Leylah Fernandez vs. Camila Osorio | 2022 Monterrey Final | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Leylah Fernandez vs. Camila Osorio at the 2022 Abierto GNP Seguros.

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100+ comentarios:

Fernandez defends her title in Monterrey! 🏆
Leylah showed her experience in here. She saved 5 match points and when the electrical issue happend she had the nerve to ask for a replay which was unfairly denied; stayed focus and warmed-up on the 10 min. delay and came back to win the championship. She NEVER gave up and the mexican crowd was with her. Monterrey's Queen.
Jaypee Roxas
Jaypee Roxas:
The whole championship point is amazing. Can’t breathe the whole time. Congratulations, Leylah! Osorio is such a great competitor.
Multiple breaks of serve, saving championship points, lights going out, medical time-outs, this match had some of everything! Congrats Leylah!! Glad u defended your title.
Ray L.
Ray L.:
I wished you could show more highlights for all the championship points that Leylah saved. Such an exciting match. Go Leylah Go!
Jose Mari Ortega
Jose Mari Ortega:
One of the best comebacks in recent memory. Congrats Leylah!!!
May Loo
May Loo:
This will give Leylah confidence going into Indian Wells.
Brian Brian
Brian Brian:
wow, Osorio is SO fast. There were so many shots that I thought she'd never get but she did. Fernandez just kept hitting winners tho and didn't get discouraged, she has the heart of a lion that young woman.
Leylah is truly the comeback Queen. The winner mentality that she possess at such a young age is a thing to behold.
This win will give her a boost of confidence at Indian Wells.
Erik Weimer
Erik Weimer:
WTA match of the year so far! Congrats Leylah!! First Canadian woman to defend a title on the WTA tour.
This match was incredible. Leylah is awesome, as is Camila Osorio.
Lesson Learned
Lesson Learned:
So proud of Leylah. So composed and calm even got broken so many times. Her coach needs to help her improve her service games.
Can I just say that whomever is running this channel is doing an awesome job keeping us who can't watch live, in suspense. Unlike specific tournament channels this one gives nothing away in the thumbnails about who won the match. Well done and congratulations Fernandez!!!
Ed Dames
Ed Dames:
Happy for her! It wasn't an easy fight. And she pulled through. Mental fortitude is the mark of a true champion. I believe Leylah will win a major someday soon.
Sam Vu
Sam Vu:
What a match! Incredible tension, incredible clutch moments, a novel's worth of story in those 3 sets; probably the best match of this year! Let's go Leylah Fernandez!!
Christina Burkenroad
Christina Burkenroad:
Dear Leylah, Monterrey loves you and congratulations on your second title in said tournament and professionally, well deserved. 😊😍🇲🇽🏆🏆👏👏👏💛
ron Watts
ron Watts:
OMG what a match...tough that only one player gets the trophy as they both worked so hard. Thank you for the class performance ladies.
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Leylah is such a warrior. And you can see her work ethic through how much parts of her game, such as her serve, have improved since the USO. It'll be a great year for her.
Reg Van Rooyen
Reg Van Rooyen:
Congrats to both players for showing so much courage and playing their hearts out!!
Osorio had it all but tied up but Leylah's composure was incredible. She didn't flinch nor did she crack up, her temperament shone through for her till the very end.
Bottom line = There are no losers in this kind of match. Osorio will come out better and wiser and will earn her day if she is persistent!!!
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith:
What a match! Been following Leylah and now Im an Osorio fan as well. Well done, ladies!!! More finals to come please
John Rain McManus
John Rain McManus:
That is one of the gutsiest matches I've ever seen... and I've been playing and watching tennis for 50+ years.
Six Degrees of Gaming
Six Degrees of Gaming:
Leylah Fernandez is already a star! She has won the tournament due to her superior mental strength and also the ability to close out matches. She defends her title which seems almost impossible in modern WTA, but I hardly had any doubt that she would throughout the entire week. We might be witnessing one of the future greats of women's tennis in Leylah. Spare a thought for Camila who also had an excellent week here and had 5-6 MPs but Leylah had nerves of steel to stay in this match and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
monti urug
monti urug:
Comparto que el párate enfrió a Osorio, pero también a Fernández y su reclamo fue bien para mi porque lo tenía de frente ella. Osorio tuvo 5 MP y alguno bastante claro. Nada que decir, la diferencia entre un buen jug y uno aceptable es en estos momentos.
Curt Choy
Curt Choy:
5:46 for me is the peak emphasis of Leylah's improvement in the game. Just great awareness, court sense and skill.
Jose Mari Ortega
Jose Mari Ortega:
One of the best comebacks in recent memory. Congrats Leylah!!!
Marco Peñalba
Marco Peñalba:
Leyla has been able to keep a consistent game since she played the US Open 2021! Physically, she looks in great shape! Congrats to you and your team for the great match you played to win the 2022 Monterrey Open!
It´s hard to put in words how amazing that win was...theres so much specialness to Leylah...THOSE NERVES...and I think she absolutely deserved the win because very often she was the one who dictated the points while Osorio was just defending and hoping for Leylah to miss a shot...so nice so see that her courageous way of playing paid off...
Love Leylah. Humble and gifted.
B Garrah
B Garrah:
I love how Leylah delivered her entire trophy acceptance speech in Spanish! The crowd and tournament organizers really appreciated it. Pure class. Fantastic final match by both players.
Ted Tech
Ted Tech:
What a great come back. She never lost hope in winning.
Gurupreeth Singh
Gurupreeth Singh:
Leylah is amazing and she always comes back stronger even if she is down a set. I have been following her game since 2021 US OPEN finals. Congrats Leylah
Itsme Forsure
Itsme Forsure:
Excellent match and I thought leylah would win 2&2 so I was floored about how well CO can chase down shots. She makes you hit 4-5 winners to get one and that has to be tough to play against. Compliments to both ladies for a successful week.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing:
This match was incredible. Leylah is awesome, as is Camila Osorio.
ramiro fauno martinez
ramiro fauno martinez:
Partido infartante !! Ambas jugadoras increíbles, Leylah, mi favorita, aunque jugando para Canada, con raíces latinas, qué pedazo de jugadora !! Con serenidad y maestría y además con mucha templanza !! Y Ossorio qué manera de jugar ! Con tanta fuerza, potencia y velocidad !! Ambas jugadoras pueden brillar entre las primeras del mundo con su juventud y excelente tenis !!
Dennis Sutherland
Dennis Sutherland:
Determination, never give up attitude and quick reset for the next serve are all attributes of a CHAMPION 🏆! Leylah has got them all, and MORE !
That ball definitely bounced twice at 2:05. You see it come up on the second bounce. You think with today's technology that there would be some automated way to catch that.
Ric Hernando
Ric Hernando:
Leyla is the comeback kid in this match. Champions know how to win a match even when behind. This was a hard fought match to the end. Camila made great effort to dethrone the champ. Leyla showed her maturity and calmness that won her another title. At the 3rd set it slowed down Camila so Leyla took advantage in the deciding tie break. Kudos to Leyla to win it all! This should elevate her in the standings in the WTA tour. Give credit to the Columbian for her efforts! Great match overall!
Mel Navarro
Mel Navarro:
Great match! Wonderful playing from both finalist!
Lucho C Mx
Lucho C Mx:
Excelente partido entre dos jugadoras extraordinarias.
Bien pudo haberse inclinado por cualquiera de las dos.
Felicitaciones a Leylah y Camila, y que vengan muchos más éxitos!
Blessed Airfield
Blessed Airfield:
Congratulations Leylah. All blessing and more winning to come.
Brian Y
Brian Y:
Unbelievable comeback by Leylah! Camila played amazing as well and her ability to retrieve balls is pretty incredible. A nail biter right to the end!
Yankale Golan
Yankale Golan:
Bright future ahead for Leyla Fernandez! A young wonderful player!!
The Last Mindbender
The Last Mindbender:
Leylah Fernandez is so smooth & relaxed, yet full of energy & passion, love how she stays positive no matter what and keeps chipping away having fun and going for winners like she is not afraid, her star is rising, slowly but surely, I can easily see her become the #1 in the world and achieve supernova stardom in the tennis world and beyond!👀💖
Nice to see Leylah in form and defended her title, very few make it back-to-back especially on WTA side 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
saving 5 match points…my heart was *pounding!* great win tonight for leylah :D
Sev Raonic
Sev Raonic:
Glad to see a US Open finalist win one of the WTA opens this year.
If Leylah works on her serve she can win a major. Go Leylah!
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Glad I watched a 20 minute highlight version of this match. It was intense, epic and everything was on the line. Two of the rising best. Congratulations Leylah.
Now that's an exciting final. Great to see Leylah in form again, I hope she can keep it up for the big ones this year.
It was nice to see Leylah give her acceptance speech in Spanish , classy.
Raul Abejuela
Raul Abejuela:
I love Leila Fernandez's style of play, no weaknesses and great mental fortitude.
5:42 what a tough shot!!! Congrats Leylah
Paula Richards
Paula Richards:
Wow!!! That was amazing. I cannot wait to see her lift a Grand Slam trophy.
Rand U
Rand U:
If Osorio had 5 match points and couldn't close it, Leylah definitely deserves the win.
R Hernandez
R Hernandez:
Osorio’s first round match at the Indian Wells will be Sasnovich. That would be a good game to watch! While Leylah in the 2nd round will be either Anisimova or Navarro. Hope both can play good this week and good luck to both at the Indian Wells considered as “5th GS”.
Le Petit B Tennis 🎾
Le Petit B Tennis 🎾:
If you didn't watch this match and you have an opportunity to watch it, it is an example of endurance, wit and determination 💕 Vamos Leylah!
Awesome! Both played very well, congratulations!
Diamond Hands and Rocket Ships
Diamond Hands and Rocket Ships:
What a match! Let lag is a fighter. Camila is one to watch. The ball bounced twice. Tennis needs replays.
Bella Jane
Bella Jane:
What a good comeback from Fernandez. Osorio will be a threat at future big tournaments and majors.
Leylah Fernández una gran ser humano y verdadera campeona 👏 el pueblo Ecuatoriano te felicida por tus triunfos deportivos. Que Papá Dios te bendiga.
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen:
Leylah moves just like Nadal in pre-warmup routine.
And she's a lefty as well.
Well done Leylah! You are a pleasure to watch! 👏
Wow this was such an incredible match. Camila played phenomenal, first player I've seen who could compete with Leylah's tenacity. Could've easily gone either way, but I'm so happy Leylah defended her title. Both players have fantastic futures ahead, would love to see them meet many more times.
Hans Högqvist
Hans Högqvist:
"It ain´t over untill its over." I really like to se when Leyla plays - she just never give up!
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈!!! What a battle ! Leylah played articulately well ! Calculated , against a strong opponent ! Leylah has a solid mental game ! She is just a champion !!
Bernardita Moreno
Bernardita Moreno:
Fernández, eres genial, fuerza talento y pasión, vas para grande, Leylah 🌷🙏💝
Jeffrey Taddeo
Jeffrey Taddeo:
Leylah may have been runner-up at the US Open, but she will win a major soon enough!
Jacki H
Jacki H:
You were so close Camilla.... that title was yours to win! Congrats to you Leylah!
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Wonderful match!! Great fight between the two. Congrats Fernandez excellent tennis 👌👌👌👍🏻
D Gib
D Gib:
The ball did bounce twice in the first tie break. Congrats to Leylah and her spirit!
Tung Bui
Tung Bui:
Nerve of steel, well said and both ladies were amazing, game and control
Kyle Xiong
Kyle Xiong:
Cold-blooded and level-headed play by Fernandez. Bravoo!
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Yes! 🇨🇦 I figured this match would come down to the wire. Boss move by Leylah postponing the game in the late stages taking issue with the flickering court lighting, at a time when facing her 5th match point save to force the tie-break. What resolve 👏
Johnny Tampocao
Johnny Tampocao:
What a match. Congratulations Layla.👌 👍
Glad to see Leylah back at full awesomeness!!! Had me worried for a bit.
Little Leylah has nerves of steel!!! 💪
Love watching both these dynamic young players, hope to watch them play many more times. Could be a very exciting rivalry. :)
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
For those still uninformed about the status of Ash Barty, she has withdrawn from playing Indian Wells and Miami Open due to injury but is expected ready to return to play for the Billie Jean King Cup.
Braulio Torres
Braulio Torres:
Maravillosa !! Me encanta verla triunfar ! Es una gran tenista y con un amplio futuro !! 👍👏👏
Brandon Velez
Brandon Velez:
Not only was Miss Fernandez repping Canada but also the beautiful countries that are the Philippines and Ecuador. The atmosphere felt like an Ecuador V Colombia match which is very special. Love Leyla she a refreshing player. Osorio played an incredible tournament. I only see her getting better from here.
What a match! Congratulations to Leylah, she has nerves of steel! 🇨🇦
Good match Camilla, a good player (screams too much for me, but very good player)!
Mary Ann
Mary Ann:
Congratulations, champ Leylah! Down but not out. What a comeback!
A classic finale.
Kudos to both players,
Susy Too
Susy Too:
Love her sweet humbleness!!!! PLEASE don't change! 💖
Slippery Blue Clay
Slippery Blue Clay:
Exciting match! I don't believe Osorio got to that drop shot at the end of the first set.
T Castillo
T Castillo:
Wow !!! What a great comeback. Very unpredictable match. Congrats Leylah. Proud Canadian. 🇨🇦 🍁
Steve Gilham
Steve Gilham:
A match full of twists and turns and drama , somehow I knew leylah would come through and saving 5 championship points ..awesome!
josephine saayman
josephine saayman:
Great win Leylah!...so glad you defended your title....you will be going places this year thats for sure!...i love watching her play...
Kenny Tam
Kenny Tam:
What a great match. Go Leylah. What a fighter
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
Leyla to win it all! This should elevate her in the standings in the WTA tour. Give credit to the Columbian for her efforts! Great match overall!
JL Zivi
JL Zivi:
I don’t understand the hate! Have you guys seen the match or you guys are just throwing stones on the spot? Anyone who plays tennis knows that Leylah has all the right to complain about that shitty malfunction. The umpire should have called it a let play when it happened. What’s up with these umpires this season?

Also, Camila had sooooo many chances. 5 match points! Still, she did not turn it around.

A win is a win! Both played amazing! But Leylah has more firepower at the end. Congrats to Leylah for defending her title.
Change Name
Change Name:
The lighting situation was very unfortunate for both players. Neither of them wanted it. The whole thing couldve thrown Leylah off her game being the one down and the pressure of defending the trophy, being denied a replay. Her mental strength is amazing. Had the match went Osorio's way, i would be saying the same Osorio fans are saying now.
Leylah Fernandez was pretty Nadal-like on saving those match points!
Greg H Farley
Greg H Farley:
Ball clearly bounced twice in first set tie break for Osorio to go 6-5. Fernandez showed grit to come back. She is a fun one to watch.
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence:
This is what an incredible win looks like. Impressive!
Deirdre Watkins
Deirdre Watkins:
Congrats Leylah, on a terrific comeback and defending your title, all the best in the upcoming tours🥎🥎🎾🏆🏆
thomas harrell
thomas harrell:
Clearly a second bounce in the tiebreak off the drop shot. Ump completely missed it and it bounced right in front, cost Leylah the set.
Leylah gifting one her tennis rackets to a fan after the match. She is a class act! What an awesome final. Congrats to both players!
Rock girl
Rock girl:
Leylah is such a warrior. And you can see her work ethic through how much parts of her game, such as her serve, have improved since the USO. It'll be a great year for her.