Lily Collins' Family Fell for Her Pregnancy Prank

Lily Collins explains a photo she posted on Instagram that worried her brother and shows why her Fantine look for the Les Misérables mini-series scared her mom.

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Lily Collins' Family Fell for Her Pregnancy Prank


100+ comentarios:

Ondine Ariel
Ondine Ariel:
I would never have guessed she's 30. Not that you're old at 30 but she genuienly looks like she's 20-23.
Nicole Penny
Nicole Penny:
“i was backpacking around europe...” who else recalls the infamous sex story from friends? 😂
Suheda Corap
Suheda Corap:
I just couldn't concentrate properly on what she was saying cause I was too distracted by her beauty! She looks like a goddess
Gen Betsuki
Gen Betsuki:
Love Rosie is my favorite movie 😭
Oh my goodness she is so beautiful with the dark lipstick
ava and haley
ava and haley:
she’s so freaking pretty. she just doesn’t fit what is considered “beautiful” in the world at the moment. but she’s genuinely one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. she rocks dark lipstick so good too
Jaspreet Digpal
Jaspreet Digpal:
Lily Collins has the most amazing eyebrows 😍
No exaggerated or fake laugh, just a genuine Jimmy. What do you know, it was awesome. Who would’ve thought?? Please keep it up Jimmy!
Priyanka Kumari
Priyanka Kumari:
Is no one gonna talk about fallons's beard and mustache
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia:
She's so pretty 😍♥️
Erika Tidlačka
Erika Tidlačka:
I see Lily Collins, but I see her in the instagram filter she uses.
i love the little crinkles around her eyes when she smiles <3
wait she’s american?! she played Rosie so well!
Dini Sabila
Dini Sabila:
Hearing she talks, I can tell she's smart woman!! Aside from being talented, gorgeous, and those eyebrows!! I mean... She's basically perfect.
Gracey Baker
Gracey Baker:
She is so pretty!
When you're the daughter of Phil Collins, your whole life is a world of invisible privileges even tho you never talk about it.
Vitoria Venus
Vitoria Venus:
She’s so pretty, oh my god
Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo:
The most beatiful woman on Planet for me...
Kiran Singh
Kiran Singh:
Ufffff, Such a Beauty😍😍😍feel like seeing Audrey Hepburn's Beauty in Lily. I hope my eyesight is correct 😛😛😛
Steven Chao
Steven Chao:
I'm in love with her personality, her laugh, and her smile, and everything ;_;
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Lewis:
I love Lily. She is super beautiful.
Appreciate the makeup on this beauty♥️
Randy G
Randy G:
she's too precious
Christine X
Christine X:
I love her!! ❤️ for me the most beautiful women on the word❣️
Kalpana Sahu
Kalpana Sahu:
I love how she talks to the audience besides talking to Jimmy
Such a beautiful human being
Ugh so gorgeous!!! Inside and out😍
Jamie Yang
Jamie Yang:
Like this look!!!
Sil Ver
Sil Ver:
She is damn pretty !
Đạt Nguyễn
Đạt Nguyễn:
She looks like a princess come from Disney
Jasmine Murphy
Jasmine Murphy:
I love Lily 💕💕
Oli Taggu
Oli Taggu:
I have never seen anyone else Rocking that shade of lips like she do !!
Robert Kemp
Robert Kemp:
Lily is very beautiful love her hair and makeup but just her spirit alone is beautiful I hope I find a girl like her ❤
Blue Panther
Blue Panther:
She's so beautiful it make my heart break. Like I can hear my heart crack
Taylor Swift is Back
Taylor Swift is Back:
You're so Gorgeous Lily 😍❤
Capucine Bethune
Capucine Bethune:
Honestly, I loooove the musical Les Misérables but it bothers me when people take the musical as a reference like as a french girl it's the opposite : all of my friends (I'm 17) have read the book but have no idea that it's also as a musical. Anyway read the book it's long but great.

PS: there's a lot of movies of Les Miz… Don't need another series.
I keep imagining her with a British accent
Emma Jokaid
Emma Jokaid:
I love this 😂
She looks late teens, and she’s 30! What a cutie :-)
Carl Maru Serna Granada
Carl Maru Serna Granada:
*I love her new series, Emily in Paris!*
Edison Malaj
Edison Malaj:
1000 likes here 🤪🤪
Melissa Mikaelson
Melissa Mikaelson:
I wanna see her dads reaction!!
Shey Love
Shey Love:
Sooo pretty 😍💞
Sebastian Li
Sebastian Li:
THE most beautiful human being on the planet
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
She stunning with goth lipstick.
uhhh she's gorgeous
Juliane Hirsch
Juliane Hirsch:
I’m so excited for Tolkien.
Sunrise Sunset
Sunrise Sunset:
Hoo. I watched whole season ''Emily in Paris'' in one day, and btw, for me, Emily's face looks and reminds me like beautiful Tori Amos from young age, oh God such a beautiful girl, like Tori was. Pure American beauty from the modern age. In this show Lily also reminds me on Tori <3
lousa manzares
lousa manzares:
Her eyebrow is bigger than my future 😃
ailis faleiro
ailis faleiro:
Aw man! I'm reading the book right now but I really, really want to see this after I finish it! It looks so good. I think that it's so cool how they show Fantine's story instead of quickly brushing over it.
Angel Dd
Angel Dd:
When you see her, you understand the less is more. She doesn’t need much makeup, she is so beautiful 😍😍😍
Therese Cruz
Therese Cruz:
She’s so pretty😍💜
Saleha Khan
Saleha Khan:
Omg Jimmy your beard !!! You look soo different
Panic! i'm gay
Panic! i'm gay:
i can't believe she's thirty
Noah Hoang Phung
Noah Hoang Phung:
She’s just so cute 💜
Myralyn Estimera
Myralyn Estimera:
The most beautiful actress, for me💕
Given Niller
Given Niller:
She's such a beauty 😍
Kemmen Min
Kemmen Min:
1:09 "ohhh interesting 😂😂😂
Ok love Rosie is amazing watch it
She knows how to speak
Lily Collins😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
holly gabrielle
holly gabrielle:
she is actually the love of my life
I love her voice 💕
Fatima Malik
Fatima Malik:
She is so gorgeous i love her!! 😍😍😭❤️❤️
She’s hot dude
Alessandra Santamaría
Alessandra Santamaría:
She's the most beautiful EVER
I prefer her british accent :)
M B:
Fallon is histrionic and dramatic and just overdoes to please guests . Lily Collins is super beautiful ❤️
Ive watched her Love, Rosie, the mortal instruments city of bones and last night after finishing watching her “Emily in Paris” on Netflix i just realized her dad is PhiL Collins. LoL 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Perfection = Lily Collins
beautiful girl whit a sweet personality
20 years anniversay of Jimmy's Talk Show Debut.
I call that eyebrown!!
Rama Lingam
Rama Lingam:
I need love!
She is so pretty and so sweet
i love lily !!❤️
E W:
Love Rosie killed me. But now I love her !
Ghazal Tajik
Ghazal Tajik:
And that's how Angels Look Like :)
Kaisar Rahik
Kaisar Rahik:
Dude jimmy looks and feels so much more chill here
Judy kayali
Judy kayali:
Her style and makeup god what a goddess
Lily Rose
Lily Rose:
she is always serving looks! my fave
oh my god shes so smart .. n funny .. n pretty .. n has a nice voice .. n knows what shes talking about .. pls be my gf
Isle Astron
Isle Astron:
She's a real fantasy.
jac '
jac ':
jimmy's beard is too distracting
Katherine Em
Katherine Em:
Love Lily ❤❤❤
Hayden Michelussi
Hayden Michelussi:
She'd probably make a great mom.
Juwayriyyah Naeem
Juwayriyyah Naeem:
That dark lip though ❤
Robert Raw
Robert Raw:
She’s a real princess. I’m so infatuated by her.
Katherine George
Katherine George:
I LOVE that movie so much!!!
Samantha Donjuan
Samantha Donjuan:
How did her hair grow so long so quickly
Marta •
Marta •:
Kelsey Jones looks beautiful
Emi D
Emi D:
She looks so much like her mom, Jill Tavelman! Very pretty.
Y G:
anyone else just staring at her majestic hair lol it's too bad my heavy straight hair doesn't hold a curl pattern
Регина Каверина
Регина Каверина:
her hands... are amazing!!! so beautiful and feminine! Can look at them for ages...
mahamad messi
mahamad messi:
Lovely girl ♥️
Cold Table Panini
Cold Table Panini:
Danielle Cohn where you at?
Christiene Angela Abanilla
Christiene Angela Abanilla:
That lipstick color looks amazing on her!!!!!
Bianca Si
Bianca Si:
Amo Lily Collins 💖💖💖💖😍