Leeds 1-1 Man City Post Match Analysis | City Couldn't Handle Leed's Intense Football

Post Match Analysis of Leeds United's 1-1 draw with Manchester City in Premier League.

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The Barbarian
The Barbarian:
Well done Leeds, playing without fear against everybody. Bielsa's built a team that's more than the sum of its parts. Excellent stuff 👏
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
imagine leeds vs atalanta 😂😂😂
not enough space on the scoreboard
Magsen Bush
Magsen Bush:
Don’t forget City is superior on paper , Pep spent more than a Billion, Leeds deserve credit
Leeds should have won
Tommo Tommo
Tommo Tommo:
Leeds haven't even hit full form yet...nowhere near their best.
Is it just me or do the match clips just appear as freeze frames and not actual running video?
We kept that intensity up for two years in the Championship you absolute donuts. 46-50 matches per season
Elhadji Gueye
Elhadji Gueye:
5 points dropped after only 3 games. Man City are quickly putting a lot of pressure on themselves
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven:
Wanted Leeds to win. So close! Neutral supporter
Nick Mancuso
Nick Mancuso:
God Leeds are fun to watch, my mate's a big fan of them and got me to watch them a while ago. Wish they had nabbed this one. They are definitely starting to turn commentator's heads! (Liverpool supporter)
Hebinda pun
Hebinda pun:
Everyone should concern about intensity of Leeds
Shearer clearly doesnt know this Leeds team they had THE BEST deffence in the championship they now have a new cb partnership and an inexperienced keeper .It will take time for them to adjust but make no mistake this team are here to stay and they wont be as open as he think far from it .For the most part City resorted to pot shots with only 2 on target while Leeds had 7 on target and hit the woodwork 3 times .Mark my words LUFC will finish top 6 once they get into their stride , you havent seen the best from this team yet not by long shot .
Dan Holmes
Dan Holmes:
We will give anyone a game this year. We wont win em all but anywhere above relegation is good for me. Playing like that some prem teams are in for a shock from a newly promoted team
David Humphries
David Humphries:
how did we not win. MOT delighted with the point.
Abdi Mustafa
Abdi Mustafa:
The crazy thing is one or two city players would Cost more than the whole leeds
BREAKING NEWS!!!! owen Hargreaves suffered injury during this
simo blue
simo blue:
Leeds are a very good team, I think they are better than , manchester United, tottenham, arsenal, they are very good, they all play like world beaters, very very very good team
Chris Chadwick
Chris Chadwick:
Leeds kept that intensity up in the championship with more games more frequently so they’ll keep it up easily in the prem.
They didn’t back off in the championship because the opposites was poorer. They running and intensity stays the same no matter who the opposition is.
The possession is dropping against prem teams. So Leeds are enjoying 50odd % possession against the likes of Man City and Liverpool whereas they’d of had 70+% against the likes of Middlesbrough in the championship.
That loss of 20% possession will make it harder for Leeds as it’s harder work being out of possession than it is being in possession.
But let’s face it, with less games to play in the prem, Leeds will keep it up. They’ll piss it.
They’ll have their wobbles but it won’t be because they are tired. Anyone who suggests this (shearer included) knows fuck all about Leeds.
Gude Nima
Gude Nima:
Leeds will surely finish within Top 10 this season...
Tilak R
Tilak R:
I hv never seen a team pressing in their own defence..
Hats off leeds
J C:
This Leeds much better miles ahead of the overrated United
Damed United
Damed United:
Lol querious to see if we can do it for a full season? Lol omg we've been playing like this since 2018 over a 46 game championship season. Your only just taking notice!
nkwelle eugene
nkwelle eugene:
who can remember what klop said after the open game leed played against Liverpool " Lead will surprise so many teams this season not only Liverpool ". here we are seeing it for ourselves
Tony Lawlor
Tony Lawlor:
Great to see Leeds back in the top flight.
Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly:
Fair play to Leeds they have to be talked about ending top 6 easily the way they are going and how they play football thanks Leeds YNWA❤️
iPad App play
iPad App play:
Just to dispel a myth - sustaining this over the season, 46 games in the championship. 8 games less and no doubt a reserve team in the FA cup.
Laureano Alfaro
Laureano Alfaro:
They miss Kun, what team won't miss him?
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman:
Leeds is like a crazed ferret, no fear against the best of the best
Manumalo Mapusua
Manumalo Mapusua:
Leeds are staying in the prem I hope Bielsa stays long term
Russell Howarth
Russell Howarth:
How smashed is Shearer? 😂
Leeds Starting XI Yesterday⤵️
Meslier - 5m
Ayling - 750k
Koch - 12m
Cooper - 675k
Dallas -1.7m
Phillips - 0
Klich -1.5m
Costa - 15m
Alioski - 2.25m
Roberts - 2.5m
Bamford - 7m

Total 48.4m

Man city spent more than that on 1 player last week, and have spent hundreds of millions on their team.
Imagine _Ederson_ thinking he needs to have _"Ederson M."_ on his jersey ;-)
Jimbob Redd
Jimbob Redd:
Brilliant performance from the lads proud as punch you got to admit we've shocked a lot of people and for the right reasons this time. We have showed the world we can play football with the best of them and this is without the prescence of the crowds. Just wait until your team comes to Elland road and you feel how intimidating and intense it is. Without a doubt we are BACK. MOT ALAW LUFC!!!
There is No Try
There is No Try:
Hargreaves; "liverpool arent going to drop many points"...lost 7-2 to villa
From the pressing, the amount of possession, the number of shots on target, without star-stud players, Leeds deserve to win this game! Well done!
g h
g h:
Leeds play perfect risk and reward fooyball
David Mark Aldridge
David Mark Aldridge:
Here he goes again . . . won't be able to sustain the pace . . . yet we've done it over 2 seasons with an extra 8 games. No idea; what's he doing as a pundit?
StoGie 87
StoGie 87:
Shearer we did that tempo every game in a 46 game season in the Championship. Do ya research!
Andry Budin
Andry Budin:
Leeds is a team that not going to be playable. The intensity of the team .
Nick Ward
Nick Ward:
Do these lot not realise we've just come up from a league that plays 46 games not including cups
38 games no bother
lawrence miyoba
lawrence miyoba:
they play with no fear..how I don't know... Are we underestimating Leeds
We need a bigger squad if we are to compete at this pace for the whole season.
Nate C.
Nate C.:
Leeds for a top 8 finish, anyone else reckon.
Daniel Steward
Daniel Steward:
Best game this season so far
Interesting times ahead as all indications shows Man City are unable to challenge for the EPL trophy again. Their problems are spectacular for even the blind to see but arrogant and untouchable Pep still doesn't see the need to go get a quality LB and a clinical Striker.
Great point for city. Leeds will provide problems to every team. That’s a good point for city away at Leeds.
mark markos
mark markos:
City is done.Guardiola demolished the core group by experimenting in Champions league's crucial matches 3 years in a row and updated it by neglecting team's crucial problems(all in recruitment area).Man City can only fall down further with Guardiola in charge and it was a bad decision to hold onto him after "Lyon debacle."
Leeds deserved to win this match
elvis barasa
elvis barasa:
Leeds were really good.
Ederson was the Man Of The Match.
Shawn Kristoferu
Shawn Kristoferu:
Well there goes Guardiola spending another £250 millions this year. Soon everyone will be playing at MC for the dirty oil money.

I think he has already spent over £100 millions this year yet can’t get into a UCL semi without Messi.
P Reds
P Reds:
Well done City, on getting 1 point
Artin z
Artin z:
Thanks leeds to kick sterlings ass
Cure ForTech
Cure ForTech:
are we witnessing the fall of once ruthless man city?
Maleco Satyam
Maleco Satyam:
The league will be over soon for city liverpool is another level
zero cool
zero cool:
Leeds played more games last season think about that
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
I don't understand the comment about keeping up the intensity all season. Leeds have done this for 2 full seasons already with 46 games each season. Mid week and weekend games. There's only 38 games in the Premier league.
Mikhail Davis
Mikhail Davis:
Leeds is the new Sheffield for this season💪🏾 props to you Bielsa sir!
Harry One
Harry One:
Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly:
It’s not gonna be the last time city drop points 5 points dropped in the first 3 games
Brizzy 91270
Brizzy 91270:
Liverpool’s to lose now ! Even this early Man City looking shaky this early isn’t good 🤷‍♂️
Stephen Hodgson
Stephen Hodgson:
Alan Shearer really needs to watch some tapes of Bielsa ball. The defending starts with Bamford and goes through the whole team, it's not just the back five. In regards to the comment can they keep it going because the games will be coming thick and fast. Last season we played 46 games and the whole season is thick and fast. Teams that get relegated often struggle when the games start to pile up because they have been playing fewer games the season before. For example teams in the Championship all have five more games this month, teams in the Premier League have three.
Liverpool shud have got werner along with jota ..that wud have completed their worries for atleast a couple of years
MWAV Leeds
MWAV Leeds:
Y'all musta forgot
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker:
I don’t think it’s quite as simple as the forward players just “go and do your stuff” I think that takes away from Bielsa’s tactical innovation. Those forward runs are like set pieces in open play, a lot of work goes into creating the space in order to play that quickly.
Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon:
Bielsa increasingly looks like an elite manager. You wonder what he might do had he the front players of the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea or Spurs at his disposal.
Mendy Pierre
Mendy Pierre:
Out out Mendy and sterling the team
ankit ghildiyal
ankit ghildiyal:
leeds gonna surprise many top teams
Craig Faircloth
Craig Faircloth:
Games coming thick and fast lol impossible to keep the intensity up lol OK Al pipe down we played more games in the championship last season played sat Tues sat wed sat Tues every week and still played with that intensity week in week out lol do ur research as a pundit and u will know this is the Leeds utd way!!!
Billion dollar team vs 50 million dollar team, if that
Diego Lucero
Diego Lucero:
No fear!!!
miguel giorgio
miguel giorgio:
Me gusta mucho el juego del Leed , con una diferencia económica importante.
John Lyons
John Lyons:
Will pep go to PSG or JUVE even BARCA
Jackie Hafez
Jackie Hafez:
Did you see KDB free kick? Or you were watching a nother game
Meena Parakh
Meena Parakh:
man city played well
Leeds are going to be a real problem this season
We'll win the premier league 🏆 again!!!!
What channel is this?
reallife man
reallife man:
Let win this year
Everyone saying here Guardiolas spending in transfer market. Would like to ask what about Ole, Klopp. Klopp has the credit of signing most expensive GK and CB. Before saying blah blah do some research
indrohari 1908
indrohari 1908:
just another cliche of believe, passion .. can these pundit try to analysis at how bielsa solve city pressing and nullified kalvin philips or effect of fernandinho make city dominate in last 15 minute ..
S P:
If this was UTD loosing point these pundits would've gone berserk criticizing Ole and team.
Cian Wood
Cian Wood:
Regarding if Leeds can keep up with this pace all season.. championship has many 3 game weeks and overall just more games in general. I expect we should be able to keep it up all season in premier
Eric Hefner
Eric Hefner:
I think man city has paid all the pundits because they never seem to criticize pep or man city.
ccf wins
ccf wins:
It will be interesting if this season Liverpool biggest rival is Everton.... is it going to be the end of manchester era? But of course the season is still early and anything can happen.
Selvin Martin
Selvin Martin:
Y’all still believe not having a preseason is no excuse?
We played this way over 46 games last season but Shearer thinks it’s impossible to do it over 38
Don Master
Don Master:
Leeds are playing the way Manchester United used to play. Attack attack attack. If you play like that and have special players it will always win regardless of all these new managers philosophies
African and Proud
African and Proud:
Well done Leeds. But before we get carried away, does anyone remember how well Norwich were playing at the beginning of last season? . The rest, as they say, is history.
Jamo Duncan
Jamo Duncan:
Leeds should of won against Liverpool and man city dominated both teams and the better team Leeds are on 🔥
Skipper 27
Skipper 27:
Honestly nobody will say it but Man City's forwards are all injured Aguero and Jesus
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor:
Well done Leeds for realising what other coaches were saying about Bielsa .If you're a student of Einstein and getting the job done , then sooner or later someone has to hire Einstein . Pochettino , Guardiola and how many other managers inspired by his style . Bielsa may well get a top job soon - I guess let's see how Leeds do with supposedly less accomplished players than most of the teams around them . They may be this seasons wolves .
City r lucky to be drawn
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson:
Risky football got them promoted and also rubbing up the premiership odds on to stay up and I think I'll bet for top half maybe top six finish.
Paul Donnison
Paul Donnison:
Alan Shearer one of the least tactically aware pundits
Kian O'Donoghue
Kian O'Donoghue:
Did Shearer say Rodrigo cost Leeds 60 million? 😂
Sport Billy
Sport Billy:
I Think a lot of teams will struggle against our (Leeds) intensity this season, and to put to bed the myth about been able to do it week in week out. We played 10 more games last season than potentially this and actually got stronger in the last third of the season. Players were covering more ground with more possession as the season went on.
We have already shown against Liverpool and now City 2 of Europe’s elite we can out work you and with a bit more luck could have even got better results, against Liverpool we had a brand new defence been together less than 48 hours yesterday we had no Jack Harrison and a great keeper against us and the bloody cross bar lol
If nothing else it’s not going to be dull MOT
Lee A Heron
Lee A Heron:
Look at the teams Guardiola has managed. Barca, Bayern, City ... it’s not exactly Brian Clough & Nottingham Forest is it?? I hope he gets found out
Don Jon
Don Jon:
Pepe problem is everywhere he goes his team look unbelievable for a few seasons then gets sussed out and he leaves to another country😄 l reckon next season will be in serie a
Ian Hall
Ian Hall:
If week keep playing like this we won’t have a chance at the title. Mendy needs to go useless