Leicester City showed vs. Norwich they're not contenders to Liverpool - Ale Moreno | Premier League

A 1-1 draw vs. Norwich City leaves Leicester City 10 points off Liverpool in the Premier League title race. ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno breaks down why Leicester were unable to finish off the Canaries after getting back into the match and explains why considering Brendan Rodgers’ side a contender to Liverpool is unrealistic.

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100+ comentarios:

Eric Hefner
Eric Hefner:
Stevie be like: I told you so..
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía:
To be fair, in many predictions in Youtube, including ESPN ones, no one consider Leicester to be not even top-6.
Cormac Donnelly
Cormac Donnelly:
They don't have the mighty Divok
I'm happy they dropped points but felt little sad for vardy. He deserves the goal. Also i don't think there is no contender to us. Still it's December only. Please take one game at a time. Thank you ♥
Man City could beat Leicester , and then LFC finishes them off.
Could be 16 points behind in a blink.
Josh Payne
Josh Payne:
Next up club world cup and villa in the cup hopefully some silverware for christmas!!!
Great day for us Liverpool fans, Leicester dropping points and so did chelsea, fingers crossed 4 city v arsenal.
Castro Text
Castro Text:
They tried their best.
People get used to teams having 100 points = rarely loosing points, but CITY/LIVERPOOL are different teams, you can out of the blue win a tittle, but you can't out of the blue make 100 points
That is why Leicester city have never been tittle contenders, they are on a good run of form, but normal (human) teams not machines, lose/draw games here and there...that is what is going to happen to any team, even the good ones, Leicester certainly is a good one...Especially Craig should comeback to reality...Liverpool are yet again on 100 points run, if they don't make it it will be a disappointment, Leicester will be overachieving with 90...so having a good spell doesn't mean you are now tittle contender, under normal circumstance, yes Leicester would be a title contender, but these are not normal circumstance...(it looks like you'll have to have 99+ point 3 years in a row to beat either city/Lpool)
Rodgers said that he was ready to pounce , if LFC lost points this week , then he goes and loses points himself ? Lol
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta:
Leicester has to face Man city, Man utd , would be hard to keep up lets be honest ...
Craig Burley where are you?
Jamie Payler
Jamie Payler:
As a Liverpool fan I constantly look at mancity and Leicester hoping they drop points because it’s a weight off our shoulders and less stressful. But to see Leicester do so well it’s amazing to see a fight for the top four with like 6-7 clubs contending. But I will be eyeing arsenal to get a draw against mancity please hahaha
Charlie S
Charlie S:
Since when Leicester was so appreciated this much? It is like they are desperate to come up with bs excuse for Liverpool not to win the league. jesus people are that salty about Liverpool winning the league?
If Leicester finish top 4 then its been a great season for them
Kyle Muckian
Kyle Muckian:
They were never contenders in the first place lets be honest
wayne conway
wayne conway:
Did anyone really consider them a legit threat to the title? They're a really good young team but it's going to take close to a hundred points again, if not more than that amount to win the title. and Leicester aren't that good. To get those numbers you need to be one of the all time great Premier League teams.
The Electric Bishop
The Electric Bishop:
I’m not bothered by Leicester not having much of a chance at the championship this year. It’s ok ! We already have one. What I want is for them to consistently be a top 6 team for the long term and show that it was no fluke. I hope the owner can keep doing brilliant business to. They have done a great job of Subtracting the overvalued players and replacing them with gems and keeping the key players.
Jugga J-24
Jugga J-24:
I’ve been waiting for this video 😂😂
Control C
Control C:
Right I’m gonna kinda frustrated, we are second and we draw to Norwich and suddenly everyone is saying we’re clearly not title contenders sure I never thought we’d win but people please can you just cut us some slack us supporters want to enjoy the fact that we’re doing good this season we don’t want suddenly everyone to get mad at us because we didn’t stop liverpool
bri c
bri c:
I have been saying it since liverpool beat man city weeks ago... the title race is over. I don’t get why people actually thought Leicester were catching up with Liverpool... i will say it again Leicester has a bigger chance of losing second place to man city then catching up to Liverpool. I guess there will still be some who will say the season is still not over blah blah blah blah.... if Leicester lose to man city next week they will be 10 pts behind Liverpool at second place with Liverpool having a game at hand....
Yeezy 254
Yeezy 254:
City lost to Norwich though
Algon mohammed
Algon mohammed:
God, I’ve never been bored watching a post match show like why is he talking the way he use to
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan:
Mathematically they can still win, but against this Liverpool team... good luck
Best in the world
Best in the world:
Liverpool are not going to drop points at all this season, may be a few points down the line once they are crowned the champions with 7 to 8 matches still to play.
Because they will be focusing on getting Champions League and FA Cup.
Steffen Ljosheim
Steffen Ljosheim:
Ale rockin a fresh new suit, looking good brother
Esmys termite contr
Esmys termite contr:
Leicester running and taking heat like the big millionares while still being the underdog.. A cub in a lions race.. There doing great especially taking in consideration that they are a local team
Chris Buesnell
Chris Buesnell:
Norwich beat man city 3 to 2

Secondly its not the so called title race.
It's called the title race.
Siddharth Vaz
Siddharth Vaz:
The Vardy question is just out of the blue in this context. Mark Donaldson really pulls stuff out of his big rear.
Arvind Sidhu
Arvind Sidhu:
Stevie Nicol will say he was Nostradamus in disguise and predicted all of this
norwich was able to beat city and we are supposed to pretend that somehow, one tie to norwich is indicative of leicester being out of the race?
Dequan Sealey
Dequan Sealey:
The sprinters will eventually slow down and the real marathoners will show up
Mas A
Mas A:
it's not over lol
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok:
Foxes never quit.
They acting like it’s the end of the world,even though I think Liverpool will win the league, put respect on Leicester they are at least in top 4, they are in their best times of playing
Bollocks! R17, so 21 matches left for plenty to happen.
“A result like this can happen against *Leicester* “

Aldila Novrizal
Aldila Novrizal:
Leicester vs man city, and liverpool vs leiceater, that 2 matches in this december will be crucial
Topa Kuivalainen
Topa Kuivalainen:
Norwich was brilliant today, and they should have win the game with better luck. Pukki also played second half with a broken toe, and almost scored more goals
Richard 1
Richard 1:
Liverpool the reds ♥️🔺🔴🔺🛑♦️♥️✊😁✊😁
no can be the contender of liverpool this year period theyare too good
nigel duckworth
nigel duckworth:
Unless you are Liverpool, all the teams below have experienced drops in performance here and there- City v Norwich is a case in point. So Leicester are no different. One of the problems for top teams is in breaking down defences. City and Liverpool are practised at this, but the more teams realise that a low block should be employed against Leicester, as they do more often than not against City and Liverpool, the more difficult it will be for Leicester to get behind them. Leicester are very good against teams who come out- ball over the top to Vardy- but 10 men behind the ball teams will present a different challenge for them.
Kwame Asiamah
Kwame Asiamah:
Until they drew would you have said this?
Edd Ivens
Edd Ivens:
Come on they have been an exciting run every team will loose or draw a game still a great team and that's from a norwich city fan
ha, of course!
Gary Gussanian
Gary Gussanian:
Man City is gonna eat Leicester alive ^_^ next week
420 Friendly
420 Friendly:
With a legend as a coach what did you expect? YNWA
nur aini zahra
nur aini zahra:
Thanks norwich.. thanks a lot😉
Buhle Luthuli
Buhle Luthuli:
why do some videos have this type of quality
They were always gonna finish third tops. Harvey Barnes cost them the game against Norwich. The guy is so inept. Keep playing him and they'll continue to rue opportunities.
Paul Scott
Paul Scott:
No matter how leicester finish it has been a good season so far well done from liverpool fc
Andrew Stallard
Andrew Stallard:
Vardy was lucky to score, Krul turned it in, would of been cleared by a defender. Can they maintain this unbeaten run? Probably not experienced enough to do so. Liverpool want this more YNWA
Craig Gibbons
Craig Gibbons:
Weres Craig Mug Burley now??
Sr. .M
Sr. .M:
Leicester =Next Monaco soon...
GR7 Scott
GR7 Scott:
If any one understand the beautiful football game will no that Norwich city play good football again the big clubs,Man u don't take small teams seriously
Jammin' Jack
Jammin' Jack:
It’s far from over
S Lowe
S Lowe:
Liverpool liverpool liverpool o my god its coming home baby i can feel it the wait is over finally over the wait is twochi baby i just can't wait to see LFC with that damm trophy epl 2020 champions of England and Europe baby what a feeling ynwa baby 1892 (4) life thanks Leicester
Craig said last week, only when Leicester loss to Liverpool then the league is over
Leicester play city next, then Liverpool
Billy Bob John
Billy Bob John:
8 consecutive wins and they tie on the 9th. and still second with 4 points ahead of the third. Don't recall Brendan Rodgers promising that they'll be champions this season, however if they can keep this squad together they'll be a serious contender for the title next season and the one after...so what's all the fuss about ESPN, did you bet on the wrong side and lost?
Hassan Qorane
Hassan Qorane:
Leicester city
Sorry for.....
Mega Break
Mega Break:
now, I hope Arsenal will create miracle
it ain't over until its over.
As a Liverpool fan, i take one game at a time..
no matter what the pundits say, i will keep my expectations grounded.
Heartbreaks in the past seasons in 08/09, 13/14 and 18/19 are hurtful and hard to take.
Big 3 points, on to the next game against Leicester.
I'm the real jesus
I'm the real jesus:
i think this will be the end to the leicester story, sorry, but it was fun while it lasted
Chelsea lost 4 of there last 5 but Leicester draw one and they cant contend
Man U is creeping up on top 4 don’t sleep 😌
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta:
Craig Burley must look like eggs on his face again ...
hanna degerlund
hanna degerlund:
Pukki 🐐 👊
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan:
Ale Moreno is my boy.
This guy doesn't seem to like Leicester 😂😂😂
rabindranath bera
rabindranath bera:
Give pukki a ballon d'or.
Syahiran Sapian
Syahiran Sapian:
Pukki mak only Malaysian know wgat is this
Freedom freelance
Freedom freelance:
All of you guys in the ESPN are beginning to fail with your dead negative predictions...hahahah😁😅🤣😂
G K:
What I want to know is, who ever said Leicester City was a contender to Liverpool?
faz Patel
faz Patel:
Im not calling this title race over just yet
Mashrat Ahmed
Mashrat Ahmed:
La liga is very interesting this year, 4 points separating the top 4 from the 10th place currently. And the a firm title race between Real and Barca, with at least 6 other teams gunning for a top 4 spot. Very competitive this year, unlike the Premier league which has been already decided.
I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy:
They could still go for the title. Although their main goal should really just be Top 4. Maybe they can put the dream back on if they beat Liverpool at the KP
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta:
Where is Craig Burley hidding under the table ....hahaha
Michael Lynn
Michael Lynn:
Leicester are still the best of the rest until Man City show they can play their top football again. But a bit unfair to dismiss Norwich's performance. They were excellent, and could have won the game with the first half chances they created.
S Lowe
S Lowe:
Thanks to Leicester bt LFC time now so to all u heaters suck it up 1892 time now the wait is over baby ynwa 4 life o my god Anfield baby the wait is over twochi
Andrica Ion
Andrica Ion:
No they are not contenders for Liv but they are on of the best team in Europe and they'll finish 2nd on Pl that will guarantee a place in ucl and I see them even better next year
Luke Picc
Luke Picc:
Bit harsh to say that after one result. They were the better team but these results can happen
This fool will be eating his words after the end of the season when Leicester win the title
Captain Klun
Captain Klun:
Leicester at best will finish in the top 4 they were never title contenders the league will be over when city draw to arsenal tomorrow and the reds go marching on YNWA
Andre Otshudi
Andre Otshudi:
So team cannot draw games or lose they expected to win every single game
Martin Ball
Martin Ball:
It's mid-December, peeps. No one won a league in December. There are still 63 points up for grabs. No LFC fan considers it 'won' until it's more or less mathematically impossible. One game at a time, please.
Chimp Pan See
Chimp Pan See:
Before the season started l bet any Leicester fan would've been happy with top 6.
Leicester won the league with a miserable 81 points cause the so called top 4 played shite in the same season. ......that wouldn't happen again.
Muhammad Alif Azmi
Muhammad Alif Azmi:
Don't they learn from what happened last season?
Mouth noise from Moreno. Absolute nonsense!
Writing Master
Writing Master:
it aint over till the fat lady sings my friend.
Sicelosenkosi Tshuma
Sicelosenkosi Tshuma:
Man City are the only contenders if Liverpool sleep once
Aldila Novrizal
Aldila Novrizal:
Norwich indirectly help liverpool by beat city and held leicester
Ultimate top 5
Ultimate top 5:
i just don't know why people are igoring the fact that leicester will play man city before liverpool lol man city will definatly beat them
Mohez Tahiri
Mohez Tahiri:
Muhammad Alif Azmi
Muhammad Alif Azmi:
Wahh liverpool fans so confident can win ah? there's still many game and liverpool will slip sometime later.
Jam Mmoud
Jam Mmoud:
Leicester will play champions league next season that's for sure 3rd or 4th place.
oliver bloor
oliver bloor:
Crack head Leicester lose one match after winning 8 games in a row and he’s saying Leicester were poor
Moreno talks a lot but says very little...ba baba baba baba
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz:
Is anyone really out here acting as though Leicester isn't having a breakaway season? They don't have top tier quality in their squad, they have veterans who are putting in quality work every week and it's showing