Leicester City vs. Aston Villa reaction: The Foxes' ‘depth’ will see them through | Carabao Cup

Kelechi Iheanacho's equaliser gave Leicester City a deserved draw to leave the Carabao Cup semi-final vs. Aston Villa delicately poised after an entertaining encounter at the King Power Stadium. ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Alejandro Moreno both agree Brendan Rodgers side will progress to the final at Wembley where they will meet either Manchester United or Manchester City.

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16 comentarios:

Aa 9
Aa 9:
Ndidi is injured and Chowdary came in the second half and he is the back up to Ndidi and he will and did a good job.
Mustafa Şahin
Mustafa Şahin:
Çağlar best skills
Vardy‘s freaking fast. Good God!
Stop with The Who has been a fan before 2020 things it only started a week ago it’s annoying just make a joooooke
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Leicester City must be the most excited ones now, coz the 9-0 fixture is up next 😂
Joshua Benibo
Joshua Benibo:
Get well Craig! I admire the tenacity you're showing.
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist:
nah it's still Kante
I mean look at his smile
Joe Joe
Joe Joe:
How can you guys not mention the 'holy name' IHEANACHO at least 3-5 times in this interview? 😕
David Saville
David Saville:
VAR should of given Leicester a penalty as Villa defender was holding Johnny Evans in the box
Uche Emmanuel
Uche Emmanuel:
Maddison was so scary throughout. Mings tho was superb.
Arran Kinnear
Arran Kinnear:
Love espn do more Scottish football plz
I’d much rather see a Man City v Leicester final than Villa. No hate, I just think Leicester would give Man City a better game at Wembley.
samsung J7
samsung J7:
Maddison best and new pogba
Treasure Bisong
Treasure Bisong:
kelechi Ihenacho is just a bomb
J.J Mavunza
J.J Mavunza:
Can talk about a carabao cup in depth but not the Afcon final...
Captain Leeroy
Captain Leeroy:
Stick to american football ESPN. UTV