Lili Reinhart Wears Every State Flower at the Met | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

Lili Reinhart talks with Emma Chamberlain about her Met dress that features every U.S. state flower.

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Lili Reinhart Wears Every State Flower at the Met | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

The dress Lili is wearing matches her personality so well, she's so elegant and classy
If you don't let her interview timotheé I'm going to be so mad
Rachel Shea
Rachel Shea:
I could totally see Emma having her own talk show someday. She seems so comfortable and like it comes so naturally to her!
Wow She literally has an angel face. If an angel existed, it would look like her.
"You're kinda like a flower"

Dare I say... a lily? 😏
Lili is so sweet. She seems so genuine. She’s like a fresh breath of air.
I’m just in love with the vibes Emma gives off
Lili said she's wearing a garden, I can't 🤣
so im not the only one whos refreshing like every second💀
Ali Carey
Ali Carey:
This was such a fabulous idea and such a creative way to pay respect to every state. I loved this so much❤️
One of the few who actually dressed according to the theme and rocked it. Lili always keeps winning hearts.
naomie tat
naomie tat:
I’m so so proud of Emma for taking over the Met Gala this year… She deserves it all
Amanda Cheatham
Amanda Cheatham:
I just realized how much Lili looks like Brittany Murpheyyyy
thalia serrato
thalia serrato:
Lili's dress so fits her OMG she looks so great :)!!
Grace Rodhouse
Grace Rodhouse:
emma’s doing an amazing job interviewing them and making them comfortable i love it for her
*brb crying i love lili*
Lili Reinhart is currently one of the most beautiful young actresses
D C:
Emma is so cute, I’m so happy for her
Magical Hira
Magical Hira:
The dress matches her very well. She's like a flower, beautiful, feminine and graceful
sophie michelle fan
sophie michelle fan:
Lili Reinhart is the only one who had the best dress out of everyone ❤❤❤ love her sm
Seth Mitchell
Seth Mitchell:
lilis makeup is so natural and pretty
Safiyyah Makda
Safiyyah Makda:
This was probably my favourite look, the idea was really cool and well executed, and Lili pulled it off so elegantly. The pink is also a really pretty shade that suits her so much.
Sophia Spinu
Sophia Spinu:
Still waiting for Emma and Timothee🥲
Masha Rosa
Masha Rosa:
the respect i have for emma for doing all these interviews while actually just wanting to get inside like everyone else
Ruby Mars
Ruby Mars:
I don’t know why I get all excited watching Emma interviewing these celebrities feels like I’m interviewing them myself 😆♥️
Ashton knightt
Ashton knightt:
Wow this is like the best night of my life I’m literally gonna cry for Emma 😩❤️
Emma is definitely anxious af but she looks so elegant and she did good imo
Lorna Tw
Lorna Tw:
Oh my gosh I literally didn't realize it was Emma interviewing for a moment because she sounded so natural as an interviewer!
Guillermo Gutierrez
Guillermo Gutierrez:
Emma was literally meant for this
Abby Gurr
Abby Gurr:
As soon as Emma said she was kinda like a flower I thought, “well her name IS Lili…”
Vishi Swiftie 🧣
Vishi Swiftie 🧣:
Lili looks so beautiful and gorgeous and fun!
Happy Birthday Lili!
03 AI
03 AI:
She is one of the few celebrities who have a style related to America, wearing dresses by American designers in accordance with the theme. That's why I love her.
Ceyda k
Ceyda k:
Emma is literally the best interviewer ever
She’s such a warm energy she looks beautiful
Ruokuo Solo
Ruokuo Solo:
The outfit exactly portrays lilis personality
Bridget M
Bridget M:
Just watched all of the videos, and I enjoyed Emma as an interviewer. It was cool to see someone who isn't a polished professional do it because it feels more realistic and personable. I feel like I'm experiencing the Met through her eyes!
Helo Marcondes
Helo Marcondes:
alliyahrose1D felipe
alliyahrose1D felipe:
I love this interaction. Lili, she blooms
Camila Martínez
Camila Martínez:
Lili Reinhart was the protagonist of tonight and we all know it
Emma should be interviewed, I love her. She's so sweet!
I am so happy for Emma, she's such an icon <3
Glória Silvério
Glória Silvério:
Ela estava tão perfeita, o vestido tem tudo ha ver com a personalidade dela. estava com mt sdd de ver a Lili assim, brilhante e sorridente 💖💖
crazy directioner🇮🇪
crazy directioner🇮🇪:
I love lili and Emma so much, omg I never thought in my wildest dreams they would be together
Oh my god. That dress looks so good on her and she's soo sweetttt!!!!!!!
Kiah Lopez
Kiah Lopez:
I love lilis outfit, she’s just so perfect ❤️
Susu !!
Susu !!:
emma did such a great job interviewing !!! 😭😭 so happy to see her out there 💗💗
Lili gives me such beautiful vibes as, how she smiles I love, her eyes I love them, her hair and of course the dress are beautiful
I love how emma compliments people energy and i'm here for it
Cassi Johnson
Cassi Johnson:
She's so elegant and beautiful
man, Emma's eye makeup is amazing!
Prishita Pathak
Prishita Pathak:
Lili look's stunning 😍😍 and her aura is literally so welcoming 😍😍😍😍❤❤
Vanita Vidhate.
Vanita Vidhate.:
I am so proud of Emma she definitely deserves to be here also she is my favourite influencer ❤️
Hope we will see her next year as well..
i’m literally obsessed with Lili Reinhart.
Jimena Garcia
Jimena Garcia:
I literally could watch Emma interviewing all day 😭🤍 I’m just so proud
Ana Araújo
Ana Araújo:
she's such an angel, love lili 💕
Jenessa Martinez
Jenessa Martinez:
throwback to when emma first started vlogging & said she was obsessed with riverdale
Star Corder
Star Corder:
All the state flowers!! Aaah! Now THIS is a creative idea and such a beautiful way to take on the theme💐🥰
I love Emma and I absolutely love the idea of this dress so much. Wow. Incredible!
the positive energy and the sweer comments of this interview had me smiling
archie griffin
archie griffin:
you know Emma is fangirling to Lili cos she also loved watching riverdale back then
This was a nice dress and nice with the state flower theme for America.
DiAnna W
DiAnna W:
Both of these women.. look stunning and really slayed it!!!! Lovvvvve their dresses!!! Lili is just a vision.. and I am totally girl crushing on her.. harrrrrrrd!!! lol
Kasi Todo
Kasi Todo:
The dress is amazing and matches lili so good!
Ruby Mars
Ruby Mars:
OMG Lili looks so good! That DRESS!!! She looks like a fairy!🌸💐🌺
me ig 😩
me ig 😩:
Lana Kovač
Lana Kovač:
the fact that the met was on lili’s birthday is so cool
I love Lilli so much she's my idol every year she atends the met she's stunning.
Lili looks so good and it IS the perfect dress for her 😩✋
Madi Bartley
Madi Bartley:
That’s very American and goes with the theme very well. Thank you!!!!
Selena Celeste
Selena Celeste:
I can’t say enough how in love with Emma I am 😂😂😍😍😍😍
Tricia Rose
Tricia Rose:
I love that she actually followed the theme! 🥰
shania jimenez
shania jimenez:
Omg Lili is the best person, she is so cuteeee, i love her 😭💞
Days s.170
Days s.170:
lili has such a great vibe to her, very elegant
Erina Kim
Erina Kim:
Everyone looks stunning this year!
0:26 meu deusu que fofa que perfeita gente ✨✨
Mauro santos
Mauro santos:
Lili looks so good, i love her so much.
Her smile, the way she says thank you its so sweet
Anita Dalpasquale
Anita Dalpasquale:
Dana Anahita
Dana Anahita:
“Well you’re kind of like a flower” omg Emma HOW CUTE
bryn lee
bryn lee:
These vids just keep coming, I’m not mad abt it tho
Charo Lalangui
Charo Lalangui:
Lili es la mejor, ella es una gran persona... 😊🤗💓👏
The crossover I never knew I needed omg
Hunna Jari
Hunna Jari:
Lili is such a classy elegant woman LOVE HER 💜
Hey There
Hey There:
She's one of few who understood the theme
Shehanya Dias
Shehanya Dias:
Aww Emma is so great at this <32
Danielle Gladstone
Danielle Gladstone:
One of my favorite dresses of the night.I’m obsessed
emilia set
emilia set:
I love her smile. My heart melted
Athé Naïs
Athé Naïs:
She respects the theme and she is beautiful wow😻
Alex Hurley
Alex Hurley:
This was my favorite look of the night 😍
i love these little interview interactions
“After the pandemic”…
We are still in state of emergency and no restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol where I am 😭
I need more of this duo <3
lili reinhart is such a sweetheart
Naz Allahyar
Naz Allahyar:
Lili is so sweet and beautiful. The dress matches her so perfectly.
Charlieka the great🗿
Charlieka the great🗿:
"This is the perfect dress for you" I agree with you emma..
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri:
Is it me or does she seem happier after breaking up with Cole? I’m not saying she didn’t love the relationship but I think she really found herself after the pandemic and the break up.
Leylo Hirey
Leylo Hirey:
I just want to know why Angelina Jolie who is an A lister and a legend is not invited to the met gala?!
Tiasha Rehnuma
Tiasha Rehnuma:
This is my Queen lili omgggg she looks so good I can't omgggg. Love herrrr
The Gone Sis
The Gone Sis:
That dress really fits her. Delicate and sweet just like her. Best combo I’ve seen
A duo we didn’t knew we needed