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100+ comentarios:

I’m a big USMNT fan who’s obviously rooting for Marsch here, and I’ve just subscribed so I can stay in touch with how he’s viewed by the Leeds fans. This is definitely the best channel for that, thanks for the content 🙌
Andy K
Andy K:
Thanks for the continued great content. I know I’m speaking for so many others. Even when you’ve probably been exhausted or not felt like making the videos, you’ve somehow found the time and kept up the enthusiasm. I think we’ve all benefited from your Leeds United therapy throughout Covid and on…. Can’t thank you enough…
Richard Chamberlain
Richard Chamberlain:
Actually thought Firpo had one of his best games in a Leeds shirt today
L J:
Leeds were the better team and should at minimum got 1-pt out of this. Isn’t this much better for Leeds fans? I think Marsch is a homerun hire.
adam wedgwood
adam wedgwood:
For me this was one of our best performances of the season. Quality play for 90 mins, limited leicester to very few chances and just poor finishing on our end
philip allen
philip allen:
Bull's eye again Conor!
A lot of positives to take and I like the look of Marsch.If only he could have taken over at Christmas with more time and a window to come in January. I think we will be OK but I am worried about goals. It's just my opinion but I think it will take Bamford a while to get going again so we really need to find goals from somewhere!
chris ex pat. in new york
chris ex pat. in new york:
Yes improved today but still same result no cutting edge in front of goal its why we where we are
Nicola Fitzgerald
Nicola Fitzgerald:
We looked alot more organised, especially in the midfield, small improvement in defense. Still need better finishing and hopefully Bamford back on Thursday will add to that 🙏🏻
Leeds need to have a cutting edge. They created numerous opportunities. I hope they stay up!
Luke Walwyn
Luke Walwyn:
I enjoy watching this channel because I can always take something positive away irrespective of the outcome. We have to keep believing that the results are possible, better decisions will eventually come our way. Thanks Connor
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker:
It was everything good about a Bielsa performance in attack, with the added benefit of an organised defence and midfield.

We were good at corners and we actually looked difficult to play against. We were really exciting in transition too.

The result isn’t what we wanted but the performance is. If we keep that up, we stay up. 10 points will do this season!
Ross Nufc
Ross Nufc:
Leeds played well today, really can’t see you lot going down with that performance!
Darren Evans
Darren Evans:
A much easier match to watch as a Leeds fan today. Didnt feel as though Leicester were going to boss the midfield or that we were going to ship goals.
Great to see the end of man marking.
Firpo had his best game imo.
Rodrigo had poor touch, often over hitting or under hitting his passes.
Harrison had a great game,
Koch looked more assured.

If we keep on this trajectory we will be fine. Just need to keep improving every game now.
Bowie Doctor
Bowie Doctor:
Fans knocking Joffy are idiots - give him some time, a run in the team, just give him a chance. We've seen his quality already off the bench, but he's only had a handful of appearances. He's an exciting prospect who will only get better and better.
At the beginning of the season we used to look at the stats and think “How’d we lose that?” More possession more shots more passes more passing accuracy etc.

Yesterday seemed reminiscent of that. Good news but a stark reminder of Leeds short-comings this, last, and previous seasons. Gelhardt needs to become part of the furniture- he clearly has the magic and I’d stake a sizeable amount that properly cultivated, he’ll be a world-beater.

Slightly concerned at Ayling playing centre back, Cresswell a better option for me.

Our biggest issue this year has been a ‘Swiss Army knife’ philosophy for the players. This is the PL and ‘makeshift’ costs you points and is to some extent, arrogant.

Losing that is key for me, we’ll all be happier if we go down fighting with the right players in the right position.
Steven Hicks
Steven Hicks:
Great to see an improvement today defensively gutted that we couldn't put any of our chances away though. So I do have some satisfaction from the game today but we must take points from the next 2 games, a good performance only against A villa & Norwich won't be enough.
Mick Walton
Mick Walton:
Enjoy the game for once did not have my normal anxiety attacks when watching Leeds. Agree with you they were alot better in defence. Create some good chances. Leicester were very lucky to win but that's football. Good content as usual Connor.
Johnny Gorner
Johnny Gorner:
Like your outlook on this game, and agree. Hoping Bamford is back as soon as. It's gonna be a tight run in but I believe we show enough. Also need the rub of the green Infront of goal 👍
Ibraheem Monks
Ibraheem Monks:
As much as I agree with you Conor we need to stop making excuses about other teams being better than us, being in better form or having key players come back from injury. It feels like in every other game we are making these kind of excuses, and there are always excuses to make in the prem. Teams around us are still managing to pick up points against good/decent teams, sometimes with worse players than we have. At the end of the day we should have beat Leicester today, we were the better side for most of the game and didn't really have any excuses to lose.
Harry Webster
Harry Webster:
Imagine what a story it would be if kalvin, cooper and bamford come back and they keep us up
Mavis Coils
Mavis Coils:
Thanks Conner Brilliant talk back as usual so enjoy listening to you..... we have to keep the faith feel this manager will rally our lads... already some improvement in just a few days MOT 💪👍👏
Zig Zag
Zig Zag:
Bloody Barnes again 🙄 Really proud of the boys, really like this new system, wasn’t a 1-0 should of been 1-1 if not more, of course Kasper has the game of his life but very positive and think we will have enough against the others to stay up! Well done Leeds well done Jesse 🙌🇺🇸🤍💛💙💪
Craig Knowlson
Craig Knowlson:
We needed a striker in January even if Bamford comes back we needed options. This decision could cost us our place in the Prem
Some much better defensively. Don't understand why he brought on Roberts? Other than that we looked more solid, no clueless pressing. But passing decisions and pass accuracy is still well below the standards and we can say Casper made great saves, which he did. But majority of shots were straight at him. Raphinha has to put that in a either corner, as soon as they scored we didn't really get back into the game. Still worried with the lay of the Table with points on the board and games played we could see this going down to wire in the last few games of the season. Need to take points off the lower teams in our final fixtures. MOT ALAW
Louis Omare
Louis Omare:
Bielsa’s stubborn attitude to adapt and the board’s decision not to force through investment in January has put us in this situation.
Jesse will make a difference but time is running out.
Sam S
Sam S:
As it stand I think we might just go down. In a sense playing well and not being able to finish isnt a change from some of this season. Villa and norwich are huge. We showed promise but we just need to show that quality and confidence in front of goal
Chatting Leeds
Chatting Leeds:
Definitely a lot more measured defensively and in an attacking sense too! Dallas was poor on barnes today I agree but other than that I was very encouraged and hopefully the points come in the next few games at home!
James Cousins
James Cousins:
Bamfords back for Villa and that's a game changer. Thought we played well today and were unlucky. I think if we win 3 more games and pick up a couple of points we'll be ok.
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker:
If we do stay up, I mean even if we don’t, there needs to be a huge clearing out of players. So many just aren’t good enough.
After 7 days this Leeds team are a world away from Bielsa's mindset, this was evolution. Safety this season will be in the low 30s, we have 11 games left and I think three wins will be enough. This was an impressive debut from Marsch's side and the only difference was Kasper. Conor is right about xG, it's a sign post to Leeds continuing improvement and Kalvin and Patrick will be the final pieces in this season's survival. Nice one Jesse, just sharpen up their finishing!.
Playing a whole PL season with one recognised striker (who's been injured) is beyond daft. I think Jesse's jeans put the hex on us as well.
Jamie Quinlan
Jamie Quinlan:
'If we keep playing like that, we'll be fine' - something we have now said for the majority of the season, that sadly bares no wisdom or truth (evidently)! We clearly and simply need a bit more luck in this season!
Beau Vass
Beau Vass:
I’d never say that was a penalty but after Rudiger we absolutely deserved it to be.
Sam Greasley
Sam Greasley:
We lost but however I'm actually kinda pleased with the scoreline we have improved in this game and we look like are old team that did well the season before hopefully the next game we can get three points but we need to start getting points know more than ever onwards and upwards hopefully ALAW
Bryan O'Doherty
Bryan O'Doherty:
Need 4 pts conor next 2 games ur great pal love the talk and comments from all but we need more positives in chances . 2nd half very poor though⚽️👍
IF we had Ayling at RB and Koch back at CD with Dallas in holding role does the goal outcome get stopped today ? I think perhaps with a natural RB in Ayling it might have. Square pegs round holes was a serious problem sometimes with Marcelo, hopefully that doesn't continue under Marsch.
Beau Vass
Beau Vass:
Our strikers seemed deep a lot. Wonder if that was more about Rodrigo or the tactics. Interested to see if they are further forward in home games. Rodrigo has been good for the last month, good enough to look at keeping next season. I think his shooting needs consistency of chances. Playing in midfield he doesn’t get enough to get into a groove. If he starts up front and especially when Bamford is back I think he can thrive. Harrison looked sharp again. Raph looked angry all game, almost like there may be an issue between him and the rest of the team?
Nick Jennings
Nick Jennings:
Cheers Connor. Just to say that as with numerous other games this season the only stat that counts is goals. Goals win matches and our front line doesn’t look like they will score another goal between now and Christmas mate. We can’t moan about decisions by the refs, we all know they’re crap, we need to win games and we only do that by scoring goals. Confident we’re going down for sometime.
FV Noel
FV Noel:
Very good performance from Leeds today. My biggest take is that we weren’t vulnerable every time Leicester attacked, further we created a number of good chances. My biggest disappointment is that I had so much faith in Bielsa and all he needed to do was to tweak our style and I’m sure we would not have been in our current predicament. Marshe demonstrated what this team could do with basic changes.
A good performance that deserved a result. So nice to see we’re defending corners properly with 4 people on the 6 yard box.
Snipedot Genius
Snipedot Genius:
I want he the whole game Conner and I must say you guys looked more dangerous as a unit and created chances I think the manger was the right choice
Stick Bamford and Phillips back in the team and this new formation will keep us up on the evidence we saw today, but let’s not get carried away after one game. A lot of fans seem to think it’s a choice between Bielsa or Big Sam and today showed that you can have a middle ground. I think Bamford has to be involved next week though even if off the bench.
Henry Jones
Henry Jones:
I’m in a way glad that Tyler is injured because for the most part of the season he has been a complete liability and a waste of a sub
great first game, deserved a win but to say he had 4 days preparation think we will be ok tbh
Jon Sheard
Jon Sheard:
A lot better today. Gutted we lost that one. Still a concern on shooting, short passes (tho did improve) and our RHS was overrun at times.
Looked much more improved ,compared to performances of late.Granted improved performances don't guarantee points.But I always thought this game had come a little quick for us, to be confident enough to get the win. The Villa game still imo, will be a tough ask.
But with the home crowd and hopefully Bamford back, then we just might get the win , we are all praying for.
Bamford isn't going to come back in, and be bang at it. But what he will do, is attract a couple of the opposition players regards marking him .Just his presence up front will give them pause for thought.
I'm not a great fan ,of the after match huddle, but I'm a big fan of the obvious confidence building that JM, is trying to instill.We can't judge him yet, and only a fool would.lets see where we are in five games time.
Hopefully we've then put a bit of daylight between us and the bottom three. Always enjoy your vids Connor , here's hoping your post match thoughts , are soon to be after we have won, it's about time they were, I think you'll agree with that! MOT!
tom bennett
tom bennett:
I think we were good up until the 75’ or so… I wasn’t expecting such a change so I’m happy. Let’s get it goi g next week
Ben Langthorne
Ben Langthorne:
I was at the game yesterday and could see good commanding of the back like by strujik, when firpo missed a pass or didn’t close a man down he was being told!
jay bowling
jay bowling:
Hiya Connor could you possibly do a video for who Leeds should sell, keep and realistic signings to bring under Marsch would be really interested to hear your thoughts.
John Smith
John Smith:
Deeply disappointed that we did not get all three points. Much better today but we will not win with such woeful finishing.
Nathan Hodges
Nathan Hodges:
We looked good and organised and definitely more balanced which was great unlucky in the final 3rd raph should have scored kasper had a great game plenty to be happy about, couple of weeks getting the new tactics down we looked at sea sometimes grew into it as the game went on well take points playing like that.2 pens hand ball and a kick would have been given against as per var rules.
Graham Randall
Graham Randall:
We looked much more solid against Leicester which is encouraging. We just needed to start converting some of the numerous chances we continue to create which has been an issue for us for a very long time.
dv4lufc77 123
dv4lufc77 123:
Marsche is a good appointment had us playing good stuff today just couldn't score at all. If we get 17th and Marsche here next season he'll sort the shit we need sorting out for next season that Bielsa wouldn't sort out.
andrew walker
andrew walker:
We have played well and the manager doing well with in the 4 days he had but we must get better next match
OI Bab
OI Bab:
The referee that analysed the Rodrigo penalty shout said “the contact wasn’t intentional”.. comical
He's the man alright. We just have one problem all said & done: we can't score goals. Dominated the game, but can't find the net once. Great goakeeping, yes. But at least a few chances that most would put away? Yes. That's going to be the biggest task if we're going to stay up. I think he's a great improvement on Bielsa already, but who's going to score the goals? We may well concede fewer for the rest of the season, but it's up front that worries me. The chances were plentiful. Wasn't it 17 shots? You watch Watford put 2 beauties past Arsenal & wonder how on earth we could manage that at present. We have no choice other than to find a way or go down.
Just my opinion
1) Extreme pain, no points
2) Raphinha not getting enough ball at times
3) At times Leicester had far too much space out wide
4) Committed our last sub too early, maybe cost us a point
5) Bringing Roberts on was a big no no for me
6) Meslier looked better but I'm still worried about him
1) Very impressed with Jesse March
2) We was the better team, we deserved to win
3) We only lost 1-0
4) Gives me a lot of confidence for the remaining games
5) It definitely should give the players a moral boost
6) If ever a loss was a step in the right direction this was it

Having said all this it was only one game and I don't think
we should get carried away just yet
Ben C
Ben C:
I felt more at ease not on tenterhooks all the time, but the constant remains no points. And Roberts why why why, then he gets injured and moped around the pitch honestly we would have been better if he came off.
Jody Sellars
Jody Sellars:
Square pegs round holes, new manager bounce, but if we'd played players in their right positions we could have won it. Hopefully he's just gradually adjusting, wasn't impressed with line up tbh.
Don't want to sound over dramatic but I said it November we needed a new manager and we needed to cash out on our assets while they were at their greatest value because if we continue to get pumped their form would suffer and thus their value I was laughed out the door. an early change would of also allowed a new manager to bring in his own players..... here we are with 11 games to go. Raphs value is sliding weekly and Phillips hasn't played in nearly 3 months........ I'm buoyed by today's performance and really hope Marsh can do the job
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks:
Well another defeat and this time to another struggling team in leicester. But in fairness losing 2 nil would have been an improvement so losing 1 is a good result. Fact is we were starting from such a low bar that it may take more than 4 days to turn us around. While I wish marcelo was still in charge and think we have lost something special that transcended the man and bound us all as a genuine fanbase, we have to be fair to Jesse. It was 4 days trying to imprint his ideas on a 3.5 year old team.
Jesse may keep this team up. I hope so and he has my support. We were better today and if we play like that we will get wins on the board soon which tbh I didn't see us doing the last few games.
andy lumsden
andy lumsden:
Deserved a point maybe 3 but we didn’t get anything - positives yes 100% and some hope - but we are closer to the drop than ever. Really depends on those around us now. Even if we continue to improve I think it’s a massive expectation to pick up enough momentum and wins. Just don’t have finishing capability - PB and KF will help but is there enough runway left? Dunno - Fingers crossed now.
Rojales Gary
Rojales Gary:
Hola Conor, the formation was good, however, I just don’t see how it works with Dan, Jack and Rapha??? We should have started with Joe up front and Harrison on the bench??? Dallas was roasted today by Barnes….embarrassing but he should not be playing there in his defence???
Well put across bud, had no complaints today other than the result. A Bamford sub with ten minutes to go would have done me.
Leeds need 40% wholesale change if we stay up to stop this lack of quality, goals, defending and so on.
Different manager, still loads of chances, still no goals... defensively not as anxiety inducing, but maybe its all just about getting bamford back in and gelhart games in the meantime
Vance Scaife
Vance Scaife:
It doesn’t really matter about XG when you’ve not got a player that can finish
gurjyot Singh
gurjyot Singh:
To be honest ... Performance was good. . Rodrigo substitution. Killed the game.... But still a very easy formation to crack ...optimistic...but i doubt ..if...luck is on our side ..
forbidden forest
forbidden forest:
joff needs to be on while in ascendency first 60 mins. he's too small to bully a team that's ahead and closed ranks 2nd half. Needs 7 games from 11 full 90 mins and we're up. I personally think risk to play unfit bamford - he'll go sgain after one game.
stephen underwood
stephen underwood:
Think we can all agree we looked far better defensively now was that down to better organisation or just that llorente wasn’t in the back 4
Jamie Farrell
Jamie Farrell:
Does Joffy start for you when Bamford is fit Connor? So no Rodrigo I assume?
Forget VAR and referees, if we're going to survive it's down to us, we can't count on others
I am watching Arsenal at the moment, their finishing is first class, I keep saying Ayling Cooper Dallas klich are not prem quality and while they line up in the first team we'll struggle in the Premier league
Seve Sellors
Seve Sellors:
Better performance if we’d taken our chances we could have won but a more positive game when we get our key players back we could just get through but we must start getting points quickly.
Jamie Farrell
Jamie Farrell:
If Forshaw is a bench warmer already, where will he be when Kalvin is fit? Madness leaving him out in my opinion.
Imagine loosing again to Villa after that cringe huddle in the middle of the field after the game lol.
Ernie Smith
Ernie Smith:
Leicester would have been lucky to take 1 point today getting 3 was a robbery. Leeds nil is becoming a thing lately need to start scoring goals
L Bow
L Bow:
Team now has a chance Marsch made the players play with a solid formation just our finishing let us down......Roberts has to go and meslier needs a rest...
Julie Harris
Julie Harris:
Robert’s should never have come on , that was Bamfords place and then the score would have been very different !!
Brian Dickinson
Brian Dickinson:
best thing for Leeds Roberts injured. He,s a f.... liability. his selection is a really bad sign on new managers judgement
forbidden forest
forbidden forest:
as you say conor xg shows creativity but totally pointless stat without a ruthless finisher. I'm not convinced bamford is the answer this season, so joffy only option to start next 11
Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson:
Yes yes Connor lad loved the video and ye totally agree with ya Marsh doing great 👍 👌 👏
We were so unlucky to not get something out of todays game. Jesse has only had 4 days to implement his new style of play so I think we did well. Hoping for a win next game
Daylight robbery. Kasper bailed Leicester out big time, but we need to take our chances. I don't like sugar coating because points win prizes, but you can't deny it's an improved performance and Meslier didn't have much to do considering Jesse has only been there a few days. Hopefully we can turn performances into points quickly.

Jack looked good today as well, I think we also lost a little something when he went off too.
colin tennant
colin tennant:
Did you see villa score hope they don't play like that against us cos Southampton are playing well this year and if they can put 4 past them doesn't look good and personally I feel that if we want to stay up we need 6 points from next 2 games
Punk Productions
Punk Productions:
I hope impact super sub Roberts is okay🙄.. MB rumoured to coach Australia national team. Which would complete me!!
Jeremy Wentworth
Jeremy Wentworth:
After only 4 or 5 days with marsche we seam to be better so within a few weeks we will really benefit how we play I've no worries at all for villa and Norwich.
Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson:
Ayling had a good game
Chomsky's Army
Chomsky's Army:
"Top four tax? " Conor, I swear every fan of every club is clinically paranoid, and everyone feels uniquely victimised.
Tom Walton
Tom Walton:
I think under bielsa system we would have got pumped yesterday. I think Philips will be a bigger plus than Bamford in the team.
Despite the positive performance, today really felt like the final nail in our coffin, especially with brentford winning. We're down now unfortunately clip this comment up
paul holmboy
paul holmboy:
bit unlucky really, same as before. players looked a bit fresher. missed the gaffer.
John Abbott
John Abbott:
Conor I get you but it was like a belisa problem as in players not in right position ayling should of been at right back kock or cresswell centre back bate in middle and definitely gelheart striker from the start we could of been there till midnight and not scored praying for a win next two games keep the good talks and veiws coming conor
Nick Jennings
Nick Jennings:
Great XG won’t keep us in the prem. goals win. We had great XG against Newcastle, a side who were appalling and we lost to them. Please stop talking about XG - it simply exposes that our attack is shit!
Ian S
Ian S:
Leeds where by far the better team today and we still lost by one shit goal!! Theres a reason why Schmeichel got man of the match :-(
Jack James… like a new player 😆

Much better today 👍 let’s batter villa
Horse on!
Horse on!:
need a prem league level right back, centre mid and another striker, teams hittin our right at the back all the time, dallas in there again, should be in centre with adam
Jason Peters
Jason Peters:
Go go RB LEEDS!!!
vanilla coffee
vanilla coffee:
At least Robert's got injured. We'll fight to the end.
Ey Ft
Ey Ft:
It was clear Dallas could not cope at full back , this should have been addressed ...Rodrigo is shite and we lacking quality so badly ... Raphina has had a poor second half of the season .
Leicester are a poor one dimensional team and could be in trouble next year if they don't invest ..
Horse on!
Horse on!:
n yeh passin into a congested left in last 3rd, instead of a more open right were would be more of a 1 on 1 with the keeper n more space n time to shoot