Lisa Marie Presley's Son Benjamin Keough Dead at 27

Lisa Marie Presley's Son Benjamin Keough Dead at 27

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French Vanilla
French Vanilla:
So many people suffering right now my prayers go out to the family 🙏
Cookie Cute as a puppy
Cookie Cute as a puppy:
Sending condolences to the Presley family 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽this just so sad 😞
cherine bagshaw
cherine bagshaw:
He always looked so sad, how gut wrenching this is for all whom loved him
michelle massih
michelle massih:
Lisa my dear I have been through the same and my heart goes out to you and your family... love and hugs. try to be kind to yourself.
Storm Hawk
Storm Hawk:
Never looked a happy kid.
Cheryll Hamilton
Cheryll Hamilton:
Suicide is such a horrible ending. It didnt have to be this way. RIP Benjamin. No more pain young man.
Prrrfect Minouchat
Prrrfect Minouchat:
I lost my only son when he was 29.I have two
girls,the youngest was in police academy.The one
thing I learned is that there are no options.You, as
the head of the family, must be there and be strong
for your other children.They need you now more
than they ever did before. Suicide would make
them feel a million times worse and would have
a domino effect.I don't know you, but you seem to
me to be a strong woman and mother. I kept
talking to God all day and all night.He moved into
my heart and has been there ever since. I have
seen many miracles since then and I knew he was
the only one who could heal my heart-and he did.
Le Chat
Le Chat:
I was devastated when I heard the news. I feel so sorry for Lisa Marie and the whole family. There are no words for such a loss... So much pain...
Darlene Justason
Darlene Justason:
My prays to your family in time of your need. He’s with are lord Jesus Christ
Megala Gyamfi
Megala Gyamfi:
Oh Lord he was my age. Prayers for the family
Tammy Rivera
Tammy Rivera:
This is such a really sad day 😭 he was way too young and had his whole life to live. This is one of the most difficult things to do, to buried one of your kids.
My heart goes out to Lisa Marie Presley and her family. Our condolences and prayers to her, her family and friends. May your son Benjamin Keough RIP😇😢🥺
casey james
casey james:
Poor boy, He might of got sick of people saying how much he looked like Elvis etc. RIP.
Nitin Yadav
Nitin Yadav:
He was almost copy of own grandfather...
Jeri C.
Jeri C.:
How perfectly awful. God bless them all. 💔😢😢💔
Monica Riley
Monica Riley:
My condolences goes out to Presley family. It's so sad that they lost a relative. May God give them comfort.👼😢
Debbie Siehr
Debbie Siehr:
This is "Beyond Sad"...I pray🙏 for strength for the family!!!
Nuris M.
Nuris M.:
So sad at 27, like Jimmy hendrick, and the
Gemma Dyson
Gemma Dyson:
Lisa Mary I my love to you and your family, I'm younger than you but since i was a baby your fathers music bin the songs of my life, your son so like him they are together lisa Mary, with jesus, just like ur father so beautiful hes an angel, all my prayer for you all to stay strong, and my love lisa x
Deb O'Haver
Deb O'Haver:
RIP. My prayers are for Lisa and family. 😪
Having it all is never enough. May your soul rest in peace.
Myanmar AHla
Myanmar AHla:
Benjamin Storm Presley Keough: Great Grandson of Vernon & Gladys Presley, Grandson of Elvis Aaron Presley, Son of Lisa Marie Presley & Danny Keough, Younger Brother of Riley, and, Older Brother of Twin Sisters, Finley & Harper, has been 'Laid To Rest' at Graceland Mansion Estates, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Honey Ben, We Love & Miss U very much. Thanks very much for your Presence, Support & Help to Celebrate Grandfather, Elvis Presley's Birthday, on January 8th, Each Year, and, Cutting his Birthday Cake, for ALL who came to his Birthday Celebration at Graceland.

Thanks so much for ALL your Legacy: Music, Songs, Photos, Videos, Writings, Tampa (FL), Calabasas (CA), Graceland (TN), etc ..., to be Appreciated with Forever Sweet & Loving Remembrances, by Family, Friends & Excellent Fans.

May you have Eternal Peace & Happiness with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ & Loving Family members, who have departed from this Earthly World.

Honey Ben, your Older Sister Riley Keough wrote:

"There are No Words for you. 'Angel' is the closest I could think of. Pure Light. Baby Brother. Best Friend. Wild Man (from Jungle Room). Intellectual. Witness to My Life. Twin Soul. Protector. Too Sensitive for this Harsh World,” wrote the “American Honey” Star, 31.

“I hope you give me Strength to Endure the Giant Hole you’ve Left in my Heart. ... I can’t believe You’ve Left me. Not you sweet Ben. Anyone but you.”

“Two months without you,” she wrote. “I would give anything for 1 more minute with you Little Brother.” Amen

Riley's Words are an Echo of my Thoughts & Feelings, for you. "I Can't Stop Loving U ...."

May Almighty GOD be with you, your Family, Friends & Fantastic Fans, and Bless Us. Amen.

GOD's Glory Forever
Miss L. Jane Lee @
Myint Myint Yee [MY] @
Lee Wren Aha Ngwe (Moonbeams)

Phone: (740) 322-3601
Email Address: [email protected]
Mailing Address: P O Box 105, Newark, OH. 43058-0105, USA.

DATE: 10/05/2020 @ 10:20 pm (EST, USA).
wendy palmer
wendy palmer:
Poor Lisa Marie my prayers goes out to her and the girls God nos how she will get over his death as he was the love of her life l just pray to God he is in heaven with his granddad for him to take his own life he must have be a tortured soul God rest him R.I.P. Benjamin
Elizabeth Derricott
Elizabeth Derricott:
Praying for you and your family God bless
Lisa F
Lisa F:
Heartbroken 😔
Mary Helis
Mary Helis:
Devastating to a close loved from suicide. Ontop of grieving for the lose of a beautiful young man whose life was only starting, there the addition torment off why, how, questions an 'ifs' scenario's. My love and prayers go out to the family especially, Lisa. I've been a big Elvis fan since childhood, hence updated on Lisa's life. I'm very concerned about her. She's been mourning her father's loss all her life. Had suffered financial abuse, 4 marriages disolved, a custody battle for her twins and now this, every parents' nightmare. I'm thankful the twins are so young to need her badly. Riley is older and a mature young lady in a happy personal and professional place. My condolences also go to Benjamin's dad, Danny, a wonderful and involved father. I could help but notice how Benjamin never smiled in pictures. Just thought age, maturity thing
RIP Beautiful you man. You're free of pain and burdens now. I'm sorry you didn't get or seek the help to see you through. You're now in the loving arms of your grandmother. He too knew a thing or two about pain. You can now jam together and exchange music lessons of your times. Love you both.
Dollie Mercado
Dollie Mercado:
Condolences and prayers to Lisa Marie and all her family with the passing of her only son! May the Lord Almighty waited for him with open arms and his grandfather Elvis in his Heavenly Gates, R.I.P. Benjamin 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. My 21 year old nephew did the same thing in 1982, he once said he was the Black Sheep off the family! He wasn’t happy and I could see it in him and told my brother he was suicidal and didn’t believe me!! Too late after he did it and the pain never goes away 😰😰
Catherine O'Connell
Catherine O'Connell:
Twenty Seven CLUB!
Suicided......he was about to talk............
immortal Dio
immortal Dio:
McDonogh Rahloh
McDonogh Rahloh:
r.i.p.benjamin.....prayers to all his family and friends ,hang in ther elisa,to you i say being a mum,we do the best we can and get them to adulthood then its up to them and all we can do is sit back and send our love as they go out into the world ,im sorry ...and prayers to you and your family and his dad and his family
Edith Ildiko
Edith Ildiko:
Llee #
Llee #:
R.I.P. Ben🙏
george xmas
george xmas:
rocknroll cries
eh hammond ah
eh hammond ah:
My heart breaks for Lisa Marie doesn't matter that she was born into a life of privilege she has had so much heartache in her life and losing her son has got to be the worst pain a mother can feel I hope her gold digger ex Michael Lockwood leaves her alone to grieve RIP Benjamin 🍁🍁🌷🌹🌻🌼🌷🍁🍁
TJY567 and ThePrehistoticSquid123
TJY567 and ThePrehistoticSquid123:
Elvis presley
There's a new member in The 27 Club.
Hermes 888
Hermes 888:
no RIP for suicider , they directly to go to hell . God does not accept their soul . Poor them very sad mentality 😪