A big three points for the Blues as Vitalii Mykolenko and Mason Holgate find the net against the Foxes. COYB!

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100+ comentarios:

Peter Crosbie
Peter Crosbie:
I maybe biased but under the circumstances, for me Mykos goal is in my top ten for the season! Made up for the lad 🇺🇦👏🏻💙
Mykolenko’s goal🥶
Liam Floy
Liam Floy:
I was crying at the full time whistle full of emotions supporting Everton is like a rollercoaster we've had to deal with so much shit this season its brought us fans back together the appointment of Benitez was arguably the worst ever appointment very toxic controversial. I'm glad Lampards here now stearing Everton in the right direction coyb 💙💙💙💙
George Danilov
George Danilov:
Pickford is unbelievable

Without him, Everton would be out by now
Liam EFC
Liam EFC:
Can't stop watching that Mykolenko goal💙💛 What a win, same again Wednesday please🤞🏻
_Ez_Gc シ︎
_Ez_Gc シ︎:
0:20 that should be a goal of mounth! Brilliant ending by Mykolenko. Always the defender's power 🤯🔥
Mykolenko is superb what a player, Pickford saves to keep us in competition have been mesmerising and the whole team stepping up has just been immense, COYB 🙌🙌🙌
We needed a Barry Horne moment.
And we got one. 0:20

What a season Mykolenko has had.
Left home and came to a foreign country.
War in his homeland.
Everton facing relegation.
And he has faced it all like a man.

Life isn’t always easy.
But today was a good day for him.
Best I’ve seen him play.

But I particularly like the way we get back in shape when we loose the ball.
That’s been what’s given us some stability.
We don’t fall apart.
We get back to the plan.
Players have really stuck at that in the last couple of games.

The Fans though.
Absolutely astonishing level of support.
Daniel Ponting
Daniel Ponting:
Really been liking how Iwobi has been playing recently. One of the hardest workers in the squad
Pushpender Gusain
Pushpender Gusain:
Pickford was exceptional today. He protected his fort very effectively and made many crucial saves. It was a entertaining game and both the teams played well.
Дмитро Корінчевський
Дмитро Корінчевський:
That Mykolenko's smash shot is someone greatfully😅DK's respect💪
Olegator Ceva
Olegator Ceva:
Микоенко респект. Гол шедевр!
Panos Stathopoulos
Panos Stathopoulos:
Mykolenko is on fire 🔥
Our away fans made this game feel a lot like when we were at home. The only thing I heard the Leicester fans say was, "Going down!" The foxes were not at their best, but this is an excellent spell of wins at home and away. Great goal from Mykolenko. Truly a Ukrainian ace. 🇺🇦💛
martyn randles
martyn randles:
Brilliant today Blues. Amazing goal from Mykolenko 00:17 I can't wait for the all angles vid of that goal. Then for Holgate to head home the winner 01:07 all goes to show NSNO. The Blues on the pitch & the Away Fans pulled their socks up, sang their hearts out, ticked the NSNO box & won a massive 3x points for us all today. Happy Toffees everywhere! I believe! Keep this up! COYB NSNO UTFT
_Ez_Gc シ︎
_Ez_Gc シ︎:
Yerry Mina didn't play even at least half of this season. Its really sad he got injuried. I also feel we need Townsend. But there always a hope with Everton, no matter what happened. 💙💙💙
Lynx Iscariot
Lynx Iscariot:
That last minute save is one worthy to keep any team in the premier league.
Superb from Pickford.
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Stunning performance from Everton 💙
bruno leonardo
bruno leonardo:
Vitória importante do Everton. Que continue jogando com raça.
two world
two world:
The Toffees played well and deserved this showed some mettle and great saves by Pickford.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
Stunning performance from Everton 💙
micheal ajilore
micheal ajilore:
Out of the relegation into the celebration zone💯😂
aola wili
aola wili:
Stunning performance from Everton 💙
Absolutely buzzing what a brilliant win.💙💪
bruno leonardo
bruno leonardo:
Time jogou com muita raça, isso está sendo o diferencial. Richarlison participando do segundo gol, golaço o primeiro gol e Pickford fechando o gol. Bora pra cima Everton
Tirto Ananda
Tirto Ananda:
Brilliant Save From Jordan Pickford & Goal From Vitaly Mykolenko & M. Holgate. Everton Winners Against Leicester City In The King Power Stadium.
Proud of the boys today great result and the fans were superb UTFT COYB 💙🤍
ahmed ayalew
ahmed ayalew:
Bravo Everton FC! I don't want see this great club relegated
Артём Симашов
Артём Симашов:
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to United Kingdom!
Дед Черкасский
Дед Черкасский:
Class, Mykolenko, my land, from Cherkasy, scored in the Premier League, and is already constantly playing at the base, with Lampard !!! Ukraine Glorious people!!! I love Ukraine, ready to die for Ukraine!!!!
Great performance, thanks. I believe at least five of the six points we've got from the two past matches belong to Star Jordan Pickford, the England's Number One!
Everton should keep him at Goodison. If I were instead of Moshiri, I even, would've given him one share of the club, to keep him for the next five years.
Leicester City 1:2 Pickford
Let's face it Leicester played pretty well.
Both deserved a win but I am glad it went to Everton. Shows they can.
Jackson Okpe
Jackson Okpe:
Pickford is definitely the player of the month 👏
dolita windo
dolita windo:
That last minute save is one worthy to keep any team in the premier league. Superb from Pickford.
Christopher MacLennan
Christopher MacLennan:
We don't do things the easy way...but by God I love this team!!!
Support Everton no matter what💙💙💙
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes:
Excelente, felicitaciones, cada día mejor!
Come on you toffees 💙💙💙
micheal james
micheal james:
Need to win the next game 100 percent we need 40 points GIVE EVERYTHING LADS
Levy Anarxy
Levy Anarxy:
A massive win. 💙
M R:
I just searched for leicester 1 - 2 everton and this was uploaded 1 minute ago. AWESOME!
Everton squad sensational, spirit fight,, good ,,👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anggi Septia
Anggi Septia:
Finally, frank show his quality. everton will safe for degradation and see this team next season
Great results to Everton I hope they repeat it
Dominic Sanderson
Dominic Sanderson:
Keep pushin lads💙💙
MasSter Toha
MasSter Toha:
Витаха,ты шо творишь,лучший гол что я видел
Cuong Truong
Cuong Truong:
I hope Mina's injury is minor. It's essential he plays the remainder of our games this season. It's no coincidence that we defend better when he's in the team.
Just Arkon
Just Arkon:
That Mykolenko's smash shot is someone greatfullyDK's respect
Clayton Gopie
Clayton Gopie:
Great away win and up the Toffees
Everton deserve to win,,👏👏👏
Buen partido del everton
im slem ri KHASI im slem 7TREp♡🙏
im slem ri KHASI im slem 7TREp♡🙏:
Hope Evertoon will stay again in EPL 💪🤞
Raj CR
Raj CR:
Hats off to Everton who has probably escaped relegation and everyone thought they were gonna be relegated
Yerry Mina didn't play even at least half of this season. Its really sad he got injuried. I also feel we need Townsend. But there always a hope with Everton, no matter what happened. 💙💙💙
Masea Media
Masea Media:
Ohh what a strike from Mykolenko and save from Pickford.. Proud of this player..
Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs:
I think commentary should put more life into this. In (maybe) decisive match I thought I'm watching on Leicester channel.
Peace and stay in the league
Panos Stathopoulos
Panos Stathopoulos:
Patterson and mykolenko ⭐️
BLN Borey Constructions
BLN Borey Constructions:
Good game Congratulations Everton Winner
Emperor Breezy
Emperor Breezy:
Happy for Lamps ✅
Mahamoud Mkunga
Mahamoud Mkunga:
Pickford is underrated goalkeeper i have even seen ✍🏿
Paul Rimmer
Paul Rimmer:
Waited an eternity for that away win, but boy does it taste good. What a job Frank is doing.
enas kusuma
enas kusuma:
c'mon Everton, do a Leicester for this and next season!
Ibra him
Ibra him:
I'm happy for Everton I wish them to not relegated to championship cuz they're one of EPL icon ... BTW I'm fan of the dark blues Tottenham
Olumide Olaoluwa
Olumide Olaoluwa:
that first goal was a lampardic shot. I am glad Everton is out of relegation zone
Cláudio Mateus
Cláudio Mateus:
GO TOFFIES! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Tijani Ayomide
Tijani Ayomide:
I knew Everton was gonna win
Bohlim Creation
Bohlim Creation:
Merseyside Knows how to fight the hard way🙌🙌🙌
Lifestyle matters
Lifestyle matters:
Iwobi 🔥♥️💪🏾🇳🇬
Jones James
Jones James:
Toffees will stay up, beat goons on final day, from a spurs fan
I've always support frank lampard. Since he's a player until now he's a coach
Great Volley 1st goal 😁
shivam kumar
shivam kumar:
Deserved win 👍🏼
Sim Pedros
Sim Pedros:
Great we capitalised on Burnley and Leeds losing. One more win and I think we will be safe !
Пикфорд заслужил, если не памятник, то хотя бы табличку около стадиона
Simpson Mikel
Simpson Mikel:
What a ball from iwobi , he is beginning to find his footing
Dan Bill
Dan Bill:
Come on Everton !
Congratulations from Arsenal fan, hope you stay up
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
A big three points for the Blues as Vitalii Mykolenko and Mason Holgate find the net against the Foxes. COYB!
pok pok
pok pok:
both Leicester & Everton' bad season tbh.. but Everton rising up lately.. no more relegation worry
micheal james
micheal james:
No need to get side tracked survival is still on a thread, we need the same energy next game we still have a large number of games in a short period of time...we need to win all the games going forward bar the arsenal game which is huge long shot ...we need 40 points for safety
johney dep
johney dep:
Mykolenko top
saso yan
saso yan:
Stunning performance from Everton
Mad Dog
Mad Dog:
That fixed chelsea match really helped frank out
Matthew Cunliffe
Matthew Cunliffe:
Massive Win! COYB
Dave Clark
Dave Clark:
Funny how you missed Pickford’s best safe! Why didn’t you show it?
Sir Robot Gaming
Sir Robot Gaming:
You beauty. Another win Thursday and we should see this through
Dean Montolalu
Dean Montolalu:
Nice win, COYB !
Bob B
Bob B:
Great result but wtf was going on for Leicester’s goal?!!
Abbey Road
Abbey Road:
Jordan Buffon saves us again from so many shot attempts.
Otaku Sekai
Otaku Sekai:
PICKFORD with the Save again 👌💙🤍
Sopheap Horm
Sopheap Horm:
Good Everton FC
derserved first goal for mykolenko
Jj L
Jj L:
Hope Everton stay up, I’m an arsenal fan but really think it would be a huge shame for English football if you went down.
Lumban Chan Official
Lumban Chan Official:
Good Everton
Dan Dan
Dan Dan:
hello Everton, former Everton striker Jay Jay Okocha said well done !!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dr Kuts
Dr Kuts:
Thank God our crosstown rivals aren't getting relegated 🙌 .... Liverpool
Olajide Sehinde
Olajide Sehinde:
Pickford 🔥🔥🔥
Afif Harist 2005
Afif Harist 2005:
Line Up


K. Schmeichel 1 (GK)
D. Amartey 18
W. Fofana 3
J. Evans 6
N. Mendy 24
T. Castagne 27
K. Dewsbury-Hall 22
Y. Tielemans 8
Ayoze Perez 17
P. Daka 29


J. Pickford 1 (GK)
S. Coleman 23
Y. Mina 13
M. Holgate 4
V. Mykolenko 19
A. Gordon 24
A. Doucoure 16
F. Delph 8
D. Gray 11
Richarlison 7