Lily Collins & Nicholas Hoult Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Tolkien stars Lily Collins and Nicholas Hoult take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. How do you get Lily Collins' eyebrows? Is Nicholas Hoult related to Tom Cruise? Where was Lily Collins raised?

Tolkien is in theaters May 10

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Lily Collins & Nicholas Hoult Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

Siiri Mäkelä
Siiri Mäkelä:
nicholas is like a mix of benedict cumberbatch and sam claflin
Madeleine Olivia
Madeleine Olivia:
The way she pulled off each strip of paper was so relaxing and satisfying
Miah Satterley
Miah Satterley:
i feel like everyone shes ever worked with inevitably falls in love with her
Micaela Santos
Micaela Santos:
I know that this is a random comparison .
Kylie jenner is 20's
Lilly collins is 30.
Linda Jürgensen
Linda Jürgensen:
She’s 30 and looks younger than
me and I‘m 17.
Sam Richards
Sam Richards:
She’s 30 years old?!?!?
Nishiya Shakya
Nishiya Shakya:
this is the calmest wired interview till date. They both are so pretty.
Whatever Goes
Whatever Goes:
The way Lily removed the tab is so smooth, elegant, and perfect WHAT
nazanin harb
nazanin harb:
I’ve had a crush on Nicholas since I saw him in warm bodies and now I see how polite and pure he is and I think I’m in love
Mai Vançon
Mai Vançon:
Is it the lighting, or they both look like they haven't aged? 😮
Chandler Sun
Chandler Sun:
Google: *anything*
Nicholas: yES
Jimin's Chilli Pepper
Jimin's Chilli Pepper:
Nicholas is probably the only celebrity here to not throw the white slips on the floor👏
Most just throw them randomly. I like how neat and delicately he does everything.
danny dov
danny dov:
google user: wa-
nicholas holt: YES
Wawa Hamdan
Wawa Hamdan:
Nicholas Hoult is really well-mannered.
Suchismita Das
Suchismita Das:
Lilly Collins looks like a real life princess 😍
Bollywood Media
Bollywood Media:
can we talk about how beautiful Nicholas's blue eyes are? ❤
no way
no way:
The way she took the paper off is so delicate omg I can feel that
Gigi Bust
Gigi Bust:
Nicholas Hoult knitting, writing little stories and painting makes him 10x more attractive than he already is. 😍
Maestro Classico
Maestro Classico:
Am I the only guy that finds Lily to be one of the most beautiful women on Earth?
Jaida B.
Jaida B.:
“Is Lilly Collins perfect?” Did Zac google that...
Google: “How tall is Nicholas Hoult”
Nicholas: “yes”
Any skins fans? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
Deo Volente
Deo Volente:
They look like Sam Claflin's and Nina Dobrev's siblings.
"Does Nicholas Hoult sing?" I remember Tony Stonem singing
nicholas hoult is so pure and polite and soft where do i get one
My Nguyen
My Nguyen:
Aren’t they the most attractive human beings you’ve ever seen? Seriously tho, Nicholas and Lily are my all time favourite actor/actress. They are just too beautiful omg
Diana Payne
Diana Payne:
Lily Collins seems like a kind,calm, warm,cute and playful person. I like watching videos of her.
Scott Summers
Scott Summers:
Ok Hollywood, just make an Audrey Hepburn biopic and cast Lily Collins! She's perfect for that role!
Juan Marin
Juan Marin:
Lily: "Is Nicholas .."
Nicholas: *yes*
Lin J
Lin J:
How can somebody's eyes be so BLUE?!!! Normally in the movie posters, I can tell the photoshop did the job, but this is living video. So beautiful BLUE!
Punita Iyengar
Punita Iyengar:
Google: Is Nicholas Hoult related to Tom Cruise?” Nicholas.H: “I auditioned for the part, but didn’t get it.” 😬
Ángela Gracia
Ángela Gracia:
"He was the invisibility cloak" 😆😆
Real Salica
Real Salica:
I discover Nicholas Hoult in the TV series ''Skins'' , I was so impressed by his acting , really charismatic as well.
Hiệp Nguyễn
Hiệp Nguyễn:
Nicholas looks a lot like Sam Claflin. It looks like “Love Rosie” couple is doing the interview
Sy Salazar
Sy Salazar:
Nicholas talking bout knitting is the sweetest thing ever
Nabila Nur Aisyah
Nabila Nur Aisyah:
Two beautiful person in one video.

*Thank you for blessing my eyes.*
Linda Zanella
Linda Zanella:
"is lily collins perfect?"
Not a single Skins question for Nicolas Hoult? I always see Tony Stonem lol
Rebecca Christina
Rebecca Christina:
“It took the joy out of knitting” ahhh so cute
Elizabeth Alfaro
Elizabeth Alfaro:
Nicholas Hoult is so handsome and charming!! I love British actors
Lily omg what kind of water do you drink that makes you look 16 forever??
Jin the Amateur
Jin the Amateur:
Nicholas Hoult’s eyes are everything. 😍🥰
Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira:
This dude is amazing, top notch, I'm straight but he's a crush for sure.
Chris Valadez
Chris Valadez:
Conclusion: Lily is GORGEOUS 😍😍
*what does Nicholas Hoult look like now?*
*(camera on him)*
I love how their clothes match haha
Thomas Clifford
Thomas Clifford:
Nicholas Hoult is the kind of guy you'd be ok with your daughter dating. Just a genuine and dry humored fellow.
Nicholas Hoult is such a beautiful man.
XD Gaming
XD Gaming:
6:04 lol *suddenly having a crush on him becuz of his hobbies* haha
Nicholas has such a perfect skin.
Sammi Li
Sammi Li:
This is so chill. Honestly like the chillest one I have seen ❄️❄️
E Penn.
E Penn.:
She could legit play Audrey Hepburn!!! She is so graceful and beautiful! She and Nick have great chemistry though
cr angye
cr angye:
Lmao, he’s such a good actor at first I didn’t catch that he was joking
Curtis Everett
Curtis Everett:
I love how nicholas keep the papers after peeling them off, some would just throw it away.
Donski Grajo
Donski Grajo:
These two actually can do a remake of Breakfast at Tiffany's!!! Lily as Audrey Hepburn and Nicholas as George Peppard!!!
Freeman 007
Freeman 007:
Does Nicholas Hoult sing?

*inserts killing me softly*
Denisse G
Denisse G:
It’s actually upsetting how blue his eyes are
- GANI -
- GANI -:
I thought that was him singing in skins
zara anne
zara anne:
“some star sign people react negatively”

you mean gemini? 😂 yea thats mine
Im Yeowo
Im Yeowo:
Nicholas Hoult's dry humor omfg 😂
Mari Gadaevi
Mari Gadaevi:
Every time he said Yes I was like should i believe that or... and waited for lilly's reaction to confirm my doubts lol
Siddharth Naagar
Siddharth Naagar:
So Hollywood is finally casting actors of same age 👍
Goldendoodle Forever
Goldendoodle Forever:
Everytime he said "Yes" I had to laugh so hard
Sue Adriana
Sue Adriana:
*my god Nicholas Hoult is so cute*
fernanda de la luz
fernanda de la luz:
Omg 30?! She looks so much younger than me and i’m 21
I STILL can't believe she's 30. She looks 20 at most omg
Reubs Walsh
Reubs Walsh:
Guildford's in Surrey not Sussex...
R Connolly
R Connolly:
HIS EYES!!!!!! They are soooooo pretty!!!!!!!
Divanshu Kumar Mahajan
Divanshu Kumar Mahajan:
Pretty sure that the first two Hoult questions confused him with Ed Skrein.
Rosalinda Castillo
Rosalinda Castillo:
I'm just so in love with Nicholas Hoult since skins! He's my absolute crush😍
Ayes 96
Ayes 96:
Lily is so beautiful she's so likeable and charming. BTW I'm waiting for Tom Holland and Zendaya please
Sunni Runt
Sunni Runt:
“No I can’t sing”
Tony joining the choir in skins begs to differ
Miriam St.
Miriam St.:
His eyes are soooooo blue, it's crazy🤯💙
Samantha Port
Samantha Port:
I've met Nicholas Hoult and he's such a sweetheart.
Nick is so so so perfect looking wtf😭i’ll always have a crush on him
Néstor S.
Néstor S.:
They didn't know but those two are the signs Jupiter rules: Sagittarius and Pisces. So much Jupiter energy through out the video.
No one:
Nicholas Hoult: YES.
matt bardot
matt bardot:
lily collins: "i'm 30"
me: *WHAT???????*
squidward the ugly duckling
squidward the ugly duckling:
“Oooooo baby, baby it’s a wild world”
If your a true fan you’ll get that reference 😂
Lily is so beautiful and her dress compliments her skin
Z Anime
Z Anime:
She's thirty?! I thought she was in her twenties.
Syrenity Lowe
Syrenity Lowe:
"Is Lily Collins in a relationship"

She's about to be by the way Zac looks at her
Jenny .-.
Jenny .-.:
"Warm bodys" anyone? 😊
Roshan Lawrence
Roshan Lawrence:
"Is Brie Larson?" "DUHHH!!!"
Nicholas' blue eye are gorgeous
Aira Lei
Aira Lei:
He has the most beautiful eyes 😍
Hannah G
Hannah G:
"The Cullen Clan“ 😂👍🏼🖤
Kate H
Kate H:
I never thought Phil Collins was her dad!
Dasha Twinlight
Dasha Twinlight:
5:39 and I literally burst out laughing idk why this sounds so funny when he says that and things like that all the way the interview
Bisexuals won in this episode.
Jomma Kham
Jomma Kham:
The way Lily removed the tab is so smooth, elegant, and perfect WHAT
We need an Audrey Hepburn biopic and we need Lily casted iMmEdIaTeLy
Emma B
Emma B:
*Zac Efron has just angrily entered the chat*
30? she looks like she's 20 or something
it's so funny how Nicholas just say yes even if it's not true. HAHA!
Lily: Is Nicholas Hoult in Game of thrones?"
Nicholas: Yes

Laboni Mredha
Laboni Mredha:
How many more times are you going to say yes?

Nicholas: *yEs*
Emma Staub
Emma Staub:
Lady Bird
Lady Bird:
The way they peel it... I'm SATISFACTION
According to Nicholas Hoult he was in every TV show/ movie and he's related to every single person on planet Earth LMAO.
I never knew he has a great sense of humor
Maíra Maia
Maíra Maia:
I Love Nicholas Hoult personality 😂😂