Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed by the US government in nearly 70 years | DW News

Lisa Montgomery could be the first woman to face the death penalty in nearly 70 years. She was convicted for murdering a pregnant woman Bobbie Jo Stinnett and taking her unborn child, trying to pass the baby girl off as her own. In spite of her gruesome crime her supporters say she doesn’t deserve to die. As a child Montgomery was a victim of severe abuse. Her lawyers say she suffered
incest, gang-rape and brain damage.
The 52-year-old is being held in a prison in Indiana. She’s scheduled to die by lethal injection on January 12th. Multiple courts have rejected her appeals. Only outgoing President Donald Trump could stop the execution.
Under Trump, the US restarted federal executions for the first time in almost two decades. Montgomery is one of three inmates scheduled to die before his term ends. Trump’s successor Joe Biden once supported the death penalty but has now pledged to end its use.


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cwhy harris
cwhy harris:
Why is it people who kill people don't want to be killed themselves?
Mas A
Mas A:
Flip genders and we'd never be having this conversation
Frenchy Fachini
Frenchy Fachini:
What they described as her tortuous childhood is horrific and heartbreaking. Having said that, I’m sorry but it does not excuse the violent gruesome senseless murder that she committed!
I grieve for the victim. I hope the child's mother is given the same concern and consideration by the people defending her murderer.
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain:
This is the woman that cut the baby out of the other woman with a key, right?
Kaloyan Ivanov
Kaloyan Ivanov:
lol at that sign "US taxes pay for executions"
And who pays to feed those criminals till the rest of their life?!
ray mercer
ray mercer:
She cut a child out of another women, stole a mother from a child. Redemption? Should be shown the same mercy she shown her poor victim.
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan:
I just found an article on Yahoo trying to tell the story of her final hours. But I didn't see anything there about the suffering in the final minutes of her victim's life, or lifetime of suffering that child that remains will have to go through.

There is no amount of suffering this criminal could have suffered that would be too much.
Marcus Nash
Marcus Nash:
"Only outgoing President Donald Trump could stop the execution." Hey, Trump's got his own problems right now..
Dee Borah
Dee Borah:
o god , always the abuse story.... its not a ticket to go and kill😡😡😡😡
abudiya ali
abudiya ali:
If I was that child and I grew up to find out the women who ripped me out of my mum was being fed and clothed and given life in prison. Then You going to have another 'BROKEN' person. So anything I do should be justified
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer:
What’s worse is that when child protective services finally came to the rescue in 1970, they took her older sister but not her. Her sister went to live in a loving foster home while she was left with her terrible stepmother and her mental health just dwindled from there.
I was abused very badly when I was a child. Yes it changed me but I have never killed anyone as it’s wrong so sorry but why all the support I never had any support.
true gender equality
Lorna Victor
Lorna Victor:
She should be in a prison for the criminally insane.
yeah i'm not shedding a tear for this psychopath. once you do something like that to another human being, you really don't get to come back.
,Lisa Marie Montgomery, then aged 36, was convicted of strangling Stinnett from behind and then removing Stinnett's unborn child, eight months into gestation, from her womb.
Gary Martin
Gary Martin:
So let’s let everyone off for doing such things
kitty 1905
kitty 1905:
I know a lot of people who abused physical and sexually but never going out killing people. She’s pure evil.
The fact that she’s smiling in that thumbnail tho ... 😬
Giannis Vellichor
Giannis Vellichor:
According to mainstream media :
Man commits terrible crime: Death
Woman commits terrible crime: "she suffered so much in the past."
Jojo heartspaypay
Jojo heartspaypay:
Pass me that needle, fam.
Its Zynk
Its Zynk:
So if i kill someone....and say i was abused.... i get a free out od jail card....Hmmm
I think Trump has other problems to worry about at the moment than this.
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson:
Excuses! excuses! I was mentally, physically and emotionally abused by my mother. Raised myself from the age of 12. Hurting a human being as never crossed my mind. Being my better self was my goal. I earned 2 degrees and now run my own business. Lots of people experience terrible up bringing. let's call a spade a spade....
Sry dw i dont feel empathy for murderer. Or do you?
Douglas Oak
Douglas Oak:
Why does it matter that she is a woman. Or do you not value men's lives as much as women?
Citizen of Earth
Citizen of Earth:
I say giver her equal treatment! That's what women want right?
F Kabir
F Kabir:
0:56 I am sent 102 daily with the help of this right here *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Jena Crawford
Jena Crawford:
LM had no mercy for Bobbie jo!
Illyria Illyria
Illyria Illyria:
Finally a little calm for the souls of the victims
Titan Slayer
Titan Slayer:
They are trying to make a murderer look like a hero. Execution was the right choise.
Abhigya Ishan
Abhigya Ishan:
Well she’s dead now.
The monster has departed.
Elijah Clayton
Elijah Clayton:
It's kind of funny how criminals and death row inmates want rehabilitation as soon as they get caught.
Angela McEntee
Angela McEntee:
We are living in a time when evil is called good and good is called evil.
Any thoughts for her victims, maybe?
Besides, many people suffer abuse daily, in their childhood or not, and they don't become criminals.
Jena Crawford
Jena Crawford:
She is not the only woman on death row for a crime like this! Linda Carty is on death row for same kind of crime!
Mimi 8106
Mimi 8106:
Justice was done ✔️
Hopefully you can catch Trump before he makes the turn to play the back nine.
Montgomery's supposed 'horrific abuse' was never alledged until she was on trial, when such info is considered a mitigating circumstance.
Uzair HVJK
Uzair HVJK:
Two wrongs don't make a right.
She shouldn't have been executed but kept in prison.
Green river killer , susan smith , golden state killer , btk have done far worse and yet not executed. The U.S legal system is quite complex indeed.
Celeste Demure
Celeste Demure:
Praying for her and her family tonight. As well the family that has lost as a result of her crime.
owen meanie
owen meanie:
Ulfric Sombrage
Ulfric Sombrage:
Good new of the days.
Show more of the Victims she’s taking she doesn’t deserve any publicity
Mx Big
Mx Big:
Cruel to keep her alive for 16 years on death row as she is broken and unfixable after committing such an horrendous crime. Prayers for🙏❤🙏Bobbie Jo Stinnett 💕 and her family. 💝⚘
Peter Rose
Peter Rose:
alba gu brath
alba gu brath:
gotta love the people who spend so much time feeling sorry for the guilty party but not once do they spare a thought or mention what the poor victim had to go through. This my friends is the bizarre world we live in now. whats next?....riots for this monsters death?
Marcos De Souza Dias
Marcos De Souza Dias:
Hard to believe that Donald Tramp will grant mercy now.
Nell N
Nell N:
Me: "i don't believe in death penalty."

Reads about her crime: " Maybe we should make an exception"
Mjestic Beats
Mjestic Beats:
If i wanted to read i use my kindle....
Roll No 38
Roll No 38:
Andrea Oceania Region
Andrea Oceania Region:
The dinging music is too loud for the talking.
d ́buC
d ́buC:
this case is literally just so unfortunate lmao...
Toke Up
Toke Up:
there was a sign on one of the videos of someone holding all life is precious

"Yes. For example, that pregnant woman and baby...... She got what she deserved end of
No One
No One:
Bye 👋
Aaron Bear
Aaron Bear:
hire a narrator pls. i like watching videos while i do stuff
Your Majesty,
Your Majesty,:
Nah. Women should get equal representation as men.
Brandye Nycole
Brandye Nycole:
She was exucuted at 1:31 Am
Jordan Callicott
Jordan Callicott:
She isn't the first in 70 years. Fact check please.
ChocOlate Republic 🍫
ChocOlate Republic 🍫:
I'm pretty sure all these women are "mothers" too.
allahu ackbar
allahu ackbar:
In 70 years? I belive Aylen warnoos was executed arround 15 years ago 😒
Check your sources
King Jerry Coleman IV
King Jerry Coleman IV:
Y'all gonna explain that the child that grew up without a mother .....
Good news
Marcos De Souza Dias
Marcos De Souza Dias:
Direct from Brazil.
So long dummy!
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill:
There have been 17 since 1976... Not 70 years. Get it right.
Mr Positive TPR
Mr Positive TPR:
I’d bet most of the people on death row are special needs.
She was just granted a stay, for a competency hearing. But men who killed their pregnant wives are not given the death penalty. From 1990 to 2004, 1,367 pregnant women were killed by their partner. Discrimination at it's worst.
Jo Rossi
Jo Rossi:
It's about time! Convicted in 2004!!!
I'll be checking back here regularly to see what the double standard toxic feminists have to comment about this video. Equality yay. I'm a vvamon by the way :) I am all for equality but not the double standard nonsense. VVamen power! Awomen not Amen.
Youtube Comment
Youtube Comment:
Anna Karic
Anna Karic:
Well, it's over. There's no redemption for murder. It was horible crime and she got what she deserves..
patricia russell
patricia russell:
Berlinda Moustafa
Berlinda Moustafa:
What about Aileen warnous
We should be able to watch on pbs by falica
elliot Stannard
elliot Stannard:
Warnous was executed. That's not 70 years ago
Nox H
Nox H:
return this soul to heaven if she is so broken then
fathoerrr eee
fathoerrr eee:
And a Betting Shop in Montgomery.
Vianey Walle
Vianey Walle:
Lisas attorney looks like if she belongs in who ville from Grinch
Elite Otaku
Elite Otaku:
not anyone of those women would care even a bit if the woman that being executed was a man
Lore Lange
Lore Lange:
Well that's tomorrow. Donald would do nothing, he does not care anymore, but he could surprise us lol
Pal Kaposi
Pal Kaposi:
papworth, kulkarni, nycomed...???
So all the murderers have to do is saying they had a bad childhood?
Miracle One
Miracle One:
Ok....goodriddens...bye bye.
Mugzy Hillbillie
Mugzy Hillbillie:
Yup. Don’t cut babies out of people.
LVX Magick
LVX Magick:
Um it's not the first female execution in almost 70 years..
Aunt Geri's Kitchen
Aunt Geri's Kitchen:
Konstantin Cvetanovic
Konstantin Cvetanovic:
Wonder what the victim thinks....
i am lyric
i am lyric:
its today
_hier ist Amelie_
_hier ist Amelie_:
She died today at 1:31
Sarah LTV
Sarah LTV:
Serves her right
Bobby Bobberson
Bobby Bobberson:
Firing line
S Chao
S Chao:
She Committed a gruesome Murder.
Romeo Duque
Romeo Duque:
Nah, she deserves it
Jade Pixie
Jade Pixie:
You got to be kidding me.
dan gillespy
dan gillespy:
what she did was evil and cruel she had to go