Lewy Penalty Miss in Bayern Win | Hertha Berlin - FC Bayern München | 0-1 | All Goals | MD 20

#BSCFCB | Highlights from Matchday 20!
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Watch all goals of Hertha Berlin vs. FC Bayern München from Matchday 20 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 0-1 Coman (21’)

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Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family:
Robert Lewa missing a penalty, Man this is a rare sight, they should put this on National geographic 🌍
Jack Molina Condori
Jack Molina Condori:
Lewandowski: *Miss a penalty*
Coman: Ok, if it's not you, then it will be me.
Mark Akoury ꪜ
Mark Akoury ꪜ:
Lewy wasn't at his best today, but coman was 🔥 today
Rahul Choudhury
Rahul Choudhury:
We have Kingsley GOALman you know.⚽️
This season Bayern’s best winger right now .
Zac “Albert” Franz
Zac “Albert” Franz:
Wow, Lewy missing a penalty, weird day this is turning out to be.
Rahul Choudhury
Rahul Choudhury:
Man-WALL Neuer was today sensational performance, GOATkeeper 🐐
It doesn't matter that he missed the penalty no one is special he's still a brilliant player
Niko Spielvogel
Niko Spielvogel:
feel bad for lewy lol
Arton Wedderburn
Arton Wedderburn:
When Lewandowski's miss is a better caption than Coman's goal... Polishing the French, I see.
0:34 the amount of times I've heard this in FIFA....
First time in exactly two months that Lewandowski hasn’t scored.
phrenzi Zzz
phrenzi Zzz:
Lewy is human afterall
The Goalkeeper Showcase
The Goalkeeper Showcase:
That was the fastest highlights of a game I’ve ever seen
samuel ayomide
samuel ayomide:
Haaland and Lewy missing a penalty in one week, mind-blowing 🤯
Uday Bajwal
Uday Bajwal:
Lewy tried Joghino style failed and jughino tried Lewy style scored 😂😂
Was a lawyer .
Was a lawyer .:
Fact : Lewandowski haven't missed a penalty for 6 years , and last one was saved by Neuer
polish king
polish king:
Lewy first penalty missed since 2017 !Also this game stop his Scoring record in every game since December.He needs Rest game or two
TopaZ TV
TopaZ TV:
Coach: Lewy why did you miss?
Lewy: the snow
Me being a Bavarian, I'm actually surprised by Jarnstein's save!
As I have said before, I will say it now too, I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT WOULD BAYERN DO WITHOUT MANU?
Really saved us from this match as Lukebakio and Cunha were constantly pressuring us.
Important 3 Points💪
MiaSanMia❤ #RedIsTheColour!
Aaran Krishn
Aaran Krishn:
Happens to everyone. After all Lewy is just human. We are with u Lewangoalski 💪🏿🙌🏿💖 #miasanmia
xd Sagii
xd Sagii:
Hate when people say penalty miss when the keeper saves it
Pranay Agarwal
Pranay Agarwal:
As much as I love us playing the attacking high line, I fear it may prove to be our undoing.
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza:
Maneul Neuer is a whole team by himself..
A bit of luck and Manuel Neuer often prove sufficient to secure a victory.
Lewandowski missed a penalty, finally I could be able to see a matrix failure.
Koka Nakalasinan (King)
Koka Nakalasinan (King):
Robert Lewa missing a penalty, Super Save of Hertha...and Neuer...So you can get it easily like this ...
Adam Irfan
Adam Irfan:
Guendouzi is amazing....
Luviwe Ndziweni
Luviwe Ndziweni:
Bundesliga Admin is just simply sublime, absolutely brilliant🤙😆
Yo first on here lets go. Question though, does adminho give awards for this kind of thing?
Haaland missed a week ago, Lewandowski missed today. 2 perfect from the spot players missed.
Yungu *Big Chungus*
Yungu *Big Chungus*:
Play seriously in the club world cup
please 🙄
adel mouahad
adel mouahad:
The best channel on YouTube ❤
Rehan Zahid
Rehan Zahid:
A victory is a victory.
I'm satisfied with how we played considering there is a match on 8th, Flick for sure had something in mind.
Yes it was cold and the players needed this game as a warmup and for them to keep attacking and also defend that 1-0 lead. I'd say Alaba had a decent game and ofcourse Neuer saved us. Lewa missing a penalty is not something we see everyday(credz to their fab goalkeeper) but it will make his comeback stronger.
Yes people are saying that its a hard fought win and I'm glad it was, I'm glad no one is injured too and I'm happy that this Bayern can adapt and play in many ways. Ofcourse it must be frustrating to not finish those chances but we played as a team and didnt depend only on 2-3 people.
Im proud, lets go 6💪
The next target is to win the semi-final and final at the FIFA Club World Cup.
RiCk KiNg
RiCk KiNg:
World's best striker missing penalty, we should be living in some other universe
Nandito Saba
Nandito Saba:
how to break into neuer's goal

Randy Ray
Randy Ray:
It's my first time too see RL09 missed penalty.
Sanjida Afrin
Sanjida Afrin:
Finally lewangoalski miss a goal😂
Deni Mulyoto
Deni Mulyoto:
Guendozi continue his develop 👌
Ahh.. Lets see if lewy can have the same season as last year..
Bilal Ahmed Shariff
Bilal Ahmed Shariff:
Bayern's high line could potentially cost them a World title!
Raha Rahovsky
Raha Rahovsky:
Oh Robert 🤣 anyway we won't remember that in few days😝
Hamza Baydka
Hamza Baydka:
0:48 Goundouzi that's why arsenal let him go selfish move from him he could have pass the ball😄
Hertha played well - it’s coming
뮌헨 최악
liverpool l
liverpool l:
I think the reason Lewandowski missed the penalty kick was the prowess of the goalkeeper 💪
Please make 3 or 4 minute fo highlight.. Its gonna be good👍👍👍
Denis Szabloczky
Denis Szabloczky:
Compensa + 'perder' 0 pênalti Sai nos holofotes, rs. Assim como fez algumas rodadas atràs o Marco Reus
Nurul Rahi
Nurul Rahi:
Nothing is change for LewanGoalski just a penalty missed.! we are Bayern and we have King GoalMan you know king Goalmon... 🤴👍
Nico Montaño
Nico Montaño:
Well at least now we know he is human too
Mick Antonio
Mick Antonio:
I think that Bayern becomes weak this days
Rudy Z.
Rudy Z.:
Once again, Neuer is the best goalkeeper.
Sean Fury
Sean Fury:
That's his first miss in 2300+ days. Crazy.
I think Bayern are slowly dropping their levels..
Reality floor
Reality floor:
Hertha Berlin mostrando o caminho das pedras para vencer o Bayern
FIFA's commentator's sound.😅😅
Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTL
Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTL:
Bro bayern’s defence getting caught like this wtf is goin on with em
Syed Amirulikhwan
Syed Amirulikhwan:
Its always about penalty missed, but never about penalty saved.
Nammuiteu Pame
Nammuiteu Pame:
Sir Robert Lewandowski you good quality performance Top number 1 Footballer Best player and you Handsome Charmingly smiling Face smartman l Loved you so much mores than mores Sir Robert Lewandowski you are a very much good for me in the worlds Men. Sir Robert Lewandowski Lifetime's Journeys Long live, Long live, Long live God bless you mores Forever Praises the Lord Haleluiyah Amen Amen Amen
wallpaper 2a
wallpaper 2a:
Good job, Bayern!
Ivan Jardel
Ivan Jardel:
ramzi Rin2 (encikMR)
ramzi Rin2 (encikMR):
Penaldo they call him..hey look lewa missed a penalty 🤣
ahmed Bouzidi
ahmed Bouzidi:
A good victory against hertha Berlin for the moral but the king of the match is the goalkeeper of hertha Berlin
If goalkeepers didn’t move when Lewandowski was taking a penalty, he wouldn’t score as many.
Robert Lewandowski Memes
Robert Lewandowski Memes:
Only one goal against a team fighting relegation.Not at our best today hopefully we can improve next game.

Next Trip:Qatar

Opponent:Al Ahly

Mission Impossible:win
Cunha missed that double clear cut chances
Olaoluwa Faleye
Olaoluwa Faleye:
Wow everyone misses penalties even lewangoalski
Jungkook Yaya
Jungkook Yaya:
Bela²in bangun malem cuma nonton Bayern, eh mainnya busuk amattt. Faktor lapangan juga mungkin..
André Silva can catch up now
Muhammad Faiq rosyad
Muhammad Faiq rosyad:
Goes to FIFA club world cup to Qatar 👍👍👍❤️
Atinder Singh
Atinder Singh:
Replacing neuer is going to be the hardest things for bayern.
Heidi Scheibengraf
Heidi Scheibengraf:
Pleaseeee, comback Bundesliga to direct tv Argentina!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
Bayern is awful defensively and The other team was just wasteful...
Rodrigo Maia
Rodrigo Maia:
Lewandowski errar um pênalti, nunca havia visto, será um sinal Palmeiras?
Fábio Sport
Fábio Sport:
Como que o cara erra um gol desse?
Matthew DHB
Matthew DHB:
Literally quite unbelievable 😳
gregorio .-
gregorio .-:
Well, beside Lewy, if Bayern win the Bundesliga, the best player of the season should be Manuel Neuer. Without him, Bayern maybe at no. 4 or 5 in the table.
Daira Rosas
Daira Rosas:
I love the Bundesliga❤️

S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT
S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT:
Hate to see Lewandowski miss a Penalty kick, but at the very least we win with a clean sheet. One more thing, Kingsley Coman has been doing well this season.
Nammuiteu Pame
Nammuiteu Pame:
Sir Robert Lewandowski Don't feared next Match Directly straightly opened you showed again you good goals scoredss penalty shouted Atom Bomb Goals Scored'ss, FC Berlin Team 3rd class in the worlds this session number 15 nothings Berlin Team 3rd Team. Always l remembereds Loved hopefull supporteds Interesteds Liked kids with you Forever ❤️❤️ Sir Robert Lewandowski l Loved so much you mores than mores Forever Praises the Lord Haleluiyah Amen Amen Amen
Nammuiteu Pame
Nammuiteu Pame:
Sir Robert Lewandowski please next Match don't losses the penalty shouted. Becareful you next Match player. Always l remembereds Loved hopefull supporteds Interesteds Liked kids with you Forever ❤️❤️ Sir Robert Lewandowski in this worlds only you are a very much good for me in the worlds Men. Thank you Sir Robert Lewandowski Everyday l Respected to you Sir Robert Lewandowski God bless you mores Forever Praises the Lord Haleluiyah Amen Amen Amen
If Bundesliga had better stickers bayern could suffer a lot, even when they score a lot, neuer saves more than he should tbf
Kleber Jesus
Kleber Jesus:
Palmeiras sempre 💚
Ahmad Rusdi
Ahmad Rusdi:
Jadi, pas Lewandowski membaca gerakan kiper,... Si kiper merubah arah lompatan....
Omar Bassam
Omar Bassam:
0:07 , 0:47 , 0:52 this Bayern Defense is Amazing
Thomas Turbano
Thomas Turbano:
Bayern the palmeiras waits for you .
Breve Virá!
Breve Virá!:
Deve está ensaiando pro mundial. Vamos, Bayern, os secadores no Brasil precisam de você.
Beaute Ndalwenhle
Beaute Ndalwenhle:
The German machine has fallen ... This type of defence is an invite for big game losses ...😢😢😢
Nelson Lima
Nelson Lima:
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Shame,shame for his records but its need to happend one day-he is 99 not 100
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek:
Can't wait for Bayern vs Ahly
I'm an Egyptian bayern fan and Ahly is my favourite team.
I wonder what adminho thinks of it (and maybe make a pun)
Ahmed Alashry
Ahmed Alashry:
El ahly will winn 🤫🔥🔥
herman The blues
herman The blues:
Lucky bayern..
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh:
This sounds like fifa commentary
Snowy.. so snowy
Não é impossível.
Héctor López
Héctor López:
Jimenez style cant be copied
Ciro Gomes JUNTOS contra o SUDESTE
Ciro Gomes JUNTOS contra o SUDESTE:
O Palmeiras não vai nem do Tigres do México🇲🇽