Lionel Messi vs Granada 2021 | HD 1080i

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38 comentarios:

Irwan Syah
Irwan Syah:
When messi score by a freekick, thats mean he's enjoy
That'a a sample of genius. Still scores underneath the wall, even though someone was lying down behind it to block any shot that was put below!
Alexander Sutanto
Alexander Sutanto:
3:39 all of you was searching for
dan osborn
dan osborn:
That way he stored that freekick is tecnicaly impossible.
What's in the name??
What's in the name??:
You know why cristiano ronaldo has to work so hard ??
Answer is magical messi 😍🤩
Go Ahead
Go Ahead:
ആ ഫ്രീകിക്ക് 🔥🔥🔥
Victor Mkhaliphi
Victor Mkhaliphi:
When we say GOAT, we don't play
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama:
- Cheirinho da 7 Bola de Ouro

L O A D I N G ....
Faton Kosova
Faton Kosova:
So players lay down because they heard Messi can score under the wall, great, now he can.
Ogaufi Kanowa
Ogaufi Kanowa:
The free kick goal looks like Pele's last goal, so Messi has officially scored all the iconic goals by other "Legends". He's Legend of Legends, non legends are no longer allowed to watch him play.
why I love messi he is awsome and my favoirte player since I was 1 years old
Arpiyan Syah
Arpiyan Syah:
Messi messi messi 👍👍
Messishikito 10
Messishikito 10:
Messi the best
Adam Borowicz
Adam Borowicz:
Guess whos back😏
Psd br
Psd br:
Craques tem muito, mas só o Messi é gênio !!!
Bintangku Waladi
Bintangku Waladi:
It feels so great to see ronaldo and messi on form. #godmode
Bali traveling guide
Bali traveling guide:
Now inside the net,before hit outside the net always
Gaurav Puri
Gaurav Puri:
j_ shijith
j_ shijith:
മലയാളീസ് ഉണ്ടോ?
Barca are nothing without him
Hiskia Kaiseb
Hiskia Kaiseb:
Cosmin Taropa
Cosmin Taropa:
Thats great editing
is that arabic ???????????????????????
ash unknown
ash unknown:
Messi goes to Ac Milan will be nice
Marianella Tecco Necco
Marianella Tecco Necco:
Es válido que para la barrera haya una persona acostada en el piso?
Is this match going on in 2021?
eris Valencia barco
eris Valencia barco:
Cristiano es muy bueno pero messi es una bestia no tiene comparación
Caesar S.
Caesar S.:
Messi come to AC Milan to rival Ronaldo again
redmaskpil ref
redmaskpil ref:
he plays bad he is getting old
Aatif Shaikh
Aatif Shaikh:
Seems like we aren't gonna see him dribble like that again
Neivir Ribeiro Morales
Neivir Ribeiro Morales:
Messi 2 Bayer De Munique 8 Histórico Na Champions legue.
Alex Costa
Alex Costa:
Was the goal-keeper messi’s friend ????
No hate but he was literally 2 cm near the post and he still missed to get the ball
Shan Palakkal
Shan Palakkal:
Pessi 😂😂😂
jeffrey nnaeto
jeffrey nnaeto:
We actually wasting alot of spotkicks we win. Minus d freekick goal, monitored many other freekicks wasted
If plays like this in this season he would definitely win ballondor this year