Leader's jersey up for grabs in opening time trial | Tirreno-Adriatico 2022 Stage 1 Highlights

An out-and-back 13.9km-long individual time trial faces the riders as they kick off the 2022 Tirreno-Adriatico in Lido di Camaiore. Who will top the podium?

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30 comentarios:

Pippo Ghana vs Filippo Ganna is the TT we all really want to see
dowsett such a class act, might not be able to contend as much with the big dogs but was nice to see him hang in there
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
Ganna is in a league of his own....Pogacar already the man to beat after today!!
I think Pog is taking this barring any extraordinary circumstances even though he just solo'd 50km for a Strade win. I think Remco could definitely win 1 week races with the right parcour and a TT but he could not take a WT win unless there are 0 big hitters at any of them which is almost impossible. His TT wins would have to overcome high mountain deficits.
moto Racer
moto Racer:
Obrigado por transmitir o esporte mais desafiante do mundo!!! Que ensina a nunca desistir!!!
Dwayne Randolph
Dwayne Randolph:
My favorite time of the year is The “CLASSICS” DURING RACE SEASON @GCN Racing👏🏽📌
Remco vs Pog is going to be great!!
Geoffrey Edwards
Geoffrey Edwards:
The look on Asgren's face said it all.
peter De ridder
peter De ridder:
I love pogacar and remco because they always wanna reca actively, they both love to race on the bike and enjoy it verry much. The harder they go the more they both like it . In the cycling world pogacar is alreddy a legend and he still managed to stay himself ! He is got no star allures, talk to everyone and keeps on smiling aslong he can race the bike. Isnt that beautifull ??? He is a star but he is not behave like it. I'm looking forward to see him battle it out with remco, its gonna be epic with those 2 riders.2 winner types , but only one can win.
John 大佐
John 大佐:
2 seconds down at the split, then turned it round to drift to 11 seconds…? Pog the GC man to beat, while already beaten by another GC man..? Kirby making as much sense as always.
Bettina Mueller-Weissina
Bettina Mueller-Weissina:
lets go Remco !!we know you got this :)
Thanks for the recap, GCN, but there's something off with the audio of the speak, it kind of saturates or something.
Diogo Velosa
Diogo Velosa:
Just incredible...... Ganna
Ravindra Nadkarni
Ravindra Nadkarni:
The graphics of the vital statistics of the top three during their runs were quite revealing. Ganna and Evenopoel were shown as being in the red zone some 80-90% since the start. On the other hand, Pogacar was shown at being just around 2%, though as far as I could make out, the graphic came on only once for him - during the early part of his run. Even then, it was amazing to see him generate such speed while remaining well within his limits.
hans batter
hans batter:
Ineos won when Pog was competing :)
Motohead 83
Motohead 83:
Correct me if i'm wrong but shouldn't there be a 10m rule when it comes to drafting in a TT? Asgren and Ganna were so close when passing their minute men, that must have been worth a few seconds
S T P Pearson
S T P Pearson:
Go Ganna!
My highlights is Merida new Time Warp TT :p
Mark Rushton
Mark Rushton:
Ganna. Just perfect on a tt bike. Pogacar, just laying down the marker. Can do it all it would seem.
ganna 🚀🚀
Robert M
Robert M:
Thanks for bringing Robby McEwen onboard the GCN race commentary team. You just got my re-subscription for the coming race year!!
Adam Crook
Adam Crook:
Why is this not available on the paid for GCN+ app?
500w ?????
Aaron Schroeder
Aaron Schroeder:
Lol you don’t even show Alex dowsetts benchmark. What a rubbish highlight video
pipo gana
Commentary style is so so dull and irritating! Get Lanterne on!!!
"Pippo Ghana"
Stark Parker
Stark Parker:
I like this guy's voiceover. Great video.
Étienne Roy-Fiset
Étienne Roy-Fiset:
Well on a RIM BRAKE bike!!! Ask any pro off camera RIM BRAkE or a heavy slugish rubbing disc brake bike wich he will choose the answer is easy
Trent Vlak
Trent Vlak:
Asgreen skipping the mask like a boss.