Lisa Montgomery could become first woman to be federally executed in 67 years

Lisa Montgomery is the only woman on federal death row. She was convicted of the 2004 kidnap and murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnet, who was eight-months pregnant at the time. Thirteen years after Montgomery was sentenced the death penalty, her lawyer Kelley Henry joins CBSN's Lana Zak to explain that her client is incompetent and has been mentally ill for most of her life. (Warning: Details of this story may be disturbing to some viewers)

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dee Wilson
dee Wilson:
Who cares about what she feels, that baby don't have a mother. Bye
The M Network
The M Network:
It's funny everyone has a mental problem. When they are caught
Anita Erwin
Anita Erwin:
She didn't give her victim a choice so why should she get a choice.
Esperanza Delgado
Esperanza Delgado:
I'm sorry but she took a life and remove the baby doing cesarean poor mom what about her justice
mary jane’s baby
mary jane’s baby:
I’m more interested in the mental stability of the child, now teenager, who suffered in knowing how she was born into the world at the hands of her mother’s killer.
Sting LikeABee
Sting LikeABee:
Umm...the victim didn't chose her circumstance so why should she?
Sandy Rodriguez
Sandy Rodriguez:
Willow Nichols
Willow Nichols:
NOT going to feel sorry for her she cut a baby out of a women my god if you what to feel sorry for anyone feel sorry for the child that was cut out of his/her mothers belly.
Alana Weaver
Alana Weaver:
I remember this case no sympathy she lived longer then her victim who didn’t get to see her child be born.
She strangled a woman and cut out her fetus? A death penalty seems fine.
Travónne Eady
Travónne Eady:
She should've went after the men that "supposedly" assaulted her; not an innocent pregnant woman with child!!
Average individual with a Smart Phone
Average individual with a Smart Phone:
The only lives that truly matter are those who respect the lives of others.
Not doing well?? Awwwwww wait I didn’t think death row was supposed to be enjoyed...
suzy klitgaard
suzy klitgaard:
I know this case well.
One of the most HEINOUS crimes committed.
Peaches Love
Peaches Love:
The victims family wanted her executed
Damien Lee
Damien Lee:
She killed a pregnant woman. Nuff said finally family gets justice
Wow she even performed a brutal C-SECTION on the dead woman, The parent and Family of that need Vindication
Lisa Story is Sad but just imagine that was your daughter she did that to, Horrified
Laronda Bell
Laronda Bell:
That white room will be the last thing she see before getting executed like she did an innocent mother..😪
Omg, the baby survived & is now a teen. Yeah, death penalty is definitely deserved.
Bubbles n Lipgloss
Bubbles n Lipgloss:
So...she was treated like trash n hated it so she in turn killed n strangled a fellow woman n was competent enough to carry out a c section. Not buying it.
Sonya Carter
Sonya Carter:
This is so sad.😩😩. No one deserves to take anyone’s life just because you wanted a baby, She should’ve just adopt a child. I’m sorry, she took someone life, a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister, I’m not here to judge but she deserves whatever she deserves. What if she done it to one of your family members, you will say she deserves the death penalty. Everyone always wants to play the mentality role, just because you may have been abused growing up doesn’t mean you should take your pain or issues out on someone else life just because you couldn’t get your mind or life right. She knew what she was doing when she went to that woman’s house. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. My thoughts 💭 my opinion🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Beau Rosie
Beau Rosie:
Thats awful how could u defend that
Jay Are
Jay Are:
She wasn't too ILL "mentally" to set up a meeting with a pregnant, innocent woman, surgically remove the unborn baby, and attempt to claim it as her own. Can any human be capable of something similar, yet be unstable in any capacity?????????? STOP IT
Although, Lisa sounds like she went through a horrible life she still killed an innocent pregnant woman.

She ruined several lives.

A mother who will never see her child grow up,

A child who will never be able to grow up with her birth mom,

And a family who lost their precious family member who can never be brought back.
John Brick
John Brick:
If the government can execute men left and right, equality states she is competent enough to be put down
Diamond Leigh
Diamond Leigh:
Sorry but bye Lisa. Yu lived wayyyy longer than yu gave this lady yu KILLED.... She cut the baby from her stomach. Like honestly my heart does go out to her hearing her life Story... So sad, I'm sorry Lisa. May God Rest your soul 🙏🏽❤️

I just thought of sumthin, I no longer feel sorrow for Lisa..... Plenty of girls have ruff lives, and won't dare to do what Lisa have.... So she deserve to take her punishment, like she gave her victim😔 now she is who I feel sorrow for 😢 I just can't imagine the pain and fear she felt.... May God finally Rest her soul 🙏🏽 as Lisa finally see her maker 🦋 Fly High 🕊️ to her victim.........
Sherri Carroll
Sherri Carroll:
It amazes me how these evil people show no mercy for their victims or their right to live and yet when it comes to them they whine over being executed. I believe once you purposely take a life you have automatically given up every right you ever had.
Malt Licky
Malt Licky:
If it was her lawyers daughter that had her daughters baby ripped out of her she would stick the needle in herself!
She wasn't crazy at the time of the crime!!!
Blue moon Mountain
Blue moon Mountain:
Poor woman not doing well. Her acts deserves the death penalty.
Sharon Forrest
Sharon Forrest:
I don't believe she should be kept alive. Now this lawyer wants to blame others.
“Incompetent to be executed” 🤔..... ok, why was she going to be executed in the first place?
Lakesha Smith
Lakesha Smith:
she definitely need to get her punishment, she took a life and kidnap a baby. She definitely knew what she was doing and definitely knew what her attention where when she drove up their.
cole eason
cole eason:
Nah I could understand if she would have killed 30 men but a pregnant woman cut the child out NO DICE
Jay Are
Jay Are:
Why not asks these attorneys the one question that matters?

Ferdy Stoehr
Ferdy Stoehr:
What's the problem. She will die a more human way as her victim.
Lotty Elizabeth
Lotty Elizabeth:
Sadly, she does deserve to die. Rest in peace to her victim, the victims unborn child and the life of mental health for the families involved.
Marcee Moss
Marcee Moss:
It’s Not Always Good To Be First At Anything But In This Case........
sara washington
sara washington:
My thoughts go out to the little girl who survived and the single father and widower💖💖💖My prayers are with YOU!!!!!!!
AAmir Dada
AAmir Dada:
So sad to see this done to a female, but what she did was unthinkable, she must be unstable when she committed the crime.
Hearing this makes me for the death penalty. However once I step back and remember how imperfect the justice system is, I'm once again opposed to it.
Kevin Offutt
Kevin Offutt:
This story is so sad & horrific all the way around!
She has four children of her own and twelve grandchildren. She could have surrounded herself with them at any time when feeling despondent. There really can be no exculpatory factors, whatever her past life experiences.
M V-H:
People who hurt and failed her deserve to pay as well. The torture and abuse of children is one the things that weighs the heaviest in my heart. How could such evil people abusing children in such a heinous way exist? What do people expect to come out of such experience? Not a fully functioning human adult?
Rodrigo Hiyas
Rodrigo Hiyas:
I remember this case... so horrific! I feel so sad and outrage for the mom and the baby!
vincent maldon
vincent maldon:
Can you imagine if she had gotten away with this, then becoming the child's parent given her past sexual abuse and mental instability.
Hillbilly Dranyam
Hillbilly Dranyam:
As soon as they said she's not doing well I was done. Maybe give pause and consider the victims of this monster. Save the money on execution and just give her to the family🤔.
William Morales
William Morales:
Congrats for making women’s history
How would this case have turned out if it had been a man who committed this crime?
Jim Breedlove
Jim Breedlove:
If it was a man that cut a baby out of a woman. We wouldn't be talking about it at all no matter what his past was.
Tina Tracy
Tina Tracy:
Jena Crawford
Jena Crawford:
The evidence was so overwhelming he wouldn’t even know about her abuse if she would’ve killed Bobbie jo
Eboni Mom
Eboni Mom:
One of the few fed executions that I have been waiting on since 2004! The crime is unforgivable. Dont care that she was abused. Bobbie Jo's daughters bday is on the anniversary of her mothers death. This means that poor kid is reminded of what happened every year and it will follow her for the rest of her life.
Joseph Nadeau
Joseph Nadeau:
I remember a story almost like this, but different women. I know many crime channels use actors, but they showed actual pics of suspect & victim. It wasn't these women. I need to research and see if separate cases.
Creole Mello
Creole Mello:
The only difference is the pregnant woman did not know she was going to be killed so she didn't have a chance to fear she will hv to meet her fate and she knows her day is here...R.I.P to the lady who lost her life and never got to meet her baby
Stealth 550GT
Stealth 550GT:
she wasn't incompetent murdering someone brutally with zero remorse. Waist of tax dollars.
Curly Joe
Curly Joe:
her chin escaped before she could escape the death penalty
If she did not know the difference between right and wrong when she committed this horrendous crime then I hope she is also at peace now, away from her own physical and mental torture that she endured throughout her life. God will know the truth. I pray her victim is safe in heaven also and that the child that was removed from the safe security of her mother has a happy life. 🙏🏻
Tim L
Tim L:
I'm not usually a 'Hang em High' type person, but in this case I feel that the ultimate penalty is warranted. No one wins in a case like this.
My heart go's out to the family of the victim and especially the now teenager, who was born in the most horrific of circumstances.
Tracie Scott
Tracie Scott:
"Currently incompetent to be executed.." The 😈 is a lie, ma'am!! This lady was coherently competent enough to drive 100s of miles to another human beings home, cut out an unborn child and then, claim the child as her own leaving behind the carnage of another human being. Oh, she's coherent AND culpable for her actions. #Godiswatching👀
Dre Reyes
Dre Reyes:
✨🎭 -NoExcuse’s- 🎭✨
Dana Jones
Dana Jones:
Well she's doing alot better then the woman she murdered
Tenebris lupus
Tenebris lupus:
2:26 yeah,that’s the problem with society,and then you turn around and torment them even more,it’s not surprising the way she acted considering her history
Ingrid Grattidge
Ingrid Grattidge:
Honestly, if I were Lisa, with all the horrific experience and subsequent horrific deed, I wouldn’t want to remain in this world anymore. I would simply want to go far away from this world very far away. Just saying if we’re me.
nasip kismet
nasip kismet:
There are 12 other near-same cases ( killing mother and cutting baby out ) and none of them got death penalty and when you add that she was abused throughout her childhood by her own parents, Lisa Montgomery also doesn't deserve death penalty.
So sad. This is so true. People never get the help they need for mental health. Really no one can really help her. But prayer. People don’t always know in to they see her actions. Than it’s too late. Maybe if the parents can see it at a young age , and got her help with prayer. She may have able be over to come this. Lord have mercy in Jesus Christ Name.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
I remember this sickening case. 😓
Well, how do you think that mom-to-be felt when she knew what was going to happen to her baby -- as well as herself!? She herself could have sought mental health recovery. Plus, many people who have mental health issues are still able to know their behavior is wrong.
Idontcare AboutnoneofthatShit
Idontcare AboutnoneofthatShit:
The lawyer needs to Stfu and allow the daughter to get Justice for her Mother ! She had no regard for the mother life or the child life so hers should not matter!
Kathryn Carter
Kathryn Carter:
Thanks to this attny. Sounds like she is really trying to help her client.
I agree that the abuse that her client went through could toss the educated & well brought up person over the edge.
You have to be kidding me!? 🤦 Bobby Jo did not have anything to do with her abuse! Pay for what you did to her, her daughter, and that entire family!
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
To the lawyer, your doing a good job. Insane people at the hands of perpetrators are not cold blooded killers.. their insane.
gwendolyn james
gwendolyn james:
An eye for an eye. She must be punished according to her crime. Always mentally challenged. No excuse.
Lord Jesus Christ. Have mercy on her soul. In Jesus Christ name.
Just execute the women already and stop talking about it
Stephanie Flynn
Stephanie Flynn:
Some people are just crazy. That is all there is to it. I can feel sad for this woman. I hate what she did, and I really can't understand why she did what she did, but I CAN feel sorry for her.
BigBeauf _____
BigBeauf _____:
Her prison photo is disturbing and creepy to look at, like the face of a serial killer.
edie ann V
edie ann V:
UNBELIEVABLE. And we're supposed to be the "good" gender. She's going to get what she deserves.
Phil Johnson
Phil Johnson:
Why do death row perps always have the saddest looking lawyers....I think we all know the facts of this case and this lawyer is using every tool at her disposal to invoke immotional support.
Yaska Gates
Yaska Gates:
I remember this!She cut the baby out of her👹😢🥺
Centrist Philosopher
Centrist Philosopher:
The thing that strikes me about this case is even her legal team acknowledge she was responsible for her own actions - she drove hundreds of miles under a false premise - that takes some manipulation and planning.

We are not talking about someone with the mental age of a child.
Joel Werre
Joel Werre:
nov 2 of this year? hope she got the date right on that petition...
Minushka N
Minushka N:
I have no words...
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez:
I personally think in some way suffering in prison seems like better than death as death feels like an escape in some ways.
Average individual with a Smart Phone
Average individual with a Smart Phone:
Why anyone would care if this woman lives. This is the media shoving mind manipulation down our throats.
Renatta Burke
Renatta Burke:
She saw her last in November of THIS year? Wow, maybe she should take her time machine and go back and save that woman from her client.
Tracey MacNeill
Tracey MacNeill:
Lisa Montgomery is a stain on humanity. Very sorry she suffered as a child but she's not on DR because of her childhood. Whatever justice is for the loved ones of Bobbie Jo Stinnett is what the perp should receive. May God have mercy on the soul of Lisa Montgomery.
shaunjeff45 pillar of light
shaunjeff45 pillar of light:
Her life needs a lot of help, and I don't think she can get any help after death.
Susan Ardigo
Susan Ardigo:
Kelly Henry's words to ponder as an outstanding attorney can do.
Claude Sawyer
Claude Sawyer:
(The Death Penalty is not the solution.) I read that on a death penalty protesters sign outside of the prison. To which I replied , you're right , it isn't a solution . It's JUSTICE for the victim and the families of those they murdered.
Sean newhouse
Sean newhouse:
stick it out so far so good repubs lofl!!!
Cathy Crosier
Cathy Crosier:
The thoughts along,if she couldn’t bare a child and she suffered from a terrible traumatized childhood of rape multiple times that along can take so much pain. And they say that she is mentally challenged by her individual insane issues institutionalized treatment for the rest of her life just might help save her. And I do remember on 20 years ago in the newspaper that she killed herself. And he husband he worked as a formal sheriff. And some how the kid mother die and her body was recovered under the garage brick concrete floor sad they use a special light that detects died bodies that are hiding away,but I am so happy that the dying woman child didn’t die and is still living somewhere with his dad and made it out alive...
Jessica Cox
Jessica Cox:
Killing and punishing doesn't erase the evil that was done, it only serves to create more of it. Healing is what's needed.
Zanders Miranda
Zanders Miranda:
I think it's important to understand that there is more to her story. She was married at the time and numerous occasions she tried and failed to be pregnant. So she planned and hid her fake pregnancy and found ways to get documents and or proof to show her family and husband. She also needed to find someone that was near her pregnancy and recalled on her church gathering a young women was pregnant. She new that she lived not too far so she planned it all out to execute her and used a pair of knive. So she may get the death quickly but that poor woman was choked and stabbed and cut open and died out to her last blood. So playing that mentally facade is no excuse cause if she was what man would marry her if she was not stable.
Without mercy, there can be no justice.
Chris Winterhawk
Chris Winterhawk:
This is sad story she did what she did now we have to do what we have to do
D K:
Sad all the way around😔
Im curious if anyone knows how the child, now adult is doing?
Monica Gandy
Monica Gandy:
james stewart
james stewart:
Why we crying for this lady. Someone will be happy she's going to finally get justice, like maybe the of child of the murdered mother!