Elsa 666
Elsa 666:
1:43 that's how I do a twerk
Chris evans is a millionaire
Chris gets 10k
Chris: - Really? That's unbelievable wow
Iron Man: We need aomeone to distract Thanos!
Cap: I got this!
Wanda: I Got This.
Peter: I GOT THIS!!
Cynthia Z
Cynthia Z:
1:26 Elizabeth's "OH NO" 😂
Gfckurslf Ustpdidiot
Gfckurslf Ustpdidiot:
1:41 “Wanda after stealing vision’s body”

Edit: false alarm she didn’t actually stole the body she created him anyway keep dancing wanda
Chill XhEn
Chill XhEn:
1:02 Wanda after keeping a whole town hostage
A Fl
A Fl:
1:56 Rdj would’ve killed that one 😂😂
Kobe Kanen
Kobe Kanen:
Chris evans: *belly dances*
Every woman in the audience: I can look at this all day
1:26 look at her eyes bruh moment
Jasmine Watts
Jasmine Watts:
Nobody is talking about how smooth Chris s moonwalk was?
"I'm overwhelmed with her tweaking skills " 😂
Crazy feverish girl
Crazy feverish girl:
When Chris Evans was doing Russian Dance it seemed more Bhangra than Russian 😂
felix dom
felix dom:
Chris evan just like a child in A man body so adorable
lily f
lily f:
no one:
literally no one:
steve rogers: i can do this all day.
Iris Andrade de Almeida - CEI
Iris Andrade de Almeida - CEI:
whenever i’m either sad or bored i just come back here
Gianna Rose
Gianna Rose:
We need a dance battle between Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston
Sukhman Productions
Sukhman Productions:
Steve Rogers Can't Dance
But Chris Evans Can Do
Never sleep
Never sleep:
Elizabeth is me twerking😂😂
Chris Evans: **does literally anything**
Ellen fans: 😍👏🤩🤩😀👏👏😍👏😀

Although that moonwalk was pretty good
Ajey Nager
Ajey Nager:
Honestly, Chris's moonwalk was pretty good.
it was at this moment she knew. SHE MESSED UP.
I can’t believe this was 4 years ago
Scott H
Scott H:
Wow, Chris Evans is a pretty good dancer
Aayush Agashe
Aayush Agashe:
Me when mom's not here 1:27
Me when mom suddenly rushes in 1:38
Nora Ibishi
Nora Ibishi:
1:43 when wanda steals Vision.
edith tvilling
edith tvilling:
lets be honest...

you have watched this video at least 10 times:)
Nour Abdelqader
Nour Abdelqader:
Wow , I didn't know that Chris can dance pretty well , especially the moon walk 😎😎oh yeah
Chris Evans vs Chris Pratt dance off would be great
Tristan Mireles
Tristan Mireles:
Chris is nothing like his character he’s not a serious person just a goofy person
Soni Singh
Soni Singh:
It's so rare to see captain America in such a mood😂
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma:
1:09 So no one's gonna appreciate this
Elizabeth twerk
Dr.strange: "Dormammu im here to bargain"
Elizabeth re twerk
Dr.Strange:"Dormammu.. Im etc.."
Elizabeth : "what the?"
"i can do this all day"
M Almz
M Almz:
Aww she’s so cute. Love her twerking skills
wanda after she kidnaps a whole neighbourhood so she can talk to vision again
Naitik Yadav
Naitik Yadav:
Thanos: beat me rogers if you can
Cap: Turn on music
i was proper wheezing at chris evans' lap dance-
Ashraf Abdelatif
Ashraf Abdelatif:
Olsen's twerk is so funny 😂
I was expecting him to say, “I can do this all day!”
Mimi Styles
Mimi Styles:
*Chris is one freaking good dancer*
cap and wanda on the battlefield distracting Thanos like
R a x i e l.
R a x i e l.:
Funny how he did the belly dance when he clearly has amazing abs instead belly, lov him so much 🤧❤
lilys world
lilys world:
you know chris is really getting competitive when he moves the dot he's standing on
Sir Marshall
Sir Marshall:
Olsen when twerk came out was seconds away from going: Nah. Classy lady.
Howard Fung
Howard Fung:
Chris Evans is such an amazing person, he stays really humble and lowkey even as a huge star. Kudos to him
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious:

*Cap and wanda: TURN ON THE MUSIC!*
Miles Skillman
Miles Skillman:
They both danced were pretty good! Elizabeth Olsen is such a cutie.
Paul Dauz
Paul Dauz:
Chris Evans is low-key good though and Elizabeth laugh just made my day 😂
kendyl shaughnessy
kendyl shaughnessy:
Awww the way he went “ awww oh really ? “ when they bring out the money was so cute
Meme GOD
Meme GOD:
Chris Can’t freeze anymore cause he has been in the Pacific Ocean already frozen so he can not risk it again being frozen
Tamim Sweedan
Tamim Sweedan:
Starlord: Dance off bro me and you

Steve: I can do this all day

Thor: I knew it
Lazy during Quarantine
Lazy during Quarantine:
Warning: Most of these comments are about Avengers.
Geeta Nanda
Geeta Nanda:
Just realized he is effortlessly pro at dancing
Bella Nath
Bella Nath:
Tony : How many alternate do you see?
Stephen : Too many

Steve : Dance off Bro 😎
She’s so shy and adorable
Chris’s reaction when she said 10 000 was priceless
Dale Traverso
Dale Traverso:
Scarlett Johansson has joined the chat
अनीता शर्मा
अनीता शर्मा:
Elizabeth copied Chris's warm up 😆
The little Avenger
The little Avenger:
Me: "Yeah you go Elizabeth!! Yea.....
Advert: "How to get plastic surgery."
Abinash Debnath
Abinash Debnath:
Maricar Cajote
Maricar Cajote:
chris's moonwalk really caught my attention
READ Comics
READ Comics:
Chris’ Russian dance 😂😂😂😂
Anshuman Lader
Anshuman Lader:
I m in love with Elisabeth laugh
Juggernaut Bro
Juggernaut Bro:
Need a tutorial on “how not to fall in love with Elizabeth Olsen”
They are supposed to freeze after each dance but oh well AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!
Elizabeth Olsen is so pretty. She’s like when you go outside after the first snowfall of the year ...
Elizabeth is so adorable
Elizabeth Olsen twerking is the cutest thing I've seen on internet
Steve: Sam and Bucky have been training me in the art of dance fighting.
Thanos *Still dancing*: Impossible
Steve *moonwalks*: I can do this all day
sthds aids
sthds aids:
Elisabeth Olsen is so pure and innocent I just want to hug her
I’m in love with Elizabeth’s laugh
Sunny Vakkalanka
Sunny Vakkalanka:
Chris Evans when it comes to dancing: SHREK
Chris Evans when it comes to freezing: *donkey*
Elizabeth and Chris' laughs are so adorable
Mr Narwhal
Mr Narwhal:
I loved when Chris evens did single ladies
OnO OnO:
Elizabeth’s twerk was so innocent. For some reason I can imagine Mantis doing something like that.

Edit: yes I know Elizabeth plays Scarlett Witch, I’m just saying. Mantis is innocent so I can imagine her twerking like that. Wanda’s character isn’t like that.
this has to be one of the best videos on the interview
Marwa Mohammed
Marwa Mohammed:
chris evans looks best when hes dancing
girl 173
girl 173:
Chris Evans:
Steve Rogers: I can do this all day
The Devilz Zone
The Devilz Zone:
Chris Evans, comfortable and very good dancer while Elizabeth, innocent, sweet and pretty but a little uncomfortable i think. I love them!❤
Rachel Millar
Rachel Millar:
Imagine the avengers watching this xD
Oh! Chris !!! What a top - notch dance and Elizabeth is such a cutie moreover her dance mad me laugh .....
Factopedia OFFICIAL
Factopedia OFFICIAL:
Chris: (Dances)
Grandmaster: I found my mate!!!
ellen: "we're gonna donate ten thousand dollars to christopher's haven"
chris: "ohhhhhh sssshhhh-"
Bikin Film Yok!
Bikin Film Yok!:
I love how scared she was at Chris' lap dance.
Dans Angela
Dans Angela:
2:00 This Is The Best Channel
All of you are great
King Thranduil
King Thranduil:
You know Elisabeth is pure and innocent just by seeing how she twerk :)
2:26 His oh is so precious.. he's so humble and grateful.
Ella Hymons
Ella Hymons:
Chris Evans has skills! I’m impressed! 😀