LeBron James vs Frank Ntilikina and Enes Kanter - LeBron mocks Ntilikina!

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs New York Knicks - 11.13.2017

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100+ comentarios:

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Bruh somebody get some knee pads for these announcers.
It's a 19 year old rookie, nothing wrong with Kanter sticking up for him.
Franco Bradshaw
Franco Bradshaw:
these commentators acted like Kanter shot someone , cringe 😂😂
A. W. B.
A. W. B.:
Kanter, only been threatened with death or imprisonment by the Turkish government and Erdogan supporters..... but people think he be scared to beef with LeBron? LOL
Adam Castagnetti
Adam Castagnetti:
"Kanter started the whole thing" Yo pass that blunt man.
Kal El
Kal El:
These announcers are idiots. Of course Kanter is going to back up his teammate and he didn't do anything but talk. They acting like he threw punches lol
If there’s any issue here it’s the unprofessional commentators
I️ dare that announcer who said “mr. tough guy” to say that in Kanters face
giby blesson
giby blesson:
kanter stood up for his rokiee... it's all about team spirit..
Go Getter
Go Getter:
Kanter was looking out of the corner of his eye like "damn ref hurry up and separate us" @1:12
Grizzly G
Grizzly G:
These announcers earning that paycheck smh
Yules-yose Casas
Yules-yose Casas:
these Cavs announcers are delusional
Sir Robin of Camelot
Sir Robin of Camelot:
And I thought the Boston announcers were bad, Jesus Christ
he really got into a 18yr olds face?????
Man Kanter gotta be one of the best teammates in the league always standing up for his brothers, respect
drunk ass cleveland announcers!
the black capitalist
the black capitalist:
just what the boston celtics needed!!! great pick up!!!!
Kei Kek
Kei Kek:
Damn this announcers. Okay it's fine to be biased with their team but man they are the most biased that i've heard. It's too much. For them Cavs never did anything wrong lmao.
Kayzon Harrison
Kayzon Harrison:
So we gone act like Lebron ain't got his ankles rocked 😂😂
Ryan Pacatte
Ryan Pacatte:
Wow those announcers are dumb. Props to Kanter for sticking up for his teammate. The worst he should get for that is a tech
OKC Celtics
OKC Celtics:
Mad respect to Kanter though! Not just because that he stood up for his rookie but you could tell that he wasn’t scared of lebron even in the slightest! Kanter was almost imprisoned for life or even sentenced to death by the Turkish Government....Lebron is the last thing that would faze Kanter! And I respect Frank for not being scared to shove the King when he’s getting in your face as well! One of my favorite rookies!
keith green
keith green:
10 seconds into this I knew this was the Cleveland feed.
Camelemos Bleu
Camelemos Bleu:
I wouldn't fight kanter, even if he started with me, which he did, I will just ask him, wanna sprite? 😁
The Boy
The Boy:
Guys chill lebron just welcoming this rookie into the league, showing how strong you have to be mentally and physically.
Bro LeBron at least 6’9
b617 _
b617 _:
When he said "he excited the riot" at 1:19. I knew he was on Cleveland's payroll.
SihYuan Wu
SihYuan Wu:
Cav announcers are the only ones I mute whenever I watch a NBA game.
Homey don't play that
Homey don't play that:
LeBron looking at kanter like "wtf you gon do get TF outta my face"😂
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas:
YEAH Kanter!!! Get 'em
What are these announcers going to say when Lebron leaves after the season?
Evan Wong
Evan Wong:
Love lebron but he definitely in the wrong here. Frank didn’t get in his way on purpose and there wasn’t any reason to get into it really.
Who else hated whenever Lebron shook his shoulders like "easy man, I'm chill"
Tony Stank
Tony Stank:
0:44 Kanter started the whole thing? 🤔
When people commented before the game was over talkn shii but now notice that the knicks chocked a 23 point lead in the 4th quarter😂
Sic narf
Sic narf:
Kanter didn’t touch no one. No techs

League getting softer every year
Gah damn these Cavs announcers lol . but good shit LeBron.. Even tho Courtney Lee crossed the hell out of him right after.. Just missed the shot
They sound like WWE announcers.
Jordan Vitale
Jordan Vitale:
Lebron haters funny man they be in they feelings 24/7 about this dude 💀
Lebron was relieved when the refs broke it up.
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar:
not even a brawl. just some clean competitiveness.
Elton Wharton
Elton Wharton:
1:47 Bron got shook
clash man
clash man:
French Prince baby🔥 🔥 🔥!!!Lebron who????😂👍 yeah that's our rookie with huge balls of steel!!!
Mickey Johnson
Mickey Johnson:
Enes!!!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯
If the cavs lose that’s a FAT L. Also are we going to ignore that lebron almost got his shits snapped
Kenneth Haynes
Kenneth Haynes:
Yo who the hell are these announcers?,
Nath Anter
Nath Anter:
Kanter went full Charles Oakley mode on Lebron james...New York mentality
Every teams announcers are pretty biased though
Tojnam Complex
Tojnam Complex:
Am I the only one hearing the commentators ...Kanter is a bad guy for standing for his teammate.. on top of that Lebron hits the free throw and they say... "the way you shut em up is make the shots" are they even allowed to say that???
Mateusz Mańko
Mateusz Mańko:
Enes please stay with the Knicks
Welcome to Boston Enes! All the best for you and your family!
“LeBron has good on ball defense” 1:50
He has great off ball D though
roy oquendo
roy oquendo:
"u knew he was gonna mouth off" sports casters ridin lebron... clearly lebron started it
Don’t Know
Don’t Know:
This must be Cleveland’s broadcasts
Amadeus Carven
Amadeus Carven:
Kanter = Freddy Mercury
Chef C
Chef C:
Bron knows what he’s doing. Get inside the head of your opponents especially when they’re hot heads. Right after the altercation is a foul and 2 on the board for Cleveland thats no coincidence.
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman:
These commentators sound like they were bullied their whole life.
Rashad Hanna
Rashad Hanna:
“Inciting the riot” 😂😂😂
Lebron was tryna get sucked up thats why he stood there
Yxng. Wxvy
Yxng. Wxvy:
Im still trying to figure out where there was a foul
Julien Broche
Julien Broche:
LeBron is the best one !
Matthew D
Matthew D:
God bless you guys and your families
Seb Bourne
Seb Bourne:
He’s just sticking up for his rookie
Perfect reaction by Frank... MAAANN.. 20YO HE SAYS LBJ COME ON !!!! I LOOOVE IT!
Chester Wilson Jr.
Chester Wilson Jr.:
Im not even a Lebron but that little kid is just salty after the play and pushes lebron for no reason
Tru 602
Tru 602:
Love dude In NY 👏🏾
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor:
This was the NBA in the 80's and 90's. Seeing any emotion or confrontation is a rare thing these days.
tan breezy
tan breezy:
"And here comes the police force" these announcers lmaooo
khalid Yusuf
khalid Yusuf:
"Here comes the police force"😂😂
Panda Ronnie
Panda Ronnie:
We all know you never try the king
Sotero Mares
Sotero Mares:
You can tell Enes Kanter was waiting his entire life for that moment.
Dubois Watkins
Dubois Watkins:
You never get lebron angry. That is a recipe for disaster. You go at him with your play on the court.
Kayjuan Heuston
Kayjuan Heuston:
The only time the knicks were relevant this season 😂
Mike Maffe
Mike Maffe:
:45 “kanter started the whole thing” 🤦🏻‍♂️ surprised they were able to get that out with Lebrons meat in their mouth
Dohanic Empire
Dohanic Empire:
Don’t mess with the King
poetrhode don
poetrhode don:
Bron be crying to the ref
Ohio Hurricane
Ohio Hurricane:
We shoulda kept kanter. Love that dude!
Kanter wrestled with Steven Adams all the time. He ain't scared of anyone on the court.
this class B players have the guts, specially that damn rookie pushing for no reason
Víctor Sanz Abenza
Víctor Sanz Abenza:
I like LeBron but that is a**hole behaviour.
Gerald Abreu
Gerald Abreu:
Lebrón James
Sam Kan
Sam Kan:
Drama flopping Queen just couldn’t pick on someone his own size! ......lmao
Marino Reyes
Marino Reyes:
1:09 Legend status
Clay G
Clay G:
2:27 no foul
I think we may have just found the Boston Bruins announcers equivalent in the nba.
Like listening to Jerkoff Edwards all over again.
"The Decision" ... perhaps the most egotistical, embarrassing moment in sports history, even for a man who's had as many as Lebron. Thank God the Knicks never landed this POS.
cameron knox
cameron knox:
I feel like lebron was showing tough love cuz he a rookie. Just tryna rough em up 🤷🏾‍♂️ but i do understand kanter for sticking up for his teammate tho
Davudun Ulduzu
Davudun Ulduzu:
0 12 second music name? pls
Brian Baty
Brian Baty:
How did kanter start it???
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim:
notice how they didnt say one word about bron lmao
King still King, Kanter? WTF
Temperrr CODM
Temperrr CODM:
Enes Kanter's eyes changed
BoS BoS:
Kanter still shakes his head 😂😂😂
etuboldon boldon
etuboldon boldon:
"I don't hear you because you got beans within the mouth"
Peter Voorhees
Peter Voorhees:
Lmaooo LeBron really think he Jordan when it come to the refs 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chandler Jay
Chandler Jay:
Kanter?... lmao... was he the one said prior to his draft that he has the ability of a dwight howard and a dirk nowitzki combined... hahahhaa.. what a joke...
Number 1 Lebron Fan
Number 1 Lebron Fan:
I know JR wasn't on the floor.
It's ch.illmatic
It's ch.illmatic:
That wingspan tho😱
intro music ?