Linda Evangelista Shares First Photos of Her Body Since Fat-Freezing Nightmare | PEOPLE

Once one of the most photographed people in the world, supermodel Linda Evangelista has been living in seclusion for almost five years. Now she's finally ready to share her story.

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Linda Evangelista Shares First Photos of Her Body Since Fat-Freezing Nightmare | PEOPLE

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johanna altmann
johanna altmann:
She doesn't actually look nearly as bad as she thinks she does. I feel so sad for her that she feels so tortured about her appearance. She is almost 60 and looks quite lovely.
Dorothy Regula
Dorothy Regula:
She is bringing awareness to a treatment that can cause harm! I applaud her.. she will help many!
Sherry Dalton
Sherry Dalton:
She is still absolutely stunning and looks much younger than 56. She’ll always be an icon in the fashion world, no matter what.
M.s. S.
M.s. S.:
You cannot look like you did 30 years ago. No matter what kind of procedures you do to yourself, you will never look the way you did. And, that is ok! Aging is inevitable and people need to understand that and embrace it. I understand that in the 90s she was on top of the world with her looks and modeling and all of that, but she needs to let go of that and focus on the present and love her aging body.
A lot of people are saying “What is she talking about? She looks great!”. The thing is she’s fully clothed for a reason. She doesn’t want to show her body. Clearly. She looks great for her age but I think what people are not grasping is that there could be deformity that happened due to the procedure all over her body and she’s not willing to show that. Until she’s willing to show her body publicly then we’ll never know what she’s really going through despite her effort to describe her condition. People sometimes need the visuals to fully understand things and we don’t have that from her and we probably never will.

All we can do is to empathize with her and put ourselves in her shoes.
Mary Grant
Mary Grant:
I can hear she is deeply upset, but can we have a reality check? "Brutally disfigured" is a term we usually reserve for burn victims. I don't blame her for wanting to sue the provider, but she needs serious therapy.
k l
k l:
We love you, Linda. You're beautiful! You've been/are the muse for so many amazing artistic photos. Tell your story at your own pace, time, and terms. We support you!
cattus lavandula
cattus lavandula:
Brutally disfigured????? No, she looks like a 56 year old woman.
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen:
She will always know as a icon
Thanks Linda for sharing your story to the world
Stephy Heinrich
Stephy Heinrich:
I feel for her. She looks beautiful regardless. I am proud of the strength she has to finally talk about what she is going through. Everyone has their opinion but in my opinion I believe that someone shouldn’t just say that nope just old age or it isn’t real because we don’t know what a person is going through. We are all different.
While I truly feel sorry for Evangelista, it points to the pressure that many have trying to preserve their youth. Instead of slower modifications of improving one's health and getting ones BMI to normal levels, many are impatient and want to undergo many things that are truly unnatural. Promoting frostbite, surgical removal of fat, and liposuction all have risks. Be comforted that you have achieved what many only dreamed of. But at your age, I would just try and understand that your youth is behind you, and try and live a positive life. The lawsuits will not make you regain any of the original body contours which were done with your own knowledge of the risks involved. She should have ideally have gone to a board certified plastic surgeon and not a dermatologist. Dermatologists are experts on the skin, but the plastic surgeon has the additional training of working with tissues below the skin. She needs to empower herself to accept who she is as well as the wrong decisions she had gambled with. Not everybody wins.
I remember Rock Hudson in an old interview looking at himself, when he was younger, and seeing how great looking he was then, and him saying it was hard to look at himself in older age. He said that it is horrible what age does to us. How one can be so great looking in youth, then as the time goes on, ones looks totally change. I think Linda looks great, but aging for the beautiful cannot be easy. I don't judge her at all.
She wasn't just in the top 5- Linda was the one everyone was focused on.
Anyone who followed fashion during this timeline- there were about 10 supermodels, started in the 1990's. Of the top 10- Linda was the "It" girl. Everyone could not get enough of her beauty, she was everywhere! Talk about winning the genetic jackpot.
The only thing about beauty is that time steals it away, so you can't bank on it forever. You have to diversify yourself & grow into many other things. Above all- learn to develop beauty from the inside because that kind of beauty will last you your lifetime.
I'm glad to hear she is speaking out for an issue, no longer is hiding & living her life out in the open.
Good for you girl. We are proud of you- whatever may come you stay strong Linda & you keep right on growing- it's not over for you.
Big Al
Big Al:
Such a beautiful woman. Even now she is stunning. It's so horrid this has happened to her and so many others. I hope she finds a way to fix it but even if she can't, she's still such a remarkable beauty.
It's sad that so much pressure is put on women dealing with how they look. I'm an old dude that appreciates the natural and added to beauty of a woman. If they want to adorn themselves with makeup or to fix minor flaws, that's ok. They shouldn't be exposed to the pressure to look perfect from their childhood and throughout their life.
I pray for all of them. My wife is the same age as I (mid 60's) and she looks like a woman of her age. She's a beauty. Wrinkles and all, bring'em on. They will only be beauty marks in my eyes
Chelsea Girl
Chelsea Girl:
I think Linda is a reminder that people have to accept themselves no matter what.Beauty comes in all shapes,all sizes and all shades.
joseph rocha
joseph rocha:
Age comes for everyone. It's a part of life. Live everyday like it's your last. She looks great by the way. No one in their 50s looks like they did in their 20s. It's not reality.
nada Gabri
nada Gabri:
This procedure does and can deform. She doesn’t seem to want show the full extent or the bad results. By her speaking out, this will help the ones who aren’t famous get some financial help. And will bring awareness to what can and does happen with this type of treatment, no one talks about.
Luis Esteban Leandro IG: kakkoi13
Luis Esteban Leandro IG: kakkoi13:
She is still gorgeous as humans we make choices every day it is part of the beauty of being there was no way for her to know the outcome, me personally after watching this I would think twice before getting any kind of invasive cosmetic procedure
EV &J:
So sad that she feels disfigured. She has no idea what the word means. She’s aged. She had a treatment that didn’t go as planned, but disfigured she is not. She needs to work on self love and self esteem and stop all this
June Star
June Star:
She still looks gorgeous! I would hardly describe her as brutally disfigured. I do feel bad for her though that she had this terrible experience of trying something that she though would be safe and non invasive. And then ended up with painful bulges all over her body. I think she has the right to sue this company!
I hope that she can find help to deal emotionally and physically with her issues. This would be devastating to any of us.
Jea H.
Jea H.:
“Look like that”, look like what? Yes she’s gained some weight, she’s aged, I don’t think all can be blamed on coolscupting. I think the problem is deeper, I hope she finds the beauty within herself and know that she still has a lot to offer to her family, friends and fans!
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee:
She’s still beautiful 🙏🏽
Charlotte Stevens
Charlotte Stevens:
Power to her, and if I had the money, I would love to get it done. But what saddens me is the societal pressure (especially for women) to look perfect 😩
Sofía García
Sofía García:
I don’t think she looks bad. But obviously, we’re not on her mind. It must have more impact on someone that always worked on fashion industry. You’re still beautiful, you’re capable, competent and intelligent. Don’t let your mind trick you. Also Versace must call her for a catwalk to show her and everybody that diversity is beautiful too!
Carmen Santana
Carmen Santana:
She is beautiful at any age .
She was for me the most beautiful and unique woman ever
Aging is natural, it's when we try to look like we are 30 when we are actually 50 when problems start.
She has a long way to go internally, you cannot live from the way you looked all your life.
Sorry that's the Honest truth, acceptance & being grateful whatever your age.
AG Bobier
AG Bobier:
Poor Linda! She is still beautiful.
Marco Padilla
Marco Padilla:
You're strong and beautiful Linda!
Vicky Keane
Vicky Keane:
She is still gorgeous! I love her!
mr fantastic
mr fantastic:
Unattainable beauty , the world we live in today. All these young beautiful girls on Instagram and TikTok, wait till they get older and lose their looks, it's a part of life. Enjoy it while you're young.
Mark Cuckerberg
Mark Cuckerberg:
Unfortunately, she had a side effect that is a risk. She’s still beautiful
Centigradz2 Centigradz2
Centigradz2 Centigradz2:
I'm sure she did this procedure several times but one time it does fail.
Mrs Harpold 🇨🇦
Mrs Harpold 🇨🇦:
Linda,if your reading this,your still a beautiful woman! We are proud of you in Canada!
Nora Sanchez
Nora Sanchez:
Wow! It's so scary to think that sometimes like this could work, I think I would have done legs or leg first to see how my system took to the treatment vs going all the way. I learned this lesson when I did lasik procedure for seeing & having one eye just gray where I couldn't see clear so yeah, tech is advanced but like they say sh*the still happens - beware
Li Lo22
Li Lo22:
Well she doesn’t look disfigured , I mean she’s aging and seems to have gained weight, like most of us do.Trying to blame it on procedure because you no longer look how you were before.This woman needs a reality check and educate herself on what a real disfigured woman looks like. I wish one of these ladies who have gone through this ,would call her out.
F C:
Even as a 60-something year old 'disfigured' woman, she still looks stunning. Hope she can get something done about the underarm bulge. It looks uncomfortable
Brandon Fernandez
Brandon Fernandez:
Go Linda!
Denise Campbell
Denise Campbell:
When you wrap up in your beauty .Then you begin to age and you don't look young as you use to it's depressing for some . I am 62 year old I know I don't look the same but I thank God for My life and Family !
Julie Fitzsimmons
Julie Fitzsimmons:
Now you wanna cry foul when YOU chose to do the procedure instead of just growing old gracefully don’t blame anyone but yourself 🤦‍♀️
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder & there are consequences for every choice we make. She was a volunteer, not a victim.
She’s still so breathtaking.
Mr Miss
Mr Miss:
I see an older Linda but still looking gorgeous!
Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood:
"Who are you when you no longer look like yourself?" More like, what assumptions do people make about you now vs. when you looked younger? Or how does one's appearance affect one's psyche? Excellent question that should be examined closer.
So sorry Linda. Hang in there. You will get better. You will heal.
Chucky Diabolic
Chucky Diabolic:
BEATIFUL my Linda Evangelista!!!👍😍
Natasha Raisor
Natasha Raisor:
She is still beautiful🌸
Lorenzo Trinidad
Lorenzo Trinidad:
OMG I still find her pretty to this day!!! I remember when she used to model how beautiful she was!!! I feel bad for her that’s her career it’s already damaged.
Models, actresses, showgirls are doomed to suffer more the inevitability of aging than the rest of us mediocre-looking normies. Those who were not blessed with good looks in their youthful years seem to age better than anyone else.
Jose H
Jose H:
Tu nombre te sigue haciendo honor. En los 90s eras la MÁS LINDA de todas las supermodelos. F*** that coolsh*t, whatever its name, you are always beautiful.
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh:
It is really sad that she's calling this Burly disfiguring, when women are getting acid thrown in their faces... That is brutally disfiguring. You have a few lumps here and there, go to the doctor and get it dealt with.
She decided to "TRY" a procedure and it didn't work the way she wanted. Unless there was negligence on the part of the clinic, THEY ARE NOT AT FAULT!
Sunny Dei
Sunny Dei:
Maybe is time for this model to work in self love, self acceptance compassion for herself and be humble. Beauty is within ourselves not outside of us. The idea of forever beauty served her when she was younger in her Barbie world making millions..... some people are really brutally disfigured and they thrive and bring so much beauty, hope and lessons to the world... they are not complaining because Versace won't dress them and all that superficiality... What is the problem here the designers don't want to dress her and she is getting older like everyone else? was her decision to have those cosmetic procedures that at the end didn't provide the results she was expecting....It is time to grow and evolve beyond your physical appearance Linda.... check Malala, Turia Pit, Brooklyn Khoury their magnificent lessons and approach to life....
Vytautas Kačka
Vytautas Kačka:
In the end, we must all face old age, the final and cruelest enemy, the one over whom we cannot ultimately triumph, says Carlos Castaneda.
London School of Wig Making
London School of Wig Making:
We love you Linda. x
Silvana Ferreira da Silva
Silvana Ferreira da Silva:
Icon fashion model. Wonderful!
Linda, it’s time to accept you are not 20 anymore. Still a beautiful woman, but this is what happens when you have relied on your looks for so long. You struggle to feel worthy without them
William Larson
William Larson:
She is beautiful
If it looks or sounds too good to
be true...Tough experience for anyone...especially someone who has been beautiful for their entire life.
Cathy Kristensen
Cathy Kristensen:
Oh come on, she still looks great!! If she could get over being so vain she might not be so unhappy!!
Michelle Wilfong
Michelle Wilfong:
You look just fine b4 & after,, love yourself f*** what everyone else thinks!,, You don't have to be the model aren't you old enough to pay someone else to model for you
Daniel Paronetto
Daniel Paronetto:
Queen Linda, queen of catwalks.
Capitano the Great
Capitano the Great:
$50milli ??? Girl , you know you signed papers saying this can happen. You should have stopped after reading about the potential you went there yourself, noone kidnapped you and botched you.
no mayo
no mayo:
If she really feels so wounded over this she should start a charity to help people who have been disfigured by surgeries.
Nikki M
Nikki M:
The true price of vanity. Versace won't want to dress her? Hard to feel bad for first world problems.
Cathrine Gray
Cathrine Gray:
When your looks are what made your career I understand her frustrations, but Coolsculpting does tell you there is a risk of this very thing happening- all cosmetic procedures can have bad effects...hopefully she can get lipo form Dr. Dubrow on Botched and will get this resolved!!
It's sad what happened to the absolute symbol of western beauty - in my eyes as a European man. She is so very loved in France. She graced the streets of Saint Tropez in the late 90's when she moved there after retirement. Lets stop pretending it's not important. Sure some of us may have bigger problems in life, but that doesn't take her suffering away or make it less important. She's still extremely beautiful and still the epitome of western beauty in my eyes.
Trọng Nghĩa Nguyễn
Trọng Nghĩa Nguyễn:
Linda peak is the PEAK of anyone modeling
Opinions MoreOpinions
Opinions MoreOpinions:
She is Beautiful! Good god. Woman, can you see how pretty you are?! At your age?!
Booji Boy
Booji Boy:
She still is!
She should hook up with a plus sized clothes designer and rebrand herself as a mature, plus-sized model and fashion entrepreneur. It would extend her shelf life.
Eat well, sleep well, exercise well and embrace the aging. Quick fix is always tricky and dangerous. I'm sure with any procedures or surgery patients will have to agree to the risk and know about possibilities of risks. Everyone's body reacts differently. I don't know honestly not trying to be mean here but I don't think she can complain or be upset about the procedure itself.
Lucia Barberena
Lucia Barberena:
She is beautiful. I do not know why we have to think that we have to be skinny to be beautiful.
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis:
I was never impressed by the before and after photos for this procedure, I could hardly see any improvement, even though they used their very best result photos in their advertising. Both women’s and men’s bodies store more fat around the middle after a certain age, it’s must a fact of life. I think if mine really bothered me, I would get conventional surgery for it, but I decided just to live with it. Everyone my age looks the same.
Pollyanna Principle
Pollyanna Principle:
I would have liked to see before and after pictures. How much of it is due to disfigurement from plastic surgery and how much of it is due to aging and gaining weight? And I'm not asking for photoshopped before photos either. I want to see real before photos.
marcia sloan
marcia sloan:
I totally feel her pain and wish her the best. Plain old LIPO is predictable
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith:
Though I feel bad, I don’t necessarily believe the depth of her claims, I think I will take them with a grain of salt.

I can also appreciate the fact that I might just be looking at a very famous, vain woman of the world, who is getting older and can’t face the fact that nature takes it’s toll on all of us and she need someone to blame because she cannot control her own aging process.
Gino Lorenzo
Gino Lorenzo:
ladies over 50 you gotta age like fine wine , trust me youll still taste delicious
Lynx of Finland
Lynx of Finland:
I think she looks marvelous at a mature woman! She has a certain edge and strenght to her features that suits these photos, the shape, the wrinkles on her neck - it's all great! I can see how she feels insecure, in these photos, but if she really embraced her as now, she'd definately still knock us out. In my opinion she, at the moment, has the tools in her hand to REALLY bring that idea of different body shapes into public, no matter the shape she is I cannot really see, but it is still Linda . In my opinion, she could even reach that which alot of body-positivity stars are trying to do, and succeed alot better. She could actually change the world.
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams:
Linda was the Bomb. She was the best to me.
Eye On The Sky
Eye On The Sky:
Did she say “Versace won’t dress me?” Like does she miss modeling or the money? Like..she had her time she should be enjoying the millions she made and enjoying life at this point.
LaToya Matson
LaToya Matson:
The lord will humble those who think their too good for life itself. Sad but true. She had beauty and it wasn't enough. You guys we need to learn to be happy with what we have. Even if someone else has something better. Love YOURS. Watch how your life changes if you do this one thing.
Kathryn O'Neill
Kathryn O'Neill:
She is still beautiful. I looks good to me.
New Horizon
New Horizon:
God's way of saying "No..."
Elena Gonzalez
Elena Gonzalez:
Love yourself ladies !
Lee Boriack
Lee Boriack:
“Growing old is no place for sissies”. ~Betty Davis
Liz F
Liz F:
There is a ton of positive counter culture to focus on though! Body positivity movement, insta models fessing up to outrageous filters, #no makeup, soo many beautiful over 40 and 50+ influencers coming up and, worth a mention the reboot of sex and the city where women are totally embracing seasoned beauty (thank you SJP)! Hop on that band wagon rather than getting caught under the victim bus, it’s a crappy place to be stuck and holds many beautiful, unique and amazing women down because they don’t feel like “enough”. Fuk boring societal norms, don’t buy into
it, cancel that check! Be a rebel❤️❤️❤️
Emilie Raptor
Emilie Raptor:
I wonder what it's like to know your the cause of so much pain for so many women. She litteraly was an icon for ed.
Telengard Forever
Telengard Forever:
Up until your late 40's to early 50's, beauty is far more important than a college degree. After that, you'd better have that college degree. If you try to salvage your beauty later in life, it will backfire horrifically. But if you get your graduate degree or doctorate later in life, you accomplish something to be proud of.
Kosha Bull
Kosha Bull:
She deserves her new face, she worked hard for it...
She could have just exercised. She's nearly 6 feet tall and has access to all the top personal trainers and nutritionists. Those problems areas would have dissapeared in like 2 minutes!
This would be traumatizing. I feel for her.
אפרת כרמלי
אפרת כרמלי:
She is extremely beautiful 👍💕 She looks younger that her age. I don't know what is she complaining about. Efrat. Israel
Dana Brown
Dana Brown:
Linda, are you sure cool sculpting disfigured you or was it really Father Time?
A E:
Ummm, where is the "brutal disfigurement" ? 50++%
of 50+ women look like that
Teresa H.
Teresa H.:
I'm sure they told her that with any kind of fat suctioning; deposits might move somewhere else on the body and Im sure they told her that and it's a 50/50 chance. Just like a major facelift you hope for no scars and no paralyzing on one side of the face..its a 50/50 chance. That's just one there other areas on her body?!
Cabrini Divo
Cabrini Divo:
ow lord this lady is crazyyy. she still looks BEAUTIFUL for GODS SAKES
On y passe tous ! Et c'est encore plus dur pour les gens qui ont été très beau dans leur jeunesse. J'ai remarqué d’ailleurs que les personnes avec un physique peu avantageux ou ordinaire vieillissent plutôt bien et même beaucoup mieux...serait-ce la nature qui a horreur du vide.
Bahar Piena
Bahar Piena:
Well, I think she can model with buldges. Let the world see that you can be beautiful with "imperfections" in a Versace. 💪👊❤