Little Nightmares Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (no commentary)

Watch the whole of Little Nightmares here in this complete Little Nightmares Gameplay Walkthrough with no commentary. Little Nightmares Gameplay was recorded at 1080p, 60fps with no commentary.
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Gameplay Only
Gameplay Only:
Little Nightmare 2 Full Game Video just went live
ArvinRoido Atienza
ArvinRoido Atienza:
"Hungry? Here's some sausage!"
"No... *YOU* "
Lisa Simpson Rules
Lisa Simpson Rules:
It is scary to see such a fragile and tiny figure in these humongous industrial landscapes.
when you’re so dumb you have to rely on the walkthrough literally the entire game 🤩
Lance Jason Domosmog Pableo
Lance Jason Domosmog Pableo:
I love the art style of this game. It's like Tim Burton meets Spirited Away.

Edit: I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw the inspirations for the art of this game.
Elizabeth Dinç
Elizabeth Dinç:
Idk why but i watch these kind of games as a movie ;v;
No commentary and they cut out their failed attempts at a puzzle and get straight to the solution. Must be my damb birthday today
six : gets trapped in this cage by a hand
I Like Cheese
I Like Cheese:
LN 1 in a nutshell:
"Snickers, you're not you when you're hungry"
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee:
The ending is so insane. In the story, it wasn’t Mono’s first time going through the entire journey. In fact, he probably went through that exact journey a countless number of times without remembering it. When he was betrayed by Six the very first time, he grew up to become TV Man, otherwise known as the future Mono. Then fast forward to the future, Mono was somehow able to rebirth and start over again, but he lost all prior memory about Six or the betrayal. Meanwhile, the future Mono, TV Man, knew what was bound to happen to his past self, so he tried to stop Mono and Six from succeeding. TV Man wasn’t the antagonist in the story, Six was. TV Man was Mono’s future self trying to save him from a preventable fate. It doesn’t end there. Now that we know TV Man was Mono all along, there’s another possibility. Mono could be trapped in an endless loop of rebirthing, getting betrayed, and becoming TV Man for the NEXT Mono. The reason why TV Man wants to stop Mono is because he wants to end the infinite loop and save Mono from the inevitable shock and suffering when he gets betrayed. What a game.
• Pastel Bunny •
• Pastel Bunny •:
*when you're just watching little nightmares and everyone is talking about what happens in LN2* :
imagine being in a situation like this where you need to find a way out....i would be so scared-
That part where you chop off the guy's arms with the door is *SO CATHARTIC*
Sometimes_ Art
Sometimes_ Art:
Imagine how traumatizing this would be irl...🤭
who the actual hell puts toilet paper in a basket-
Don’t worry your safe in these comments here we have cookies lanterns and blanket forts ;) 😊
I literally sweared at six for six minutes for eating that dude who gave him food to eat
Man, those are quite the spaghetti-arms this monster.. thing.. whatever has.
"no commentary"
Thank you kind sir.
2:58 hits different after watching Little Nightmares 2 gameplay
• Koki_edxts._ •
• Koki_edxts._ •:
I used to be obsessed with this game- now I’m getting back into it 😩💅
Jackie Lynn Lawrence
Jackie Lynn Lawrence:
1:18:49 When reaching for the bag of chips on the top shelf 😂😂
This hit different you when in the dark by urself and got headphones on lmaoo
Sky Threader
Sky Threader:
I love the parts of both 1 and 2 where they're like, alright no more hiding this is the part where you run your ass off to escape. Makes my blood pressure go up.
Anubis The Lycan
Anubis The Lycan:
I bet Count Olaf would love this house (a series of unfortunate events)
Hizkia Rengkung
Hizkia Rengkung:
The developer knows how to depressed ppl:')
nguyễn toàn
nguyễn toàn:
why didnt she eat something at the kitchen? she crossed over lots of sausages and hams
Alvina Meragathium
Alvina Meragathium:
The restaurant part is giving me some Spirited Away vibes...
s3wer_ gr3ml!n
s3wer_ gr3ml!n:
me watching horror movies and listening to true crime: 😐😧😐
me watching scary games: 🤨😥😟😣😲😰😵😭
Ok... *realizes the thin mans chair and the that you start the game as six* huh.
Lehua MK
Lehua MK:
Now it makes sense. I am not going to spoil it if no one seen or played Little Nightmares 2.
Speed runner Mario3626
Speed runner Mario3626:
Man: I’m not going to talk for the whole video. 2.1 millon people: Allow me to subscribe to you
56:11 game devs are rude, that's not a monster, that's me making a ham and cheese omelette in my kitchen at 3AM
Yaretzi Torres
Yaretzi Torres:
I felt so bad when this women guest died….. at least I didn’t care after🙊 1:25:40
Joey Mac
Joey Mac:
I thought it was my stomach growling for a second
Sideshow Bob
Sideshow Bob:
dis shit helping me figure out what to do💀this is the second time i got lost
At 1:27:56 I can’t seem to throw the can high enough to press the button
She ate the gnome and he was trying to help her so most up RIP gnome I appreciate what you tried to do and failed you will always be remembered by evryone
Malcolm Bear
Malcolm Bear:
thanks for the walkthrough, was really helpful
At 3:12 that Mono? I wonder how he escaped from that room then and hanged himself here, at the Maw.
baby satan
baby satan:
noooo i feel bad for the little gnome that wanted to give them a sausage :(( im sad now
Alexis Moore
Alexis Moore:
I love this because I can watch it while I’m in my online class and I don’t have to put on cc 😂🖤
MassEffect Goldman
MassEffect Goldman:
1:26:45 they try to help your hunger. you eat the it and kill it... this game is horrifying.
Fun Fact
Fun Fact:
jesus christ. this gives me the chills
The part at 51:25 is too hard, I keep dying when I try to pull out the second bar holding up the door and have to do it all over again! 😐
Throw Away
Throw Away:
1:20:20 god i messed up this jump so many times i'm glad you did too lmao
キャサリンC T H R N
キャサリンC T H R N:
I would feel my heart sank everytime six gets eaten when he get chased HAHAHAHAHA
fat bagel
fat bagel:
39:31 when he came down from the ceiling my heart dropped WHEWWW
It's insane to watch this after finishing 2 knowing that 2 is a prequel
2:58 it gives different feelings now the LM2 has been released
Hannah Razo
Hannah Razo:
I don't know why I am watching this at 5 early in the morning even though I haven't slept yet since then.
Is anyone else TERRIFIED of the screaming noise the chefs make?
42:00 oh i didnt think to use that as a ladder. got stuck in the part for an embarassing amount of time
Kylie Edwards
Kylie Edwards:
At first I thought the janitor didn’t have legs and his legs were the ones in the ceiling 😭🤚
am I the only one who used this as a tutorial to play the game?
holl exe
holl exe:
this hits different when youve seen all of little nigtmares 2.....
everytime I think about mono, my heart hurts
{Sweet -kiwis}
{Sweet -kiwis}:
This was 3 years ago I thought this game was new 😭🤚
Abror Zaky
Abror Zaky:
Me: watching “Identity V” + “9”
youtube algorithm: let us introduce “little nightmare”
Diane Dhahab Sanchez
Diane Dhahab Sanchez:
Even I watched this like nth time, I still can't get pass through those 2 chefs near the washing area in which you really have to run fast after getting off from those hooks.
What is amazing is she's doing this in bare feet.😦
Dale W
Dale W:
little nightmares 2 is actually a prequel and we going in a loop
•Razor •
•Razor •:
this hits different when you know what happened
yea uh, I wouldn’t of finished the game without this LOL
I feel bad for the mushroom looking little dwarf he was offering six a sausage instead he’s the one who got eaten
Santo Tan
Santo Tan:
And she never goes hungry ever again. The End.
Annoyed Cardboard
Annoyed Cardboard:
The whole time i was like 'RUN!!! RUN WITH UR LITTLE LEGS'
My bestfriend Cardo D
My bestfriend Cardo D:
I am 33 yrs old and this gameplay was posted 3 yrs. ago,recently bought my switch and boredom and INNER child made me do this.hehe
Nikhil Ingley
Nikhil Ingley:
I thought i was watching a thriller movie, solid game
Me: keeps dying* I’m freaking quitting this dang game
Ophelie Victoria Blaudez
Ophelie Victoria Blaudez:
This game is a masterpiece!
i love this,, is like a horror movie ;w;
Tally Hanna
Tally Hanna:
Now that I’ve seen little nightmares two I don’t know how to think about this
RankCali TV
RankCali TV:
That ending.... Give chills
morinku 777
morinku 777:

*yellow raincoat*
I love the way Sasha six just destroys everything in her path
Lisa Simpson Rules
Lisa Simpson Rules:
At 34:10, when she uses another cage to reach the wire and open the door, and she ABANDONES THAT PERSON IN THE CAGE. Wow!!!!
When you can't get through certain parts of the game:
Roman Smith
Roman Smith:
very nice background noise for working. this is one of my comfort games, i love how they tell the story and convey the emotions and tone of the environment so well without any speaking at all
i used this to help me play. TyYyYy
creeper with glasses
creeper with glasses:
Janitor doesn’t wanna do this he just gets payed really well
Snail :3
Snail :3:
This helps me when I get stuck on somthing when playing
Sakura Satsuki
Sakura Satsuki:
i just finished little nightmares. thank you for the walkthrough!
Ellie Hulme
Ellie Hulme:
Just to let you know, you can't eat the's part of the game to eat the little person. Plus no one will see this anyways..but yeah..I needed to put that out there.
mia ebona
mia ebona:
thank you this helped me a lot!
rewatching this after i watched little nightmares 2, sobbing rn.
Shea Carlson
Shea Carlson:
this helped a lot when i got stuck at some parts of the game!
AsianGaming • 16 years ago
AsianGaming • 16 years ago:
I miss the nostalgia
James Cleverley
James Cleverley:
It makes total sense that Limbo, Inside and Little Nightmares are all set in the same universe to me. Mankind doing twisted experiments to themselves and others and it always goes horribly, horribly wrong.
Mc Chongyun
Mc Chongyun:
The visual's and the sound effects are amazing damn
Joel Barron
Joel Barron:
21:07 and on had me laughing so hard🤣
Now it makes sense, so in the part one you play as six, and in the part 2 you play as mono with six continuing the endless time travel or should I say rebirth loop. Mehn!, the part two hit me hard !
This game is a pure masterpiece... Thank God this is a no Commentary, I want to appreciate the game with out distractions it's like watching a movie.
Splix 101
Splix 101:
i just got this game and i needed a little help with some parts

thank you
nadav moshkovits
nadav moshkovits:
I can't believe he ate him
- Mushroom -
- Mushroom -:
Wow finally something that just lets you watch instead of interrupting you all the time
Mika! ☺️
Mika! ☺️:
I watched the video to help me on parts of the game. And it was a nice experience to play the game. There was a lot of twists and turns, but overall. The game was really fun.
I love how sometimes you can hear six heart pump, the perfect way to represent fear