Lisa Montgomery's sister speaks out ahead of scheduled federal execution

In 2004, Lisa Montgomery was arrested after she murdered 23-year-old Bobbie Jo Stinnett in Missouri, who was eight months pregnant. She was later convicted of capital murder and federal kidnapping -- leading to a death sentence. Now on the eve of her execution, her sister, Diane Mattingly, spoke to CBSN's Lana Zak about why Montgomery should be given clemency for her crimes.

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100+ comentarios:

Marie Shain
Marie Shain:
Think of the torture the innocent pregnant woman went through...terrified for not only her life but her child's. I could not imagine.
If she pulled a baby out of a person, that takes competency. She knew what she’s was doing.
Leslie Jackson
Leslie Jackson:
Showing her childhood photographs doesn't make her any less a monster.
Colin Woods
Colin Woods:
The amount of premeditation in this case almost certainly excludes a defense of insanity. She searched this woman out, called and scheduled a visit, travelled across state lines, pretended to be there for benign reasons, and brutally murdered this woman to steal her unborn child. Tough to imagine a more horrible crime.
Moises Perez
Moises Perez:
There are probably a lot of women out there like Lisa Montgomery, that have gone through difficult times in life, like she has, but you don’t see them murdering people,, Like in this case
So the innocent pregnant mother loses her life in the most sickening, painful way (imagine her last moments alive) and the perpetrator gets to still live and breathe - NO - let’s stop putting the murderers before the victims and their families!!
Tell this junk to that little girl that was carved out of her mother.
Bob Davis
Bob Davis:
That is the craziest thing I've ever seen!!!! The victims didn't get a choice... Fry her to ashes🙏🙏🙏
"She blanks out and goes to another place." Well, Missouri is about to blank her out for one last trip.
De La Reese
De La Reese:
She had a plan to take this moms baby 🤦🏽‍♀️😩
You can't call it PTSD because there was no "post" to the trauma. A very VERY tragic thing for everybody but especially for Bobbie Jo and her family.
James Looman
James Looman:
She needs held accoutable for the horrific death of that young lady. She is a monster.
liza french
liza french:
"I was raped when I was young and it traumatized me"
That shouldn't trivialize or "make less than" when I go around murdering a woman and stealing her child.
Disassociating is the word she is looking for. It happens a lot to victims of abuse as a self preservation mechanism. Normally they aren't violent.
She knew what she was doing..and then blame everyone for letting her down
What about Bobbie's family they will never see their daughter or sister again. She had no sympathy for her!
J G:
There are a lot of people that have really messed up childhoods and don't do stuff like this. And why is this being made all about her when the family of her victim is still out there and still needs justice?
Mark H
Mark H:
Yet nothing is done to prevent child rape after all these decades
I remember this, it was horrifying. IDC how crazy she is put her down.
Linda Heilman
Linda Heilman:
"what happened to Bobbie Jo was horrendous" should be saying "what my sister did when she murdered this mother and CUT THE BABY out of her belly was horrendous". Call it what it is, EVIL.
Darrell r Powell sr
Darrell r Powell sr:
It’s nothing you can say! She cut that woman’s baby out of her sorry for the loss of the other woman not her.
It's hard to feel sorry for an evil woman who murdered a pregnant woman. I could care less.
Billie Jean
Billie Jean:
So sad story. These sisters had a tragic life. Now Lisa is finally in peace.
suzy klitgaard
suzy klitgaard:
A failure on so many levels.
This was premeditated.
The evidence alone proves the case.
Quashanda Mitchell
Quashanda Mitchell:
This is just said all the way around 💔😓
Collin Samatas
Collin Samatas:
Incredibly sad story from all possible angles.
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}:
Wow, Lisa is Evil.
1 w
1 w:
Not insane, just evil. Pure evil.
Yusuf Ginnah
Yusuf Ginnah:
Sad for both families, no doubt...
But truth be told, Bobbie-Jo and her baby were never given the chance to request *not* to be killed...
Bobbie-Jo's family should have an opinion in this regard too...
There are some people who survived child abuse like me. I have to escape my toxic house environment when I was over 18, and I had nothing at that time. I grew up in poverty, got bullied in school, abused by my mom, have an absentee father, and never, have I ever killed anyone just because of my childhood trauma. I was working hard to do better for myself when none of my family couldn't support me.
you should of gotten her psychological help. if you knew she was having a traumatic life as an adult, why now? you should be crying and concerned for the child who was brought into this world by a monster that killed her mother too.
Anna Estrada
Anna Estrada:
This is her sister of course she’s going to say what she saying. This woman planned this crime she got what she deserved let’s move in..
Why should tax payers continue to pay for her to be in jail for the rest of her life?
Evin Afur
Evin Afur:
It's called Justice! She won't be missed
Dan Wagner
Dan Wagner:
If life in prison is a worse sentence than the death penalty then why do criminals try to fight it?
d t
d t:
I'm mental can I get away w/everything too karen?
Ecliptor Calrissian
Ecliptor Calrissian:
I found out about this from a site asking for clemency for her. It STARTED with everything she'd been through in horrifying detail and I felt so sorry for her. I was ready to hear that maybe she'd killed one of her abusers in self defense and was railroaded toward execution by someone trying to look 'tough on crime' or some such. Then I got to the much shorter paragraph on what she actually did to that innocent woman after MUCH planning and premeditation, and I have never had all my sympathy for someone vanish in an instant quite like that. I am actually against the death penalty - killing is still wrong when it's by the state, and skin color and financial status often play a bigger role than evidence in whether the death penalty is carried out, or sought, or whether you're convicted or even suspected in the first place, and places that do not have it are not the violent hellholes that proponents of it say you'll get without it. But if you ask me to feel sorry for this woman, or feel one pang of regret when she's gone, I cannot. Not for one second. Now, I do feel sorry that her sister may lose someone she cares about.
LaLa Black
LaLa Black:
It's called adoption 🤦🏾‍.... She should have tried it..

Lisa is full of it too, first she's apologetic then turned around and said "the jury didn't hear everything"....

She did what she did, point, blank, period. She doesn't need to be competent now to get the axe, she was competent when she did what she did.
I black out in anger all the time, and conscious me know if anything happens in that black out that's my black @**🤷🏾‍♀️... I'm accountable for myself and all my demons... So is she!
Can u imagine the baby? The story she gets 2 tell the rest of her life how she came n2 this world
Cut out of her mom...
I get it u are her sister ur pleading 4 her life....but I'm sure the young lady she killed pleaded 4 her life the life of her baby
abudiya ali
abudiya ali:
She ripped a baby out of a women and claimed the baby to be her own.
If I was that child and I grew up to find out the women who ripped me out of my mum was being fed and clothed and given life in prison. You going to have another 'BROKEN' person. So anything I do should be justified
4 Gratitude
4 Gratitude:
During this possiblely never ending pandemic is there still resourses for people (disabled, seniors, children)going through neglect and abuse? Someone out there could be too scared to ask for help because of their past of being severly intimidated.
underestimated &smilin'
underestimated &smilin':
I didn't know you needed to be "competent" to face the death penalty. If her family knew she was mentally unstable, someone should have been keeping an eye on her.
Dr. Nigel Pisswater
Dr. Nigel Pisswater:
Many waking up to “Good News stay of execution has been granted” I can promise you they will still execute her today. They’ve done this with the last what 7 federal executions and I think the longest hold only lasted till early the next day.
Bob King
Bob King:
Sorry, take a life, forfeit your own. Period!
la day
la day:
She planned and acted out this savagery....she knew what she was doing.
Shanna Miller
Shanna Miller:
I'm sorry. But what in the heck does this have to do with your sister planning/masterminding this woman's baby and killing her. How is it that she's not mentally able to face execution and she planned this? Girllllll bye!!
Tc C
Tc C:
She's saying this abuse changed her sister knowing that she never mentioned trying to get her help, just let her go about her business until she does something this evil. Now she wants to cry help! A little to late don't you think.
Shane Lee
Shane Lee:
I’ve been let down my whole life and never killed anyone. And hopefully I never have to. That’s no excuse for killing anyone. Nor is mental health.
Wanda Lester
Wanda Lester:
My father was is a prison for the criminally insane, yet they took us out of the home, just to put us back in the home until l was 14 years old. 10 children suffered getting physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, even beaten as we slept. I survived, but a Doctor told me, "lt's a wonder you are not a mass murderer of men." By the Grace of God, l have been married to a wonderful husband for 29 years. More compassion is needed at this hour, not less!
Mermaid Mama
Mermaid Mama:
This woman really missed the mark if she intended to sway or change minds. Her main message was how people had done Lisa wrong, excuse, excuses, excuses. Lots of us have horrible experiences but we don’t all commit horrendous murders. I hope this sister herself realizes blaming others, even for atrocities, doesn’t give one the power to move forward.
Tiffany E
Tiffany E:
I used to watch these when I was pregnant I was always so afraid to leave my home. I’m very lucky by the grace of god that my son and I was never harmed
Irina Sonkina
Irina Sonkina:
Do not make excuses. So many people can be in the same situations, but they do not become killers.
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates⭕️Non-Duality
An eye for an eye. Also if humans had souls, Lisa's were tainted to the point of no return, we just freed her. I feel sad for the murdered, the executed and the child.
All Lies BStrong
All Lies BStrong:
Don’t feel guilt. I understand what you mean. Child abuse is asking a child to make adult decisions they have no ability to make. Your Brave and that matters now. 🙏🏻🥺
Melissa McCleary
Melissa McCleary:
The action she took was pre-meditated. Regardless of what her sister says she does deserve the death penalty. There is no excuse... PERIOD !
Maria Shein
Maria Shein:
So she was mentally competent to commit a crime but not to face the punishment for it!? Seems unfair to the victim and her family
Zee 23
Zee 23:
I don’t see Diane’s statements as an excuse: It’s a viable attempt at an explanation. Nobody deserves to die at the hands of other human beings, not even the most depraved people. May both women rest in peace🌷.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous:
If a man cut a baby out of the womb and killed the mother then people would want him dead on the spot.
John Morrissey
John Morrissey:
Your tears leave me cold as a stone. It’s always others fault isn’t it?
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips:
Sorry. These kind of crimes need the death penalty quickly. It should be faster!!
Lori Flores
Lori Flores:
I understand the sisters pain..cuz that's family love ..she's gone so rip..let's move on..only God knows now...
Katie Lynch
Katie Lynch:
The thing is, the sister keeps saying “feel bad for her, she’s not competent” we can feel bad for it and yet admit she was competent.
Yes, she had an absolutely torturous childhood. I wouldn’t wish the things she experienced on my worst enemy.

But she was competent enough to seek out this woman online. To form a friendship with her. To travel to her under false pretenses. And to perform a c-section. There’s new doctors who aren’t competent enough to perform c-sections, there’s doctors who mistakenly cut the baby during c-sections because the amniotic sack layers can so easily be sliced through. She performed a c-section on a woman she had murdered and delivered a healthy baby. You can’t then claim afterwards “she’s not competent” just because when you chat to her she “spaced out”.
Professor Rosenstock
Professor Rosenstock:
This is why we need to do something about child abuse. These kids grow up and can tear up society.
both parties are TOTAL dog sht
both parties are TOTAL dog sht:
Not component for execution because she had a bad childhood 😢😭 it's funny how these people NEVER go after ANY of the shtty people who abused them. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Ross Esparza
Ross Esparza:
Lisa pack in the air 👌
God bless you Diane. I'm praying for strength and peace upon your family during this unfortunate time. 🙏🏽
Marcus Stringfield
Marcus Stringfield:
I've been through alot and im not on death row or out here killing so I feel justice needs to be served 💯 %
Everyone has gone through issues, my mother was terribly abusive with all my siblings. I understand people go through a lot, but a poor pregnant lady was killed. Two lives taken, the pain of the killer is real, so are the deaths. It is a tragedy, if all broken people went on killing others... horrible tragedy, my heart breaks listening to this story. Let’s take of our kids, let’s be good with them. For them, for humanity.
baba yaga ganoush
baba yaga ganoush:
She has had such a hard and horrible life.. she doesnt deserve death, she deserves rehabilitation... and peace.
"Do not marvel at this because the hour is coming when those in the memorial tombs will hear His voice and come out, those who did good to a resurrection of life, those who did bad to a resurrection of judgment" (John 5:28-29). God is merciful, Diane, let Him handle it.
Jennie Picard
Jennie Picard:
All I can say is what Lisa Montgomery did is horrid.
WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy
WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy:
Happened in colorado to. Damn near the exact same thing a female went to buy baby clothes from a woman who is pregnant then she cut that woman's baby out and try to keep it as her own
Live Live
Live Live:
I remember the story I was pregnant at the time with my daughter I was so scared 😟 if someone was at the door. !!!! Actually I was in the store when a lady came up to me touching my belly and asking me about my du date 😟
Kimberly Copley
Kimberly Copley:
I believe in capital punishment!! An eye for an eye . It's all about choices .
Exectuted 12:31 AM - May the world never see one like this one again.
We all got people who fail us you don't see me snatching up babies
Interviewer did a great job. Very sad situation.
Her sister is just puking out excuses, blaming the community for her sisters acting is pitiful, still no reason for Lisa to do what she did to someone(s) completely innocent
Nan S
Nan S:
She didn't just break. She planned this. It was premeditated. If she was able to plan this out, she is competent enough.
I actually feel bad for that women & the life she lived but her sister would 100% have a different take on it if her daughter was the one that was murdered & her grand baby taken.. there is going to be no healing here for anyone either way.
louise browne
louise browne:
Its ok for her sister to say about what her sister went through , but what about the victims and her family, I had an awful childhood still have nightmares at the age of 54 but I don't take it out on other people
Stella Starfield
Stella Starfield:
Sin when it is finished brings death...I hope she has had the opportunity to confess her sin and turned her life to Christ!!! But we must have consequences for these horrible crimes!!
Ones abuse does not excuse a heinous trade like this. It’s a shame what some many go thru and how affects their lives but still in end this is inexcusable.
The sad truth is that the worst of the worst ARE the most most broken of the broken 😢
Serah Garza
Serah Garza:
The newscaster putting that on this sister is liable to God. May God comfprt this woman through this and not let the devil that's coming from this woman bring her down.
She’s family. She’s going to have her back no matter how awful a crime she committed. We should be so lucky to have family that goes to the mat for us when no one else will. That’s the definition of love without limits.

I don’t defend what the woman did. It is horrific. Nightmare fuel. But her sister is fighting for her anyways.
Beth Kilner
Beth Kilner:
Yessssss!!!!! Made my day
Melanie Hoskovec
Melanie Hoskovec:
She deserves as much leniency as she gave Bobbi jo stinnet and her unborn baby!!!
Janey Braida
Janey Braida:
Bless her heart and her sister is at peace now
Welll dang
Retro Kane
Retro Kane:
Society has failed them all, Her, her sister and bobby jo stinnet
About time 🤣🤣🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🍻🍻🍻
Agness juul
Agness juul:
What is the sister saying , Gosh I can’t I am still stuck on the horrific crime she committed. The poor child got mum and she shall know all this what happened to her mum pls. Put her down already! RIP
Then, there are kids like gabriel fernandez who didn't survive...and I'm glad the parents that raised him are in jail and on death row for hurting such a child...I feel bad about the baby who's a teenager now that's growing up without a mother, but I hope the baby is ok now.
Welcome to cancel culture.! I am so very sorry for her upbringing and all the bad decisions she made in her life but I am more sorry for the family she destroyed. You have to be pretty Calculating to explore how to preform a C section??? I live on a farm and only have seen this done once, when the horse died but the foul was still alive. Could not imagine even considering this, the poor woman recovered her consciousness halfway through this procedure and then was strangled again.
We have got to remember the victims regardless of how bad the lives were of the murderers.
Suzy Stennett
Suzy Stennett:
All the excuses in the world can't account for what Lisa did. It was evil. She killed a woman for her baby. She knew what she wanted, was doing and did it. She has to face the consequences. All I've heard are excuses for Lisa, what about justice for the child, husband and family. This is an inexcusable crime.
Sumer Tiwari
Sumer Tiwari:
The 52-year-old woman was pronounced dead at 1:31 a.m. Wednesday January 13th, 2021 after receiving a lethal injection at the federal prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said.
Mitigating circumstances in your life doesn’t give you a free pass out of the death house.
angela scarborough
angela scarborough:
So I have been to prison and can testify that if I did something as awful as this I would want to die rather than spend the rest of my life in a cell. The Death penalty is just an easy way out. Painless, unaccountable, lack of punishment.