LeBron James Postgame Interview - Game 5 | Nuggets vs Lakers | September 26, 2020 NBA Playoffs

Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full WCF Game 5 Highlights | September 26, 2020 NBA Playoffs

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100+ comentarios:

15 years of hearing “the East is weak” and in his first playoffs in the Western Conference, LeBron leads the Lakers back to the Finals.

Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally:
The GOAT..
King Mojo
King Mojo:
How could you hate this man? He’s Literally the greatest on and off the court
Anna Banana
Anna Banana:
No one will appreciate this man til he retires.
stanley fluke
stanley fluke:
If the lakers win the championship, lebron james documentary after he retires would be hell of interesting and colourful
With lebron it's like they love him when he's going to the finals.. some want him to win but others can't wait for him to lose in the finals so that they could hate and tear him apart. And if he wins in the finals it's because of the help he has on the team🤦🏾‍♂️gotta be kidding me .. but nobody says he's t the reason how they got there in the first place because without him they wouldn't have gotten here.. his impact on the game and his team gets so overlooked yet he's so great.. I give him his props now instead of when he dies.
“Whoever we decide 👁” 😂 , LBJ had a goatish game 💪🏽
Kameron Hines
Kameron Hines:
This ain’t the same playful Bron we saw with the heat. Damn man we really seeing Lebron ending. Thank you King for allowing us to watch greatness
Darrel Kirtsch
Darrel Kirtsch:
LeBron his whole career has had so much value, impact...even with early Cavs teams, he's there and you win 60+ games as title contender and if he's not you're irrelevant.

Broke record for most playoff wins and All NBA selections in history this postseason too. Generational player, the King..
Loyalty4ever T.V
Loyalty4ever T.V:
We wont probably ever see a player of his caliber again when he retire. King 👑 James.
As a Celtics fan....this man Bron is incredible.
David Hillen
David Hillen:
LBJ just proved he could do what Kahwi couldn't do. Cold blooded man. Dudes a beast
Vladimir Duran
Vladimir Duran:
“The job is not done” that’s very mamba
Gaurav Chawla
Gaurav Chawla:
Seriously man, this guy is built different. Everytime someone wants to pull him down, he comes back and shows that he is no less than MJ.
LEBRON: "We're going to enjoy it tonight but we understand that we have bigger fish to fry and that there is a bigger goal.”
And they called him washed😂 "Year 17 Washed 👑"
The real goat
Jeremy Ellis
Jeremy Ellis:
He's actually starting to sound more and more like Kobe, with so much wisdom and perspective at this point in his career.
Jeremy Ellis
Jeremy Ellis:
The part where he talks about how he watched every game of the playoffs last year and put himself, his mind into that game to picture what play he would make. Wow. It's like the greatest jazz musician still listening to and studying other people's music, finding new ideas meanwhile experiencing the osmosis of digesting brilliant melodies and harmonies. For fun, but also to torture himself to do better. This dude's mind is something else.
John Wilson
John Wilson:
*Lakers can't let their guard down!*

If any team is good enough to come back from down 4-1 to win it's the Nuggets.
Darian H.
Darian H.:
I like seeing that he is not satisfied yet until he gets the championship, he's embracing the mamba mentality. LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!
Dee Mula
Dee Mula:
Tyler k
Tyler k:
In his 17th year.. Lebron is still the best player in the NBA and It ain't even close. What a game.
Crs Cam
Crs Cam:
Do you see the look in LeBron's eyes the seriousness of another finals appearance again for himself and his family but for the prestigious purple and gold storied franchise of the Los Angeles Lakers. but never last or least 4 Kobe and Gigi. Soar high angels
High School LBJ
High School LBJ:
Bron heard all the talk last year and he proved the doubters wrong lol
Love LeBron appreciate Greatness, we gon be talking about this legend in 100 years like we talk about Wilt Chamberlain today
Quan Ent.
Quan Ent.:
one word... GOAT
Brandon bohon
Brandon bohon:
My GOAT is MJ. But man lebron is damn good its hard to overlook what he's done.
DR Molina
DR Molina:
The real MVP this year and the past two years
The Universe
The Universe:
Never seen Lebron this locked in
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz:
LBJ was a Killa in the final minutes ! Absolute Killa! I don't wanna hear no excuses!
James Horton
James Horton:
38-16-10 "he stunk up the floor" -Skip Bayless😂
Stepped up big time as always king. Keep your head up prove the haters wrong.
2020 just got a little better...
Seriously how much longer are people going to hate on this man. Open your eyes. Lebron James is the greatest player of all time. Witness.
William Baldwin
William Baldwin:
No homo I love LeBron james. OHIO STAND UP
It’s amazing how God has allowed him to end Cleveland’s dry spell and now he has a chance to restore a winning identity to the lakers 🙏🏽💯
resilient butterfly
resilient butterfly:
Unstoppable at 35!
Man lebron do it eveerytime shit crazy 👑
Rel Rel
Rel Rel:
Do it for KOBE! 💜💛
Basketball just will never be the same when he is gone... LBJ 🐐 enjoy people.
David Te Awa
David Te Awa:
"opportunity meets preparation" R.I.P NIPSEY HUSSLE #TMC
Egg TBD:
Bron having slip of the tongue there..."...we decide..."🤣🤣🤣
Yung Jeezy
Yung Jeezy:
I’m watchin this high af lol you cannot hate on this guy he is the perfect role model. He spoke so great about everything, everyone,his journey, and motivations. Bron the 🐐

He lowkey would be an awesome president. Very well Spoken and educated. Bron the type of guy to try to do right by everyone of all races...But then again that’s why he’s not a politician 😆
Mally Bougs
Mally Bougs:
16 Rebounds + 10 Assist  + 38 points = Wow! he is really more than a Goat Lebron
This Old man is Super Amazing if he want to score he can score a lot
But his Fucos also is to make everybody on the court involve that's why he can make his teammate better too. If he want to lock somebody by his defense it's totally great
With his leadership and understanding of winning even when he put that cavs team into his back it's insane! Try to put other great player at that cavs team When the king at his final battle against 4 all star player of gsw with only jr smith at his side co'z K. Love is unhealthy at that time damme! what kind of human being maybe he is a superhuman you are almost 36 years old now but you are still playing like a hungry Rookie Lion with the body of Rhino and a vision of an eagle maybe GOD is always with you because you are a great person That I Promise School means a Lot

if you are a person with great IQ level you know what im saying !

I don want to talk a lot , i only make my statement very simple
because im a busy person
Congrats to all Lakers management , now Lebron will say this ...
"This is for you Kobe Bryant"
LeBron is a god. I'm not even being a stan. I'm just keeping it real man
Connor Jones
Connor Jones:
Lebron making a StepBrothers reference solidifies him as the GOAT
cutiegirl slime13
cutiegirl slime13:
10 finals. In 11 years , Led 3 different teams to the finals in only 10 years plus dragged those bums in 07 to the finals
I googled LeBron haters and still can't find them. Run away with your refs excuses 😜
Lebron on and off the floor is amazing. Salute to him
allan jaamz
allan jaamz:
I love how real he's being these last few interviews just stating his feelings.
I'll be havin mcnuggets for dinner 🤣
Sir Burst
Sir Burst:
Let's go CHAMP!!
Lebron high as hell, he's been smokin nuggets
Kola Alade
Kola Alade:
The reigning GOAT no question no doubt.
De’Angelo Cardwell
De’Angelo Cardwell:
I wasn’t smoking at the hookah lounge- king James.

I smell 🧢!!!
BerZ3rker 360
BerZ3rker 360:
Strip Giannis of his MVP award and give it to the REAL MVP🐐
Wikipedia lists 2011-2014 the Heat wave and 2015-present the Warriors dynasty. I should edit 2011-present the Lebron James era.
Thank you for everything you bring to the lakers we love you and the whole Lakers squad ! let’s get that ring #LAKERSNATION We out here 💯
Pastor Ofri
Pastor Ofri:
This man really said “who we decide” and realized he slipped up
Puncho Gee
Puncho Gee:
Damn "that's why I brought him here"
Crankyeye ALT
Crankyeye ALT:
I wanna hear Michael Jordan’s reaction to lebrons 10 finals and this postgame interview
Duversond Poulard
Duversond Poulard:
The NBA is definitely gonna be different when he retires.
jazz loriliefl
jazz loriliefl:
congratulations LeBron! 💖
LeBron will face his former team the Miami Heat.
Deejay Force
Deejay Force:
Yessir!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Jack Morris
Jack Morris:
He’s gonna have the best basketball documentary of all time when he retires 💯
Kwame Tabiri
Kwame Tabiri:
The King of The East is now the King of The West
determination a mi title
determination a mi title:
Right now I feel like to just go and take that mvp trophy away from that freak
qBliqqn J
qBliqqn J:
Ppl in they prime is not putting up 38 16 10
LeBron is locked ON!
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis:
GOAT JAMES!!!!!! I'm about to go to Club Shay Shay's in a few to celebrate.
Ben Yong
Ben Yong:
Nice “I told you so” moment for the king. 👑 🐐 job not finished! For Kobe! 🐍
Alex Lee
Alex Lee:
Thank You Bron for great games for angeleno
Yunus Tuncel
Yunus Tuncel:
Somewhere out there Skip is telling people "but but the Clippers were built to defeat the Lakers, you know it right?" 😂
Safe Rides 247
Safe Rides 247:
Bron your the greatest
Caoimhín YT
Caoimhín YT:
Where are those TRUE Lakers fans who wanted to trade Lebron? Haven't heard of them for a while. Lmao
a hero for fun
a hero for fun:
"Job's not done" - Kobe, Lebron

gotta love it
The greatest to ever do it! Salute 👑 🐐🐐
LeBron: (his thoughts on who will win BOS-MIA) "...whoever we decide"
ESPN tomorrow: "iS tHe NbA RiGgeD?"
J702 Rebel
J702 Rebel:
LAKERS!!!💜8 24 2
Get em Lebron!
Win it for Klays feelings
Raz Customize
Raz Customize:
Bron gonna b the only player win finals with his son watch next 2 yrs
Dickson EBI Amxs
Dickson EBI Amxs:
No one rated frank vogel at the start of the season 👀🤷🏿‍♂️ all because he last went to the playoffs with pandemic P🤷🏿‍♂️ no 🧢
As a gm i’m drafting James over Michael
alex marques
alex marques:
Lebron really gonna be #1 on almost every stat when he’s all done?
R H:
Proud of LeBron. Speaking like a vet and true professional. 10 final appearances. Handling it like a 👑.
Noaha TBG24K
Noaha TBG24K:
15:22 why LeBron did that 😂😂😂
E zy
E zy:
You’ve inspired me bron I don’t put on a jersey when I go to work but everytime I hit that time clock try go in do my job and do it to full no doubt about it inside and outside work
Daluyduy Salazar
Daluyduy Salazar:
How i wished avery bradley played
Nelson Beltran
Nelson Beltran:
Congrats LA!!!
Anti Christ
Anti Christ:
He use to be a cheater, but now he's a winner 🤭(laugh's)🤐. I mean....
BV Sports
BV Sports:
Lmao ..Lebrons reaction when he seen Dave McMenamen... when your ass sneek in here 🤣
Steve Abrokwa
Steve Abrokwa:
King James played a hell of a game tonight and he looks ready for his 4th chip💪🏾
Lebron is the greatest player ever 🦁 MJ is the Goat 🐐 Respect both legends 💯
L.J. de Paepe
L.J. de Paepe:
Congrats Lebron. Watching you for so many years, elite on and off the court, I cannot help but to want to see you win here, once, twice, perhaps treepeat. Just to set the bar for greatness ever higher. There is nobody in the position to do that like you for over a decade.
Astro Boy
Astro Boy:
There’s a 🐐 and there’s a 🤴🏿 argue as much as you want, but I prefer to follow a king.
al duty
al duty:
Cant wait to see the heat face them
Ron Alston
Ron Alston:
LeBron acting like he a blood talking about i appreciated it B lol # Lakers let's get this championship