Last KM - Stage 13 - #TDF2021

Relive the final kilometer of the Stage 13 - Nîmes / Carcassonne and CAVENDISH Mark's victory!

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77 comentarios:

Dan Connelly
Dan Connelly:
Right before the line Markov looks over at Cavendish, perhaps being careful to not beat him, but still finishing 2nd.
noam ix
noam ix:
Mark cavendish is a MONSTER! WOW!
Sushobhon Samuel Morrison
Sushobhon Samuel Morrison:
Quick Step lead out undoubtebly the best.
Alan Longland
Alan Longland:
"We made history". Not "I've made history"> That man is pure sporting class!
Cavendish is awesome, but his lead out men are just as awesome. What a great job they have done.
Fernando Lemos
Fernando Lemos:
I love to see a man make a comeback like this. Good for him. Go Cav
EliteDavid Horne
EliteDavid Horne:
I'm not crying, your crying.
Malcolm Graham
Malcolm Graham:
Matthew Bluhm
Matthew Bluhm:
The timing was incredible,he looked completely out of it on the penultimate bend. Sprinting is an art. Total respect.
Sam Barnum
Sam Barnum:
Congratulations to Mark and the team! Looking forward to the Champs-Élysées!
34-34 Cavendish and Eddy!! What a lead-out train today and Mørkøv got 2nd place 😂
Here is a demonstration of the definition of teamwork, brilliant stuff!
Charles Vane
Charles Vane:
Unbelievable achievement. What a team too.
Toni Carvalho
Toni Carvalho:
It looked like it would be a very nervous arrival but again his team did a spectacular job. Cav = GOAT!
: Antypas
: Antypas:
I finally understand how this is a team sport.
Rob McKinley
Rob McKinley:
He was hurting on that one. 220k in the heat. Incredible performance from Cav. A living legend
Marcelo Gonzaga
Marcelo Gonzaga:
Simplesmente fantástico.....
Pierre-Etienne Plourde
Pierre-Etienne Plourde:
I am not gonna lie I cried.
Bobby Wall
Bobby Wall:
Cav made this year easier to watch, the star🤩🤩🔥 when Cav retires his lead out man Markov can win stages
Click on settings - play - 0.25
One can enjoy all the interactions and glances.
The music ( sounds) are like something by Brian Eno
Very enjoyable.
Miro Pribanić
Miro Pribanić:
if someone should ask you "Who is this Cavendish fella?" show him this video.
Manuel Ruiz
Manuel Ruiz:
Cavendish part of history... Congratulations
Shelley Domingue
Shelley Domingue:
That was so stressful and brilliantly executed! Been following Cav for years. So excited for him.
Wes B
Wes B:
Never a doubt in my mind. Cav forever!
Skull Leader X
Skull Leader X:
Wow! Was waiting fior this video!
Man he looks so tired in that after-race interview - I hope he is able to take it easy tomorrow and rest up for the next lot of mountains!
Two Wheel Cruise
Two Wheel Cruise:
OMG! I am so happy for Mark Cavendish! What a thrill to watch this teamwork. He is the man.
That's sheer dominance in sprint by Quickstep and Cavendish.
Hell yeah - Go CAV!!!
Boooy, he did it! What a cyclist! What a soul!
the green guy wins the stages again and again …
Alvin Nala
Alvin Nala:
Manny Pacquiao of Cycling... Mark Cavendish is a Legend...
Eduardo Rosa
Eduardo Rosa:
QuickStep Amazing Team!!!!!!
Silvio Cesar Morais
Silvio Cesar Morais:
Top top top top top mesmo 🖖🏻🧙‍♂️🐌✅💪👍🏻🖖🏻
Stephen Collinson
Stephen Collinson:
Just wow . Cav is a Legend in the true sense of the word.
Karpom Karpipom
Karpom Karpipom:
Tour De France hero Mr.Mark Cavendish 🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇
Ezequiel FF DNT
Ezequiel FF DNT:
Le faltaban buenos lanzadores es un crack
Silvio Junior
Silvio Junior:
JASPER PHILIPSEN viro fregues do MARK CAVENDISH nesse tour
*_Holy Moly._*
Sam Black
Sam Black:
Arise Sir Mark!
If there is a massive sprint, there is cav in the stage win
Чётенько у него команда работает.
Life on Two Wheels
Life on Two Wheels:
Cavendish is on a roll
D. L.
D. L.:
Congrats Mark! Let's be clear though, Eddy and Mark were/are two totally different type of racers.
Pedro Lai
Pedro Lai:
Greatest of all time
C T:
....I knew he will take this too...what a brilliant sprint from Mark...yet again.Historic win...he will get the 35th within next few days for sure ...Quick - Step team support is so absolutely brilliant...Congratulations to the team!
Dr. Merlot
Dr. Merlot:
This is equivalent to the first man to land on the moon.
Holland Meester
Holland Meester:
Cavendish saluted Dutch Marianne Vos for her 30th stage win in the Giro.
So I will salute Cavendish for his 34th stage win in the Tour.........
Edvin Andersson
Edvin Andersson:
How many tdf wins does he have now? What an amazing rider
Alexander Velch
Alexander Velch:
Max Tran
Max Tran:
I have seen lots of bashing comments toward Cavendish's hard work and accomplishment from fake, jealous fans and a no body cyclists. Cavendish is not just an active living legend who is currently about to break the world record, he is also a very beloved, charismatic, a team player who is always very grateful to his team mates. He is a very humble sportsmanship who always give credit to his team members and riders. Without them, he could not accomplish his dream. Notice his team mate sprint lead-out man who even made sure Cavendish cross the line first and then he tipped his wheel to make sure he could get what was left for him in second place. That was a true true teamwork and beyond friendship in a team.
Juan Pablo Berbery
Juan Pablo Berbery:
We made history! Que animal!!!
Jason Trommetter
Jason Trommetter:
I think a lot of people would like to see Cavendish break Eddy Merckx record on the Champs Élysées!
eric libron
eric libron:
TDF boring now without contador 🤦‍♂️
Jorge Barroso
Jorge Barroso:
Yea, History!
Gustavo Marin Rodriguez
Gustavo Marin Rodriguez:
Nada que el mejor.m
Chas Man
Chas Man:
So patient.
Text book: Asgreen, turn, Ballerini breaks; Bouhani, Matthews, Colbrelli try to disrupt the Wolf*Pack train, & succed getting behind Morkov. Garcia Cortina and Fenix duo get busy, and somehow Cav finds a way out of the trap, gets behind Morkov, who accelerates to grab 2nd after taking Cav to the line. The guys who disrupted get minor places. Put the video on slow motion so you guys could enjoy it
Marie Rivera
Marie Rivera:
Las etapas más aburridas que existen
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc:
Cav may not only have the most wins but also his only Green Jersey Title this year wow
Ayrton Gonzales
Ayrton Gonzales:
Monster Mark
Ezequiel FF DNT
Ezequiel FF DNT:
Manada de lobos
Sir Mark Cavendish
kirt thomason
kirt thomason:
the fix is in to knock 'ol Eddy M outta the books
Alex Velasco
Alex Velasco:
Miguelito Aniceto
Miguelito Aniceto:
Alex TW
Alex TW:
Leg End
Snoopy les
Snoopy les:
wenn das mal mit rechten dingen zugeht............
Hazard David
Hazard David:
The leadout is text book again
Cav Markendish
Sagan who?
James Heald
James Heald:
Bouhani crashed today. MVDP, out. Sagan, out. Ewan, out. Ou est Arnaud Demare?
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek:
This is not natural.
He can’t win all.
Im afraid we have doping again..