Leicester City 1 - 0 Wolves | EPL Highlights | Astro SuperSport

Scorer: Vardy (P)

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67 comentarios:

wTc - Clash Royale
wTc - Clash Royale:
kasper's save gave me goosebumps
Vio Mahardika
Vio Mahardika:
Rui patricio man of the match
Rahim Pakottik
Rahim Pakottik:
LCFC congrats !
Smoothhhh Astroo
Patrick Vince
Patrick Vince:
VARDY fire as always
Un Shota Desnudito OwO
Un Shota Desnudito OwO:
Yes! Comon foxes! 🦊💙
Hilman HD
Hilman HD:
Padu tomok
Kenji KakiBangku
Kenji KakiBangku:
0:14 "Mau order apa?"
Muhamad Aldy Alfian
Muhamad Aldy Alfian:
Saye dari Indonesia nak numpang nonton di chanel saudare ya.🙏
Firdaus Abd Ghani
Firdaus Abd Ghani:
Ala vard buat cam dlu hg penalty letup terus takda target dah.
Habib Ouelha
Habib Ouelha:
Ohhh if mahraz come back definitely we going to beat them all well .hopes he will
Khairul Rashid
Khairul Rashid:
Tremendous save by kasper schemichel
The spirit of the underdogs even though they sold mahrez and kante is amazing
Carr Leid11
Carr Leid11:
Menyesal aku letak James Justin & Schmeichel kat bench
Leicester back on top for 2 hours if liverpool won tonight. Vardy on fire 🔥🔥🔥
Alan Prieto
Alan Prieto:
very weak wolves team, where was the superstar prodence?
syukri suhaimi
syukri suhaimi:
Pentingnya VAR dalam perlawanan ni
Jack Choo
Jack Choo:
Shahrule Tube
Shahrule Tube:
2 team fav ❤️💯
Bens Company
Bens Company:
Kasper Schmaichel good save
Doyan Kopi
Doyan Kopi:
Mana cuplikan goal2 yg lain
Hafizi Akmal
Hafizi Akmal:
He runs
He Scores
And most importantly Hes vardy
Leicester City Win.👏
Puwan blaze
Puwan blaze:
Roberto Baggio
Roberto Baggio:
Juara epl pukoi team portugal
wan mustaffa
wan mustaffa:
Naim Wawa
Naim Wawa:
Napa Adama Traore tak main eh?
Khusyairi Ahcai
Khusyairi Ahcai:
Yes leicester menang harap Liverpool ehm ehmmmmm😂😂
Ramel Bandaranayake
Ramel Bandaranayake:
Put more highlights mate
apai puyuh
apai puyuh:
boss Baby
boss Baby:
I lost $110 by vardy and debruyne missing the pks.
Vinn Balor
Vinn Balor:
Banyak la siaa penalty season ni. Setiap game ada penalty
Brendan pjz
Brendan pjz:
Wolves robbed
Muhammad Hafiz
Muhammad Hafiz:
Bapak borek, Anak rintik
Azhar Tajuddin
Azhar Tajuddin:
Nasib vardy miss. Kalau tak meletop2 fantasy aku
Azwan ShauQiy
Azwan ShauQiy:
Tawakal Ahmed
Tawakal Ahmed:
@Stadium astra why don't you Allow us all videos I'm talking Peter Drury matches?
vardy really boring goal with penalty, so he missed 😂
_ koroyyy
_ koroyyy:
Pencester city
Leroy Leroy1993
Leroy Leroy1993:
VAR kills the game
steven gao
steven gao:
wtf was that penalty
Ab A
Ab A:
EPL = English Penalty League
Jet Mak
Jet Mak:
Astro are faster then Adama Traore
akmal ali
akmal ali:
what a save by Peter Schemeichel
Luzun Luzun
Luzun Luzun:
Congrat leicester
iQram RosLi
iQram RosLi:
Ruben neves sek sek paul skolah oit
Mirul MK
Mirul MK:
Snake John
Snake John:
Timas Manchester United bisa bangkit
Afiq Azizan
Afiq Azizan:
Memang sah dah roman saiss dengan adama traore season ni takkan start main first eleven macam last season..vardy macam mo salah dah kalau penalty jarang miss..leicester dapat maintain lagi momentum kemenangan diaorang
Gatus Pepe
Gatus Pepe:
No diogo Jota no party for Wolves
vardy doesnt want two penalty goals while Penalah enjoyed vs Leeds
Alfian Arisandi
Alfian Arisandi:
Wolves vs foxes
Lester González
Lester González:
come on Leicester to do champions of premier this campaig,, and win europa league and the next champions league all trophies, come on Leicester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ttt999 yacht
ttt999 yacht:
Zack Z89
Zack Z89:
Wolves: we dont need Jota
Wolves now: .....
Kasim Selamat
Kasim Selamat:
Tips to attackers.. If you are in the box, just kick the ball at the upper body.. Its 90% sure penalty...
Aries eko Ervana
Aries eko Ervana:
Thailand vs malaysia
nadzrin rahman
nadzrin rahman:
Leicester and VAR are bff now
Muhd Umar
Muhd Umar:
kaka salma
kaka salma:
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I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirliw
per avvicinarsi troppoa
Mensile Cabal? Al giorno d'oggi, tuttavia, si e olturasizbi?
Быйылкы трандинг тасмасын өткөрүп жибербеңиз!
кайда гана болбосун, сиз андан ырахат алсаңыз болотkutil????..
Francis Kuding
Francis Kuding:
Boring game
Zi Yech
Zi Yech:
All vardy can do Is penalty ,🤣🤣👎🏻noob
Ajeet Jieroun
Ajeet Jieroun:
So they win on penalty... Not a big deal, nothing much. Stop copying the colors of other team jersey. Copycat! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!
Braiden Pascall
Braiden Pascall:
Danny chong
Danny chong:
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