Leicester City staged an astonishing late comeback to beat Liverpool as the Premier League champions collapsed and paid the price for another defensive calamity involving keeper Alisson. LEICESTER 3-1 LIVERPOOL Ft @lozcast

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K. Byrnmr
K. Byrnmr:
The more pissed Laurence is, the more sarcastic he gets.
Andrew Tavey
Andrew Tavey:
Lawrence just gets more patronising with every loss.
Fly Away
Fly Away:
Loz needs to learn how to express negative feelings, it's ok to feel bad about football...
Kushal Roy
Kushal Roy:
Love seeing Laurence's sass gradually leaving his body one match at a time. Back to walking alone
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson:
Klopp said to Alisson: “I said carry us not Karius”
HTT 23
HTT 23:
Lawrence is such a bell at the best of times; when Liverpool lose he's insufferable
They’ve managed to react to a game where Leicester won 3-1 and not mention Leicester... 😂😂😂
Del Boy
Del Boy:
This guy waffles more then a politician
Morgan Lyndon
Morgan Lyndon:
Liverpools backline has more combinations than a Rubiks cube smh 🤦‍♂️
Lawrence conducts himself really poorly when things dont go the way he wants
David O'Sullivan
David O'Sullivan:
Laurence: Ask me uncomfortable questions

Laurence continues to talk over people and not let anyone else ask a question.
😭😭😭😭laurence has lost his head it’s hilarious
That awkward feeling when Laurence & Rory realize their teams are competing against each other for the 4th spot...
Lost Creation
Lost Creation:
What are you asking me for? What an incredible response.
Sami Lokale
Sami Lokale:
Fact: Alisson has made more mistakes since 2018 than Kepa Arrizabalaga 👀
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago:
Thiago would be wonderful at City
Scars Music
Scars Music:
Stop being so robotic Laurence show some emotion say they fucked up not every situation needs an analytical break down bro
Wish they'd chat about liverpool like this on the show when ever they talk about them atm it becomes shouting
30 year cycle has started
Yung N 0161
Yung N 0161:
Rip mrs Klopp tho🕊️🌹
Sam Jenkins
Sam Jenkins:
Spoke about Leicester for about 12 seconds this video 😂😂😫
Great to see the arrogance of Laurence slowly be eaten away.
Darren Redden
Darren Redden:
Hard to say who is cracking more under the pressure... Liverpool or Lawrence
Ross Mills
Ross Mills:
these two are absolute quality together, i love the kick off, but sometimes i find true Geordie and some of the other guests a bit over the top and can get annoying at times, can get a little shouty rather than having a discussion
James Willett
James Willett:
I'm surprised one of his tough questions wasn't 'Leicester also have a lot of injury problems. Have they managed their squad better this season?'
ali ali
ali ali:
Welcome back Real Liverpool we have miss you for last 3 seasons.
Scubz 123
Scubz 123:
Love the content bro I’m not a donator but I’ve been here since day 1 keep it up brother
As I said in the last video, Liverpool will finish 6th!
Nearly Solvent
Nearly Solvent:
In summary: three material contributions from Rory, waffling apologia from Laurence.
Josh G
Josh G:
How has Laurence only realised Liverpool’s problems now. Man watches us every week.
Brendan Earley
Brendan Earley:
Laurence is livid and he isn't hiding it as well as he thinks he is.
Shane White
Shane White:
Laurence can't handle it and it's glorious
J Sudge
J Sudge:
I love Lawrence but my god is it difficult to listen to him talk about Liverpool😅😅😅
chaz bro
chaz bro:
As a Everton fan Trust me where more nervous then them they always turn up in the derby
Andrew Gayle
Andrew Gayle:
Liverpool fans be like: "Allison's confidence is injured" hahahahha
Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker:
I take it back after watching the full interview.
Rory you can improve on guest. Great vid again minus my previous sentence.
Lawrence tryna play it off
Rory Macdonald
Rory Macdonald:
Love seeing Lawrence like this
Great review Love laurence unlucky mate! GGMU
marZZZ music
marZZZ music:
these background noices are more real than Liverpool's title defence...
3:36 I've been thinking about this. When we change formation it never really works but isn't now a risk it all time for us.
Josh Hart
Josh Hart:
Calm and collected this, nice one!!
Why’s everyone having a go at loz for trying to break down what’s going on, what’s the point of watching a grown man have a tantrum
George Coombes
George Coombes:
Lawrence is taking the decline about as well Klopp is 😂
Big Boss Naked Snake
Big Boss Naked Snake:
I think Ben Davies should be given a chance with Kabak or Philips. Davies might transition quicker due to more experience. one of the midfield needs to be dropped for Henderson then.
Better Liverpool dont finish 5th or 6th, to not go into boring Europa LEAGUE
Mn B
Mn B:
That was one of the worst pieces of Goalkeeping I have seen this season. No idea where his head was at.
Neville Littlejohns
Neville Littlejohns:
It’s similar to when Man Utd bought Juan Veron and he just didn’t fit into the team and was eventually sold.
Bharat Sharma
Bharat Sharma:
Lawrence is agitated. Don't hate it to be honest
We are all just shithouse at this point. ynwa💕
Sudeepto Dutta
Sudeepto Dutta:
Liverpool has such a fragile defense right jow. Kabak is making his debut. Yet Klopp insists his defenders and goalie to play passes at the back especially against offensive teams like Man City & Leicester. It's mind boggling.
The kick off is a truly great show. My family (me, my sister and my mum) actually get around to listen to the KO. They bloody love it !
7-2 broke Klopp
Marshall M
Marshall M:
Thiago didn't train this week ...
Bored AF
Bored AF:
I have faith in klopp
dude blue
dude blue:
Red Devil
Red Devil:
Greatest premier league side ever!!!!!!!
Great to see all these cockney gloryhunters looking utterly gutted. Wonderful
Sean O Callaghan
Sean O Callaghan:
Everyone roasting Laurence as if none of you lot have been agitated when talking about your team going through a rough spell smh
Harry Hatchett
Harry Hatchett:
Allison going through what happened to de gea, plays well for couple seasons, shows his class, their fan base calls they the best in the world, then they make a couple mistakes and people say they finished. on aftv they said Leno better than de gea, forgetting the countless times de gea was untouchable, if he keeps making mistakes then Alison will get the same treatment
Saqib Ali
Saqib Ali:
Rory the 🐐
Bobby Chapman
Bobby Chapman:
Wait, what, whoa! Lawrence doesn't want any more excuses from liverpool!? Adam is wearing one of those mission impossible masks, ain't he?
Gareth Ford-Elliott
Gareth Ford-Elliott:
5:17 Laurence is right. Alisson had a good game. It's Kabak's mistake. Alisson calls for it to be his ball. As a defender if the keeper calls for it you trust him. It's the basics but people's agendas make it more favourable to slate Alisson than say the young kid thrown into a broken system in a new country made a mistake. It's honestly embarrassing watching people slate Laurence's analysis when he's generally spot on.
Gareth Ford-Elliott
Gareth Ford-Elliott:
Laurence: analyses things.
Morons: eXcUsEs.
Willy o
Willy o:
Klopp needs to get liverpool to sit back and counter attack
Anders Hausvik
Anders Hausvik:
Did Liverpool ruin their season by having a full pre-season when other teams had vacation? To not account for injuries in a season like this by not strenghted the squad is Liverpools own fault
Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker:
Good interview Rory, I'm a Liverpool supporter and can't agree with Laurence. Two bad games and three massive mistakes, I don't care who you are, you've got to be dropped.
Peter Schofield
Peter Schofield:
At least the keeper is good with ball at his feet
Ben DeGorro
Ben DeGorro:
The Pro & Con of Liverpool is their dependent to their first eleven. It's good to maintain team cohesion, but at this kind fixture, it will destroy the players condition. The replacement are pale in comparison. You've got to built a team with, at least, 20 outfield players.
Liverpool plays better with the fans
At the moment the players team morale is very low ... not good 😌
Hamza Helal
Hamza Helal:
Can someone please tell me why Laurence gets so much? The man genuinely seems very nice
Aloof F8
Aloof F8:
Come on... At the rate we're going, we're not getting top 4. We need to step it up quick or we're going to finish mid-table. Our form has been absolutely shocking.
nathan_idk _
nathan_idk _:
When Laurence found out on the kick of that 60% of people voted him the most hated
Like to see Harvey Barnes in the England chat more. Up there with Mount/Maddison/Foden
Thiago should of never left Bayern he had it made there. It worked.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam:
I think Klopp has adapted. Because when he first came in, he was playing the high pressing football with high energy. Then he did adapt with pressing but they reduced the intensity and could actually revert back to their shape after the initial press. I think they were in the process of adapting again with having that high line but losing all their CBs to season ending injuries, compromising the midfield. With Jot and Keita out, he can't even revert to 4-2-3-1.
Zakaria Alom
Zakaria Alom:
Lol I really wanted to see that clowns reaction to his team losing 3-1 what’s the excuses this time before I watch the video?
Peter Viney
Peter Viney:
I beg Everton just turn in that game
Eduard Korpa
Eduard Korpa:
Rory, I love you and your videos mate but Harvey Barnes really deserve something more than you calling him Ashley Barnes again ffs . If he'd be at Chelsea you would be calling him best young player in the league or generational talent. Keep up your work, love it
James Stephenson
James Stephenson:
I'd ask how do you truly support a club when you have no connection to the city and people atall..
Rohit R
Rohit R:
Thiago needs to get used to the physicality of the league. He was easily bullied by the Leicester players..
Loz is clueless
Laurence should be no where near a football talk show. Clueless
Aram Hekmat
Aram Hekmat:
Loz has deep anger issues. He is going to blow one day.
It was always going to be a tough season without van dijk but liverpool also don't have other proper Cb fit so it's ok if liverpool finish 2-4
Was there another team in this match?
Davies the new player should have started.,
Klopp has a lot building to do
Sol Stone
Sol Stone:
Loved the video! Also Rory it’s Harvey Barnes not Ashley just so you know
Who'd have thought a single club would lose 5 CBs in a single season
John Paulley
John Paulley:
Not very good synopsis of the game Rory.. There was another team playing that deserved a little more analysis.. This seemed to be the Liverpool excuse show !
Karl Sylvain
Karl Sylvain:
laurence is gonna lose it!!!
He’s not Ashley barnes🤣🤣
Amit Niranjan
Amit Niranjan:
Klopp shud have worked on Squad depth. And by that I mean, not just buying players but making the bench strength ready to play. Liverpool rode their luck for 3 years in terms of injury. Liverpool look so pathetic this season.
Peter Schofield
Peter Schofield:
The guy we signed from Preston. Ashley Barnes. Casuals spouting vomit
Laurence is so arrogant see how he spoke to Elliot
Thiago overrated Alison mistakes costing Liverpool epl
Midfield defenders underperforming
Attack Salah missing changes costing epl to Liverpool
Completely disagree with Laurence about this being the end of the team's life cycle.
VVD, Gomez, Matip, Fabinho, Keita, Thiago, and Jota. At times Mane, Allison and Henderson have been injured also. We then get to our bench and what's left?
These players would fit into any team in the premier league but have all been injured. No team can be expected to deal with that and then still be expected to perform at the highest level.
Injuries have crippled the team. Yes, we shouldn't be performing THIS badly but an accumulation of individual errors, key decisions not going Liverpool's way and injuries have destroyed the title defence.
Liverpool need to go back to how we played when Klopp started. Screw the defence and just try and outscore teams. Deepen the high line and just go for it.
Is Rory related to James May by any chance? 😂😂
Raine Lahtinen
Raine Lahtinen:
Laurence what do you really know abot NBA? And Liverpool - if they are out of top 4 would they sack Klob? It is sad 30 years - No crowd on stand for the party. You shold win 2022 and keep Klop, but you need players - you are kind of re building....