Lily-Rose Depp Reacts To Johnny Depp Winning Against Amber Heard!

Lily-Rose Depp Reacts To Johnny Depp Winning Against Amber Heard!
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100+ comentarios:

Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mercury:
I'm glad she was supportive and defended her father since the beginning. She must be relieved that this nightmare is finally over.
PoVver Power
PoVver Power:
“Tell the world, Johnny Depp, tell them, I, Johnny Depp, a man, I am a victim too of domestic violence, and see how many people believe or side with you.” That he did, and not only did almost every single person believe him, but so did the jury. Justice served
The Super Psycho Killer
The Super Psycho Killer:
I’m sorry Johnny’s family had to go through this nightmare but now it’s over. His children should be very proud of their dad. He was brave.
We all knew that Johnny is so protective of his children. No matter if he had issues with substance, he is a very good father toward his children. He showered them love every child deserves, he did not rob them of their mother's love even if they are no longer together. And Jack has every bit of his father's traits... reserve and a private person. And that's the reason why at last Johnny made a stand in order to fight for his children's not just for himself.
How refreshing to see this beautiful young lady defending her dad. Why shouldn't she speak her mind, about the "wicked step mother', that almost destroyed her father's career? She's 22 and looks and speaks like a young woman who knows and disliked what she saw in the Amber Beast.Gods Bless the child that's got its own!
Debbie Curtis
Debbie Curtis:
She's a natural beauty just like her mother. They are both angelic. I hope Vanessa, Lily Rose, Jack, and Johnny can heal now.
I am so happy to see that Lily Rose Depp stood up for her father. I might have not liked all of his movies but I never in my life we'll see Johnny Depp as an abusive person. Let it be physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, and or sexual abuse. I don't know the man personally. I've never ran into him but from what I know from TV, and magazines what Amber Heard had said about Johnny Depp is BS. I fell in love with the man when I was a kid and he played on 21 JumpStreet. And since then I think that he's been one of the few Stars that has lived up to that expectation of what a Hollywood actor or actress should show to the public and actually represent. Yes Johnny Depp might have had and or has a drug and alcohol problem but I know that he has worked on it. And Amber Heard doing drugs with a recovering drug addict there in my book is nothing but b*******. You don't do that to person that you're supposed to love. Her lies has caught up to her. And I hope that California, Australia, and the UK takes actions against Amber Heard for the lies that she has told to the courts and to the government in those countries. I don't understand but she thinks she can lie to get her way and or get what you want.
Kiwi Child
Kiwi Child:
Lily Rose has every right to speak out if she so chooses. Do not underestimate the bond between Parent and Child
Cant imagine the anger Johnny felt when she brought his kids up in her testimony
Robin Mills
Robin Mills:
You can see how much Lily-Rose has inherited strength from both Johnny and Vanessa..great parenting!
Lilith R
Lilith R:
She's so beautiful. I'm glad Johnny stood up for himself and his kids. Justice prevailed and I'm so glad now Johnny cleared his name.
Big Mumma of 8
Big Mumma of 8:
It’s a blessing that he never had any children with Amber Heard. She would of done everything possible to poison their minds and turn them against him or used them as bargaining chips etc., toxic woman.
She has her mother's wide, beautiful eyes and her father's disarming smile.

Thankfully Johnny's family has him back and justice has been served!
Lily Rose is free to say whatever she wants. It’s right to stand up for her Dad especially when he is the kind of gentle, caring person she knows him to be.
French Fries
French Fries:
*Heard had it all. Narcissists never see what they have. They are never satisfied. No matter what, no matter how loyal, respectful, faithful they know you are, no matter how much they are wanted, respected, loved, cared for, admired or desired. They are never satisfied or happy.* 😔
Ille Sau
Ille Sau:
Finally AH got what she deserved. She deserved way more than that to be honest but it is still a victory! I hope everyone sees her as what she truly is and this should be a reminder for all of those idiots who think that woman in general tell the truth. First of all, a victim has no gender!
The bond between daughter and father is strong, this says a lot about Johnny, he loves his children and Lily-Rose loves her daddy! Vanessa stands up for Johnny, that is everything, from an ex-wife.
Pichii Keen
Pichii Keen:
Congratulations Johnny!!! I'm so so so happy for you Johnny, your family, your legal team, and all who were negatively affected by the malicious statements made by AH! I've been praying the jury sees through AH's lies and they did!!! Praise Yehowah for bringing this victory for you Johnny!!!
Whattya think
Whattya think:
Amber Heard's statement following the jury decision is pure "hate" and a testimony to Dr. Curry's description of her psychosis. In contrast, was Johnny's statement which was pure class - hope he is invited to host the Oscars next year.💥💥💥
Laura Peterson
Laura Peterson:
Lily- Rose and Jack had to deal with the backlash from the heinous claims made against their dad. Scamber didn’t care about how her actions hurt the children. Scamber was a gold digging, lying, abuser and finally a Court found him innocent of those vile claims. Vanessa must have been beside herself worrying about her kids exposed to Scamber. They didn’t deserve this.
Maple Acer
Maple Acer:
What a wonderful young lady Lily has become. Comes across level, headed and nice. She had the right idea if she wasn't on good terms with her step mom and wasn't happy ...decline the wedding invitation. Good for her 🥰
Sue Hill
Sue Hill:
Lily Rose is a beautiful young lady . Lily and Jack , deserve to have the peice of mind , that the truth about Johnny prevailed . Johnny has always been a great person , with flaws, like everyone . Karma will get even with mis ( mistake ) Amber . Bless and give the Depp family peace now .
Teresa Baptista
Teresa Baptista:
Lily-Rose and Jack inherited the best of her parents. Both Vanessa and Johnny are wonderful, loving and authentic human beings. I love them.
Cheers from Portugal.
Lori Winters
Lori Winters:
Your children know about how a good parent you are even when there's a divorce. Spending time with them even if it's going to the library, pack a picnic & go for a hike things do not have to cost money it's the time you get with them. This is such a blessing that Lilly is close to her father. No one ought to separate their children from a parent ever. Your children love you and you love them. 😍💕🤗💓😘
His children and anyone who knows and loves him through good times and bad absolutely have the right to speak up and speak out on their experiences with jd !
Tamara Brunozzi
Tamara Brunozzi:
Full of class and cheeky humor. Daddy’s little girl, always!!! So happy for you and your family and friends. Hugs!
I'm so happy for the entire Depp family, He said it from the beginning he wanted to tell the truth for his children that took courage and heart to be put through all the judgment to prove his truth, thank you for sharing
Pauline Thomas
Pauline Thomas:
Using a makeup that never existed until after the so-called abuse to cover up her bruises 😳, that right there is the ultimate lie. Her lawyers must feel like idiots.
I am so very happy for Johnny, for his children, for all who know and love him. And he has a huge amount of true friends, not just fans, but true friends and to them I have to just say thank you.
Growing up my father was a very strict and unforgiving man in our family. I wouldn't say he was abusive toward us. But he never had to say anything twice. And he made it crystal clear who was running the show. He never once made an idle threat and would issue discipline without hesitation and free from sympathy. He's an old man now and me an adult. we watched together amber heard give her testimony. A few minutes into it, my father turned and looked at me and said " son do you know how to tell she's lying?" I said "how?" He looked me in the eye and said "because she's up there running that mouth"
Mimi Grabner
Mimi Grabner:
Lily Rose has every right to defend her Father and so do the other kids.
I am super glad that she finally spoke up about their relationship! She has every right to do that as she probably seen firsthand what really went on.
Vermont Mom
Vermont Mom:
I am so glad this is over for them for the most part and are hopefully able to move past this. Johnny is no abuser as we all know... I hope they can go on and live a happy life. Also, want Lilly Rose to be able to not worry. She is such a beautiful girl. I wish her nothing but the best!!
OMG. It's her father! She has EVERY right to speak out and show her support and clear up yet more lies that Turd has spewed!
robin shelton
robin shelton:
I am a victim of DV and everything she said looked like she didn't want to get away from the " monster" and if someone is on drugs they have to stop when their ready she used that and must have loved it by the pics she took of him ,now besides all I heard through this trial she is shameful claiming to want to help DV ,whatever she does for DV she needs to have anything to do with DV taken away from her I felt insulted after almost murdered one of the times so she needs to go hide and never come back out ,she needs to live with her shame 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
God Wins Everytime
God Wins Everytime:
Cast Lily Rose as Mera for every film where this character is required if not for anything more than to mock Amber Turd.
Only 2 types of people in the 🌎 Saints or ain’t
Only 2 types of people in the 🌎 Saints or ain’t:
My opinion
Johnny seems to be loved by everyone he meets
Lily Rose is just like her parents
She is adorable speaks from the heart
And seems very honest
Talking how everybody makes mistakes
It is how we grow as humans learning from our mistakes
No one is perfect but lily rose just might be
I love her
Sharol Washington
Sharol Washington:
She has ever right to defend her father, amber was trying her best to hurt him and this is what children do and how can amber say she love them when the children stayed away from her. This was one time we’re the children knew better.
World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day is celebrated on June 1 every year as it is dedicated to the awareness, support, and change in terms of Narcissistic abuse.

Congratulations Johnny Depp. Now you can enjoy your megapint!❤ All jokes aside, you don't need a megapint, we love you and that's better than any substance. Peace.
Barry Hemmy
Barry Hemmy:
Congratulations Camille and Ben and team for an extraordinary
BeeJae Jones
BeeJae Jones:
I wish I had the self-awareness that Lilly Rose has at her age. She’s brilliant, and her beauty would not be so intense without it coming from the inside out.
nancy Baldwin
nancy Baldwin:
Very nicely said! Lilly-Rose is and will be a strong voice when it comes to Her Father, Brother Jack and Mother...God always Wins! ❤️
Wow what a cool Dad Johnny is and the kids grown ups now are so chill as well.
So happy justice was done. As a child male victim I totally didn’t believe her.
Cheers 🇨🇦
Orange Peel🍊
Orange Peel🍊:
I am so happy for Johnny and his daughter and son!!! 🥰🧡♥️🥰🧡♥️
Àdrienne Marie Rozario
Àdrienne Marie Rozario:
It's truly precious how Lily Rose Depp idolizes her father.
Sterets Jaaj
Sterets Jaaj:
Johnny has been Heard, while Amber must pay her Depp
👉 Danna K 👈
👉 Danna K 👈:
I pray that Amber is watched closely regarding her interactions with her baby daughter. It would be tragic that Amber expose her child to her mental health issues.
M Q:
I was wondering about the impact to his kids, his ex wife and Ambers baby.

Especially Ambers innocent baby, who will likely suffer from this the longest.

I do think both were toxic but I do believe JDs was brought out by Amber. The only thing I think now is that Amber needs help, it is clear she isn’t well and I do think this case will make her spiral
Bashar Daher
Bashar Daher:
Amber Heard: Objection your honor, I use 'defamation' and 'freedom of speach' synonymous with one another
Jason Ingram
Jason Ingram:
It was good. This was a long battle her father was in. This kind of support helps him in times like this.
I'm SO glad the kids knew Amber had no merit... They caught on to her malice from the beginning. So glad it was PROVEN finally.
Ian Reid
Ian Reid:
JD isnt innocent yes drug and alcohol abuse doesn't = violent man. However the evidence clearly shows Turd is the aggressive one and i cant wait for the Australians bring her to justice for perjury
Congratulations Depp family! No greater blessings could have been given, too such a deserving family, so much love, appreciation, respectfulness!!!!
Loyalty and Commitment!
Fifi LaMoore
Fifi LaMoore:
Let’s face it , A daughter can sense if someone has bad Intentions , I totally respect the fact she didn’t go to her dads Wedding !!, Johnny is human and was tricked into ambers false charms ! I’m so happy the truth is out ❤️🫶🏻blessings to the Depp family and close friends 🫶🏻fifi
789 Zeppa
789 Zeppa:
She is evil to lie about children saying they take drugs to help her case by saying his daughter smoked Marijuana
Tamitha Foreshá
Tamitha Foreshá:
His children have every right to stand up for their father because they know him extremely well
Rose Bojorquez
Rose Bojorquez:
I think it was important for Lily Rose and her mother to speak about their relationship with Johnny. Usually abusive behavior is not limited to one person, it is a repeated behavior. That alone is very telling. So happy there is justice for Johnny!
Dora Wilson
Dora Wilson:
Good job Lily Rose for standing up for your father you're beautiful smart talented loving, just like your father and your mother
Hi Everybody
Hi Everybody:
Wow, Lily-Rose is a knock out!!

It's funny how no one in his life has ever experienced anything but Dr. Jekyll, yet Amber claims to have been the only one to have ever seen Mr. Hyde, and to have seen only him for years on end. And how all these people around her never saw a single bruise, even though she often often didn't wear makeup, even the day right after he supposedly beat her really badly.

Even makeup artists never saw the slightest bruising or swelling.
BarbaraSue Waldrip
BarbaraSue Waldrip:
Lily-Rose has always been supportive of her parents, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradise. She isn't about to throw either of them under the bus.
I for one respect her for NOT putting herself into the defamation case. The fight was between her father and his ex. She showed great wisdom in remaining out of it. Her best use of her time is supporting her Dad in their private times.
Paul Murgatroyd
Paul Murgatroyd:
It's not until you have sat and really watched someone for an extended time that you get a sense of them. Amber heard seems to have managed short interviews fine, but her behaviour in court was creepy and frightening. I still can't understand why she appeared to change from happy to hysterical like the flicking of a switch.
Half Irish
Half Irish:
She’s a perfect mesh of her parents’ good looks= STUNNING.
Judy A Merkel
Judy A Merkel:
She is am amazing young woman. Cudos to her for sticking up for her father
Dannifever Art
Dannifever Art:
if amber didn't care about scaring jack or intimidating lily from her father... imagine how she'll raise her daughter...she'll probably okay being a rude person to others... just makes me think of what comes around goes around and I pray for the kid to be raised right... amber should have been jailed for all her cruel lies....shocks me she even got a dime.
Jody Roussel
Jody Roussel:
Want to know how Amber felt about his children just look at her testimony, “little weirdos.” That of exactly the verbiage she maintained while describing those beautiful children 🤡
Jenny Biso
Jenny Biso:
I'm so happy for the family justice has been served all the best 💕
Dee M
Dee M:
Johnny should not get involved with or marry any woman who his family disapprove of. They seem to have better judgement.
renee banbury
renee banbury:
Lilly Rose should definitely speak out & up for her Dad! He seems to be a wonderful father.
WookieCookie 2014
WookieCookie 2014:
The Depp children have a right to feel and say anything that they want to about the relationships between them and their ex-stepmother, and their father for that matter. I think Johnny Depp has helped raised his kids to have minds of their own. ~Peace!
Doug Wilk
Doug Wilk:
It amazing how Heard said that she was protective of his kids and an honor to be in their lives yet they dont like her at all. It just shows how delusional Amber Heard really is and narcissistic that everyone likes her.
Jean Gleadell
Jean Gleadell:
So she is appealing the verdict. There is a huge difference between free speech and total out and ou lies. I'm assuming she got enough friends left to loan her the deposit. 😊
KATHY Humphrey
KATHY Humphrey:
Lily, you speak out, what ever you feel is necessary... I totally believe you!
Johnny got Justice! Some, but not enough. Amber needs to be prosecuted for perjury, she constantly lied on the stand. Constantly. Everyone saw it, thankfully the Jury slapped her down.
Karen Stark
Karen Stark:
In my eyes he has all ways been a good man, good father who loves and wants to protect his children from nasty allegations from Amber. All ways continue the good relationship with your dad lilly Rose and Jack Depp. Please please pretty please don't listen to what other people say bad things about your dad. You will know the truth lies within your dad.
JD is a very mature person, yes he has his demons but he will never do anything to harm his kids. Hes a good father, he knows what it feels like being abused and glad that he stepped out and spoke about it.
Love animals
Love animals:
I am delighted for Johnny Depp and his family. I hope his children are proud of their father. They should be.
Katherine Linder
Katherine Linder:
So Happy For Johnny and His Family 😊❤️🙏
I know this has nothing to do with the video but I’m still going to say it: Lily-Rose is stunning just like her mother. Gosh! Both women are beautiful and Jack is growing into quite a handsome young man. I hope this family gets some much deserved peace now.
Tiffany F
Tiffany F:
Amber has to be 1 of the worse ppl i think I’ve ever seen i can’t imagine what she put him & his family through all these years.
I’m glad Johnny won. For his kids, it shows if you just tell the truth and face a threat head on you will win.
judith taylor
judith taylor:
Respect to his two children and at last he's done for his children hopefully happier times and Johnny listen to your children they love you so much
Kelleen Norton
Kelleen Norton:
Children have greater instincts then their parent’s do, & they have no shame in telling others what they think, what they feel, & kids r honest, & do not lie… I think it is awesome that Lily Rose is speaking out about what she thinks, how she feels, & what she knew was true all along. I also give her Mother props for speaking out, & being honest about how Johnny was never abusive towards her, & what a good Father always was to their children, as I am sure she must have been hurt, & possibly angry at Johnny for having an affair w/Amber Turd to begin with. I’m sure Johnny regrets having anything to do w/Amber as she just about ruined the rest of his life, w/all of her evil lies about him! I am so happy Johnny got up the courage to fight back by taking her to court, & calling her bluff on how the World would react to her BS stories. Johnny has way more support, & everybody believes him over Amber, b/c the truth will always prevail, what’s done in the dark will always come out in the light, & it did! What a Beautiful daughter U have Johnny Depp, & I just love her name Lilly Rose.
She seems to be a very level headed young lady who has every right to defend her dad, Let's face it the truth is now there for all to see and that Amber is indeed a liar.
Lebohang Mabathoana
Lebohang Mabathoana:
Beautiful Daddy's girl. Looks so much like her dad. It's so wonderful he had his kids' support
It appears to me that Johnny and Vanessa raise the truly smart young lady! I'm sure we will be seeing more of her! 💜💜🧚🏻
Ella Bella
Ella Bella:
Where exactly in this video does Lilly rose give a reaction to her dad winning the defamation case? Which is what you stated in the heading this video was going to be about.
Everything in this was stuff I’ve already read elsewhere. If I’m wrong and have somehow missed it then please let me know where exactly it is that you comment on here about anything she said about the defamation case after it was over. What I heard was the reaction she gave after the libel case with the sun newspaper.
Time to unsubscribe!
Candi Lease
Candi Lease:
I’d love to hear her talk about the years her dad was with Amber Heard…..and how she felt of her then and feels of her now. And just all the in betweens
Camille Anderson
Camille Anderson:
she's so beautiful!! shes been blessed with her parents good looks, lucky thing!! so glad JD is vindicated at last!!!
Enai N. Aye
Enai N. Aye:
I find it super amusing that Lily has never wanted anything to do with Heard, yet Heard has spun yet another web of lies and tried to make it seem like they were tight. Thank the Gods it's over and justice prevailed 🖤
Debbie Collins
Debbie Collins:
So thrilled that justice was served and Johnny was able to clear his name , not only for himself but for his beautiful kids and entire family!! Yay!!
He seems to be an amazing human being as stated over and over again by his family, friends, and all those who have been blessed to have crossed paths with him as an actor or musician or artist… he is sooo multi talented … I didn’t know he painted, sculpted , drew …. Wow 😯 amazing to have all of that talent pouring out of you…. His options are endless really… we love ❤️ you Johnny and have always believed in your innocence…, NOW, the next time a woman comes into your life, if your kids and pets and friends don’t really like her or red flags are going off like fireworks haha YOU might wanna think twice or three times even…. Have conversations with those people who really love ❤️ you and only want the good things in life for you…. The old saying …. All that glitters isn’t always gold…. Lessons learned as we go thru this life that will remain with us throughout our journey…..I’m sure you’ve learned so much during this whole ordeal as have we all who have watched and taken in all the information that was presented. I don’t wanna even type her name as she’s not worth speaking another word about…. I believe any career she may have had is FINISHED…. It is finished so she better start looking elsewhere for a gig bc there’s no one on this planet that’s gonna give her a shot at anything …. Nothing…. Notta…. It’s all over now….the chubby angel has sung lol 😂😝👏❤️👍🙏🤘🌎🇺🇸🎸🎤✍️

Now go write a huge hit that tops the charts detailing your dance with the devil 👿 that should be interesting indeed…. Ask Alice and Joe and all your other musician friends to add a line or 2 …. We’ll be waiting 👍❤️🔥🎶😘
Jamie the Sassenach Lass
Jamie the Sassenach Lass:
Yes, Lily has EVERY right to speak up. If it was my dad, oh yeah..female steam rolling time! #JohnnysFree #TURDHEARD
Rose Sacks
Rose Sacks:
Lily Rose cleans up beautifully. Makes me think of the stepmother story with the famous "mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of us all" It's time for the mirror to give Amber the new message. 😁
NO. We did not watch the trial as if it was a movie. We watched it as a trial. I am 70, didn't follow Johnny Depp..but watching, grew to admire his honesty. As a woman who has lived a while I know we are all a mix of good and evil. We need to own our actions. What happened to moving on? Bless you Johnny, heal and enjoy your family and friends.
Lily and Johnny belong in a Tim Burton film together. C'mon Tim, make it happen.
Freedom of choice Lover
Freedom of choice Lover:
Post trial depression is going to set in...i didnt want it to end.....was so happy watching Amber lie and continue to destroy her own life...
Georgia Osman
Georgia Osman:
When you know the character and soul of someone rather it's family or not . You know if they would be capable or not . It's not that she just decided to support him SHE KNEW WHO HER DAD WAS AND THAT HE IS NOT CAPABLE OF BEING THE PERSON AH TRIED TO CREATE AND SELL TO US !!
Rosario Coro
Rosario Coro:
Poor kids! I am so happy that Johnny won and his family finally can have a happy life.
neil Taylor
neil Taylor:
Now let's hope they can have the rest and peace they deserve 🙏
Loni Smith
Loni Smith:
Man she’s a beautiful young lady!
Perfect 50/50 of her gorgeous parents!!!! ❤️
Laura Connor
Laura Connor:
I’m glad lily rose can move forward with the help of peace and happiness ❤️💯