Lisa Vicari - Dark Season 3 Exclusive Interview

Our very own Mickey talks to Lisa Vicari prior to Netflix's Dark season 3 premiere.

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The show is quite popular in India. Great job by the team. Lots of love
Nusrat Khan Balot
Nusrat Khan Balot:
Lisa is still wearing that Saint Christopher's locket.
Priyangshu Dutta
Priyangshu Dutta:
"we're a perfect match.. never believe anything else" 🥺
Bobby Nanda
Bobby Nanda:
The ending was perfect , one of the best show that I ever watch ,
Excellent series, proves you don't need Hollywood and tired old American clichés
Sis Graus de Separació
Sis Graus de Separació:
Is no one going to comment on how Lisa is wearing the Saint Christopher’s medal?

Everything is connected.
Baahamm Store
Baahamm Store:
What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean, indeed a reality
Documenting Ordinary Thoughts D.O.T.
Documenting Ordinary Thoughts D.O.T.:
Just finished it .. Absolute modern genius ! this has a beginning, middle and end, full of interesting science theory concepts paralled with human emotions and desires .. and they did it in a way that every character matters ! An absolutely outstanding achievement!
Tawsif Mahi
Tawsif Mahi:
The ending made me feel very heartbroken but it was satisfactory.
bipin anand
bipin anand:
Best series ever on Netflix its only for smart people, I thought that they would spoil the final season but after watching this season I think this is the best ending and perfect ending without any regrets.... Plz do watch it guys I still don't know y it is very underated show.... Hats off to the makers of the show....... Honestly pls watch this series...
anju k
anju k:
Everyone : Dark Season is going to end
Me: The end is the begining the begining is the end.
She seems like such a cool person to hang out with
Pratheep Manoharan
Pratheep Manoharan:
No words to appreciate the Team for its tremendous work. You guys have made most of the our minds to blow. I did enjoyed watching the DARK each and everyone has done a great job thank you for giving us such a wonderful play during this lockdown.
nina rodríguez
nina rodríguez:
i cried so much during the ending, even though it was 3 days ago that i watched it i'm still sort of heartbroken? i love dark, it is the best netflix series ever made.
Kenji Lumantad
Kenji Lumantad:
I mean, i can't imagine someone playing her role(martha), it's just perfectly suits for her, all of them too
soring phonglo
soring phonglo:
"You and I, we're a perfect match, never believe anything else"
Everytime it was spoken throughout the arc, it hit harder than the last time 💔
Nick DE
Nick DE:
You and Jonas broke our hearts... I never cry, this made me.
ranjan shishu
ranjan shishu:
this web-series is way ahead of it's time 🔥
Akshay c
Akshay c:
Stranger things is for kids. Dark is for smart people.
She acted so well in season 3...
I wish for a good career for her, she's good at what she does :)
Blue Coleman
Blue Coleman:
The host is asking really good questions. I really like this interview.
Kovács Anett
Kovács Anett:
This interview is so wholesome, I love her so much❤️❤️❤️
Lisa was brilliant in Season 3!!! Knocked it right out of the park!! :)
David Motes
David Motes:
I slowly fell in love with Martha. As the show went on, I became so attracted to her, that I wanted to be Jonas. Looking at her, I saw everything I ever wanted in a girl. If I had been Jonas, I would have given every fiber of my being to never lose her and always protect her. I hated to let her go when the show ended. It was a very sad ending for me. I wanted her to survive and be happy.
Theresa Lewis
Theresa Lewis:
Best show ever! The acting by everyone superb! Totally love the entire cast!❤️
That young woman is absolutely lovely. In addition to being talented, of course.
Silvia Lombi
Silvia Lombi:
The ending made me emotional 🥺 I’m in love with this series and the soundtrack.
Also GORGEOUS actors!
Firas Alayyoubi
Firas Alayyoubi:
Best show on Netflix. Brilliant acting from all of the cast!
Sieliest Schonwieder
Sieliest Schonwieder:
The interviewer was great too, very well listening, being open and friendly, asking cool questions.

Also love Lisa, I am kind of proud, greetings from Germany.
The last cycle is mind blowing just watched it ! Sic Mundus
Samujjal Duarah
Samujjal Duarah:
This show will age well with time. The best time travel story ever shown in any web series. Never believe anything else. For neither ever, nor never. Goodbye.
Shardelle Carter
Shardelle Carter:
I finished season 3 in 1 day 😫. The writers are so creative!
The acting and cast were all AMAZING in the series. Truly happy I watched this show and cheers from Canada 🇨🇦 🤙
John Batts
John Batts:
The cast was great and who they picked to play their either older and younger selves, amazing.
She is so talented!
Dinisha Mardolkar
Dinisha Mardolkar:
I hope for this series to grow so much more
bimal aryal
bimal aryal:
it will never be an end for us Martha!! it will remain in our minds forever on a continuous loop for eternity!!
Elcid Abiera
Elcid Abiera:
lisa was great in the final season. from a love interest to one of the important character in the final season.sad at the same time satisfying ending
Ashlesha Poudel
Ashlesha Poudel:
Probably it's the saddest and bestest series I had ever watched! I know it's sounds crazy but this series made my mind tear with lots of emotions!
She's so fluent in English. Love it.
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar:
Love to see her again and again and again the cycle never ends ♥️
Hussain sheriff J
Hussain sheriff J:
After completing 3 parts. I just go and watch Lisa's scenes in repeat mode.
Anurag sharma
Anurag sharma:
one of the best ending of any sci fi tv show ever,i thought they can blow up the season 3 but it was just mind blowing and awesome but why this is not still the most viewed show on netflix thats makes me feel sad
Rosa Bär
Rosa Bär:
Love the show! Great work
Hector Noda
Hector Noda:
She’s beautiful❤️... I hope to see her in future roles her and louis were incredible !
How comes she and Louis Hoffman (Jonas) speak English so well? They both sound like native speakers!
So in this world Martha is an actor featured in some sci-fi series dark....
Sharanabasava C
Sharanabasava C:
Yes this is very special serial for me. I have seen many time travel movies but this tv Serial is killing it anyways. Thanks for DARK team bring such a sensible show. Love u guys
Ahana Mary Sebastian
Ahana Mary Sebastian:
This is my favorite series on Netflix. Also I appreciate the kind of question you have asked. Instead of dating, bf blah blah you have choose questions that relevant.
This particular series made me realize our reality is our origin & our origin is our paradise. Accept it ! Enjoy it ! 🙃
Lisa was superb... fantastic actress...
Done fine job in season 3.
This Show is very amazing...sad that it has to finally meet it's end......Love from Earth 4
Sarthak Pawar
Sarthak Pawar:
I wish we get to see her and Louis in future projects.
Maybe not together,But still would love to see them work
Patrick Joseph Gamboa
Patrick Joseph Gamboa:
Whoah. She originally auditioned for Francizca? That's quite a role jump.
Muhammad Abdullah Lashari
Muhammad Abdullah Lashari:
This legit series deserves more than oscar.
Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Soumia إيزيس
Soumia إيزيس:
This is a life lesson series, if someone tell me what would say about this TV show I would say " I'm sad for those who died. And couldn't witness this series"
All the love from Morocco.
Gazi Md. Saiful Alam
Gazi Md. Saiful Alam:
You have got a tremendous amount of fans in Bangladesh. Take love Lisa🖤
Some Dude
Some Dude:
It would be a huge mistake to think Ms Vicari is just an ingenue. She was magnificent in some scenes like the stage production of Ariadne. I was stunned by her performance. The last time I felt that was in the very young early portrayals in Winter's Bone and The Burning Plain by Jennifer Lawrence. And she's well spoken and fluent in English. I'm sure Hollywood will try to snap her up for a series of films.
Vaibhav Athalye
Vaibhav Athalye:
An advice for everyone here. Go and watch S1 S2 again after you finish watching S3. It will throw some extra light on stuff
Judd Fox
Judd Fox:
Love this show in America. Martha/Eva is great!
Monoblock Stories
Monoblock Stories:
Im your biggest fan here in the Philippines 🇵🇭
We love you all people that make this beautiful and Mind bending series ❤️
my heart was boken at the last scene of Johnas and martha in season 3..😥 love from india..❤❤
Robert J.
Robert J.:
I love how Lisa's wearing the St. Christopher pendant.
Martha!!!!!! Single tear runs down my face 🤣
Jake Allen
Jake Allen:
She has such a beautiful smile 😭
Kasak Chawla
Kasak Chawla:
I wish GOT had an ending as good as this.
Kirankumar Donga
Kirankumar Donga:
Dark is too underrated
Salman Zaki
Salman Zaki:
Besides being a pretty girl, she's also very pretty.
Great ending to a great show!
Quahntasy - Animating Universe
Quahntasy - Animating Universe:
*Who else is here after watching the last cycle*
Hasabo Bashir
Hasabo Bashir:
Dark is amazing show ❤️❤️
Irrespective of the relations in Dark...Jonas & Martha are actually meant for each other
Who all agrees here??
Please comment
Bikram Jeet Sutradhar
Bikram Jeet Sutradhar:
Eventually fallen in love with Martha. ♥️
The ending (or is it the beginning?) was perfect!
Aniket Choudhary
Aniket Choudhary:
Love from India ♥️. Best series I've watched till now 😀
Mr Doggo
Mr Doggo:
Love from India ❤
I had a zoom call with my batch mates just to discuss the current season. It was lots of fun.
Satisfied with the ending.
laxus 94
laxus 94:
this is how u do a bittersweet ending
I got so attached to the characters,it felt very bad when they both vanished in last
Life Uncut with Ananya
Life Uncut with Ananya:
In all series I only saw her real tears but she is great actress.. Martha perfect for Eve.
If I could time travel a one way trip, I would travel a second into the future.
Art Of Money
Art Of Money:
I would travel through time to be with her, call me Jonas 😭
His new Show 1899 could be even better Perfection comes with its Time. Breaking Bad started out mediocre and after Season 2 it was a Masterpiece.
I have watched the show in dubbed but I'll watch it again in German and hear everyone's natural voice.
Felipe Hernández
Felipe Hernández:
she deserves EVERITHYNG!!!!
Mohammad Mahdi Shafi
Mohammad Mahdi Shafi:
such a great ending i ever watched
Mitayo Onash
Mitayo Onash:
man she is so beautiful, im in love with her.
Robby Peña
Robby Peña:
There's something so attractive about this woman. I'm in love her. She kind of reminds me of Jenifer Lawrence.
Shivam Pandey
Shivam Pandey:
Love lisa vicari and her character martha too
Rayhan Habib
Rayhan Habib:
This show is badly popular in Bangladesh. Love the dark team from Bangladesh.
Devang Barot
Devang Barot:
I think even in English dub. They should've give their voice
Middy McGuinness
Middy McGuinness:
Waiting so long on season 3. Best I’ve watch seen lost. Going to miss it. 😢
Kuldeep Pal
Kuldeep Pal:
Dark is the best show ever never believe anything else
Mayank singh
Mayank singh:
Please someone interview her from India.They have a huge fan following in India also, we love the DARK characters here !!!♥️
Mandira Ghosh
Mandira Ghosh:
Me and she is definitely perfect for each other in another reality.
Arshad Ayub
Arshad Ayub:
"Life is a gift for those who know how to use it" Adam.
Love you Lisa ❤️
Nafees Imtiaz
Nafees Imtiaz:
How come Netflix don't arrange offical interview for the casts?
Davide Peluso
Davide Peluso:
She Is a perfect, the most beautiful woman in the world 😍🌎😊