Lily Collins Gives Anthony Mackie & James Eyebrow Access

After going through some fashion history and sense with Lily Collins and Anthony Mackie, James asks Lily if he and Mackie can see why the internet is wild about Lily's eyebrows.

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100+ comentarios:

Shreyans Sethia
Shreyans Sethia:
She's unbelievably pretty
Vinck Nade
Vinck Nade:
Next year she will be 30. Somebody explain this...
Akeem Danial
Akeem Danial:
I thought she was british
Maddie Reed
Maddie Reed:
I've never seen a person who looks more British and who isn't than Lily Collins
God that woman is beautiful
maj s
maj s:
She's so pretty it hurts
I love how they both tried to discreetly rub their fingers after touching her eyebrow 😂 The struggle of makeup transfer.
lily collins is such a beautiful and classy young lady and i love her.
Her brows are bigger than my future 🙌
She is almost 30 but still looks like a teenager
"Let's have a touch. C'mon let's see what all the 'fuzz' is about" - nicely done Corden
I genuinely thought she had a British accent 😶 cause she did a great British accent in Love Rosie...
D. Sherman
D. Sherman:
Collins: I'm in a vintage shop...
Mackie: ...a thrift store. That's a thrift store.
At 3:01 my man was peeping at her legs
Morgan Cloutier
Morgan Cloutier:
Lily is literally the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn. She's so beautiful and kind. She's amazing
Who has the best brows?
1. Lily
2. Cara
3. Emilia
She is so gorgeous
Aare Kiviranta
Aare Kiviranta:
This guy's fashion conscious?

His real name's CLARENCE!
Chris HP Le
Chris HP Le:
Lily Collins getting 'brow rubbed' from both sides....the innuendo is endless.
Shaba Laba Ding Dong
Shaba Laba Ding Dong:
What a coincidence I just watched her movie on Netflix 'To the Bone'.
Riza Wibawa
Riza Wibawa:
I like this girl since her first appearance in a hollywood with sandra bullock
Kaykay Yagurl
Kaykay Yagurl:
She is so pretty‼️❤️💯
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
She is gorgeous 😍
not even joking she is actually the most beautiful human being i've seen in my life
Keidi Shay Napalcruz
Keidi Shay Napalcruz:
One of the most or probably the most beautiful face I had ever seen.
sho moolah
sho moolah:
she is stunning.
She has a lot of positive energy.
Nina MH
Nina MH:
Id be so scared to sit with very successfull and famouse people Im so awkward lol
Kayyisa & Affan
Kayyisa & Affan:
Shes beautiful so those eyebrows work anyway. But on me ugh lol
she actually did not give them permission. james just told anthony to go for it
Lena K.
Lena K.:
I want to know more about that dinner party
Lily's face is perfect
If I let anyone touch my eyebrows like that, I wouldn't have eyebrows anymore
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28:
my dad told me when I was a a kid people thought my parents had my eyebrows done and I was bullied in high school for having "bushy" brows. WELL WELL WELL looks who's laughing now that "eyebrows on fleek" is popular. I don't even have to put makeup on them so yay although, grooming is a bit of a hassle
da swiggy swag
da swiggy swag:
does anyone else think her an harry styles would make the cutest couple ever bc i mean harry needs a real woman and that is what she is omg
Thu Nhi
Thu Nhi:
When they touch her eyebrows I was like: "NO STOP YOU GUYS ARE GONNA RUIN HER BEAUTIFUL MAKEUP STOP!"
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez:
OMG Lily!! 😭❤
Sam Robinson
Sam Robinson:
This is the weirdest porn I've ever seen.
vin kati
vin kati:
I thought she was Dua Lipa from the thumbnail
Her makeup artist must have been screaming internally at the sight of this.
Mohsin rafiq
Mohsin rafiq:
First time I saw her in Mirror Mirror movie and i fall in love with her..
sooooo gorgeous and eye brows..
She is gorgeous af omg love her and her outfit was slayyyying
R D:
Phil Collins masterpiece
Jasurbek Kalandarov
Jasurbek Kalandarov:
Everytime my exwife sees her: "Awwwww... eyebrooooow... 😍🤩"
Watched "to the bone" yesterday, amazing movie!!! brilliant performance by Lily.
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk:
"I shower twice a day." Lmao
Lisa jack
Lisa jack:
"This is a huge day for your eyebrows"😂😂
Alexa Diaz
Alexa Diaz:
i adore her! she's so humble and amazing!
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana:
DAMN Lily Collins looks astonishing 🔥✨💎
That was so weird hahaha
Melissa Diaz
Melissa Diaz:
Kylie Jenner is shaking, been wearing the camo pants before her
Yoni Veo
Yoni Veo:
I love this "hermosa" girl .. beautiful ! <3
1:52 they were laughing at this then but the braids, the pants, the tiny sunglasses and the tanktop are lowkey how all the insta kylie jenners are dressing now lol. Lily was truly ahead of her time
Malia Grato
Malia Grato:
I got to meet her!! BEST experience ever! She is truly amazing!
Carmen Hilaire
Carmen Hilaire:
I've never been so early in my life🤗🤗🤗
Keoni Soares
Keoni Soares:
I love how you can still hear hints of her english accent when she says certain words,so cute!
Hi it’s Katie
Hi it’s Katie:
I just love Anthony Mackie. 😂
I refuse to believe she’s 30
redblue streak
redblue streak:
She's so pretty, GOD.
Jared Jussila
Jared Jussila:
I scrolled down to see all the eyebrow comments and then realized how early I was lol
L C:
0:06 Anthony checked her so hard haha
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola:
Rather furry! Haha he is smooth!
Amber Eakins
Amber Eakins:
Imagine your interview being about your eyebrow. smh
Tbh I prefer Lily without the heavy makeup. :b
Classy, elegant, beautiful look!
Dang!! Now i want to touch her eyebrows too!!
KorchunA Rus
KorchunA Rus:
Fun fact-she is taehyung's celebrity crush
I'm crying 😭
Smile SB
Smile SB:
This is a huge day for your brows!!!! 😂😂
Celine Maz
Celine Maz:
Why did I expected her to have a british accent o.0
Miri Castellanos
Miri Castellanos:
Please post Børns's performance...
I'll be waiting.
Blue Panther
Blue Panther:
She's so beautiful it hurts my chest.
Lynn Jacob
Lynn Jacob:
I think she could be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen
i can't stop staring at her..damn..
I love seeing her, I've always fascinated with her eyes .. But now, I do really wanted to touch her eyebrows too. hahaha
Belise Lemos
Belise Lemos:
She's so pretty and sweet. Love her so much.
David Tumanishvili
David Tumanishvili:
the ending of this was so good Lily is perfect :)
Leonardo Jr
Leonardo Jr:
I Just love her 💞
Is it just me or does Anthony Mackie act a lot like Will Smith, aside from the fact that they're both black, they have similar mannerisms and voice.
eno stice
eno stice:
I am in. Love with Lilly eye brows 😭
Oxlade Edwards
Oxlade Edwards:
We need Lilly Collins and Cara Delevinge interview ❤
Rohman Ashari
Rohman Ashari:
I once tried shaving my eyebrows when I was 12, cause I think in that day my eyebrows are to Thick
Стрёмно, когда у бабы брови как у Леонида Ильича ))
essoo osama
essoo osama:
she's so precious and pretty it's lethal combination ❤️❤️❤️
they're both so hot omg
mansoor ahmad
mansoor ahmad:
I don't know why but when two men try to do anything to a woman simultaneously, i get uncomfortable.
I think its the porn addiction
ingrid scheepers
ingrid scheepers:
Brooke Shields had similar huge bushy eyebrows. Its a striking feature. I used to comb mascara through to try and achieve that lush effect. Circa late 70's early 80,s
Curt Christensen
Curt Christensen:
when you're young, its easier to recover from strokes
Taran Tado
Taran Tado:
I wanna smoke her eyebrows 😭
вαd вσү ⸽
вαd вσү ⸽:
Wow "lily" so Aowsome I 'am ali From iraq
Azareal Bheri
Azareal Bheri:
That dude ignored to spell out the name of the shoes because he didn't know it😂😂 illiterate falcon
Danny Steeler
Danny Steeler:
Who else thinx he sounds like The Fresh Prince of Bel - Air/Will Smith?
Anthony is absolutely gorgeous!
BKNY 76:
She's soooo damn gorgeous❤❤
zin moe thaw
zin moe thaw:
Emily in James show, once upon a time.
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee:
There great man, that was so funny. Man she is so pretty
Ajaz Khan
Ajaz Khan:
Why does James shout when he normally talks?
Eddie Reyes
Eddie Reyes:
Damn Lily 😍😍😍😍😍
Idrees Aman
Idrees Aman:
james corden needs to control his hands with his female guests otherwise he is going to get harassment complaint against him very soon.
Black Flame
Black Flame:
Phil Collins' daughter is gorgeous
Anthony has the best last name ☺️