Legendary Producer Phil Spector Has Died

Concerning Lana Clarkson...Sorry I meant convicted of the murder not accused. My bad. With "death" videos there is always a "chasing the clock" tempo that we need to get this up ASAP...sometimes my ad-lib skills suffer under those conditions.

Legendary Producer Phil Spector Has Died

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100+ comentarios:

Golden Hour
Golden Hour:
My dad used to date the mother of Phil Spector’s kids Janice. People know about Phil’s daughter Nicole he mentioned her during the trial, less know about her twin brother Philip. He died at a young age, he was actually my first friend that died. He contracted aids from a blood transfusion when he was born in the 80s. Very sad. I could tell you crazy stories about Phil but I’d rather not. Pray for the family 🙏
Hot Dawg With Mustard!!
Hot Dawg With Mustard!!:
Not accused. He was convicted of murder. He had his day in court and was found guilty.
Jeffrey Proulx
Jeffrey Proulx:
My cousin met him once and said, "Hi Mr. Spector, it's a pleasure to meet you. I have so much respect for your contributions to the music I love." Phil Spector looked at him blankly and replied, "I have no idea what you're talking about. I am not Phil Spector. Get away from me." My cousin chuckled and thought he was joking, so Phil continued, "Who the F--- are you? I told you to get away from me."
Barry McEachern
Barry McEachern:
A true troubled genius. With both terms "troubled" and "genius" being serious understatements. One of those sad dilemmas of trying to separate the criminal behavior of an ultimately unhinged artist from his brilliant body of work.
Cats of Sherman
Cats of Sherman:
I read Ronnie's book and the early part is very sympathetic to Phil. The writing and recording of Be My Baby was the real time soundtrack of their falling in love. It was a sweet story that wasn't meant to have a happy ending. Phil's music has stood the test of time and will continue to do so. I see lots of angry and judgmental comments about this news. Everyone has the right to their feelings. Just bear this in mind. If we as a culture choose to totally dismiss or "cancel" the work of artists because of their personal flaws and mistskes or misdeeds we will have nothing left. The Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin: all serial statutory rapists. Hendrix was known to physically abuse his girlfriends in drunken rages. Michael Jackson: nuff said. Jim Gordon of Derek and the Dominoes and the Wrecking Crew killed his mother related to psychotic symptoms. Rock stars are all flawed humans like we all are. If you can't appreciate the art if you find out the artist has flaws I don't recommend you read the biographies or watch the documentaries.
Chris Goodayle
Chris Goodayle:
He created the “Wall Of Sound” and was a talented songwriter but was troubled to the extreme.If he hadn’t murdered Lana Clarkson,he would been thought of with a lot more kindness.
Louis Spector
Louis Spector:
I've meet him a few times, he lived down the hall from me. He told me many stories but I could tell he was never comfortable with himself. Like me, he was shy and felt insecure as if he created something he felt was better then he could ever be. Labels of him were passed around like candy and he felt pressured to become the man he created, he became "Phil Spector" and Harvey Spector (my Dad) was no more. I hope he finds the peace he longed for.
Mark Zappasodi
Mark Zappasodi:
I DID meet Phil in Philadelphia in 1994. He was being inducted into the Philadelphia Music Alliance. He posed for a photo for me and with me plus I got an autograph from him. He joked about the photo and said "make sure I get a copy". I was the only one waiting for him near his limo when he left. I've always been aware that meeting him might be one of the rarest celebrities for me to have met. May he rest in peace.
The Pacino movie about him was intense. He probably destroyed as many artist's careers as he created. From what I've read about him, he was a perfectionist with a very short tolerance for mistakes.
Cringe Magee
Cringe Magee:
You said accused of killing. He was convicted of murder. Just saying...
Its a strange mixture of feelings. I cannot compartmentalize pretty much anything. I cannot put his murder conviction off to the side when I think about the music he produced. Just like I cannot put aside OJ Simpsons murder when I think of his 2003 yard season. I am 63 years old and I grew up listening to the songs you mention. I have tried to reproduce a 'wall of sound' when recording my music. I wouldnt have ever done that unless I had heard Spector do it first...
George Barry
George Barry:
Phil was a character. DEEPLY flawed. Brandishing a pistol. Learned alot from "tough guys" in NYC "Bout da Biz". He got alot of music to our ears..I am grateful for that. I somehow wished he could have done it in a better way..but what do I know. We have the music...one can't deny the quality of Ronnie's voice,The engineering he did at Atlantic records, etc I'll focus on the music. And try not to think about him pointing a gun at John Lennon, and the other negative stuff.
Stephen Van Woert
Stephen Van Woert:
The crime does not wipe out the wonderful music I grew up on 40 years earlier and stll remember fondly. The Christmas album in 1963 was a consolation to the many broken-hearted young people after the Kennedy assassination. But I think that it was Gustav Mahler who really invented the "wall of sound" with his oversized orchestration, but that was in the pre-electronics days.
Rob F
Rob F:
Great video, John. Spector was a genius and a huge influence on my favorite artist, Brian Wilson. I don't want to be "that guy", but the term is "elephant in the room." "Pink elephants" are said to be seen by people when they are overly-inebriated.
Grant Gibson
Grant Gibson:
I met a women on the Sunshine Coast of Canada who was a singer who worked in the studio sessions on the wall of sound recordings with Spector. It was quite an insightful chat to hear her story about it all!
William Langan
William Langan:
I haven't met too many celebrities and Phil was definitely not one of the few. That said, he was a genius and probably troubled, but that didn't stop him from sometimes being a troublemaker.
That said, I liked his work on You've Lost That Loving Feeling, Sleigh Ride, Be My Baby, All Things Must Pass, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), to name a few.
RIP, Phil.
Joseph B
Joseph B:
He was (quite ironically) OFF the wall but a musical genius.
Yet oddly enough, Spector wasn't the arranger of the orchestra and Choir on The Beatles' "Let It Be" album. The arranger was Richard Hewson (who had worked with Paul McCartney on the Mary Hopkin single "Goodbye"). Spector had every reason to think that the selection of Hewson would be acceptable to McCartney, and Spector claimed to have received a telegram from McCartney approving the release of the "Let It Be" album. McCartney was quite public in his disapproval of Spector's work, yet he never criticised Hewson. However, McCartney didn't speak to Hewson for 3 months. Eventually, McCartney would work with Hewson again. Hewson recorded an orchestral instrumental version of McCartney's "RAM" album, for which Hewson re-named himself Percy "Thrills" Thrillington.
Genius and madness often go hand in hand.
I like his work with Lennon....but ultimately he had the world at his feet and he blew it...
Jamie Cottle
Jamie Cottle:
Great job on this, John.
Paul & Kathy Short
Paul & Kathy Short:
Great job John. R.I.P. Phil yours would be a very interesting biography to watch.
Out of respect for his passing, I would prefer to let him exit as a musical genius in the studio. There's certainly a lot more that can be said about the man, but there's no point in throwing rocks at a dead man.
Great episodes, John.
You might know that Spector pulled a gun on Leonard Cohen, whose album—Ladies Man, I think— he was producing.
Cohen, after a long day in the studio, wanted to go home and rest. Spector insisted that he stay awhile in Spector’s mansion. When Cohen insisted on leaving, Spector pulled out a gun and said that he wasn’t going anywhere.
John Horazy
John Horazy:
As a contributing Executive Producer of soundtrack of The Wrecking Crew Take 2 album, also my name is listed in the first Wrecking Crew soundtrack album. I am saying that I have a deep interest in music, music history. I have said this to say that this video on Phil Spector was done in a wonderfully, informative and respectful presentation. I commend you, thank you for your artistic communication.👏👏👏👏👏
Total psycho ...made some great records. Not much in the comments about Ronnie a Spector who basically had to escape from Phil.
Tim Castens
Tim Castens:
I loved listening to Phil describe George Harrison s talent that he was very much in awe over in George's documentary, rest now buddy, you earned it.
Arguably the greatest producer in the history of music.
Barnaby ap Robert
Barnaby ap Robert:
R.I.P. Lana Clarkson.
Oscar Stern
Oscar Stern:
Love you Phil
Iman -
Iman -:
i like how you separate the art from the artist with phil. i agree, he is a muscial genius, but also a horrible human being.
R.I.P. Phil Spector
RIP to a legend
Theodore St. Amant
Theodore St. Amant:
We lost Phil spector he had a long life as a music writer
Yamaha Japan
Yamaha Japan:
Charles Manson was a talented songwriter....too bad he was “accused” of mass murder....
DJH Recordhound
DJH Recordhound:
I'd read about Spector's gun behaviours in a late-1980s book.
Ahmet Ertegun, founder and Spector's former boss at Atlantic Records, went to meet him at his office when he started at Warner Bros. Ertegun sat in complete darkness for a half-hour, thinking he's waiting for Spector to arrive. Lights went on, and Spector had been sitting in a corner the whole time, pointing a gun at Ertegun.

A disturbed mind is finally at rest.
It's difficult to compare my favorite Spector productions because he did so much stuff I had no idea he was involved with. You didn't mention his work with Tina Turner, that's an example.
Darrell O'Hara
Darrell O'Hara:
Phil was a dirtball and a bit more than just crazy. Regardless, he still was amazing at hearing the sounds the way he did. RIP buddy.
Spinman Corner
Spinman Corner:
My mother always taught me not to bad about the dead. I said well mom, what is bad? Calling them a con man, a murder, an all time ass hole? Mom said yes, all of that! I replied, OK, mom I’ll try to keep that in mind...
Lorraine Cook
Lorraine Cook:
"God won't let me into heaven because I'm too evil." (Phil Spector.. December 26, 1939 -- January 16, 2021)
Lucifer sixsixsix
Lucifer sixsixsix:
Condolences to Phil.
You were a massive icon that made dreams come true for many.
You are a legend. RIP.
Christian Tang
Christian Tang:
Say what you like about Phil Spector but he was in my opinion the greatest ever songwriter, musician and music producer to ever live and he created some of my favourite peices of music. He was an absolute musical genius. Rest in Peace Mr Spector
Vernon Allen
Vernon Allen:
Tactful tribute to Spector.
In his defense he told police at the scene, “I didn’t shoot her...I shot her.” The man was clearly deranged.
Gary Reid
Gary Reid:
Phil Spector was a genius! His Wall of Sound was amazing. It was alive. It was a melodic tapestry that breathed life into the songs he wrote and produced. The use of the the instrumentation and vocals was fantastic.

The first time I heard River Deep Mountain High was the Motown version with The Supremes and The Four Tops. It wasn’t until I purchased the Back To Mono box set that I discovered the version performed by Ike and Tina Turner(well, Ike was paid so that Phil could work with Tina alone). That song is very powerful. Tina Turner really brought her A-game in this one( Darlene Love was Phil’s original choice but she couldn’t achieve the high notes, but Tina could).

As everyone who understands what music production entails, it means knowing what the producers want to hear to produce music that people will like. It’s similar to a chef.

Phil worked with a lot of people. Sonny &Cher, Glen Campbell, The Beach Boys. The list goes on.

The Wrecking Crew were also great.

Despite his reputation as being a shadowy figure in the music industry, he created the songs that endure to this day.

Thank you for the music and memories, Phil.

Rest In Peace
Tim Gainer
Tim Gainer:
NO one seems to remember "Black Pearl" by Checkmates Ltd. His last BIG hit from '69.

The saying goes, "a genius is the closest thing to insanity." People like Phil and MJ sadly prove this to be true. R.I.P.
bb soni
bb soni:
I met Phil Spector at the Waldorf Astoria around 1999...he was great & very friendly, we talked about John Lennon, very briefly...great memory....the let it be album is amazing, and as you mentioned Paul is the only Beatle who didn't like what he did on it...I think Phil did a good job on it and i prefer the version of "let it be" on the "let it be" album than on the "let it be naked" album which, of course, is a great album as well
Jason Spencer
Jason Spencer:
Your the dude ,that matters on information about music these days, I like your style Dude
Caroline Tinsley
Caroline Tinsley:
Sorry to hear that .a big loss .he will be missed . my he R.i.p .he is in a better place now .
Tony M
Tony M:
he WAS accused. he forgot to mention that he died in prison because he was convicted. he was headed to prison w/ his pre-occupation w/ guns. and I'm pro 2nd amendment.
Phil Spector produced Death Of A Ladies' Man by Leonard Cohen in 1977.
scuzzy two
scuzzy two:
RIP my friend.
Danny Lee
Danny Lee:
The man was a Musical Genius ! 🎶🎶🎶
Troy Goodall
Troy Goodall:
R.I.P Phil Spector
R.I.P. Mr Spector
David Cunningham
David Cunningham:
Nice work John 👍🏻😎
wayne rundell
wayne rundell:
My late friend Hal Blaine said of Phil to me, ''Phil was a great guy, What can I say he would do anything for ya, He was wonderful that way"
Music Man
Music Man:
RIP a troubled genius.
Rob Lawhorne
Rob Lawhorne:
I read Tina Turner's book years ago. Weird dude.
Convicted murderer.
But musical genius who created that "wall of sound" that I grew up listening to even before I understood what I was hearing.
I'm getting too old for this... stuff. Every day brings an obituary of people whom I have history with. Glad to know that Ringo is still with us!
David Chandler
David Chandler:
John, You totally missed Sylvain Sylvain!!
Golden streets
Golden streets:
I met Phil in 1968 in Pittsburgh. Just introduced to him. Don't remember much. By a disc jockey named Ken Reeth aka Brother Love from WAMO fm.
Dale M
Dale M:
Talented producer and songwriter. 🎼🎶🎵
Grand Sicko
Grand Sicko:
A true genius.
Glenn Pierce
Glenn Pierce:
A creative genius what a sad ending
Zak Bowen
Zak Bowen:
Whenever I think Phil Spector, I think of “Imagine” and “All Things Must Pass” and the crazy wigs and incarceration
David Arthur Williams-Lowther
David Arthur Williams-Lowther:
I want to focus, on the Phil Spector music side of things, I wasn't born till 1972, I'm from New Zealand. I find it hard to pick a favorite song, so I'll pick 2, I have a album on vinyl of 1950's music with The Teddy-bears singing that lovely song, To Know Him Is To Love him, and Be My Baby, for the Ronettes. For all the great wonderful music, you worked on, RIP.
Heather in Kansas
Heather in Kansas:
I learned of him bc of his depiction in the '93 film: "What's Love..", so "River Deep, Mountain High" is how I know him. He was so taken by Tina Turner that in 1991, he inducted her & Ike into the R&R Hall of Fame:
His impression of Ike was.🤣
Robert Callahan
Robert Callahan:
Crazy, yes. During production of Lennon's "Imagine", Spector fired a handgun into the ceiling. Lennon had just asked Spector, "You gonna shoot me?"
Bret Kindell
Bret Kindell:
what a life..rip phil..musical genius problems or no problems. nobody perfect on this earth..but what a way to end his life..damn..stoll sad for Lana's family
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger:
Tammy Incoln
Tammy Incoln:
I saw no posts that seemingly ''glorified'' this despicable piece-of-shit the way that you did. And, at the end of video, when you eagerly requested to hear from those who may have met this demon, was a little more than ''awkward''. He may be YOUR superhero, and he may have done a lot for the music industry and its sound, but it takes just one grave mistake to wipe out all the good a person has achieved, with only the bad left as a reminder of EXACTLY WHO THAT PERSON REALLY WAS!!!!! [ie: M. Jackson = pervert; Andrew, Duke of York = rapist.]

When I hear the name phil spector, I think of three things:
1. his disturbing fascination with firearms and all those crazy-ass wigs.
2. the fact that he kept a white coffin in the basement of his home, where he would drag his wife, Ronnie, forcing her to look at it, undoubtedly at gunpoint during one of many episodes of domestic abuse, reminding her of what will happen if [God forbid] she pissed him off.
3. Of course, what I think of most is how the beautiful Lana Clarkson's life abruptly ended the night she was brutally murdered by this nut-job. This one is rotting in HELL - - right where his sorry ass belongs!!! CELEBRATE THAT!!!!
Thomas Humphrey
Thomas Humphrey:
Fine line between genius and madness. Did a shit load for music and involved with so many hit songs you heard on the radio growing up, but apparently so effed up and brutal he shot a woman he had been out with in his home. Just sayin', hard to feel too bad for someone who would allegedly do that.
Gary Martin
Gary Martin:
Great Host, I learned a lot more about Phil Spector
Jeanne Brauher
Jeanne Brauher:
Good for him
The strings on The Long and Winding Road make me cry....... how can you not like them Paul!?!?
A H:
I liked his role in the movie Easy Rider. That was his limousine too.
John Costello
John Costello:
Did the deluxe 50th anniversary version of "Let It Be"/"The Get Back Sessions" ever get released, or did 2020 prevent that from happening?
Matty Down
Matty Down:
Very great and balanced look back on his life
Larry Toothbrush
Larry Toothbrush:
He also produced Lennon's first solo LP, Harrison's first solo LP and The Concert For Bangladesh.

He also fired a gun at The Ramones during a session he did while working on their LP
He was convicted, not accused.
Oxford Montello
Oxford Montello:
Talent beyond belief!! As far as the women in his life; they had to know he was a little crazy before they got involved with him. They're sob stories are pathetic. They were in it for the money and then realized they couldn't handle it so they wanted out. Don't be pointing the finger at him as if you "had no idea" he was a little off.
Fawn Tolson
Fawn Tolson:
Why do these folks get do much success, then go bonkers? Phil Spector had so much, had the knack to succeed, got the opportunity, then they weird out. Troubled souls. Hope he crosses over easily and finds peace. ✨
Rockit 65
Rockit 65:
it's a shame that he's tarnished his legacy forever by murdering another human being. When I think about Spector it won't be that he was a great producer but that he was a murderer. Too bad Phil, you shouldn't of done it.
Sheba Maree
Sheba Maree:
if he produced the record that's why he gets get credit as producer. if he invented the sound he would have been credited as sound engineer.
Thanks Jon Boden. You do a great job on these videos. I just subsribed! One question though. Were you the lead singer of Bellowhead?
glen kepic
glen kepic:
wow, First thought was he'd show up at a session with a gun. ha, so did Paul Butterfield ;)
Great memories of The Specter Label. My sister bought so many singles.
btw, his production of The Long And Winding Road was a masterpiece !
Sorry, Paul :)
Never met him, but I met Darlene Love and Ronnie Spector.
Sad Man
Sad Man:
we lost a real boy today :( rip
Jack Dankof
Jack Dankof:
His work with the Ronnettes was awesome. I just picked up a Ronnettes concert poster too.
Frank Snyder
Frank Snyder:
The Beat Goes On.
D J Matthews
D J Matthews:
Phil Spectors wall of sound was inspirational to a lot of music producers, including Brian Wilson who inspired me to combine different instruments together to create different sounds and bigger sounds, which can be heard in my new song YOU'RE THE ONE to be released on the 3rd of Feb 2021, where I've combined an anvil and bells together to create a struck bell sound and organ and piano together to create a different sound and different strings together to create an original string section sound and different brass instruments together to create a original brass section and so on. Phil Spector was no genius, because he didn't have the intelligence not to kill someone, but like the Wright brothers he created a new way to fly. So Phil Spector was an innovator of music by combining a lot of different instruments together to create a bigger sound on only a old four track recording machine. So he will be remembered for his wall of sound and inspiring people like Brian Wilson to create great music. If any music producers out there want to learn what sounds go together well, by listening to my music, you can go to my channel and subscribe by clicking on my icon picture. I will be releasing a lot of new songs this year, a slow build from good songs to great to build my new renamed channel and hopefully build a big audience from scratch on YouTube, when it comes to releasing my better songs and hopefully have an audience to hear them :)
I think Spector did a really good job on the Let It Be album, and I also appreciate the Naked album. McCartney's great but sometimes his ego gets a bit annoying.
Ethan Mendick
Ethan Mendick:
This was bound to happen. He was a great record producer but not a good human being.
Tim Sears
Tim Sears:
It always puzzled me when talented people are actually really f***** up individuals...goes with the territory I guess ...sad though,
wayne Gram
wayne Gram:
His father and mother were actual first cousins, that is why he was messed up they said
If Phillip would have been a Taco bell employee he wound have earned a death sentence for what he did. But remember now... " Man was created equal" !!!!
you sound like you are using the wall of sound!!!!! great voice
Ralph Detko
Ralph Detko:
I thought Let It Be was solid other than the excesses of Across The Universe, I Me Mine and Long And Winding Road. All Things Must Pass is great. Keith Richard was in love with Ronnie and in mortal fear of Phil finding out, as told in “Life”. The Ramones were scared to death of him, as told by Johnny in his book. Troubled genius.
Dash Riprok
Dash Riprok:
Rip gonna be some people waiting ,be careful
A great talent but a terrible person.
You should have mentioned that he was in one of the early scenes in Easy Rider. He probably was driven up in his own white Rolls Royce, to meet Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper for a cocaine sale at the end of the LAX runway...