LeBron James Postgame Interview - Game 2 | Heat vs Lakers | October 2, 2020 NBA Finals

Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game 2 Highlights | October 2, 2020 NBA Finals

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100+ comentarios:

• Brian
• Brian:
2000: Lakers win the championship
2010: Lakers win the championship
2020: Lakers win the championship
Opening each decade with a ring
Besides his legendary game LeBron is impressive with how he handles himself off the court/interviews. Class act, articulate, respectful; this dude is so smart.
He's locked in man. He is making sure he is winning this finals.
Kenneth Prosper
Kenneth Prosper:
I'm happy for this guy right now and I'm grateful to be a witness to his greatness #Year17
Junior Aguilar
Junior Aguilar:
Respect to Lebron for his message to the Bryant family and the great Kobe Bryant, in his post game interview right after the game ...it shows how great of a person you are. 👏👏👏
Carl Erickson
Carl Erickson:
Can’t believe this guy is still putting up these kinds of numbers at this point in his career. Truly been an honor to follow his career and witness his dominance 👑
Mister Awkward
Mister Awkward:
I say Lebron is MVP.
AD focuses on scoring! Lebron being a leader, does all-around plays and controls the game the right way.
But it doesn't matter,
Lakers in 4 🏆 💜💛
Janice Seymour
Janice Seymour:
Bron: "I've always been a coach-able player.
He's the Head coach and the head coach should have respect from all his players no matter who you are if you're really serious about trying to make an impact or really trying to do something special."

Kyrie on KD' podcast: we dont really need a head coach! I can be head coach one day & KD another day.

Lmboooooo! 😂😂😂
No Thanks Bro
No Thanks Bro:
don't let this distract y'all from the fact that the cLippers won the finals on paper.
Man rondo 16 and 10 off the bench. Big time still, one of my fav pgs
Tuc Fang
Tuc Fang:
"We ain't satisfied. We want to be great."
LeBron wants him and AD to drop 50 each.
Kendrick Jenkins
Kendrick Jenkins:
“The head coach should have respect from all his players, no matter who you are” *ahem* Kyrie, KD
Preston Projecc
Preston Projecc:
Shaq if he was a point guard
And Kobe if he was a power forward.
jack shen
jack shen:
Head coach, well coached, coachable ... big shots at Kyrie
Pierre Paul
Pierre Paul:
It’s scary, Lakers didn’t even play that great n still put up 124
J D:
Do people even know what position he plays? That is why he us GOAT. Can play 1-5
Mental Beatz
Mental Beatz:
Lebron speaks like a coach.
Alonzo Harris
Alonzo Harris:
8:38 he tried so hard not to smile after that answer lol good shot fired at Kyrie's comment about head coaches
John 3:16
John 3:16:
Lakers in 4️⃣
LeBron James MVP.
He should have been the regular season MVP also.
StoicAuritra СтоикАури
StoicAuritra СтоикАури:
LeBron is the reason I thought sf means you are all rounder and can play all 5 position xD
Mark Lap
Mark Lap:
7:30 I believe Lebron is calling out Kyrie. You know what’s crazy, even though he calling out him out, he’s still giving him advise. I think that bothers Kyrie more.
Straight Savage J
Straight Savage J:
Lmao LeBron doesn’t even know what his TRUE position is that’s how you know he’s great he can literally do it all
Jr Aguinaldo
Jr Aguinaldo:
This is an easy win. I fell asleep after the 2nd quarter. The best nap I've had.
Ryan Andujar
Ryan Andujar:
Lebron Finals MVP!!!
33-9-9 Damn! I thought AD was a shoo-in for Finals MVP but the king coming
Marvin Guinto
Marvin Guinto:
Still greatest player of all time 💪💪 respect this guy !!
Royal Me
Royal Me:
AD has more rebounds
Lebron has more assists

FMVP to both.
I want to take a moment and thank LeBron for making the Lakers great again
Carl Erickson
Carl Erickson:
Holy shit I remember 2002 like it was yesterday....it’s actually ABSURD how dominant of a career this man has had if you stop and think about it. Nobody in NBA history had more pressure on his shoulders from day 1 and yet he’s still managed to exceed expectations. Haters gonna hate but man it’s hard to hate on the guy. He’s been A1 since Day 1
Angus MacDougall
Angus MacDougall:
talking about positions of these lakers players I just thought of the craziest lakers lineup
1, Magic
2. Kobe
3. Lebron
4. Anthony Davis
5. Shaq

Jesus Christ
Rob D Scott
Rob D Scott:
That was an amazing post game from Lebron. Prob. the best Ive seen
I Dropped 40 on your team
I Dropped 40 on your team:
Lakers will have the 3 best duos of all time

U could even throw west/Chamberlain in there too
Luis Gio Davila
Luis Gio Davila:
Lebron showing maturity by stating how hes been a coachable guy etc well done!
Joseph H
Joseph H:
5:10 damn I want that hat. I saw this and went back to the gym and did another 100 pushups, 100 lunges, 100 squats and put up another 500 shots. La fan but UD is the man. Cant wait to see him as a head coach.
Don Tundra
Don Tundra:
It’s a wrap!! #17 coming Tuesday! 🏆
This year MVP for lebron, Next 2 years MVP for AD
J D:
Lebron slight shade back to Kyrie. Bloody love it!!!
Pains me that Miami is missing out on 2 important players. That being said respect to lebron, a true leader and if he wins it this year I'll be happy for him regardles
Chatman Shellman
Chatman Shellman:
Duncan Robinson has completely disappeared like a GHOST and AD is too tall, too skilled, and just too much for the HEAT to handle. They made a good play-off run though so kudos to the HEAT. It will be over in two more games. The HEAT need to look for size moving forward.
Cracc 216
Cracc 216:
Lebron is the GOAT finals MVP as well this year.
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta:
Most talented player to ever lace em up, for sure. If the NBA has any decency left they're gonna give this man the finals MVP in advance. Without him the Lakers are essentially the Pelicans plus Dwight Howard.
Instead of resting, LeBron James stayed up until 4:30 am after Game 1 to study the weakness of Miami Heat players.
Jr Aguinaldo
Jr Aguinaldo:
4-0. 4th ring. 4th championship. 4 Kobe.
I belive if is close they will go to the +- ratio so it depends how this next 2 games go but if they keep playing like this it will go to lebron do to his high assist avg.
demetri walker
demetri walker:
Imagine if Kobe and Lebron ever played together besides international play, but in the league during the season. Even after the Shaq era they would’ve ran the leg from the first time Lebrons rookie contact was up.
Big Spence TV
Big Spence TV:
Lebron is determined and locked 🔐 in so is AD congrats to the 👑 and the brow 💪🏿 on game 2 win ...2 more
Paul LéVesque
Paul LéVesque:
Kyrie currently somewhere crying right now
Lionel Loggin
Lionel Loggin:
I'm not a Lebron fan but he plays for my team now. I have to honestly say this man is great.
Mataniu Fulu
Mataniu Fulu:
The king is just kind of relaxing his way to an easy path to another ring n champion. Good for the king, you deserve it my man Goat James..
Miami was just a run away from making this a game. What Lebron said about the lack of defense was true. Even though the Lakers held a 10 point lead for most of the game, the Heat hung around.
Abe Song
Abe Song:
Even as a huge bron fan, as of now I think AD deserves finals MVP. Idt lebron will ever be able to eclipse jordan but damn he’s incredible.
Nathan Osaka
Nathan Osaka:
Bron literally facilitates and play makes his team , solid FMVP gonna be good tbh
backwoods only
backwoods only:
4:43 Man he was so happy to be compared, congrats lebron
J Escorpizo
J Escorpizo:
Even Bron doesn't know what natural position he plays. Kind of a meta moment
Ari Shiller
Ari Shiller:
The humility is consistently admirable
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon:
You know I find it a lot more respectful that the lakers respect the heat this much. All the other teams disrespected or rather they were always underdogs.
Willie HavMmeri
Willie HavMmeri:
lebron with the shot at Kyrie & KD at the end! game over and he still scoring! lol
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Giannis Antetokounmpo:
I guess at this point of time we are more concerned about who's going to be the FMVP and not who's gonna win the finals :)
I love the way he answered the shaq and Kobe question.
My man is tired of this buble life and ready to end this tuesday😂 let's go!! 🔥
Gregory Emeagwara
Gregory Emeagwara:
Kobe Lakers went 16-7 in 2009 playoffs to win the title adds up to 23 games Lebron number 23 💯🏆🏆🏆🏆
Geovana Jalio
Geovana Jalio:
Love this guy LeBron
Karlin R
Karlin R:
Bron getting that ring 😈
Kavosseaye Tha Bipolar 🥀💰
Kavosseaye Tha Bipolar 🥀💰:
As a Kobe fan I feel like they are watering the situation down give these men they credit everything they do is not like Kobe and Shaq they are play like Anthony Davis and Lebron James shout out to them basketball greats but come on now
Chona Bihis
Chona Bihis:
Good jod lebron👍 and also davis and rest of the playmates...
Always remember this game is given as a gift for kobe bryant, the fans, and the last with your reputation as being a GOAT good luck idol MABUHAY ka....
Cortrell Honor
Cortrell Honor:
Imagine 👑 & AD winning two or more rings together? 🤔 that goat conversation gone get real interesting 🧐
Imagine a team with Saq , Lebron , AD and kobe on it , only thing i thought is who would be a perfect 5th to be in there
Ricardo Heckstall
Ricardo Heckstall:
If you total LeBron's playoffs stats he's leading in every category except points he's behind in that and maybe blocks to this year. LeBron and A.D is sharing the finals MVP that's how great they are together Laker's in 4
Looney Waves
Looney Waves:
It’s obvious when Lebron was answering the question about being coachable with every coach he played for it was a shot at Kyrie & KD with Steve bash being head coach
Allan Estrada
Allan Estrada:
Lakers are actually being a team. Literally taking the no “I” in team to a new perspective.
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty:
Kobe and Shaq was unstoppable ever in my lifetime watchin b-ball
jon delacruz 3rd
jon delacruz 3rd:
the shout that i been waiting for to my idol lebron james ''''this is for you kobe''''
Lebron super pro fun to watch let’s Go Champ 🏀
Finally things go lebrons way injury wise and I hope they don’t give Avery Bradley a ring. Everyone here sacrificed during the bubble several funerals missed...the fact that he couldn’t go without seeing his kid I understand but you could always leave if something happens could always be in communication. I just don’t see it as a great excuse especially with what these others went through.
When Shaq said he played with the best player in the world in Kobe, that isn’t hindsight. Shaq said that all the time about Kobe while they were playing together and Shaq was getting finals MVPs. He was just too dominant
DJ Buenaventura
DJ Buenaventura:
Lebron is also guarding JimmyB! 🙌🏼
I know Kobe is so proud of Lebron AD and the Lakers 💯💫
Midnight Mills
Midnight Mills:
AD is great but ask yourself why? 🤔🐐👑
Man... perfect partner to grow old with and solid role players, DH ballin and look like he got a few years. KK will continue to get better and develop, KCP and AC solid around Bron and AD. Man... Bron likely to get a few more chips in the purple n gold. I'm a WARRIOR and excited to see us duke it out next year. KD made us unbeatable, now Bron has his perfect running mate. Hopefully (again as a WARRIOR) we'll get to catch the tail end of the rivalry we were robbed of.
* WillHall229
* WillHall229:
Myself and Anthony.....Looks around. He gonna kill me 🤣🤣🤣
Lebron + Davis = Best Dynamic Duo in the world by far. This series is already over
Daniel Contreras
Daniel Contreras:
I guess I Will vote for 2 MVP finals if Lakers win The NBA championship, LeBron and AD 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤩
nick Zervas
nick Zervas:
Their stats through two games
are unreal :
Lebron is averaging 29/11/9 on 54% shooting with 0.5 blocks and 1 steal 1.5 turnovers per game
Ad is averaging 33/11.5/3 on 69% shooting with 1.5 blocks and 0.5 steals and 2 turnovers per game
I would give AD the fmvp because of the defense but if Bam comes back Lebron might be the runner up ...
Prince Fields
Prince Fields:
Do it for Kobe and ur self man u made it u here stay focused and keep yo teammates motivated
Dude is so locked in. He talks as if he lost the game lol
Mc Xcoy Setnaled
Mc Xcoy Setnaled:
With that statement, the Lakers are not happy with the performance they made, I wonder how dangerous this team in the next game. What kind of force the Miami will be facing.
Dave _
Dave _:
This man is on a war path
Douglas Vendramin
Douglas Vendramin:
Lebron talks about respecting head coach in order to achieve success at the same time kyrie and KD say they dont need a head coach lol
Emperor Kambosos
Emperor Kambosos:
this guy makes scoring 25+ and getting 7+ reb and ast look so easy
FlameBullet 21
FlameBullet 21:
Lebrons first time being up 2-0 in the finals
Joel Rican
Joel Rican:
LeBron The Goat for real for real, i think he win 1 more championship after this, ending up with 5
Gelo Qrz
Gelo Qrz:
LeBron is the puppet master of this team!
Expectaion: Kawhi Leonard VS Giannis Antetokounmpo
Reality: Meyers Leonard VS Kostas Antetokounmpo
Prince Fields
Prince Fields:
Go lebron u got mad skills man
MENDOZA Carl Christian M.- 1115
MENDOZA Carl Christian M.- 1115:
GOAT 💪💪💪
Russell Ally
Russell Ally:
Sad that after tuesday they will be no more games 😔 Lbj #4thring certainly cheer me up tho 😃🐐
Pippo Savarese
Pippo Savarese:
I just simply immensely love the Chosen One
Mark Willis
Mark Willis:
The race for finals MVP is on with two games to go LB 1. AD 1 who will it b go Lakers👑👑🐐🐐👑🐐🐐👑👑🐐👑👑👑
Trey Oakley
Trey Oakley:
Got to stop comparing these guys and let them just have their time. Respect to previous legends 💫 let's also respect currents 💫