LeBron James Says "I will Not Sleep Until The Job is Done" - Game 4 | October 6, 2020 NBA Finals

Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat - Full Game 4 Highlights | October 5, 2020 NBA Finals

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100+ comentarios:

Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
Kyrie is crying in Durants arms.
German Rudecindo
German Rudecindo:
I love how Ad always waits for Bron to finish his interview.
Quoc Le
Quoc Le:
enjoy greatness yall. just like how there will never be another Kobe Bryant, there will never be another LeBron James
*Lakers Win*
“It was too easy, it ain’t all that”

*Lakers Lose*
“LeBron choked”

*AD wins FMVP*
“LeBron got carried”

*LeBron wins FMVP*
“AD was robbed”
Mr. Lucky
Mr. Lucky:
They better wear the black mamba jerseys on Friday!!
Lebron is locked in. That’s a whole focused demeanor he got here. And shout out to House of highlights. The post game uploads are clutch.
Vishnoo Ravi
Vishnoo Ravi:
Lakers Handshakes: 👋🤚👈🤞👌👌✌️☝️👇🤛🤜✌️
The relationship between LBJ and AD is my favorite thing this year.
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez:
Literally the 1% of people who’s reading this,,, I strongly hope your parents live longer then 109 years with awesome health 🙏🏼 ✅
Fresh Prince of Florida
Fresh Prince of Florida:
No matter what bron is not gonna bash the opposite team🖤
Sal Valestra
Sal Valestra:
Not a soul:
Chris Broussard: _”I still say the Clippers have depth and they have dogs!!”_ 😂
Ryan Sansaricq
Ryan Sansaricq:
Lebron really looks like a guy who led his team to the Finals when he was 22, and now it seems like he's playing his "twilight" years with the perfect set up. Expect these Lakers to be back more than once. Same with this Heat core if they can retain it.
V I:
He took over in the 3rd. KCP was huge In the 4th
its Taco Tuesdaaaaaaaaaay
*”KCP saved LeBron’s legacy.”*

*I can already hear it.*
ツKleened ツ
ツKleened ツ:
Bron aint gonna lose on TACO TUESDAY💪💪
Jae Crowder probably still hard fouling this man in his dreams
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes:
Mamba Jersey next game they wont lose
Lebron James is so efficient! 50% from the floor to het 28 points. 12 Rebounds and 8 assists ain't bad either 😁
Rieula Grant
Rieula Grant:
I feel lebron is saving up something for the championship game
JR smith and jared dudley carried this team to a W
Tui Terore
Tui Terore:
Damn this dude is something else... Privileged to watch him and Jordan play in my lifetime
Laurence Jacob Torato
Laurence Jacob Torato:
Lebron making his case to his 4th Finals MVP!!
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
LeBron: "I'm not gonna sleep till we win the chip"

Everyone: "we are experiencing GREATNESS for DECADES"
First! Let's go Lakers! Love Jesus and God!

And everyone! Thank you for the likes!
Bron putting himself on the line when it mattered.
Dev DaGoat
Dev DaGoat:
bron 4 rings 4 fmvp haha that 4-6 gon hit reallll different hahaha
everyone who reads this, don’t feel like your downfall is your end. you can bounce back 🤞🏽 go be great
Thanks for coming to the Lakers Bron I appreciate you Bruh Let's get Championship number 17 #Lakersnation #RipKobe #RipGigi
Samuel Francs
Samuel Francs:
LeBron and AD’s chemistry ❤️❤️❤️
1 more win for ring number 4, and another finals MVP!!!
Yahya Habibi
Yahya Habibi:
Bruh when this team get demarcus cousins and avery Bradley back next year they might go back to back sheesh
Ceez B
Ceez B:
Tyler herro SNARL LMAOOOOOO where you at breh?

Like I said after Game 3, big mistake. LBJ wiped that snarl off ya!
Ceez B
Ceez B:
All I wanted after game 3 was for LBJ to wipe the snarl off herro's face...

herro's flop after LBJ leaned in was exceptional!!
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
How the hell does he remember those hand rituals for 15 teammates?
Jay Jus
Jay Jus:
Imma continue to not sleep until the job is done....you gotta love LBJ!
One more 4 Kobe... 🏆
Sean Smith
Sean Smith:
The Lakers got the job done tonight Fo showww!!!
Cam Newton
Cam Newton:
1 more Win, AD earns his 1st ring and LBJ 4th ring with 3 different teams! Let’s go Lakers 🏀
The Goat
The Goat:
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy:
I like how Kuzma wasn’t mentioned as part of giving help with the supporting cast. Lol
Neo Malapane
Neo Malapane:
AD waiting for LeBron to finish his interview do they could walk together. That's what I call commitment.
Curtis 23
Curtis 23:
The bench stepped up big tonight (surprisingly) #congrats
Hawi workneh
Hawi workneh:
He’s has the strongest mentality I have ever seen! 🐐👑
WonderBat Enthusiast1
WonderBat Enthusiast1:
The heat was causing havoc in the city of angels but the pope came through and purged the city of the horrendous wickedness of the brotherhood of Florida. The King made sure his Butler served him properly today and the Tower of Davis stood dominant against the cocky fraud hero. Lastly, the Ration of Rondo poisoned the enemies, causing them to choke

Lakers in 5.
Tomas Maria
Tomas Maria:
Thanks lbj. You shut down Jimmy. I bet you, Jimmy made a big mistake by disrespecting King James in game 3. Today lbj played in championship mode. Now you are in really trouble
cooper Gary
cooper Gary:
The excuses: LeBron got carried, it was the refs, AD and Kcp saved LeBrons legacy, if dragic was playing,bam was still hurt, LeBron payed the refs on his sons BDay, the whole finals is rigged because of kobes death...Blah Blah Blah Blah...Cry me a river and build a ocean with it and just except the ass whooping like a man
Ethan H
Ethan H:
That's my finals mvp
CuRly_HeAd_RaY FN
CuRly_HeAd_RaY FN:
Waiting for flight reaction be like😐
k'naan Man
k'naan Man:
"I don't sleep when I'm tired, I sleep when I'm done" (Eric Thomas)
T. MILL JR Insights
T. MILL JR Insights:
To anyone reading I hope you become successful and prosperity fills your house.
Lyndon Cook
Lyndon Cook:
2:21 Jinxed lol 😂
Rick S.
Rick S.:
Bring it home to Los Angeles. 🏆
Keep focused.
Stay hungry.
Mori Yooo
Mori Yooo:
Those Heat jokes cooling down I see lmmfaooo
Young Boi
Young Boi:
Crowder hella soft, Lebron gunna trade him 😂
Miami never stood a chance in this series.

It ends Friday night.
John Edzel Bardaje
John Edzel Bardaje:
well now we know who's in trouble😂
hagsvsvbsba hshabab
hagsvsvbsba hshabab:
Lakers in 5 💛💜
Leon Yu
Leon Yu:
Kobe said sleeping was one of the most important aspects of his game
Edward Rice
Edward Rice:
Man I sure will miss Lebron when he retires!!!!!! This guy is truly amazing to watch!!!!!!
llljjj iiilll
llljjj iiilll:
KCP looks proud when Bron approaches them.
Earl Joseph Andrade
Earl Joseph Andrade:
The entire time AD was waiting on the side for LeBron to finish his interview. Thats what good team mates do.
haters really quiet today 😂😂😂
I love that ad waited for bron to finish giving interview :)
Greg Gonzales
Greg Gonzales:
Damn he gonna be up for a week.. lmao 🤣🤣
Clinthon Rusiana
Clinthon Rusiana:
Crazy how the King remembers how the plays went real time🤯
saliya weerasinghe
saliya weerasinghe:
Davis was waiting for Bron until he finishes with his interview and left the arena with him.. great team mates.
Jimmy is failing Bronny 😂
Jason Vorhees
Jason Vorhees:
Bro change the thumpnail😭
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan:
Bron Dong: "I won't pee until Heat got the win.
BleachFan 2.0
BleachFan 2.0:
1:12 AD : I swear if this man wins MVP....
Ryan Andujar
Ryan Andujar:
GOAT 👑 James!!! 💯
Ma. Katherine Joy Tajonera
Ma. Katherine Joy Tajonera:
Lebron james mvp🥰
Darius Bowie
Darius Bowie:
my tv shut off when this came on thank you!
Samuel Coronel
Samuel Coronel:
Damn kcp has a good game
Lebron said to kcp: Play good or im gonna trade you
Julius Lim
Julius Lim:
I am witnessing the GOAT
hakim solana
hakim solana:
youre in trouble Mr. Butler this coming Friday night! go #23LakerNation for the #17th_World_Championship_Title!
Young Sinatra
Young Sinatra:
“I’m coming “ Jimmy Butler
Lynn Vaughn
Lynn Vaughn:
Samuelu Family
Samuelu Family:
Duede!! Finish it up Lakers please.
I haven't sleep too🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emz Dela Torre
Emz Dela Torre:
Bron and AD waiting to each other to finish the interview is so ❤..
Gentlemen Sweep...😏
Sly Juhbar
Sly Juhbar:
still proud of the heat for even making the finals wit all the young talent they have . 🔥🏀
Rip Kobe 🌏🏀
The Afi Kingdom Podcast
The Afi Kingdom Podcast:
Where that black mamba 🔥🔥🔥
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha:
Danny Green back-to-back champ lol 🐐 😃
Trying to sound like Kawai 😂
Nemar Resultan
Nemar Resultan:
We're in Trouble 😥

- Jimmy Butler ft. Tyler Herro
Dino Roman
Dino Roman:
No one:

Me: Dayuuuummmm that handshake with bron and KCP was *CLEAN*
R Masters
R Masters:
No doubt Lebron is MVP of this Finals!!!
Alvinator 520
Alvinator 520:
So when we gonna get a RDC video on this?
Zeni Ju
Zeni Ju:
LEBelt on the way home
You're in trouble motivation
David Angelo
David Angelo:
job not finished 😎
God of Dreamzzz
God of Dreamzzz:
“LeBron is looking really really tired out there tonight“ -commentators, Friday night
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs:
This will be very tough for KD and Kyrie to cope with
Aey Phan
Aey Phan:
Mann LeBron is focus8d! No smiles and no laughing just straight King Savageness! 👑
4th ring is coming and haters gonna be crying😂😂😂