Leeds Vs Tottenham [LIVE WATCHALONG]

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86 comentarios:

Lateef Ayinla
Lateef Ayinla:
These two guys are not crying. If it were Jose, they would cry. Jose made you all feel Spurs could win something. Now, you don't even feel the loss
Pedro Neves
Pedro Neves:
35:40 1-0 Dallas
47:13 1-1 Son
1:04:08 2-1 Bamford
2:03:10 3-1 Rodrigo
Lateef Ayinla
Lateef Ayinla:
Tottenham way is not to win a trophy. Jose wanted to win one but they felt he was going the other way and they sacked him.
After mou being sacked I am watching Spurs as a neutral again, so less stressful!!. Only heartbreak and sympathy I have is for Harry and Hugo.
Nelson Silva
Nelson Silva:
Tottenham fans - I want Mourinho to be gone so we can be a great team again
Reality - hold my beer
Jack Berglas
Jack Berglas:
The guy on the right’s chants get unlocked whenever Spurs score 😂
dallas goal 35:40
1-1 Son 47:13
2-1 Bamford 1:04:08
3-1 Rodrigo 2:03:10
Vocal One
Vocal One:
How can we continue to blame mourinho for not playing attacking football. We have to be smart about when to play and when no to. This defense is atrocious
Imagine blaming Pochettino for Eriksen becoming dissolution that the rest of the team were not good enough to win trophies, while giving Poch nothing like the bank the other teams were spending. Then not replacing Eriksen or the now badly ageing defence then blaming Mourinho for not taking the team forward. On paper Tottenham are only one place down on where I had them at the start of the season. I had them ahead of the Hammers and Leicester but behind Liverpool. So how is it a huge disappointment to be one place down on what you should have expected given the players available.
"Super chat comment here, why do Spurs always bottle finals and important moments?"


Daniel Njuguna
Daniel Njuguna:
"Am happy they scored" 😂. He's beyond angry
Same players, different coach!
Lateef Ayinla
Lateef Ayinla:
Bale: "This is the Tottenham way"
Haru Haru
Haru Haru:
Board & Fans: Let's fire Mourinho, we need to get rid of him to win the league cup and qualify for the CL!!
Reality: 😉
Grd Diallo
Grd Diallo:
Go n watch expression,,,,,, he’s horrific like the Spurs boys, more terrific compare to how happy he was when Mou was sacked
Omkar Dalvi
Omkar Dalvi:
Since Mourinho left: Kane 0 G/A
commando azbo
commando azbo:
Leeds have a good record against big clubs in the premier league.
Jay Michaels
Jay Michaels:
I loved the comment Leeds are looking tired now 2 mins before Bamford makes it 2-1 !!
Luis Baltazar
Luis Baltazar:
José Mourinho out???? Well deserved spurs!
Stephen Vincent
Stephen Vincent:
If Dier is picked for the next game then he must know where the body is buried and as for Reguilon if he was at Madam Tussaud they would tell him to keep moving as they are stock taking.
Jack Berglas
Jack Berglas:
Imagine being a Spurs fan. What’s the point?
Tottenham defender Eric Dier feels criticism of his performances ‘a bit unfair’
The thing that hurts the most is the supporters have more ambitions then the club and even some players
Odartey Lamptey
Odartey Lamptey:
See Roman next season
Bale is worse.....attacking my ass
Madrid doesn't want him....
Jose is a blessing 🙏 🙌
Lateef Ayinla
Lateef Ayinla:
Reguilon and Hojberg have been shit since jose left....you all thought it was an easy thing for jose and anyone could do it....now, you see that everyone can do it....Bale: "This is the Tottenham way"... "this" here refers to losing matches
Olatunde Oparemi
Olatunde Oparemi:
These guys are the funniest ever! Terrific to Horrific 😂😂😂
There’s only one team in London who’s the real deal. Spurs and arsenal are honestly just out there bantering each other on who’s worst
MrBubble78 loucas
MrBubble78 loucas:
I’m happy they scored lol 🤣🤣😆
LoCelso averages 1/2 goal and assist a season in the prem. Can't tackle, head and is an average passer. Mason must have brain damage. And since when has Lemella ever changed a game? If you play too many Alli, Son, LoCelso, Lamella, Lucas etc we are a wet paper bag. With Dier holding it.
Tottenham fans.. Making pressure when you should be supportive and calm. "Fans" made this season worst criticizing everyone when they are part of the problem creating unnecessary unrest
zanir ebrahim
zanir ebrahim:
These players need to be on minimum wage and zero-hours contracts. Conman levy has made us a bullshit club!!
Where’s the attacking football without Mourinho? What exactly is the game plan from this Mason 🤡? Only stupid Levy will sack Mourinho and think he knows it all. I remembered we won against Leeds 3-0 under Mourinho. Levy out! Deadwoods out! Toxic fans out!
James Shui
James Shui:
It's frustrating to see how Mason couldn't come up with a Plan B in the 15-min break at half time. Bielsa's masterclass wouldn't have happened if we changed tactics after the break.
Stephen Vincent
Stephen Vincent:
They were so bad they will soon be making Arsenal look good - yes, that bad.
Raymond Deeble
Raymond Deeble:
Oh the pain ⚒😂⚒😂
Matthew Olugbemi MAIN
Matthew Olugbemi MAIN:
I think few things are destroying or has destroyed Spurs:

- the Pochetino sentiment: Poch is gone but the majority of the fans, Spurs media, pundits, and Spurs YouTubers are still living in the past and refuse to see or accept anything good that the new manager was doing.
If Posh is so so good, how come it took him so long to secure a new job with so many clubs deciding against getting him, despite the media agenda to sell him by linking him to every job opening.
Great he got PSG but we see how it's going on there. Could get better.

- The bias again Mourinho. For Jose to be this successful, he has his ideas, philosophy, and way of play that is well mastered. His Game Art has proven to be successful in every club he has been to and won in different countries.

The media came with different agendas to sell and the naivety of the fans was to their profit.
Selling narratives:

* He is finished, past it - even when he recently won 3 trophies in his last job, while those they push to us as modern managers never won any trophy or only won after 5 years.

* Not modern - what is modern? What style of football won the world cub? Not tikitaka, France won playing Jose way, that is the pinnacle of football.
Football has different philosophies, because you don't like one or like other managers do not make the style outdated.

* Fall out with players in every team - What the media and pundits did not sell is that the standard of the focus and work rate he demands is high and the players that were claimed he felled out with him are the lazy, distracted, or weak-minded players that he tried to improve but refused. Like the Hazard, Pogba, Shaw, Dele, Ndombele, etc. And the media supports and pushes these players not to take instructions so they can write stories to sell.
It could be argued that he is strict but nothing of hate, the manager was just doing his job.

* He is finished at the Top clubs, no club will want him, only national team or retire - this is the lie that the media is selling but there are still so many clubs waiting for the opportunity to have Jose. He got a new job in 2 weeks and could have gotten a PSG or Real Madrid if he decided to wait.

Spurs went with these media narratives, lie and think that the manager is now bad and past.

- That the Spurs players are good and only held back by the manager - as sold by the media, pundits and echoed by the fans.
Ryan Mason got in and the first changes he made were to restore Winks, Dele, Bale as echoed or painted by the pundits and fans as good players held back, while not looking at the imbalance that it brings to the team.
Ndombele shut out, Bergwin, Tanganga, Rodon out of sight but no single mention in the papers or cry by fans but they destroyed the former manager for benching Ndombele, and almost forced the player out making him feel he was hated.

- Refusal of Spurs to sign quality defenders: these knock off Spurs as a club that wants to challenge. Reported manager targets were not gotten, and those players were poached by other clubs and it made them stronger.

Imagine how good Spurs could have been if the defense was sorted and the attack is able to focus on their attacking.
Add Reuben Diaz, Bruno Fernandez, and Skriniar to this current team and they would have challenged for the titles.
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert:
Asna and spuds would been the sheff utd and wba of that super league 😂 red or white North London is shite
he was well on side hahaha
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson:
Spurs brought a book out couple of years back when they kissed the champions league called one step from glory other teams bring books out because they win trophies. That is why Spurs are a small club from a Liverpool fan.
Peter Vincent
Peter Vincent:
3-6 would have fairer, but what's the difference?!
Big six my arse! Only one team have gone undefeated at home against all the so called "big 6". LEEDS!!!
Gordon Vale
Gordon Vale:
Leeds were great
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
this season
spurs 🤝 arsenal 🤝 liverpool
😂. José Mourinho Out, Oooooh waif 🤔. He’s been gone for a while now and you still losing, playing bad and for worse defensively. I thought it was all José Mourinho fault and the drawing room wasn’t playing for him anymore.
T C:
I just do not understand how Tottenham have fans?
Tottenham deserve to play in the conference league for that and so do arsenal 🤣
BK 201
BK 201:
Thats what u get for slacking two whole windows
Still Call
Still Call:
Tottenham every defenders should be sell this summer. Buy all the new defenders. Defenders was the big reason why those 3 goals were given to leeds. We should thank hugo if it wasn't the score it would have been 6-1 ... spursy are out of top4 no more ucl. You can see it's not manager fault it was all defenders problems.
Jacky .W
Jacky .W:
Bale said : ATTACK , attack attac , atta att , at , a , ............🏌‍♂️🏌‍♀️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♀️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♀️
1:41:52. "Girly ball" LOL!!!
Gary Hillman
Gary Hillman:
You obviously didn’t match our fitness and output we could of had 6 without Raphina n phillips for most of the game , you had poch what a f up letting him go a bielsa baby , 3/4 top players in next year you will see Leeds with Bielsa in the top 3 WATCH !!
Fired jm for the wrong reasons
YoiTZ Christian
YoiTZ Christian:
Wake up these players are simply not good enough, top four was never there.
xyz xyz25
xyz xyz25:
Poor totties ... will play europa conference league next season and will get knocked out in group stage .... COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simon Morris
Simon Morris:
ian stewart
ian stewart:
Did Bale play?
Get rid of levy asap
The Realist
The Realist:
Fans were wetting themselves after beating a relegated Sheffield Utd, Bale's back they said how embarrassing, where was Bale today then? So many deluded fans supporting this club, now they're up against a team that can attack that defence shows how shit they are yet again.
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Mourinho gave birth to Kane this season... He leaves and Kane's Goals and Assist dry up... Enjoy conference league... Football Heritage
keshavan rks
keshavan rks:
Eternal bottlers 🤣
William Delamare
William Delamare:
We were rubbish today, no energy, no commitment, no passion. It seems to me the only thing the players are interested in is their pay packets.
캐나다 스트로크
캐나다 스트로크:
One of center back and two wing-back are always weak points.
There are no one touch passes except Dele Alli.
So many mistakes from goal kick ,long kick and throwing.
What a disaster!
des Fernan
des Fernan:
2:06:23 Erik Rabona
Tim Egan
Tim Egan:
Grit vs BS.
Blake Fitzgerald
Blake Fitzgerald:
Bottle job FC
Richard Singh
Richard Singh:
It’s in de history of de Tottenham
So glad I jumped ship as soon as mou was out! Goodluck boys you’ll probably need it🤣
0529 nsl
0529 nsl:
What did I see today... Lamela ..... Jesus....😫😫
marching on together
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin:
“Jose Out”
Alejandro Rojas
Alejandro Rojas:
Poor Ryan Mason, very poor....he has not learn "ANYTHING" about ethics and honor of a man/traineer talking about off side???? did Bielsa talk about Rafinhas fault in City that it should be red card also? City player killed him!!!! three weeks injured! did Bielsa talk about the red hand and penalty referee stole with Man United? no he didnt he is a man of honor and ethics, learn Ryan Mason! Learn from Bielsa!! Leeds roundplayed you and thats it! be a man and say just that Ryan Mason.
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Kane was a Mourinhonista... Jose was his last hope of a trophy... He will leave followed by Son haha
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry:
Harry kane please leave
Vlado Holic
Vlado Holic:
Mourinho out
Mason In !!!
Odartey Lamptey
Odartey Lamptey:
Hypocrisy will kill Tottenham fans....
Thought Jose was the problem 🤔
Sheeee ungrateful fans.......
Roman is bigger than Tottenham
Random Account
Random Account:
Top 4 over
Marc Noone
Marc Noone:
Up de Hammers.
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Is that BALE flopping again against a half decent team... Hahaha haha... SIGN HIM UP AGAIN 3 MORE YEARS
Peter Lee
Peter Lee:
61 never again
Crypto Gee17
Crypto Gee17:
Jack Andersen
Jack Andersen:
xyz xyz25
xyz xyz25:
Lets not blow this out of proportion ... Tottenham and Arsneal are still in contention for europe ( european conference league ).... COYS!!!!!!!!!!!
We are clowns FC. No one wants to manage us because of these displays you can bring Ryan Bryan Mason Mount or even 100yr Old SAF chairman is protecting players at this club they lit have to force move out just like Eriksen did else players will stink WHL for decades. Just like Lamela and others are doing. Our two ex managers are now at Paris and Another one is having his paintings in whole city of Rome. And we are busy checking Sky bet will it be potter or Parker. when will players be answerable to anything. when will we stop bragging displays vs sheff we never bragged when we first won under JM vs sheff 3-1 and suddenly 4-0 felt like a new Dawn in our fanbase Aurier felt like Cafu to many No he is not even a decent RB for CP. Jose battered Bielsa 3-0 and now Bielsa toasted this 29yr old kid. Jose and Poch were never at fault. Only issue with Jose was he wanted out he started making comments and he went out. Poch went silently. And what are we doing after that ?? benching Tanguay,Lucas. Rodon completely ommitted from squad. but players are posting on insta lool. DNA CELLWALL NUCLEUS RNA FC.