Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed by the US government in nearly 70 years | DW News

Lisa Montgomery could be the first woman to face the death penalty in nearly 70 years. She was convicted for murdering a pregnant woman Bobbie Jo Stinnett and taking her unborn child, trying to pass the baby girl off as her own. In spite of her gruesome crime her supporters say she doesn’t deserve to die. As a child Montgomery was a victim of severe abuse. Her lawyers say she suffered
incest, gang-rape and brain damage.
The 52-year-old is being held in a prison in Indiana. She’s scheduled to die by lethal injection on January 12th. Multiple courts have rejected her appeals. Only outgoing President Donald Trump could stop the execution.
Under Trump, the US restarted federal executions for the first time in almost two decades. Montgomery is one of three inmates scheduled to die before his term ends. Trump’s successor Joe Biden once supported the death penalty but has now pledged to end its use.


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I grieve for the victim. I hope the child's mother is given the same concern and consideration by the people defending her murderer.
What’s worse is that when child protective services finally came to the rescue in 1970, they took her older sister but not her. Her sister went to live in a loving foster home while she was left with her terrible stepmother and her mental health just dwindled from there.
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan:
I just found an article on Yahoo trying to tell the story of her final hours. But I didn't see anything there about the suffering in the final minutes of her victim's life, or lifetime of suffering that child that remains will have to go through.

There is no amount of suffering this criminal could have suffered that would be too much.
Celeste Demure
Celeste Demure:
Praying for her and her family tonight. As well the family that has lost as a result of her crime.
Kenny Ronald
Kenny Ronald:
We can't be soft on evil anymore.
Mx Big
Mx Big:
Cruel to keep her alive for 16 years on death row as she is broken and unfixable after committing such an horrendous crime. Prayers for🙏❤🙏Bobbie Jo Stinnett 💕 and her family. 💝⚘
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain:
This is the woman that cut the baby out of the other woman with a key, right?
,Lisa Marie Montgomery, then aged 36, was convicted of strangling Stinnett from behind and then removing Stinnett's unborn child, eight months into gestation, from her womb.
Trese O'Reilly
Trese O'Reilly:
She was just granted a stay, for a competency hearing. But men who killed their pregnant wives are not given the death penalty. From 1990 to 2004, 1,367 pregnant women were killed by their partner. Discrimination at it's worst.
Lee Flood
Lee Flood:
Someone close to me was gangraped for many hours ( and there life was stolen ) and this persons life ended she suffered suicide drugs anorexia etc etc and was in therapy twice a week for 25yrs like Lisa the victom deserves freedom.with all her medical issues and sure its absolutely unforgivable what she did wasn't the real lisa shes an ill women it was her trauma !!
Ivan Schury
Ivan Schury:
I truly find any debate here truly pointless. If we look at the world innocent people die every day but when it comes to someone who committed a crime and was convicted it becomes a grand morale struggle. Just must come to all and if that means death then so be it.
I was abused very badly when I was a child. Yes it changed me but I have never killed anyone as it’s wrong so sorry but why all the support I never had any support.
Congratulations USA for having and using the death penalty. Since 1973 there have been 167 exonerations of prisoners on death row in the USA. The USA proudly standing along side 52 countries that use capital punishment. These countries include China, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, Iran, etc. Not one country in the EU plus UK has the death penalty. Shame on you USA.
atin janki
atin janki:
She shouldn't be out of prison. The lawyer and family member have attempted well at gaining sympathy but there would be reason why multiple courts rejected her plea
Angela McEntee
Angela McEntee:
We are living in a time when evil is called good and good is called evil.
true gender equality
abudiya ali
abudiya ali:
If I was that child and I grew up to find out the women who ripped me out of my mum was being fed and clothed and given life in prison. Then You going to have another 'BROKEN' person. So anything I do should be justified
Illyria Illyria
Illyria Illyria:
Finally a little calm for the souls of the victims
Whiskey1 Bravo
Whiskey1 Bravo:
I agreed with what you said about her upbringing and being mess with as a child to release her to a mental ward but once she cross the line and killed a woman and cut her baby out of her body. That changes things and she deserves to die for her awful crime. Being abuse she should have know better not to do it to others.
The fact that she’s smiling in that thumbnail tho ... 😬
Kaloyan Ivanov
Kaloyan Ivanov:
lol at that sign "US taxes pay for executions"
And who pays to feed those criminals till the rest of their life?!
Any thoughts for her victims, maybe?
Besides, many people suffer abuse daily, in their childhood or not, and they don't become criminals.
A jury or judge heard all this,I feel for the victim.and I feel for the murderer as a suffering child.
Kyre Smith
Kyre Smith:
She has earned death for that crime, not sorry. This is justified considering all that she did. Murder, mutilation, and kidnapping.
ray mercer
ray mercer:
She cut a child out of another women, stole a mother from a child. Redemption? Should be shown the same mercy she shown her poor victim.
hans maier
hans maier:
The lack of understanding of what happens to a person who has been abused as a child, is SHOCKING. Before people comment and judge they need to inform themselves well on these issues.
So-called "death penalty" is in reality a primitive, state-sanctioned form of revenge killing, and killing of the victim of crimes done to her (or him) earlier on. Some do recover from such crimes like abuse, some don't. Some get help, some don't. WHY?
Those who don't get help in time, and go astray, are put on a stretcher and injected with poison ...
Society - if it wants to call itself 'humane' - needs to understand that abuse etc. is a result of a sick society, and persons subjected to it, need to heal - not a load of poison in their veins.
Douglas Oak
Douglas Oak:
Why does it matter that she is a woman. Or do you not value men's lives as much as women?
Tina Crapse
Tina Crapse:
She got what she deserved!!! Others who "claim" to have been through similar things, didn't kill a pregnant woman and cut her unborn child out of her!!!!!! No sympathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson:
Excuses! excuses! I was mentally, physically and emotionally abused by my mother. Raised myself from the age of 12. Hurting a human being as never crossed my mind. Being my better self was my goal. I earned 2 degrees and now run my own business. Lots of people experience terrible up bringing. let's call a spade a spade....
Maríe Peretz
Maríe Peretz:
I was abused 2 times in my life, when I was a little girl and teenager. The first time my neighbor abuse of me and the second time I was rape in the street. I got pregnant and I don't know is the father of my daughter.
The government took advantage of me because I had depression and put me in a hospital and made me sign documents to leave my daughter with them. I didn't know what I signed. They gave my daughter up for adoption without being declared abandoned by a family judge.
Excuse my english is not perfect.
And many horribles things happened to me but never had the courage to kill someone.
Yuko Mattingly
Yuko Mattingly:
According to Wikipedia, "She was raised in an abusive home where she was allegedly raped by her stepfather for many years. She sought escape mentally by drinking alcohol. When Montgomery was 14, her mother discovered the abuse, but reacted by threatening her daughter with a gun. Montgomery tried to escape this situation by marrying at the age of 18, but both the first marriage and a second marriage resulted in further abuse."
We pass on the trauma and we pass on the suffering, unconsciously, from one generation to the next, it's so sad.
Jena Crawford
Jena Crawford:
LM had no mercy for Bobbie jo!
Caroline D
Caroline D:
Omg how sad, does abuse make you a murderer I guess brain damage could affect the sense of reasoning of a person surely a psychology report would confirm her brain damage. Things like this should not be happening in this day and age.. system is failing all around.
Bailey Green
Bailey Green:
You know that if the perpetrator were a male, this wouldn’t be a conversation, regardless of his upbringing, not that that justifies any actions. People born in war zones aren’t necessarily gonna take up arms and start shooting people. While indeed some behaviours are learned, there are others that everyone knows are bad and shouldn’t be done, like murdering someone and taking their baby.
Rain Kings
Rain Kings:
What she did was cruel. The child has to live with how she came into the world for the rest of her life and never had the chance to know her own mother. Despite this woman's past traumas of abuse, she understands right and wrong and made a choice to do wrong upon another person. There are plenty of people out there who were abused and had past traumas but they would never go out there and cause suffering to others, they take those experiences and use it for good, by helping others and building their lives back up again. Its all up to the supreme court to spare her life and at the same time it is God's will if she is spared. I just find her crime very disturbing and just evil.
Shiny Hunter Alana
Shiny Hunter Alana:
The death penalty deserves to not be stopped by anyone it's for those who are a threat to the US
Hopefully you can catch Trump before he makes the turn to play the back nine.
Mimi 8106
Mimi 8106:
Justice was done ✔️
There is never any justification for the premeditated cold-blooded killing of another human being - whether the perpetrator is an individual or a government.
Nell N
Nell N:
Me: "i don't believe in death penalty."

Reads about her crime: " Maybe we should make an exception"
Mariano Scholl
Mariano Scholl:
There are reasons why the death penalty has been shunned and is forbidden by international law. Minds are moldeable, but only while alive. The Death Penalty doesn't revert any damage already done. Lock her up, for ever if need be, but give her the help if not at least the chance to change and have her try to give what she is able, no matter how little that might seem, to repent for the damage she has done. This death serves nothing but some savage longing for revenge. For longing to be understandable, even by many people doesn't make it right.
Lord Mask
Lord Mask:
SKIDMORE, Mo. — Community members held a candlelight vigil at a downtown park to support the family and friends of the late Bobbie Jo Stinnett on Tuesday evening, the original date of her killer’s execution now postponed to Jan. 12, 2021.

Singing “This Little Light of Mine,” and “Amazing Grace,” the group of around 25 people held candles and stood close together listening to those who spoke.

Cheryl Huston, one of the organizers of the vigil said it was good to see everyone support each other, and that about 15 years ago many of them met at the same location on a much colder day to remember Bobbie Jo.

Stinnett was murdered by Lisa Montgomery who has been on death row since being sentenced to death for the brutal murder of the eight-month pregnant woman and removal of her baby in 2004.

“As the news traveled across the country and the world, that baby became everybody’s baby,” Huston said. “Becky (Harper) and her family have waited 15 years for justice, but will probably never feel like it’s enough.”

She said Stinnett’s daughter Victoria will soon be 16 years old and looks like her mom.

“Skidmore is a great community and we are here to wrap our collective arms around Becky and her family to let them know we are here for them,” Huston said. “Skidmore has gotten a bad rap for years and hopefully people will see that we’re just a community like everybody else. We take care of each other and look out for each other.”

She told the group that the Nodaway-Holt Class of 2000 reached out to let the family know Stinnett’s classmates also offer their support.

At Newton Hall, Meagan Morrow, friend of Stinnett, stared while stirring a large crock pot of hot chocolate she made for vigil attendees who met after the event. She and other friends recalled the days after their friend’s murder, from the anxiety of trying to drive through town with all the news satellite trucks to her funeral and the overwhelming amount of press.

She and others remembered the day itself, hearing about it from others and not believing it at first.

“Those things don’t happen here and they don’t happen to Bobbie, you have the wrong person,” Morrow said. “I will never forget that.”

She and friends remembered the tragic event, but also their friend who they said had a “very pretty, but subtle look, not extreme and not plain.”

They said they weren’t at all surprised that she would “friend” someone who showed an interest in dogs. Morrow said she loved them.

“I think the last time I saw her she was with Zeb up at this bar and she was pregnant,” she said. “I just hope all the events bring some sort of peace and comfort to Becky and all of Bobbi’s family. I hope as many people out there that are protesting the death penalty and wanting Lisa to be saved, I hope there’s that many more voices (against) what she did to Bobbie Jo and what she took from Becky, Victoria and this town.”

Morrow even said that recent photos of Montgomery seem to show that she’s trying to look more like her friend.

“I hope she’s fearful,” she said. “I hope she has panic attacks. I couldn’t imagine having a date stamped on your life, but I hope there is one on hers.”

U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss delayed the execution of Montgomery due to her lawyers contracting COVID-19. According to a statement from her attorneys the district court’s ruling gives Montgomery an opportunity to prepare and present a clemency application. She will now have the opportunity to present evidence to the president and request that he commute her sentence to life imprisonment.

Originally, Stinnett’s family was to spend Tuesday in Terre Haute, Indiana, where Montgomery had been scheduled for execution. That is now set for Jan. 12, 2021.
So if i kill someone....and say i was abused.... i get a free out of jail card....Hmmm
Angie H
Angie H:
People will always justify themselves by blaming someone, or something else, but it’s not an excuse..
Mark Jeffries jr
Mark Jeffries jr:
I don't support the death penalty either but I would give the go ahead at some point in my life. I hope that decision never falls on me... I'm not always the best heartfelt felt guy... Biden was in the navy that's why I kinda favor him. It's not much but the bed thing seems kinda cool. I hope America's sheets are doing alright. Do us well Joe.
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
Liane Cornils RN. Practically perfect in every way. 😘
d ́buC
d ́buC:
this case is literally just so unfortunate lmao...
johnny pumper
johnny pumper:
She should have been in an institute then. That may have been a failure on the part of the government, not accessing her case properly. She may have been accessed as not requiring institutional help when clearly she did. But you cant excuse crime.
Mas A
Mas A:
Flip genders and we'd never be having this conversation
There are about 80% of the population that strongly disagree with what you’re pushing and that restores my faith that we still know right from wrong
Marcos De Souza Dias
Marcos De Souza Dias:
Hard to believe that Donald Tramp will grant mercy now.
There was long, drawn out planning preceding the murder, Montgomery already had 4 children of her own, she was described as a habitual liar so her claims are hard to verify, she had a crummy childhood and loony mother, but she wasn't crazy when she eviscerated Bobbie Jo Stinnett, stole her baby, and left her body for her mother to find at the gruesome scene.
Show more of the Victims she’s taking she doesn’t deserve any publicity
It wasn’t the first in 70 years by the us govt it was the first by the feds.
Red Ram
Red Ram:
I don’t support the death penalty in any form, and frankly I’m disgusted this is being twisted into a gender issue.

“Oh, how shocking and awful it is the government is executing this WOMAN!”

But when a man is executed it doesn’t get anything close to attention resembling this, if any at all
Kim Waddell
Kim Waddell:
She broke one of the 10 Commandments so Lisa is right where she 6 ft under
I say giver her equal treatment! That's what women want right?
Jo Rossi
Jo Rossi:
It's about time! Convicted in 2004!!!
Wayne Griffin
Wayne Griffin:
This is the standard argument with virtually every death row case. "It's not fair to execute her/him because abuse was suffered as a child." Suffering abuse is horrid, but it is not an excuse to become a monster not suited for society.
kitty 1905
kitty 1905:
I know a lot of people who abused physical and sexually but never going out killing people. She’s pure evil.
Doge 5600
Doge 5600:
"Cool motive, Still murder."
Jerry Sky
Jerry Sky:
As I stated weeks ago, one of the very few things the Trump administration was right about. If you agree, let your congressional representatives know.
Lechiffresix six
Lechiffresix six:
prison for life, let her in there. i am amazed at these type of crimes happening still. when i was 9 my teacher committed the exact same crime , i was baffled when we saw her in the papers.
yevon sama
yevon sama:
People keep going to the church, speaking something about " forgiving". And they change very soon when they are in that situation.
Shawn Koerth
Shawn Koerth:
I was against the death penalty until I heard about this. No excuse
Rod Dan Lives
Rod Dan Lives:
How did the Federal Government get her case?
joe njoroge
joe njoroge:
All life is precious and a gift from God.
But can we have the discussion that abortion is murder?
Peter Scherling
Peter Scherling:
What is the reason to have the death penalty? What "good" does it do for a society to have it? Why do a minority of countries have the death penalty, while the majority does not? Numerous studies show that the death penalty does not deter crime. So what is the reason? Justice for the victims and their families? Do we ask these families what they want? Isn't it immoral to kill another person? How is it then that the penalty for doing so is exactly the same as the crime itself?
Shiny Hunter Alana
Shiny Hunter Alana:
For those who don't know Lisa Montgomery was executed
Herman Quintelier
Herman Quintelier:
There are probably so many other people on death row, who are convicted on evidence that is questionable. Why is she the one to get the attention of DW and other news media. I am firmly against the death penalty, but she is not the prisoner to prioritize at this moment.
Look at all these downvotes on the German news channel. If you your loved one was butchered I guaran-damn-tee you, you would support the death penalty!
o god , always the abuse story.... its not a ticket to go and kill😡😡😡😡
Nox H
Nox H:
return this soul to heaven if she is so broken then
Sarah H
Sarah H:
Serves her right
Jojo heartspaypay
Jojo heartspaypay:
Pass me that needle, fam.
Zachary Payne
Zachary Payne:
Just have compassion, give and alcoholic liquor.... life is tough..
Belle Tim
Belle Tim:
its all alleged, her "child abuse" and all unfounded, no police reports,only her half sister says she was abused, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER
If Lisa Montgomery wanted a child of her own, then why didn’t she just adopt a child instead of taking another woman’s life and stealing her baby? With Lisa Montgomery getting the death sentence by lethal injection, that means a life for a life and justice was served.
Mister X
Mister X:
Tragic story. Hopefully she finds her peace in the afterlife.
Anthony Sanders
Anthony Sanders:
It's a bad World, instantiution for her... I speak as one who knows I had a bad child hood. No Death.
Henrique jacinto
Henrique jacinto:
I think that the state should aloud the population to torture and make this people suffer
☆ Anna ☆
☆ Anna ☆:
Well, it's over. There's no redemption for murder. It was horible crime and she got what she deserves..
Ulfric Sombrage
Ulfric Sombrage:
Good new of the days.
Wingate at Ulster
Wingate at Ulster:
Roast in Peace
So all the murderers have to do is saying they had a bad childhood?
Ed H
Ed H:
The woman was/is insane. Isn’t there a defense for that? Keep her in jail and show some compassion even if she was unable to.
Mahesh Madushanka
Mahesh Madushanka:
There r so many ppl who went thru childhood abuse but did grt in life .. this monster deserves the death penalty .. woman or man .. crime is crime .. don’t try to paint otherwise
Mahesh Madushanka
Mahesh Madushanka:
There r so many ppl who went thru childhood abuse but did grt in life .. this monster deserves the death penalty .. woman or man .. crime is crime .. don’t try to paint otherwise
Sry dw i dont feel empathy for murderer. Or do you?
Sure. Give her a pass. Blame her childhood. Great way to piss off people who had childhoods just as bad or worse yet somehow manage to not strangle people.
Bhavya Singh
Bhavya Singh:
She was broken, alright I get it. But are people forgetting the victims of her wrath? This is hilarious, some people in the US have nothing better to do than to print posters and stroll around for no legitimate reason. There is law, there is constitution and all people shall abide by it.
Mariusz Kreft
Mariusz Kreft:
Sad story, but what about the men going through similar traumas landing at the death row?
Maria Slavinski
Maria Slavinski:
I went thru abuse and i sure didn't kill anyone nor cut a baby out of a young woman the world is a better place to get rid of these monsters!!!
aleksander popov
aleksander popov:
We need a special facility to send those kinds of people to really Concentrate on the crime that they committed for the rest of their lives and hey maybe they can build that hyper loop tunnel, slavery is still legal is the us in form of prisoners so
Lore Lange
Lore Lange:
Well that's tomorrow. Donald would do nothing, he does not care anymore, but he could surprise us lol
kevin steel
kevin steel:
Whoever abused Lisa Montgomery should be found guilty as well. They are monsters as well and should be acquitted as such.
If your argument against the DP is strong, you shouldn't fear giving an honest account of the facts. Bobbie Jo was in fact tortured per the autopsy which found she was alive and fought as Lisa cut her open to steal her child. Lisa's torture is ALLEGED, never adjudicated, never alleged until her trial. Yet you describe her torture as a fact and don't even mention the unimaginable torture Bobbie Jo endured.
My wife worked with a young boy who is now a teenager. From the age of four his step father forced him to participate, on a regular basis, in the rape and assault of his mother. He never knew any other sort of life as he grew up. He now gets frequently into trouble for grabbing women inappropriately. He also has learning difficulties. Is it his fault? This is in Scotland.