Let's END Their Top 4 Hopes! | Manchester United vs Liverpool Tactical Preview

After the postponement of this fixture the other week, we're back with another tactical preview of how we can beat Liverpool. Can we end their top 4 hopes?

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77 comentarios:

Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood:
If United have a lead late, I see Matic coming on for Fred, even though he just played; cross spam will be at a high point, and size alone will be worth it. My guess is LFC come out absolutely on fire. They're gonna be all lit to start. The first 20-25min will be crucial. If United can weather that storm, they'll have every chance to win the match. I know they've been so good from behind and going down early, but I still don't like it. Yes, I have confidence, but LFC have something to play for aside the rivalry, and Klopp will have em all riled up.

Pogba playing down the left on TAA will be The Matchup, but I don't think it'll necessarily be a "skill" matchup. I think Pogba may get the best of him and start either: 1. drawing fouls and cards, or 2. break his brain. Both are legit possibilities. Pogba is hitting Peak Pogba (Peakba, if you will) right now.

2-1 is a good prediction. If LFC don't score in the first 20-25, or the first 15 of the 2nd half, I think this could be a clean sheet, though. (It's Bailly's time to shine. He's such a troll; I can't wait for him to play in front of a packed Anfield with this United team.) Yeah, I know that's nearly a half-match spread I'm pulling there on a prediction, but I still think it's true.
Mehrki Doom
Mehrki Doom:
Much appreciate mate to drop the preview video outdoor for all the united fans in your hectic schedule
I don't care the context, I always want us to batter this lot. It could be a final or for a cup of bovril.
Ganggreene B
Ganggreene B:
2:4 is the end off game🐸🐸
This has aged SUPERBLY
Samad Saif
Samad Saif:
2-4 Liverpool won without penalty, Ref or VAR assistance. Now move on to the next match.
I think you've identified Oles team, but actually playing Rashford and Greenwood on the wings allows us to get in behind more effectively, and Pogba at 10 allows to go long, alleviating the threat from high press. Surely that's the way to beat the Scoucers.
"This is my channel "🐐🐐🐐
Jay Singh
Jay Singh:
Salah virtually scored in the 89th minute, thanks to Oinky's great managerial prowess.
YouTube absolutely rinsing the adverts for me on this video Ste, is it cos you are in that there London Village? 😂
Sports and Money
Sports and Money :
I am afraid to let you guys know that utd is not winning today.. coming from a utd fan..
Giving tip on :-
liverpool or draw and over 1.5 goals (total goals) @ odds of 1.70 (betway)
eduardo solorzano
eduardo solorzano:
I'd say this game will be close, really really close hopefully united will come with the upper hand
Ryan Dibdale
Ryan Dibdale:
Hope he keeps Rashford on the left to expose Arnold.
Derrick Chong
Derrick Chong:
Ste, I have the feeling Ole will play the 3-5-2 formation?
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020:
Slapped in your own gaff. YNWA 😝
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
I feel like our key player is Marcus. Marcus hasn’t had a truly top performance in a while, like we know he’s capable of. If he turns up raring to go tomorrow, he will create chances, and score goals.
Emma Grace
Emma Grace:
Great video. I loved it.I hope Ole will go for it cos against the big teams he just set up to sit back. Come out and let's have a good game
Rob H.
Rob H.:
That's a great front four. With Greenwood on the bench. Just hope they can score more than Bailly/Lindelof let in at the other end
We should be at Wembley if Ole hadn’t left our best players on the bench then shat himself too late with the quadruple subs
Doumeeg Oootch
Doumeeg Oootch:
Paddy Murphy clip had me dead
I think Tuanzebe played very well against Leicester, he gets the nod over Bailly at CB for me personally.
Cuth elar
Cuth elar:
I love this out and about Steve content, would love to have one when you go hiking ..great work keep it up mate
John Gorny
John Gorny:
Cavani will have a field day against Phillips
Utd4ever Podcasts
Utd4ever Podcasts:
Chicken wings + ribs = chibs! Looked delicious Ste! Safe prediction there 🍻👏👏👏
Ahmed K
Ahmed K:
United need to play it long.
Jake Driver
Jake Driver:
After all this moaning and whinging i really hope we do beat them so we actually kill their top four hopes. Bruno penalty just to rub it in.
Olanrewaju Sings
Olanrewaju Sings:
You want Rashford running at TAA all day long
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson:
I think we can beat them 4:1
Vik Sarkar 666
Vik Sarkar 666:
Was having an argument with a friend who supports pool who told man utd are penalty merchant producers which included Ronaldo and now Fernandes. Had to remind him of the last time Fernandes scored the "penalty" from outside the box in fa cup fixture. Actually bit tired of explaining how many non-penalty goals he has scored and not to forget the assists too. But honestly wouldn't mind if Fernandes scores a hattrick of penalties tomorrow 🤣🤣
so I thought about something, If We win the EL, doesn't 5th place also get CL as both the European cup champions are english?
What a pathetic attitude 🤣 Worst title challengers in premier league history.
I say we treat them like City. Let em have the ball and hit them on the counter.
Tom Bara
Tom Bara:
I suspect all the Maguire haters are gonna be eating their words. We’re gonna miss him. Could be a high scoring game, goals at both ends.
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous:
Easy win
simon watling
simon watling:
Who's crying now 😂😂😂😂
paul dunne
paul dunne:
Fair play as always you are flat out but still make time to get these done
Itai Gurira
Itai Gurira:
Yaay first
Tarah Kalunga
Tarah Kalunga:
Good inform.. much love from Namibia.
Alan Koh
Alan Koh:
Shaw, Make sure Salah is in your pocket all the time.
Taryn Stirrup
Taryn Stirrup:
Imagine if Liverpool had a prime Peter Crouch with the cross spam he'd score 50 goals a season.
J. Brock
J. Brock:
Another video you have to love it
Chicken wings & Ribs 🔥
Man like bloodclaat STE
tony cowin
tony cowin:
Videos that didn't age well quickly.
Guested Shreyan
Guested Shreyan:
Go liverpool try to be at top 4 this season and then next season you will be at top 1 promise vvd and gomez iwll return❤️❤️YNWA!
otoyo spade
otoyo spade:
man utd losesss
You need to visit Jamaica one day bro
You're my hero🇯🇲🖤👌🏾
Callum Penny
Callum Penny:
Great as always. Let’s spank these on the counter tomorrow well overdue a rout against this lot.
Riley Leighton
Riley Leighton:
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul:
Lets all admit this was the easiest united starting 11 to predict but the best thing about howsons previews are the detailed analysis of the opposition team
Sechaba Khunyeli
Sechaba Khunyeli:
Did I hear "Van Dyk RIP"?
Komo Nako
Komo Nako:
Lol...Stop posting this kind of prediction... literally United are finding it hard to play 3 matches in a week...
themba phomolo
themba phomolo:
I hope you become a fifa accredited coach one day mate. Absolutely love your tactical breakdowns 👌🏽
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Up the Paddock
Da-vid Cargill
Da-vid Cargill:
milner is injuried
ahmed kandil
ahmed kandil:
You were saying? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Why you at Wembley?
Kyekye Eminah
Kyekye Eminah:
Did he just say Eric Bailly isn't anywhere as good as Harry Maguire on the ball? Are you kidding me? Bailly is one of the most skillful defenders in world football! It's not even close! Both Bailly and Lindelof are far superior ball players to Maguire! Maguire is so clumsy on the ball. His ball playing errors at the back has led to numerous goals being conceded this season. He waits till he's tackled and gives a last minute pass to the goalkeeper or defensive player, putting them under pressure. Stop pampering Maguire, Howson and watch the actual game.🤦‍♂️
Santa Notch
Santa Notch:
Wembley is just a hive for building work at the mo. Mind you has been for a while.
Wesley McLeish
Wesley McLeish:
Yeah of course....
Aldain Naidoo
Aldain Naidoo:
Great vid Ste
Lets get them in the Europa league for next season...and let them play juve next season
Hamish OBrien
Hamish OBrien:
Ste is killing it at the moment 👏
Navi Bhandaal
Navi Bhandaal:
All we need is to man mark their right flank of salah/tiago/arnold with the help of shaw/fred/pogba
Aldo Gjipali
Aldo Gjipali:
Hi Ste. Rashford actually has 15 assists instead of 12. In case you wanted to change that😂
Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering
Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering:
Sensible starting 11, makes a lot of sense. The only one I'm not sure of there is probably Marcus on the right, he feels so ineffective and I wonder if Greenwood gets the nod given how sensational his form has been of late. He's young enough to manage the minutes I'd have thought and then bring Marcus on as a sub where his pace can hurt a tired Liverpool defence. Or even keep him in cotton wool for Gdansk as he still seems to be playing through about 300 injuries at the moment poor lad.
linda stanley
linda stanley:
Nobody cried ..just laughed at yous cos yous handed City the title by making 10 changes get real
Hans J
Hans J:
I believe this game could be very bad for the Maguire haters.
I love you Ste, but how is Maguire better on the ball than Bailly? Surely having Bailly there will improve our play from the back. Bailly maybe lacks in defensive organisation and experience.
Get Wrecked
Get Wrecked:
Chelsea could win champions league and also not finish top 4. Which means even if Liverpool get to 4th they’ll only be in Europa league.
Yuran Buque
Yuran Buque:
Saranya Rathanon
Saranya Rathanon:
Loserpool will hammer crosses and Bailly is utter garbage DeGea Bailly and Dumbzebe all in the box all beaten TWICE by crosses Henderson or Maguire those would have not happened
English players are needed when its a tough game not mercenaries who want money money