LATEST F1 NEWS: Ferrari changes, 2020 calendar, Alex Zanardi, Lando Norris

Our latest Formula 1 2020 news updates as part of our rolling coverage.

- Changes at Ferrari
- 2020 calendar growing
- Zanardi back in ICU
- Norris makes headlines

- Pérez F1 future in air
- Mercedes’ update schedule
- Barcelona on despite lockdown
- Florence party for Ferrari
- More Mercedes sensor issues
- Verstappen crash explained

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100+ comentarios:

LOL that Brazlian promoter should be mad at their own president for his handling of the situation, not at FIA ...
If Enzo Ferrari was still alive, he'd probably sack half the team.
Alan formula1
Alan formula1:
I really really hope alex zanardi pulls through and has quality of life. Such a sad thing to happen to a wonderful man
Saying “Perez is a good teammate to Lance” as a point to keep him is like saying Max is a good teammate to Albon
Perez over Stroll all day. If they choose Stroll over Perez, they aren't serious about winning.
I am so happy that you finally got the attention you needed. I remember when you had 10k subscribers and we were all *Why are you so underrated* . Really happy about you, Inside Line , Keep it up!
This season is the cruelest joke ever on Ferrari. On their worst year in recent history we go to not one, but 3 italian tracks. Including their own legendary test track, and they're struggling for points and to not get lapped.
Serial Chiller
Serial Chiller:
Great news. With 3 home races, Some Godfather level intervention is necessary in the Ferrari factory.
Mattia Binotto
Mattia Binotto:
Mercedes bringing upgrades, as if that is necessary. They could instead share their upgrades with us, it would be nice of them.
Yeet Ya
Yeet Ya:
If Hamilton wins every race from now on, he will break schumi’s record of wins in mugello, which is also Ferrari’s 1000 th gp
Dinko Banožić
Dinko Banožić:
Cmon stop saying mercedes has issues they are 30 seconds infront of everyone,imagine they did not have "problems"
Brazilian promoter: we have a 100% bulletproof plan
Meanwhile in Brazil: *situation is apocalyptic*
TRC Platinum
TRC Platinum:
“It’s clearly sort-of an almost invented reasoning” at 2:45 had me in stitches
Definitely the earliest I've ever been, bring on the British GP
George Separovic
George Separovic:
I love how mercades are so ahead of the field they share pretty much all their problems because it really doesn't matter.
While F1 "plans to wrap up the championship in the Middle East by mid-December", the reality is that Mercedes have it wrapped up already. Sadly.
Rohonyi is out of his mind if he thinks a GP is safe in Brazil. 2nd highest positive cases in the world and it's safe? Greed outweighs logic then.
These are the best F1 news videos available online! Actually more entertaining watching this than watching a whole F1 race sadly!
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin:
The bird's eye view of F1 events...The Inside Line.
Can barely wait for Silverstone.
The 2017 ruling regarding control during the formation lap is lame ... considering that power during the race can be controlled by the pit... surely any form of control should ONLY be available to the driver ...
Bring sepang for 2020
Christian Slater
Christian Slater:
"Ok. Good morning everyone. First order of business everyone: how do we best short circuit this pesky second fuel flow meter?" - Enrico Gualtieri, Ferrari Head of Power Unit
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
You will get through this Zanardi, Please❤️
Reesen Kayalsum
Reesen Kayalsum:
Amazing news reporting the inside line
Gurdas Atwal
Gurdas Atwal:
Silverstone should be interesting...
frank noneli
frank noneli:
5:08 end of july is almost here !
Ferrari should just bring back the 2019 car and win some podiums this year!
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1:
Interlagos cant ensure safety from the gangs there, imagine trusting them with the COVID
Last time I was this early I was standing in the spot Roman Grosjean would crash
OMG just found this channel, its super interesting and so useful, just subscribed :)
Xanders Wayne
Xanders Wayne:
Great video... I can't go to bed without seeing this brief... keep on the good work.
<3 love from melbourne, Australia
"Sergio and Seb" rolls better off the tongue than "Seb and Lance." Just sayin'.
Anthony Boulus
Anthony Boulus:
1st here all the way from Brisbane Australia
4:26 Lando isn’t going to get much air time on next seasons Drive to Survive then 😂
David Price
David Price:
Tushar Girotra
Tushar Girotra:
Thanks for giving us with this amazing channel!
Sean Dowell
Sean Dowell:
Other great video I like these long videos give a lot of information
Great vid
Ladislav Malák
Ladislav Malák:
Correct your info: Damon Hill was in Jordan since 1998, not 1999.
Stating it's "clearly *sort of* an *almost* invented reasoning" LOL
Aye aye aye! It’s RACE WEEK baby!! 🔥🔥 Yesssss!!!! 🥳🥳
alex jomain
alex jomain:
Ferrari : imagine we're terrible at Monza, would be amazing to have another home race
FIA : say no more
1:49 this seems to state that the Spanish GP will be held in Italy 🤔
appr oved
appr oved:
some nation are underestimating covid 19 or they bought an insane quantity of quercetin and zinc
Abdulla Mohammed
Abdulla Mohammed:
I like that we are seeing new tracks and new track layouts this year
Ironmaaid inn
Ironmaaid inn:
Thanks always always great reports!!
Adrian kim Leow
Adrian kim Leow:
I just want Mexico flag on podium, and more podiums to come.. please stay at racing point
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox:
Hi and thanks Inside Line 😀 great blog F1 news as always back to back Silverstone bring it on 🤗🤗
Dan B.
Dan B.:
Perez to Haas with yer talkin'.
caleb cook
caleb cook:
@2:30 Epstein? 🧐
Paul H
Paul H:
Come on, Alex!!!
joe black
joe black:
I didnt know that wet tires need to be warm to have some grip. I thought that apply only on dry tires
Cian Eberle
Cian Eberle:
Brazil and their amazing leadership mad?
Andreas Gunnarsson
Andreas Gunnarsson:
I really hope Zanardi recover <3333333
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez:
The voice is to robotic it needs to be more natural
appr oved
appr oved:
perez wont have issue finding a seat in f1 ! he is talented
Sami K. Sørensen
Sami K. Sørensen:
Hahaha hiring the old geezer ain’t gonna help....
Manuel Vasquez
Manuel Vasquez:
Sergio is going to be kick out of the team f1 over for me if that happens
Do we still have to endure Abu Dhabi even in 2020?
The 2020 season has become a giant pre-season testing session.
Dave Day
Dave Day:
Two triple-headers at Silverstone? That is news.
Winner Original
Winner Original:
Great video. Continue the great work 🤗 With this content it will be easy for you to grow
Jr H
Jr H:
Different design pera maters and regulations so a dinosaur from Schumacher days ain't gonna help.
I think ferrari should get out of F1 for a while as they're only cheats
Drew Hope
Drew Hope:
I was really hoping for the GP in Austin this year 😑
Lars Agerbæk
Lars Agerbæk:
I can't watch F1 news, when they are presented with an american accent.
hope Zanardi has a fast recovery
Average Panda
Average Panda:
Nothing is bulletproof
Bebek White
Bebek White:
American canceled? That's a suprise😳
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry:
Alfa Romeo is midfield? I didn't know there were 20 teams in formula One
The Best
The Best:
So sad F1 will never come to India again because of a tax issue with the state government. 😭I am indian. F1 fan.
That's really sad that Interlagos could actually been a part of the calendar, but my guess is that F1 doesn't want move everything over for just one race.
D Harper
D Harper:
So sad for Alex I hope he pulls through
appr oved
appr oved:
about time they bring him back . i like luck like any other but clearly behind the scene he wasnt just drawing
Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up
Simon Podgornik
Simon Podgornik:
mercedes have technical problems and they still first... this is impossible for any other team
bboy blmri
bboy blmri:
that lando norris news was a breath of fresh air. mclaren out here being the most wholesome team
Drum Ape
Drum Ape:
It would be so unfair if they sacked Perez now. He’s part of the reason RP are where they are.
Mandy B
Mandy B:
Trialing a two-day event which a track few, if any of the drivers know, is asking for trouble. It would be much, _much_ better to do it at the second Silverstone race. Baby steps are sometimes necessary for the safety of everyone involved.
Thanks for the sad news about Alex Zanardi. I've been thinking of him every day since the accident. I am desperate to have some good news about him #GetWellSoonAlex 💕
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson:
You know things at Ferrari are bad every time Byrne gets brought up again
Perez definitely need to go to Haas. Their performance right now it’s just embarrassing
Sangtea Darngawn
Sangtea Darngawn:
Ferrari=Man united!!!
Adam Khan
Adam Khan:
sensor problem probably a form of cheating
Ex0tic Br4d
Ex0tic Br4d:
August 16 is my birthday hell yes
I would love to say it was a good video, but during the 10 minutes I went through 6 advertisings....YT sucks!
Can you not put on more adds????
Getting silly
Can we please just forget about racing in the middle East? Those races are the dullest.
William Crawford
William Crawford:
Hell Horse has fallen. 🐁
Troy EGA
Troy EGA:
Mark my word if I ever am a F1 commentator (in my own country, not for Sky) I’ma just gonna wait for someone to bin it into the wall and I’ll just scream:
-“ AND HE YEETED IT INTO THE WALL! What a disasters!”
Ferrari's politics is so fast that they made a car that's so slow
Brudny Nurek
Brudny Nurek:
I’m wondering if Mercedes will still be number 1 with the new cars next season. I have a feeling McLaren will be all over the podium next year with the merc power unit and Dani and Lando as the team.
Luhith Udaneth
Luhith Udaneth:
GV Phoenix
GV Phoenix:
Can I give us an update if when Vettel moves to racing point of if not
Bryce Stewart
Bryce Stewart:
2:40 imagine being that selfish that you’re gonna try and get them in trouble. Like I get it’s not a super dangerous pandemic but seriously?
Ass a Ferrari fan i are really exited about three italien gps
Needless to say, F1 looks more like a power play and money matter rather than outright racing. What a pity
Fabiano Benedetti
Fabiano Benedetti:
Forza Alex !