Listen: Drake Bell Victim Gives Emotional Court Statement

The female victim in Drake Bell's child endangerment case gave an emotional statement about her experience with the former Nickelodeon star, where she discusses inappropriate encounters she had with Bell beginning at 12. NBC News is not showing the woman on camera because she was a minor when the incident occurred.
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100+ comentarios:

Colton Patterson
Colton Patterson:
Drake looks like he’s listening to his sibling tell their mom about how he hit him.
Noah Logan
Noah Logan:
Drake’s apology to Josh was better than whatever this was
Truth_is_the _new_hate
Truth_is_the _new_hate:
The adults in this poor girl's life failed her.
El Ray O
El Ray O:
Honestly the aunt needs to take some blame for this. I would never leave my kid alone with a stranger. Especially one with power.
“Drake, I’ve read about prison.”
“It ain’t fun”
"I have taken this matter very very seriously"

Looks at all the faces he makes in the video
Colin Milch
Colin Milch:
Walter: “Your honor, I promise that Drake is going to be grounded for a long long time”
R520 J R
R520 J R:
Can’t wait until the reboot “Just Josh”
m mau
m mau:
He made all these faces while she was talking like she was lying and then admitted to everything with an apology?! WTH was that?
You can tell he’s not taking this seriously
drake is looking like an NPC from LA Noire. press x to doubt
i'd never leave my underage daughter alone with a grown man but that's just me.
Logan M. H.
Logan M. H.:
Fun fact: Drake and Josh was canceled 14 years ago, but TeenNick (Nickelodeon for older kids) still played reruns of it until a few days ago, most probably because of this incident.
Dan Schneider must be investigated!!!
"That was obviously not my intention" dude might be an actor but he's not a good liar
Megan's biggest prank yet
Nate Smith
Nate Smith:
Helen isn’t going to save drake from this one.
“Your honor, I have reason to believe that the real culprit of these acts is M E G H A N”
Joe Baker
Joe Baker:
Just another example of why Josh should have had top billing.
"This is the worst birthday ever!"
"Why? Cause your career is over?"
"No, cause it's a little humid- yes because my career is over!"
Isaiah Hernandez
Isaiah Hernandez:
Well now we fs ain’t gonna get that Drake & Josh reboot. Looks like Drew & Jerry are gonna have to take over now 😂
Michael Chronicles
Michael Chronicles:
"I'd never thought i'd be a pedophile, I found a way, I found a wayy!"
The Drake and Josh reboot is looking great
Oden D. Locke
Oden D. Locke:
I just assume everyone at Nickelodeon has a past like this at this point.
D.m T
D.m T:
🎵I never thought that I'd go to prison but I, I found a way, I found a waaaay🎵
Kyle Rendar
Kyle Rendar:
Drake: *Looks of disbelief throughout her entire speech*
"Yep I did all that, sorry lol."
Harrison Brownlee
Harrison Brownlee:
Lmao this guy gets paid to be an actor but does the most stupid reactions 😂😂😂
Jared does stuff
Jared does stuff:
NBC has taken this out of context. His statement was in regards to the plea he took, not the claims she made here. Not that I expect any less from this great corporation and pillar of journalistic integrity.
Ribby The Party Frog
Ribby The Party Frog:
*Drake really got himself in for it this time! And josh ain’t there to bail em out!*
That’s not the face of a man who is remorseful
Riley Christian
Riley Christian:
For context: Her statements were proven to be false if you actually watch the entire thing... Stop spreading misinformation
Matt Dioneff
Matt Dioneff:
Why is he looking like he didn't plead guilty to any of this ? Lmao
that guy
that guy:
Godamn my childhood is ruined
Loud Pack
Loud Pack:
Drake’s face has me ghost.
Ribby The Party Frog
Ribby The Party Frog:
*Bruh he’s making faces and literally laughing at several points. Then acts like he takes it seriously. What a sociopath.*
Do you even play
Do you even play:
Drake: "I take this very seriously..."
Also Drake: Smirks and shakes his head during the entirety of the victims statement
He nods "no" like “you dirty dirty liar you...”

3 minutes later...
"Sir I apologize"
Kind of confused because his face the entire time was one of she’s lying but then it ended and he was like yea okay I’m sorry
His words say one thing, his face says something completely different.
This clip didn’t include the part where the attorney proved the claims she made about anything physical or any pictures being shared completely wrong and the judge accepting that as fact, this makes drake look horrible but it’s missing context
Angelo Someone
Angelo Someone:
"Impressive, now let's see Paul Allen's card..."
Really dirty of NBC to cut together the footage of the hearing to make it look like Drake admitted to everything the girl claimed and apologized, that's not what happened. Watch the full trial if you're interested, there were follow up statements that specified what the plea was actually for and the results of the investigation. Not defending Drake here, it's just a bit misleading
Christopher Ulatowsky
Christopher Ulatowsky:
This is why I stuck with the the Suite life of Zach and Cody.
Fantastic wizard
Fantastic wizard:
The fact that he was making all sorts of faces and basically showing no remorse that's just sick 🤢
B. Orcena
B. Orcena:
I know a lot of people don't like Drake Bell anymore, but the show he did Drake and Josh shouldn't be taken away because that show is a classic.
Cory Landolt
Cory Landolt:
Good job, people! Let us just go by someone’s emotional statement rather than looking at how there was no hard evidence or proof of what Drake did… I applaud you, ignorant society!
“I found a way I found a way”
Too Meowstream
Too Meowstream:
Dan Schneider would be proud of his protege right now
ibby guy
ibby guy:
Dan Schneider is proud that his boy Drake followed in his footsteps
IRL Moments
IRL Moments:
He looks guilty and doesn’t seem remorseful at all. This is what fame does.
Kaylan Waylan
Kaylan Waylan:
He makes her do things and he’s like: I dIdNT mEaN tO MaKe hEr FeeL lIkE tHaT
Andre smith • 13 years ago
Andre smith • 13 years ago:
"here is 2 hundred bucks show my niece a good time"
Drake be like: 🤭🤔😐🙁😏😒😦
M Alex Martinez
M Alex Martinez:
Unpopular opinion: Unlike most of the commenters here who already have a judgement, I'm genuinely curious how much of the girl's claim are true.
“You have every right to be disappointed”- Crazy Steve
Jay Silly
Jay Silly:
Drake: sir i did not message this girl
*phone beeps*
Omar Diaz
Omar Diaz:
Plot twist, Megan puts Drake in prison and Josh has the break him out
The faces he’s making when she’s talking shows how much of a liar he is
This is just depressing...
john d
john d:
Yet james charles out here walking around with no problems.
"Go hang out with the adult Drake Bell alone hun! We parents would be so rich-I mean proud because you'd be truly making us money-I mean happy!"
His reactions and his statement couldn't be more different
This just makes the “I’m done with you” episode all the more heartbreaking.
V O I D:
*He's gonna be hearing alot of "HUG ME BROTHA." From behind those bars.* 🤣
Steve J. Cline
Steve J. Cline:
Read the lyrics to the Drake and Josh theme song with this in mind and you'll never see it the same again.
Guillermo Castillo
Guillermo Castillo:
Something is off... I feel like he literally just worked out a deal with his lawyers to just accept guilt over everything to make the blowback way less worse... I wonder if there was any proof given by the prosecution.
Joshua Winslett
Joshua Winslett:
Desperate man. Trying to sweep everything under rug and move on. Like he's playing innocent as if she was lying with his facial expressions and then apologizing.its like sticking a band aid on a severerd limb.
Jeremiah Richie
Jeremiah Richie:
For someone who claims to take the matter "seriously" Drakes smiling is not showing justification
Lee Jay
Lee Jay:
its all so reeeaaaal… drakes tellin us just how he feeels
Tea Gardner
Tea Gardner:
Woah, just take it easy, man.
Taking this matter seriously? While making faces of disbelief. Almost looked like he was disgusted with the girls statement. So much body language right here.
Alien Abduction Awareness
Alien Abduction Awareness:
I grew up in Cali and knew someone who personally met drake bell on a tv studio set. They said he was an ahole on set and yelling at people. I'm not surprised. Seems like a narcissist
Drake and Josh: The Mysterious Case of Drakes Alleged Misconduct
Yaseen Hamid
Yaseen Hamid:
Listening to the full confession by his victim really flips your perception of him. Dude got off easy.
random kid
random kid:
They should show the part where his lawyer responds to the accusations.

This makes it look like drake admitted that he did everything she said. He did not
make the person in custody of this girl accountable.
Val Saludo
Val Saludo:
This is why josh should have had the top bunk
R M:
She made all these accusations on the last day, apparently. That's really low and doesn't make any sense. She made allegations that would be provable by mentioning texts and photos and all that - but there won't be an investigation into it now because this wasn't what she originally alleged. Very, very bizarre.
This puts new meaning to “so just turn around”
Marga Gubler
Marga Gubler:
His face while the victim is taking is what a liar looks like when it's lies are finally out
Crazy to believe that this happened a few months after the EDP445 incident
These young stars seem to lose their childhood for their career, they then seem stuck on younger children as they get older.
Angry Mobsters
Angry Mobsters:
Funny enough Josh is now the leading role for the new series Turner and Hooch. The focus of the show is to solve crimes and discover more of his past. I wonder if Josh can solve this case
Oden D. Locke
Oden D. Locke:
Well drake's a pedal-file
And Josh ran over oprah.

What's our world come to?
rodney perez
rodney perez:
Drake this news was amazing his face was 100% sure 👍👍
she's reading so enthusiastically and dramatically from what I'm hearing.
Aware Lion
Aware Lion:
"I deserved better than to be used by his sick desires" - victim
"No I disagree!" - drake bell
Sombra del viento
Sombra del viento:
In situations like this, you can never know who the real predator is
Tyron - the victim - Woodley
Tyron - the victim - Woodley:
"I did not have sexual relations with that girl...."

- Drake Clinton
Nine0Nme chillin
Nine0Nme chillin:
She's all "stop smiling at me"
Drake: but I'm drake
Yshsjdj Grhehs
Yshsjdj Grhehs:
Dam there goes another childhood actor straight into the trash can. I hoped that after seeing icarly getting a updated series, I had a small amount of hope that maybe just maybe! Drake & Josh could get one also. 😫😩
Hououin Kyouma
Hououin Kyouma:
The Judge: Drake! You're grounded for two years
Love how the smears on the lens give it an intimate feel 🤣
Ybrik Polestar
Ybrik Polestar:
2:06 I laughed hysterically when he raised his eyebrows.
King Chris A
King Chris A:
It looks like that Steered Straight program didn’t work well for Drake
Jacob McCarthy
Jacob McCarthy:
I’ve never seen this episode of drake and josh before!!
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher:
She never lied about her age why does everyone say she did when she didn't?
Drake bell wasn’t famous enough to know Epstein.
“I didn’t hit him that hard” 😂
Yung Tuna
Yung Tuna:
That’s how drake looks when he’s on the Toilet