Libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen makes campaign stop in St. Louis

“We need to put the decision-making power back into your hands because you can spend your money better than the politicians and special interests in Washington any day of the week,” Dr. Jorgensen said.

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FreeStang 66
FreeStang 66:
The more choices we have, the better. I support ending the two-party monopoly.
Ash Green
Ash Green:
"I would rather vote for liberty and lose than vote for tyranny and win"
Alba del Valle
Alba del Valle:
We need to hear more from Dr. Jorgensen on mainstream media. Jo would make a great president.
Thomas Alias
Thomas Alias:
I'm voting Libertarian this year. People say it's a wasted vote, but it's only a waste if everyone thinks like that. In order to break the mold, you have to vote for who you truly want. And slowly over time, when more people start to vote 3rd party, soon, there will be no more 3rd party.
Devin Cordell
Devin Cordell:
Voting for Dr. Jorgensen 2020!
Jefff Peterson
Jefff Peterson:
I like her. She's got my vote 🗳. Unlike the 2 clowns
Rave Dubin
Rave Dubin:
She's got my vote. I live in Missouri, so Trump just has to (and will) get a plurality of the vote and he'll win all 10 of Missouri's Electoral College votes. He got 56% of the vote in 2016 and the state is incredibly idiotic, so he'll probably get over 50% again. I would not show up in a Trump vs. Biden dichotomy.
She's getting my vote.
I'm voting for Jo jorgensen! and she represents true freedom and equality for all.
Never been accused of rape either.
So she's got that going for her when the D And the R can't say that.
John Jacobson
John Jacobson:
Let her on the debate stage. The establishment can sink anyone including presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. It is just unjust and wrong. GO JO.
R T:
#LetHerSpeak GET HER INTO THE DEBATES! Go Momma Jo! Make America Free Again!
lupe gonzalez
lupe gonzalez:
Here for Jo Jorgensen!!!
Lizzie's Little Corner
Lizzie's Little Corner:
I have been doing some look around on Jorgensen and I am hoping that she can be a candidate for the election. Too many times I have watched good people end up leaving the campaign for a number of reasons, leaving us stuck with two choices that media has forced us to swallow.
I will definitely vote for Jo Jorgensen if she can stay on the campaign! #letherspeak
Thomas Busse
Thomas Busse:
I'm always so proud of this party - breaking the glass celing and investing in ballot access. This takes real community organizing against profound skepticism and criticism. It's hard, but we're here.
David F
David F:
She has my vote. Now the liberals can continue to call me a sexist. :(
Let her debate
H C:
The shrodingers vote: Your vote for Libertarian is both worthless and is so powerful you're voting for (my opposing party) -every blind follower on the internet
Very well.
Very well.:
More media coverage of her please.
"I would vote Libertarian but the election of (insert any year here) is way too important". What a load. A vote for R or D is the real wasted vote
Ray Roark
Ray Roark:
I hope she runs again. I will vote for her 💖💞💖
Some Guy
Some Guy:
Wait, how come I haven’t heard of her? Lol thanks main stream media
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett:
I’m a leftist and I like jo I’m going to vote for her have far more in common with her than Biden
kay louie boujee
kay louie boujee:
Thank you for this video! It is great to see more local coverage for her! #Jo2020 #JoJorgensen2020
Ohio Libertarians
Ohio Libertarians:
Thank you for covering JoJo! 💛
cj willinger
cj willinger:
2 party system is a joke I like this women
Oôpsÿ Boôpsÿ
Oôpsÿ Boôpsÿ:
Thank you for covering this!!!
Joe Banuelos
Joe Banuelos:
The real lesser of evils candidate
Mari-Lee Fiducia
Mari-Lee Fiducia:
"fox2 St Louis " Thank you for all your help in this ! Thanks for having our candidate JO JORGENSEN on your outlet

For the MOST part SHE has be silenced ... but THANK You !!!
Rachel Labriola
Rachel Labriola:
So here it is, election night, been up all night and I just found out tonight there is a third candidate ☠️
Go Jo! #jo2020
James O'brien
James O'brien:
I hope that she will win
Perla Encinas
Perla Encinas:
We need to listen a presidential debate with the participation of an intelligent woman like her. God bless America!!!
R S:
She’s what made me go Libertarian. These people need to get into the debates. Not just Democrats and Republicans. Neither party cares about the United States because both parties wreck it equally
I wish i had voted for her!!
Carol Baker
Carol Baker:
Thank you for reporting on Jo Jorgensen Libertarian President Candidate 2020! #EndVoterSuppression #WeAllWinwithJoJorgensen #LetHerDebate #LetHerSpeak
Buttcheeks Mcgee
Buttcheeks Mcgee:
I can't wait to vote for her!!
Go Jo!!
She has my vote
Ad Quid Orator
Ad Quid Orator:
In the US "Libertarian" means extreme advocate of total tyranny and when she says we need to put the decision making into your hands she means completely unaccountable corporate hands.
Space Art Experience
Space Art Experience:
She has my vote!!! #jorgensencohen2020 #letherspeak #spikethedebate #sae #spaceartexperience #dirtypourgalore #guesswhatididlastweekendgurl #mchuccialacucci #fabulousness #flashinfashion #webtalk #newsocialmedia #katomarketing #lsd
João Paulo
João Paulo:
The best choice.
Only in US you have a monopoly on politics ! That's why I love EU and happy I wasn't born in US !
Noble Phoenix
Noble Phoenix:
Jorgensen 2020!
Kyle Schroder
Kyle Schroder:
Hell yah! Now this I can get behind
I'm so disappointed that I found out about her platform after this happened.
King Luna
King Luna:
She seems honest
Tayed Smit
Tayed Smit:
It's time for real change! #jorgensen2020 #letherspeak
Mari-Lee Fiducia
Mari-Lee Fiducia:
The Rose between two Old thorns

SHE is with Us and is neither of the OLD RICH WHITE men

Thank you Jo Jorgensen you got OUR votes
Alex M
Alex M:
I voted for Jo because:

1) I don't think Biden nor Trump are fit for presidency
2) I believe the two party system is killing us
3) I actually like her message and agree with a lot of what she says
4) She has no sex allegations
5) She speaks clearly and coherently
Ebon Knight
Ebon Knight:
The exact opposite than what we have now
Man I literally try to support her, but something seems off...
I feel like she really dont understand how much it takes to run a country and how much money it takes to keep this country running.. pretty much all I'm getting out of it is.. Vote for me I'll do whatever you want
jay real uglah
jay real uglah:
Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals
Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals:
Libertarians need to start picking candidates with more spunk that can get people energized. Most the candidates they pick are boring. Same goes for the green party. I'd like nothing more than to see the two big parties fall. But y'all gotta start propping up some more effective people.
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez:
Let her speak.
Vote libertarian
Pedro The Mexican
Pedro The Mexican:
Jo Jorgensen just handed Biden the win by running
Can you share the link to the petition mentioned in the video?
neil youngster
neil youngster:
you won yes you did that can't say you did but you did ok i love love love love you guys in all ways
Big Colonel
Big Colonel:
Officially a supporter.
Andrew Diaz
Andrew Diaz:
WTF I just got the official ballot today and only thought you could vote for either Trump or Biden apparently there’s 4 other candidates I had no idea were an option. Why do they get no media attention??
Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture
Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture:
#JoJorgensen2020 #GoJoJo2020 #JoJorgensen #VoteGold #batwoman #LetHerSpeak #JoJorgensen #VoteGold #ConstitutionalGovernance @Jorgensen4POTUS
Bernardo Medina
Bernardo Medina:
She has a Jo in her first name and a Jo in her last. Jo Jorgensen is Part 9 JoJo confirmed.
Norbert Ruiz
Norbert Ruiz:
Did anyone forget Gary Johnson in 2016?
jogerson for president
Jana Procella
Jana Procella:
Take this ship we call America in a New direction all together.
C# Music
C# Music:
Bamse Bjørn
Bamse Bjørn:
Beeee straight! YES!
Aaron Doyle
Aaron Doyle:
Let her speak
The Eternal Beast Podcast
The Eternal Beast Podcast :
Dani Santos
Dani Santos:
This is the only party that didn’t go crazy with protest
Never heard of her.
Mainstream media is free as fuck!
Jean-luc Picard
Jean-luc Picard:
The Reflafitator
The Reflafitator:
Twitter: *suspends Jo Jorgensen's Twitter account*
Jo Jorgensen: surprised pikachu.jpg
Brendan Lyga
Brendan Lyga:
1:11 the dude is wearing a Simic T-Shirt. Nice!
Uni Verse
Uni Verse:
Christmas Sanchez
Christmas Sanchez:
Jojo 2020!
Dani The gay
Dani The gay:
She’s pretty for her age
Joel Ros
Joel Ros:
She got no chance LOL
Yu Cho
Yu Cho:
Sheriff Crandy
Sheriff Crandy:
I'm not too educated on libertarianism. Can someone help me understand what the differences between republicans and libertarians are? Republican's values are based on the Constitution. Whether or not the people who label themselves as Republicans follow those ideals is irrelevant. I'm just talking about the core values and it seems that libertarians and republicans/conservatives are basically on the same page.
Dani Santos
Dani Santos:
She wasn’t in any debates tho?? ☹️☹️☹️☹️
Daniel Clayton
Daniel Clayton:
Still more people then Biden lol
Way to take one for the team libertarians. She will barely make a dent.
Christopher Hamner
Christopher Hamner:
Media gives you Zero Ocean
Troll Baggins
Troll Baggins:
Too bad we won't see her on the debate stage, too bad there probably wont even be a debate, too bad if there is a debate itll only be trump and biden who get invited
I'll vote for her I don't care
eduar ed
eduar ed:
Why this lady wasting time and money when she knows she have nooooo chance!..and how abou her supporters!!
The king of games!
The king of games!:
Jasmine Huda looking fine in that Arizona Tea dress
SmittyWergan YangerManJensen
SmittyWergan YangerManJensen:
I don't plan to vote for Trump or Biden, but I will also not support someone else 'just because'. I would really like to hear more about Jorgensen's policies in the near future, and am in favor of getting rid of the two party system.
Varun Sangale
Varun Sangale:
Support 3rd and 4 party candidate end monopoly of two patties
SleepyJoe😴😴 , slide over...
Nobody is surprised that she lost, Lmao
Oh 😳😳😳😳
i am shocked how Americans can't see beyond democrats and republicand
Legalizing prostitution and all drugs is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, I’m sorry. But Jorgensen would be totally fine if the world burned if it meant that some dude wanted to do it.
Pyro Fire
Pyro Fire:
Jasmine goes to same salon as trump