Last Kilometer - La Flèche Wallonne 2020

La Flèche Wallonne is one of the highlights of the cycling season. The race is part of the Ardennes classics with the Amstel Gold Race and Liège-Bastogne-Liège. The 30th of September 2020, La Flèche starts from Herve and arrives on the famous Mur de Huy.

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20 comentarios:

Cyclonasaurus Rex
Cyclonasaurus Rex:
Fantastic footage. To hear them gasping for air was incredible.
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez:
Fantastic footage! Extraordinaire athletes! Chapeu!. The physical intensity of this ladies competing each other is dwarfed by the mental strength of each one racing against themselves! Congratulations to Anna and all other riders.
Danillo Pachêco da Rocha.
Danillo Pachêco da Rocha.:
Corrida dura, lindo ver a camiseta listrada ganhando uma prova na raça, parabéns!🎉
World of AMEISO
World of AMEISO:
That climb was savage, well done to all that made it.
Daniel Alberto
Daniel Alberto:
That was Amazing! 👏👏👏❤️ Huy Huy Huy! Hard race, super strong riders, amazing amazing, Congratulations 🌈
Niels kjær
Niels kjær:
F... me flot Cecilie! Du viser, at du hører til de allerbedste. 💪
Heyden Harrison
Heyden Harrison:
Excellent hard racing.You could hear the pain in their breathing.Well done.
Benoit Wicquart
Benoit Wicquart:
quelle force physique et mentale qu'a anna, championne du monde sur route, de clm et puis maintenant la flèche...
A. Campos
A. Campos:
Anna's cadence was amazing.
N L:
Ugh that was a tough climb 😰. And agree It should always be without the commentary and rather hearing all the natural sounds coming from the race itself.
julian escobar
julian escobar:
Great footage. Great cyclists
Charlie Dillon
Charlie Dillon:
Champ maintaining 80+ RPM up that nasty climb.
Shaun Luckham
Shaun Luckham:
So close my 'happy Dead Fish' didn't quite get past, chapeau ladies.
Ernesto Villacorta
Ernesto Villacorta:
6x Champion!
Juan Sebastian Londoño Muñoz
Juan Sebastian Londoño Muñoz:
Que aburrido que nada salga de Van der Breggen, Van Vleuten, Vos, Deignan y Longo Borghini.
Gavin mercak-dinolfo
Gavin mercak-dinolfo:
Please No SPOILERS in the thumbnails!!!!!
Martin Hošek
Martin Hošek:
Dan Martin always in bad position. Could’ve won it already 3 times maybe.
Edge EM Channel
Edge EM Channel:
I Love it without the commentators
Demi went too soon... should have spun a lower gear prior to the last dig.
Alfred Olsen
Alfred Olsen:
Anybody know how steep that was?