Lily Collins Touches a Hedgehog, Cockroaches & Other Weird Stuff | Vanity Fair

Lily Collins takes on the scary challenge of sticking her hands in a box and touching surprise creatures. Lily stars in the television series "The Last Tycoon," streaming now on Amazon.

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Lily Collins Touches a Hedgehog, Cockroaches & Other Weird Stuff | Vanity Fair

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Emma Staub
Emma Staub:
*Lily has got to be the best at this game, she’s so calm and doesn’t freak out or scream or overreact*
Anti- Sal3am
Anti- Sal3am:
Her hands looks like they were painted by Leonardo DaVinci!
Emma Staub
Emma Staub:
*I like that she makes sure she goes slowly and gentle in case it’s alive or delicate*
Mik Moen
Mik Moen:
I've never actually seen a Chinchilla, they're pretty adorable.
her hands are so beautiful she should be a hand model
NC Hobbies
NC Hobbies:
Touching live cockroaches: "arghhh"

Touching a dead fish: "that is absolutely disgusting!"
Halcona !
Halcona !:
I love how she doesn't get grossed out by reptiles
If bad, why pretty
If bad, why pretty:
Lilly Collins is like one of the most underrated actresses ever. She's such a good actress, and she's been in a good amount of films, but I just don't hear the media really talking about her.
1. shes beautiful
2. shes brave
3. and she has that hands that could die for
Iggy Stardust
Iggy Stardust:
That little look down she does at 6:10 when she makes eye contact with the Chinchilla is so adorable 😂
the chinchilla was so cute omg. at 6:03 he gives her his little hand I’m dying
Deblina Mukherjee
Deblina Mukherjee:
Kudos to her for being so calm and so gentle to the animals. I would have freaked out of my senses if I had to do this
I would've died if my hands touched a cockroach, ngl. You'd literally see my soul leave my body.
I love how it give me tingles everytime her hands gently touches the things and the animals ♥️
Iggy Stardust
Iggy Stardust:
6:11 That little eye contact she made mid-sentence is the cutest thing I've ever seen lol
She's very nice to animals 😌😌as well as she didn't shouted with fear even while touching them❤️
My soul would have left me if I had realized I had been touching cockroaches....huge respect for her staying so calm throughout
has anyone ever wondered how weird it would be if you were the animals in the boxes getting touched by random people for no reason lmao
George Buhroy
George Buhroy:
She's an animal lover, she's so calm, brave and gorgeous.
I love how gentle she is with her hands
Awwww the way she says "guinea pig" at 3:27 is so cute!!
gwen cheng
gwen cheng:
Some of the animals were so excited but she was so gentle it’s unbelievable
She’s like the only celebrity that does not jump away screaming every time their hands are just near the box.
Kyle Gabriel Dela Cruz
Kyle Gabriel Dela Cruz:
I honestly love herrr❤️❤️ She’s literally so pure✨
I swear to god I’ve been watching her for years but every time I expect a British accent I don’t know why😂
FX Mollet
FX Mollet:
She loves animals.I love you Lily!
Prishita Das
Prishita Das:
I laughed so hard when she said the stuff toy a "patient cat" 😂😂😂😂
she's the purest human being ever
I got used to animals as a teenager because my dad was a reptile seller, and other animals, but mostly reptiles. Lily is brave if she didn't have the same sort of upbringing. I can't imagine anyone that wasn't exposed to animals in a similar way doing this unless they worked with them in a zoo or something. Respect is given regardless because sticking your hands into a tank blind takes confidence, stupidity, and a desire to know what happens next. A magnificent combination I am wholeheartedly on board with because I am the exact same kind of confident stupid explorer. What's the worst that could happen? Also, I watched this as a random google recommendation, I have no idea who this woman is, but she seems pretty awesome.
This was very entertaining and funny 👌🏽
Jeon Swift
Jeon Swift:
She's so genuine and sweet!
Ifa Nabila
Ifa Nabila:
I love how she's sooo calm (compared to other celebs)
I've never seen anyone so calm playing this type of game...usually people freak lol
I'm surprised at how calm she is when she sees the things in the box
T V:
The same reactions i would do, not so overdramatized, i think shes adorable
Love her. She is really a good sport.
Chris S. M.
Chris S. M.:
She’s honestly the bravest person I’ve seen on this series.
sacreligious boi
sacreligious boi:
i love how she's fine with touching roaches etc. i assume not all celebs are like that
I like how she’s very chill and not squeamish about anything
Oh man, if it were me I'd run tf away screaming. I'm awed by how casual she does that.
Sweet Green
Sweet Green:
Omg I have a phobia with cockroaches, I would've legit cried. She's so brave
Jennie Jennie
Jennie Jennie:
I love her. Shes so brave.
fabi c
fabi c:
lily collins is the prettiest women I’ve ever seen
Isobella Monroe
Isobella Monroe:
Poor Lily. 😂 But she has so beautiful hands and nails!
AM Sin
AM Sin:
She was such a good sport and so fearless!
Sweet Little Me
Sweet Little Me:
She sounded so adorable when she said “Guinea Pig”.
Sara K
Sara K:
How is she so brave , I would be FREAKING OUT !
Bronte rose
Bronte rose:
Shes so gentlee and the chinchilla literally just showed itself to her awww
jasmine l
jasmine l:
i absolutely love lily collins
Jensen Teo
Jensen Teo:
Literally the perfect woman. Love her
Maliha Khan
Maliha Khan:
She's the embodiment of adorable girls that artists draw
Badusha Riyas
Badusha Riyas:
Everyone else : screams 😱
Lily: aww it’s my price charming 😂
Darian Romero
Darian Romero:
I Love how delicate she is while touching the animals
Hime Sama
Hime Sama:
Omg! I love her. She touched everything and she doesn't looks afraid!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Why Not
Why Not:
5:20 can we all agree that this was just the cutest part
Must say she’s the bravest I’ve seen so far
I don't know why Youtube recommend me this
I don't know why I clicked this
I don't why I'm watching this
I don't know who she is

The only thing I know is she's cute
I never liked her, because I'm so tired of nepotism, but this video made me really like her!
Lilly Collins is officially my 9th crush
porcupine in a papercup
porcupine in a papercup:
i love how she touches them very gently
all those comments talking about how beautiful she is, but no one mentions how brave she is
Andika Hilman
Andika Hilman:
She's the cutest creature on this video. I love her. Awh! ❤️
3:30 I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
acasmuVlog 안드레아
acasmuVlog 안드레아:
She is fearless I love her hahaha
Stephanie Lp
Stephanie Lp:
She's so calm and fearless lol
A Stage For The Kingdom
A Stage For The Kingdom:
I feel like this activity reveals a lot about a person. In this case, it shows just how kind and gentle and comfortable Lily Collins is. She's awesome. In some ways she's kind of similar to Naomi Scott, Christy Altomare, and Gal Gadot.
I couldn't understand how she wasn't even scared to touch the toad, I'm terrified of those shits
I think she is pretty calm in this kind of show. Nice job
Joel G
Joel G:
Amo todo de ella, es hermosa, linda carismática, uff ❤️
Doy Zinger
Doy Zinger:
She possesses beauty and her personality is exceptinal charming.
Jomie Tagudin
Jomie Tagudin:
i love Lily Collins, and the fact that she' not afraid of cockroaches is so amazing.. what an adorable girl I admire the most.
Amina Masood
Amina Masood:
Talk about being this calm, playing this game👏👏💜
Luke He
Luke He:
How smart is she to have got most of them right!
I wish I could tell her how I love his dad's song. Phil is my absolute best singer ever.
Mau Etable
Mau Etable:
She never aged❤️
The only thing you get to describe Lily Collins is is adorable
Her smile omg 😭🥰 I want to hug her
she's actually a very sport about it and even touches it more afterwards.
J. Rose
J. Rose:
5:58 cute... The animal looks like a bunny, squirrel and a mouse mixed together 😆😆😆
MinusUltra OneForNobody
MinusUltra OneForNobody:
Y'all did her wrong with the roaches..
Ritz Crackerz
Ritz Crackerz:
Lily is such a gentle person! I love animals so much, and seeing the other comments about how this is animal abuse really pisses me off. She's not harming them in any way. The box was open too, so the animals could get out whenever...
Clyde Fernandes
Clyde Fernandes:
Omg ! I burst out laughing at 2:19. I bet you did too.😂😄
Now we know what weird stuff was 😂
Leah Allen
Leah Allen:
How can she be so chilled after knowing that she just touched a cockroach?
Alaina M
Alaina M:
She was remarkably calm considering she touched freaking cockroaches
Lethargic Panda
Lethargic Panda:
She’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen ❤️
*Her hands are literally more beautiful than my face.*
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie:
0:06 She has the smile any man would die for
Breanna Mae
Breanna Mae:
The way she said guinea pig was adorable!! lol
Gabriela Ramírez Zanon Ghovatto
Gabriela Ramírez Zanon Ghovatto:
how is she so ok with touching roaches i would have legit passed out right then and there 😭😂
Kelly Lynskey
Kelly Lynskey:
I’d be the one to see a cute animal that I was touching and want to hold it and play with it and be done with the rest of the challenge😂
Himanshu Shekhar Das
Himanshu Shekhar Das:
she is literally the most beautiful women I have ever seen
Danyels Wei
Danyels Wei:
She's really, super, duper, honestly, truly, completely gorgeous
Nino Didebashvili
Nino Didebashvili:
I would hug that armadillo, it's so CUTE 😄❤️
laras a
laras a:
She’s so cute when she message that man’s head and then said ‘it’s my prince charming!’ omgggg I love her so much😍
Jazzy Jonas
Jazzy Jonas:
She has guts. Theres no way I'd ever do that
jennie v
jennie v:
Could someone explain me how did she not freak out on seeing those cockroaches!? I freaked out so bad almost dropped my phone
nafeeza lucindya
nafeeza lucindya:
she's such a gentle person awe
Xciel Inc.
Xciel Inc.:
Lily Collins has *PERFECT* eyebrows.
Arelis Pacheco Rodriguez
Arelis Pacheco Rodriguez:
Me encanto!
Kapwa poe dolomite tala britney
Kapwa poe dolomite tala britney:
I could love Lilly against all odds