Lindsay Lohan - Back to Me (Lyric Video)

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I used to blame me
When s*** got crazy
I can’t think too much
About what they say

And now these Sundays
Got me feeling like Mondays
I know I drink too much
But it’s okay

My life is full of ripped up pages
I’ve been weak-contagious
But I’m coming back
I’m coming back to me

Oh but I know that everything changes
Hard things turn to basics
Now I’m coming back
I’m coming back to me

To me, yeah
To me, yeah
To me, yeah
To me, yeah

Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me

When life gets harder
And the mind gets darker
Remind myself
Never too late

‘Cos. I know that I got in too deep
And I know that I wanted to leave
So easily
We just walk away

My life is full of ripped up pages
I’ve been weak-contagious
But I’m coming back
I’m coming back to me
Oh but I know that everything changes
Hard things turn to basics
Now I’m coming back
I’m coming back to me

To me, yeah
To me, yeah
To me, yeah
To me, yeah

Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me

I’m ‘a do it right and let it go
Everything I can’t control
Should’ve done it long ago
Crawling back to

I’m ‘a do it right and let it go
Everything I can’t control
Should’ve done it long ago

To me, yeah
To me, yeah
To me, yeah
To me, yeah

Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming back
I’m coming back
I’m coming back to me

Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming to me
Now I’m coming back
I’m coming back
I’m coming back to me

Video Director: Jimmy Ahlander
Video Producer: Caroline Dennerqvist
Video Editor: Jimmy Ahlander
Production Company: Pixeltown

Music video by Lindsay Lohan performing Back To Me (Lyric Video). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Connor Malbeuf
Connor Malbeuf:
Lindsay Lohan making her music comeback during a deadly pandemic is the most Linday Lohan thing Lindsay Lohan has ever done.
Jungle Room
Jungle Room:
Lindsay Lohan singing again proves there is hope in the future.
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
she came back in a fk-ed up timing with corona
Suzy Lu
Suzy Lu:
Amazing!!! <3
Daria Imaginary
Daria Imaginary:
'I'm coming back to me' seems to me too much sense here, 'cause it's such important being in harmony with yourself 👍
Imagine Lindsay Lohan's music becoming popular again after such a long hiatus. Please make this happennn
Lindsay Lohan Music
Lindsay Lohan Music:
still waiting for Xanax and for the album
W W:
Lindsay Lohan is living proof that no matter how much evil blackmails and tries to destroy her, a good heart will always rise to the challenge. I pray she finds God. Angels are protecting her on Earth, but I would love to meet her in heaven one day and hear her real story ❤️
sleepy Bunny
sleepy Bunny:
if you remember Parent trap your a OG Fan of Lindsey Lohan!💙💙💙💙
Jaime Júnior
Jaime Júnior:
TE AMO, LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This girl is the definition of our childhood.
Roma Mia Gahol
Roma Mia Gahol:
I want to see lindsay in award shows again.
Cultivation Cinema
Cultivation Cinema:
She should make independent movies, so Hollywood can’t profit off her.
Yac gillies
Yac gillies:
Me encanta Back to me ❤️✨🏳️‍🌈
I really love her Voice!! she should come back to be a singer like she is suposed to! too much talent wasted for years!
She remembered her YouTube password
Ana Belen
Ana Belen:
Ameee esta cancion,eres la mejor Lindsay❤❤❤
Eddy Beer
Eddy Beer:
She's so underrated when it comes to her Music. I hope she gets the recognition she deserve for her new music era. She's a strong soul. I love her so much.
Vamos chegar logo a 1 milhão
Jesse Toscano
Jesse Toscano:
Lindsay lohan de regreso por fin
mi peliroja favorita 😍
This sounds like a song you’d hear in a basic white girls’s clothing store and I actually like it.
Anna Claudya Oliveira
Anna Claudya Oliveira:
Lindsay Lohan is Lindsay Lohan: amazing actrees, amazing singer. I hope your best!!!
#justiceforlilo #liloback
A minha felicidade de ver essa mulher voltando pra música não tem tamanho.
Nico Cabezas
Nico Cabezas:
Amoooo esta canción 😻😻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Merlin Gilliez
Merlin Gilliez:
Lindsay I always liked your movies, they are a big fan of yours and I hope you return with the best vibes and resume your project in music, it will go well for you, I love you ❤️
Buyung Spears
Buyung Spears:
I never hate her. Everyone has personal life s problem. But this girl is strong.
Brayanth Penso
Brayanth Penso:
Soy el único? que siente esa gran🌟vibra🌟 de empoderamiento y seguridad en uno mismo. ✨🥺💪🏼 "Esta canción te hace estar dispuesto a ese gran cambio tan radical que quieres hacer en tu vida con mucha valentía, volver hacer mejor de lo que fuiste anteriormente, volver a confiar en lo que eres capaz, sacudirte la pena de encima y quitarse ese gran miedo de todo, he ir dispuesto a conquistar tus sueños hasta verlos hechos realidad .✌🏼🤞🏼✨TE AME Lohan ❣🌻🥰😍🙌🏼🧘🏼‍♂️🎶 buenas vibras para todos!!!
Chim Chim
Chim Chim:
Pensé que nunca saldría una música de Lindsay ToT La amuuu
Fulvio Correia Meneghin
Fulvio Correia Meneghin:
Nessa música ela expõem os sentimentos e emoções, e ela admite os seus traumas e pressão que a mídia sempre perseguia para desfrutar de seus problemas mentais e que a partir de agora ela irá mudar e começar o novo caminho e que tudo passa.
allysen zabel
allysen zabel:
This really is a 2016 type of vibe and rn, I’m here for it. I’m feeling days at the public pools w your friends and family
Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that she was arrested and addicted and now she’s getting herself together and gave us this anthem with a lyrics that represents she’s coming back after all she went through 💀💀💀
vid velaz
vid velaz:
Hagamos llegar al 1millon🥺♥️
Sophie G
Sophie G:
Esto tiene que estar en Just Dance ♥️
Alexa Wood
Alexa Wood:
she got handed such a sh*t hand emotionally from such a young age. i’ve been waiting for her redemption for S O long. i hope she can gather the help to be able to stay clean and healthy this time. she still has so much potential in life
Yac Lambert
Yac Lambert:
Lindsay me encanta tu música ❤️✨
Chelsie Waite
Chelsie Waite:
Randomly got Confessions Of A Broken Heart in my head after not hearing it for a good 10 years, only to end up here and seeing she is back! How awesome!
idk who doesn’t know this but for those who don’t know, this is about her life, past and present.
Lorrayne oliveira veiga
Lorrayne oliveira veiga:
KarD SP:
Ahuevo perra, ya te extrañaba. Te amo Lindsay ❤ 💎
She has a good producer. Her vocals aren’t what they were but she doesn’t sound bad at all. I hope Lindsay is taking this music era seriously. She could be really successful again if she wanted to.
Lohan Cassio
Lohan Cassio:
Ainda escutando todos os dias !!!! Lilo💜🌈✌🏻👑
Crystal Moncada
Crystal Moncada:
LOVE IT 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Will John
Will John:
Not bad, Lindsay! Really enjoyed the beat :) The queen has awoken.
ŦเŦเค คשคкเภ
ŦเŦเค คשคкเภ:
Lindsay voltou melhor do q nunca te amo mt ❤
j. lover42
j. lover42:
Not gonna lie, this is catchy! This is one of those songs that puts you in a good mood. I'm here for it! Anyone else?
¡Vamos Lilo! Necesitas volver a ser una estrella otra vez pero primero y más importante, mereces ser feliz. Te amamos. Queremos más y más de ti.

¡Let's go Lilo! You need to be a star again, but first and most important... You deserve to be happy. We love you! We want more and more of you.
Ashe Trash
Ashe Trash:
I love what these lyrics tell me about where she's at. Always loved you Lindsay, always want you to succeed and recover. <3
Vinicius Mincarone
Vinicius Mincarone:
Omg I found this song totally accidentally and truly I’m loving it. Never thought that Lindsay would come back like that to the music world with a damn good single 😮♥️
Luka Cool 55
Luka Cool 55:
Literally waiting for quarantine to end so we can get a MV for this masterpiece! We should make it #1 on Billboard (this or Xanax {when it gets released})
Aron Graterol
Aron Graterol:
So glad she’s back! I have been jamming to this song at the gym/car the past few days. 🔥
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez:
EllaJude 123
EllaJude 123:
I’m glad that she is coming back and is putting the hard times in the past
Mary Posadas
Mary Posadas:
Still a fan of lindsay after all that happened. Who else? ❤️
I just watched Mean Girls and then when i decide to open Youtube, Lindsay is on my recommendations, well done FBI.
Yac Lambert
Yac Lambert:
Estaría genial te amo lindsay 🌈✨❤️
I'm so proud of Lindsey, she really turned her life around♥️♥️
F r a n y u t t h y A.
F r a n y u t t h y A.:
Lindsay Lohan Music
Lindsay Lohan Music:
we need the album
Hunter Kelly
Hunter Kelly:
I honestly did not know what to expect. People have tried to make musical comebacks and have fallen flat....Lindsay came to shine! She left nothing on the table. I am so happy with this song & the lyric video is amazing. I truly hope a music video is coming!
I don't care about her past. Her voice is amazing and so attractive. I wanna listen to the unplugged version of this.
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva:
Being a Lindsey Stan
Elia zoghaib
Elia zoghaib:
This is my fav songggggggggg❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lindsay Lohan Music
Lindsay Lohan Music:
I want this song to be promoted everywhere pleaseee
Gia Hân
Gia Hân:
love to meet Lindsay Lohan again!!!
Wendy diaz
Wendy diaz:
OK let's go MILLION views!!
Mami Trex
Mami Trex:
I love her and her music.. And so happy to see she's doing good. ❤️
Edhol 182
Edhol 182:
When i first to listening this song, immediately really liked.. Its so catchy tunes.. Cheerful.. Its feel to bring me on calm atmosphere.. But a little less satisfied, just 2.53 length, until it continues to play repeatedly. I love her.. 😊
Kendhal Dinsmore
Kendhal Dinsmore:
I love this song. We need the music video Lindsay!
Betto Lee
Betto Lee:
people who like lindsey lohan leaves like
omfg, when i heard it on the radio, i thought it was miley
Miguel Alves
Miguel Alves:
When we expected nothing she comes back to serve us EVERYTHING we didnt even know we needed.
Cherry Blxssøm
Cherry Blxssøm:
I love her voice!!!!!
Esta muy buena. tendría q volver haciendo una colaboracion con alguien q la ayude a sumar vistas y la vuelva a poner en el centro de las miradas se merece volver es una excelente actriz . ahí q apartar su vida privada de su talento .
Diego Alexander Puentes
Diego Alexander Puentes:
❤️❤️ 🇨🇴 Colombia Apoyándote 🇨🇴❤️❤️
Infernodragons7 7
Infernodragons7 7:
When I first watch the parent trap I fell in love with lensie Lohan, I wish she could just be that way again. A cute, innocent little girl.😢
Alexandrea N
Alexandrea N:
Omg why isn’t this being promoted?!!! I’m ready for her to be a star again 🤩 this song is a bop!!
Alexiis Saliinas
Alexiis Saliinas:
Like for the ones who came here after finding out about the famous ex’s LiLo has slept with
gamma gamma
gamma gamma:
Omg Lindsay 😍😍😍
Props to her for always having a bunch of honesty in her lyrics - full Rumors vibes here, (if anyone remembers that) but more positive
Meme Show
Meme Show:
Love this song and it’s really underrated ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I hope she's getting her life back in order.
I honestly mean that.
Blue._ .Algae
Blue._ .Algae:
This song is so catchy and lm in love with it!
Ferdis Factory
Ferdis Factory:
we need the album, release the albummm
It has the classic Lindsay sound.
Eduardo Castillo
Eduardo Castillo:
Is this going to be another “bossy “? where is the music video ? Where is the album ?
Diego Rodríguez
Diego Rodríguez:
This needs a music video with an iconic choreography.
concert 'S
concert 'S:
Go to the 1,000,000💪
Cristian Alvarenga
Cristian Alvarenga:
1 million views pleeeaaaseeeee!!!♥
Michael Fischer
Michael Fischer:
I love you Lindsay!!!! 🥰♥️
ali N
ali N:
Love this actually 🤔 shes been deserving of a second chance at her career for a while now. She seems more at peace.
Christopher King
Christopher King:
Lindsay saw the Kardashian fight and came back to save pop culture.
this video looks like tumblr or we harted in 2012
This song is really fashionable and never tire of listening !
Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez:
I love that Lindsay’s new song is about her learning from her mistakes and marking a comeback the lyrics are so good and it should be something to talk about cuz
I do think that she disserve her rights as a woman that is ready to go back to her new self I was just crying cuz I was proud of her so I think she disserve a chance back in the spotlight
Skyla Bell
Skyla Bell:
Wow, I'm so happy I searched for Lindsay again
This song is soooo good and ik know it's going to be on my fav playlist💕 Lindsay, I'm cheering for you, you're a strong person and I believe in you 🙏🏼
Wait a minute, this sounds like a bop
Leeroy Weasley
Leeroy Weasley:
Omg this is such an anthem!
Shii Wak
Shii Wak:
Relatable, easy listening and honest! I love it! It makes me wanna dance around and montage as I burst out of my front door ignoring everything hard I’ve lived through. Wait... no.. using everything hard I’ve lived through to be stronger and smarter. It gets better girl. Hang in there! ~Sheeara, Alaska